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Stella Hawthorne

"It's time for this symphony to come to an end."

0 · 144 views · located in London, England.

a character in “The Duchess and The Countess's Strife”, originally authored by Madmoiselle, as played by RolePlayGateway


Character Sheet;

Basic Information;

"Money, Lust, and Tea. That is what makes up London"

Name: "My father used to call me his "little star". Now I'm not as bright and shining as I used to be"Stella Hawthorne
Age: "It's been so long since I was a girl. Being a woman is much harder.." Nineteen
Race: Human
Gender: "The fairer sex, of course." Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Role: "I've always wanted a title. Sometimes I think I should have wished for something different."The Duchess
Orientation: "'s not good to speak of such things." Bisexual, though only the Countess is aware of this.
Status: "Married." Wed to the Duke.
Best Feature: Her heart. No matter who or what they are, every being is loved and appreciated so deeply by Stella . Even her husband , though she would never admit it.

Eyes:" Just like my mothers" Pale blue eyes that glitter like the sea stained glass one might find at a beach.
Hair: " Wigs, wigs, and more wigs." Her natural hair was a dark mahogany, but not it's whatever color her husband fancies.
Height: "Tiny? Not I." 5'6. She stands rather tall and proud when it is just her and her beloved Countess. She tends to forgo heels as standing taller than her husband is considered "unthinkable" in London.
Weight: "I am quite slim" Around 120.
Skin Tone: "A lady must always use a parasol. That's what mother would say'" Skin as white as a swan, free of most common blemishes.

Body Markings: "Most have faded, but many of my marks are not from physical pain." A few bruises here and there, but for the most part she remains free of markings. At least any that would be visible.
Voice:There is an unmistakeable pride in Stella's voice, even after years of beating. Her high sweet soprano which often sang her son to sleep now whispers prayers for safety and peace.
Description: There is an aura about Stella that draws people in, much like a butterfly to nectar. While with her "beloved", she plays the part of the shiny elegant wife. Her wig adjusted perfectly, rosy lips upturned in sweet smile. The picture of perfection. The moment her husband enters their bedroom, her smile has been replaced with fear.

Natural Talents:

  • Friendly: Stella is a social butterfly and genuinely enjoys the company of other . While Ophelia is her dearest friend, she has managed to make quite a few others though none as close to her heart as the Countess.
  • Good Natured: Despite her circumstances, she still believes there's good in the world and manages to always wear a gentle smile on her face. There is nothing she enjoys more than being able to help and care for someone, especially if that person is her darling Nicholas.


  • Dainty :Unknown to most, the Duchess has always been prone to colds, pneumonia, and frequent fevers. She maintains appearances, but there are moments when she can feel rather faint and pure endurance alone is all that keeps that tender smile on her face.
  • Sensitive: Her kind heart and gentle nature can be a strength and a weakness. She is extremely sensitive to the words of her husband and others, and is constantly belittling herself whenever she hears a new rumor. At times, she can even begin to believe that the abuse and pain are in fact her fault.
    Music-[i]"I've found solace in it. Music is truly a gift to all, no matter title or riches."
    Tea-"It's quite delicious. Ophelia and I have loved it since we were children
    Dancing-"I'm enchanted with the movements! The swaying of silk, and sashaying of ribbons. It's so romantic."
    History-"Part of me is fascinated by what has happened in the past. It's easier to read things then to think of the future at times."
    Spring-"Newly risen flowers and outdoor parties are a few of my favorite things."
    High Heels-"Even though my husband dislikes it, I'm rather fond of them. It gives me a little pep in my step."
    Freshly fallen snow-"Fresh snow is always so pure. It reminds me of Nicholas."
    Gems-"I do so enjoy looking at them. I don't even have to be wearing them!"
    Listening to Ophelia play her violin-"She does play it so beautifully."
    The Duke-"The sad part of all this is that I do love him."

    Liquor--"Despite Ophelia's love for it, I've never managed to hold the stuff down very well."
    Autumn-"The falling leaves sadden me. "
    The Duke-"Where was my Prince? My knight in shining armor I dreamed of during childhood."
    The smell of roses-"Sometimes I've smelled the scent on my husband, and I know he's been with a whore."
    Spicy foods-"My palate can't quite stand the taste of it. It bothers my nose as well."

Dancing-"I did mention I enjoyed dancing, didn't I?"
Playing card games-"I'm actually might be better than my husband at Wicked Grace, not that he would let anyone know that."
Painting-"I've painted many of my friends before, but Ophelia most of all. She always looks so lovely."

As a child living in a wealthy home, Stella was spoiled rotten. Her mother had thankfully had one son before her, Jonathan, and so there was never any pressure or hatred directed towards her because she was a female. Dolls, dresses, and all the paints and empty canvases a little girl could ask for. This lasted up until she was around eight or nine, and then the lessons began. "Proper etiquette and a corset will land you a fine husband." Her mother used to say, almost chanting it over and over again the days she would pull Stella's dresses so tight she thought she would implode if she took a single breathe. Her mother relished it all, the buying of new gowns in order to show her daughter off. It's if any mans stare directed at Stella was actually directed towards her mother.

She did enjoy playing dress up with Ophelia, her childhood friend who would soon became her only ally. Both were persuaded and bribed with gifts to behave and listen promptly to their lessons, no matter how bothersome they were. Stella tried not to complain, even on the days when her head throbbed from hours of droning on about the proper way to curtsy. She wanted so badly to be a good girl, and to prove to her parents that she would be just as much an asset to them as her brother was.

Years went by, more lessons added, and the boredom and annoyance grew in both girls. Although she quickly grew to love dancing and painting, the other lessons made her tired and crabby as did her mothers incessant chatter and need to be involved in everything she did. Ophelia seemed to be the only sane person besides Stella and her father (who continued to spoil her, and occasionally chided her mother for being hard on her). Still, as she grew older and the intention of marriage between her and the Duke (and Ophelia wed to the Count), each lesson became a bit easier and the pain of the corset seemed less suffocating.

The day had finally come however, when the little girls would grow into women and they would shed their pretend games for the real thing. When she met the Duke, he was as handsome as she had dreamed him to be . The wedding, while definitely not up to her expectations had done what it was meant to do and her mother couldn't have been more pleased.



So begins...

Stella Hawthorne's Story

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Jᴇʀᴇᴍɪᴀʜ Hᴀᴡᴛʜᴏʀɴᴇ: Tʜᴇ Dᴜᴋᴇ

Jeremiah marched through the halls of his home with a grim expression on his face, fuming silently as the only noised the accompanied him was the heavy clunk of the old dark wooden walking cane as it stopped him from having to hobble about. His mood was foul as sleep had all but evaded him the night before. An unpleasant mixture of guilt, anger and the usual pain his leg plagued him as he was denied even a moment's rest. The soft silk goose feather pillows and warm sheets imported from the east did nothing as the hours ticked on. Of course it all had to do with Stella again. She had forced his hand yet again despite all the warning he gave her. He'd left bruises this last time that he ordered her to keep covered up. As with every incident before now, it left him fighting off the urge to go and apologize, try and make everything better and swear he'd never do it again. His his ability to justify his actions won over yet again he concluded that it was her fault in the end. A good wife wouldn't give him reason to do such horrible things. He needn't raise a hand if she never stepped out of line to begin with. All he was doing was trying to make her what she needed to be.

The sound of wood hitting against wood was joined by the sound of hurried footsteps as someone approached Jeremiah from behind. He did not break stride of look over his shoulder as the figure approach; he knew who it was already. No other member of the household was so willing to approach him in this way besides.... "Walter, I take it all of my plans for the day are ready," he said in a low, bored sounding drone as the old figure kept up pace at his flank.

Walter was a very old and devoted member of the Hawthorne family's employees as he had been in service as far back as when his father took over as the head of the family. He was an elderly gentleman who wore his greying hair slicked back with a thick and well groomed mustache on his lip and a pair of thick glasses he kept propped up on his nose. Of all the men and women who served the family, he was by far the most efficient and unquestioning member of the lot. He understand his young master's demand for absolute perfection and followed it to a t without hesitation.

The old butler nodded as he adjusted his spectacles on his face as he began to give Jeremiah exactly what he wanted to hear in his light Irish accent. "Of course, sir. Lady Hawthorne is dressed and readied, waiting for you in the parlor as per your instructions. I believe the young master is being taken care of as we speak though it shouldn't be much longer. Your carriage is ready to take you to see Count and Countess Alderance. By the time you return, the house should be spotless and dinner will be served as soon as you request it."

Jeremiah lifted his free hand to adjust his collar as he listened to the butler's report. The old Irishman was absolutely flawless in his execution as usual. "Excellent," he said with a ghost on a smile on his lips. "Inform the chefs to avoid using too many exotic spices with Nicholas's food. He barely ate dinner last time before he swore his tongue was on fire."

The old man nodded. "Of course, sir," he said before giving a quick bow and walking off to complete the tasks at hand.

After another minute of walking, Jeremiah finally reached the parlor and found that Walter's information was good as always as he found Stella sitting there on a couch looking as radiant as ever. She was the purest form of loveliness, the patient and obedient wife she was despite the streak of unpleasantries since their marriage. He approached her with a smile on his face as he sat down next to her, using his cane for support as he lowered himself down. Being so close to her made it very easy to forget the misunderstandings from the night before. "Nicholas hasn't been too much of a handful this morning, has he, dear?" he asked brightly as his weak smile slowly began to widen. There was nothing wrong in the world right now and nothing could spoil his perfect little life.