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The Duke of Shieffields

The Duke of Shieffields


1900s, a widower takes a woman into his home as a payment for her fathers debts.

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Shieffields Palace, it is known the one of the biggest in Southminster, owned by Duke Hamilton Shieffield, a widower with two daughters.

He was however a silent and keen man who is rarely seen in balls and masquerades, a thing often graced by people of his status. But it wasn't always like that, in fact he was once a jolly and positive man but when his wife died upon giving birth to their youngest child he had grown cold.

12 years have passed and women would often lure to bed him but none of them were successful. He would refuse their dinner invitation and would rather work with his farmers. And over the years, his skin color had been that of a worker's. He would do his people's work as if he was one of them. It did physically did him good as well as his body started getting muscular, not a sight often seen with a blue blood.

Nothing can be complained of the Duke despite him being quiet. In fact, he would often care for the poorer people rather than his class. So when a rich man started owing him more debt and could no longer pay him, he asked for the man's estate and to wed his daughter. Solely for the purpose of having a mother figure for his two daughters.

What will become of their relationship?

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The rooster broke into a cry as the chilly Southminster wind blew across the fields, causing a beautiful ripple effect to those who have woken up as early as the sun. It was a day before harvest and Hamilton wants to make sure that everything would go as smoothly as he expected it, so he woke up the same time the farmers did and surveyed the vast lands he owned. It was an ordinary thing for the people of Shieffield to see their Duke working as hard as them, maybe even harder, a trait that inspired them to work better.

"Is Arthur ready?" The Duke asked his footman with his eyes still on the fields. "Yes, M'lord." The boy answered as he pulled the stallion towards Hamilton. He got his self up on his horse and started roaming around the fields, checking for problems and corrupted crops.

It was already a few hours before noon when Hamilton was done, his footman immediately handed him a bottle of cold tea and lead the horse back to the shelter as he fed and groomed it. But even before the Duke was able to walk back towards the mansion a man in his late 40s walked towards him, a familiar face he had seen before but couldn't point out where or why until the man spoke, "My Lord Shieffield, may I ask for an audience before you?" Even his voice was familiar then shocked registered in Hamilton's face. Long gone was the proud and healthy look in the man's face, it was now replaced with a thin and weary looking face. "Sir Richard Wentworth?" He asked, not fully sure if it was the man who he had lent some money a few months ago.

"It is I, M'lord," He continued to speak with his head bowed and his hands clutching his hat.

"It has been months, I thought you have run away without repaying me," Hamilton commented as he guarded his face from the sunlight that was getting harsher by the minute. "Shall we have tea inside my home? I believe the sun is getting stronger." He lead the way without waiting for a confirmation from the man. Kennedy, the butler opened the large rose wood doors as Hamilton arrived, two maids and Mrs. Fowler followed their master as Hamilton removed his jacket and handed it towards the butler.

Tea followed immediately towards the living area where a large painting of his deceased wife remained. The room was a bit dark, may have as well suited Hamilton's mood whenever he remembers his late wife. "What brings you over Sire?" He took a sip of his tea and placed it back on the tray. Sir Wentworth's hands trembled, creating a clacking sound on the fine China ware with his tea in it. He looked at his feet before he spoke, quivering, "If- if I may so M'lord, it- it is about the- the debt that I owe you."

"What of it? Are you here to finally repay me?" His voice strict and direct to the point. Hamilton was never a believer of beating around the bush and everyone around him knows that.

"Poppa! You're back!" A strong smell of soil and sun filled the room as a young girl with red messy hair came rushing in. Three animals follow suited her. A pig, a dog and a cat, all of which has mud on their feet. Her eyes were filled with happiness while her dress had dried mud on it. She run towards her father and hugged him tightly as if she rarely get to.

"Hannah, this isn't the right time? A lady must know not to disturb when men are discussing important. Mrs. Fowler, can you get my daughter out of here? And make sure her path is cleaned, scrub her clean and lock those animals away." He called on to the maids and Mrs. Fowler, dusting off his suit and pulling his daughter away from him.

"No! No! No! You can't lock them up! They are the only playmates I've got! You are rarely here and now you want my friends locked up? I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Hannah started crying, grabbing her pets away and without any warning she started running away with the pig in her left arm and the cat in the right while the dog ran after her. It only made Hamilton release a sigh of frustration. He lifted his hand and signaled Mrs. Fowler to go after Hannah, leaving everything to her.

"I'm sorry about that Sir Wentworth, where were we?" He faced his guest once again and continued, "Ah! The debt, what about it that made you approach me?" His placed his arm on the hand rest and played with his mustache as he waited for the man to reply.

"M'lord, I- you see the market for shellfish hasn't really improved since last year and I did my best-" And before he finished explaining his self, Hamilton cut him and said, "Sir Wentworth, I believe it is the debt we are discussing- not shellfish." He leaned to pick his tea cup and took another sip.

"Ah yes, well- I'm afraid I- I won't be able to repay the debt," he sunk into the cushion of the seat, waiting for anything to suck him out of the room. But the man continued, hoping the Duke would listen. "But I assure you, it will be all better next year. I promise, I promise to have it paid by then."

But he was met with silence, the Duke stared at the painting above the fireplace. The one that of his late wife. The silence grew wilder as no one dared to break it. Finally after a minute or so the duke spoke, "I won't be needing your money."

"M'lord?" The man asked in astonishment.

"You do have a daughter, if I am not mistaken." He was still staring into Theresa's painting, not removing his eyes even for a quick second but he knew the man just nodded in reply. It wasn't a question but nonetheless the man grew nervous.

"She will be betrothed to me, I am to meet her as soon as harvest week ends. Prepare your daughter and make sure she is presentable. I'll have my men call you when and for the mean time I suggest you eat more, you look like you are a day over 60 already. You wouldn't want to look like her grand father on the wedding day, do you?" He stood up and left the man. Kennedy approached Sir Richard Wentworth and showed him the way to the door.

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Jack pulled his pillow over his head as the roaster crow his rather ruthless crow; he grumbled to himself flipping onto his belly, to revile one of the younger maids sleeping besides him. ‘That’s right’ he thought to himself, as he found himself grinning at the half naked girl. He wasn’t sure who she was but was almost certain her name was “Amaryllis” she was no doubt one of the maids who he came upon wail he was sneaking back in. It’s quite strange sometimes how he still acted as if he’s a schoolboy rather than a mature adult.

After an hour or so lying in bed he decided to get up, the girl whom had shared the bed with him had already gone by this time in her silent way. TO be honest Jack didn’t even notice she had left, one minute she was there the next “poof” like magic if you believed in that kind of stuff.
He quickly got himself dressed, and looked at himself in the mirror, then proceeding to pose in front of it with a cricket bat. Swing it up and down, and around from side to side. He grinned as he thought of the simple joys of boyhood.

“Ah later” he thought as he set the cricket bat down, there properly was enough people to play a game, but he doubted his brother would really like the idea.

Tennis! He thought as he dug out his tennis racket from the closet. “Now there is a sport I can get into!” he grinned and started posing with the racket now. “Yep, a two person game, I can do that!” Jack started downstairs in a pretty happy mood for once, he had a pretty damn good night last night, no work today, and he was going to do something fun. He started out of his room, swing the racket around gently, and getting into a few stands before going downstairs.

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“How could you agree to that?!”

The sound of the young woman’s voice filled the hallway as the sound of her footsteps, heavier than normal could be heard heading towards her quarters. The voice and footsteps belonged to a twenty two year old Elizabeth Wentworth. She was a beautiful girl but it was clear that at the moment she wasn’t happy. Tears were streaming down her face as she almost ran into one of the maids carrying who was making her way down the hallway. Elizabeth didn’t even bother to apologize to the girl she was in such a state over the news that she had heard. Normally she would have apologized profusely to the girl. Elizabeth was a nice girl and she respected the staff, they were like family to her.

As she reached her room Elizabeth opened the door and very quickly closed it behind her, turning the lock. She had known that things were not going well with her father’s business, there had been staff cut backs and all other sorts of cut backs around the estate like food shortages and fires not burning in every room. Elizabeth just hadn’t known that it had been this bad. As she sunk down on her bed she heard a knock at the door.

“Elizabeth it was either that or I would lose everything. This way you will be taken care of” Richard said by way of explaining his actions to his daughter. However there was no response from the other side of the door and he eventually gave up and retreated to his room for a drink.

It was quite normal for women or young girls to be married off for many different reasons but Elizabeth had never thought that it would be her. She had thought that her relationship with her father was different and up until today he had always said that she had a say in her future. He had proposed men before but Elizabeth had never fallen in love and therefore wouldn’t marry them. It had been okay, she had been happy to take her time even if she was getting a little older than most. However today her father changed his mind. He had got into debt with one of the richest men in the area and had exchanged her hand in marriage to clear his debts. It was something that Elizabeth would never forgive him for. As much as she hated this idea and would not go happily she knew that it was her place in life and that she didn’t have a say in it.

That night Elizabeth cried herself to sleep. How could she marry a man that she had never met? What would he be like? Elizabeth knew that he was older than her and she had also heard stories that he was a hard worker. She also knew that he had two daughters who were not that much younger than she was. The thought of this scared her just as much as marrying this unknown man. What if the girls hated her? Life would be so much harder if they did. All these questions could only be answered with time and it appeared that the next few days would be a waiting game to see just when he summoned her.

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The horses neighed as the horseman pulled the reigns, restraining them to a halt. It wasn't much comfort from the harsh and cold European fall wind that Hamilton was inside the coach, he dreaded that his men were freezing their noses off. He quickly got off without waiting for the footman to open it for him. His men rushed to help him but he just brushed them off and said, "I am not an gray and old man neither am I a lady, I suggest you round about and towards the Wentworth's stable and make sure the horses are well fed. I'd ask the man to have some warm soup and tea be brought over." He then buttoned his coat and knocked at the beautiful brown wooden door.

He had to admit, the Wentworths have acquired a good taste when it comes to designing their home, it is such a pity if they had to sell it to pay for a small amount of their debts. He knocked once and the door was opened by a timid servant who looked like she haven't been eating much herself. He hoped that her masters are not treating her unkindly. The woman bowed as he let her enter and shyly spoke, "Lord Wentworth and Lady Elizabeth would be down shortly. Is there anything I can get you?" She had showed him into the visiting parlor where the fire was as inviting as ever, it crackled and spitted as the servant added a single wood. Looks like they are saving on wood as well, The Duke thought.

"Just see to it that my men are warm and fed, I have asked them to bring the horses to the stables. If you'd be so kind as to assist them as well?" He spoke kindly, a trait often admired by his people. The woman blushed and nodded, shortly she curtsied and excused herself.

It was a last minute change, Hamilton had sent a word to the Wentworths that he preferred having dinner over their residence rather than inviting them over, he still doesn't know how to tell his two princesses about his decisions much less his brother. He shook his head at the idea of him returning home very late as usual, reeking of the smell of prostitutes, tobacco and alcohol. He didn't know what had gotten in to him to act worse than a child.

His thoughts were then interrupted as he heard a man clear his throat, he turned his face towards the entry way and saw Richard Wentworth in what appeared to be a wrong way to try to look as if he was in his prime. Hamilton couldn't help but look at him from top to bottom and then nodded as a sign of greeting. "My Lord Shieffield, my daughter will be joining us in a while." He walked towards the other end of the parlor and pulled out a intricate box, it revealed several Cuban cigars as he carried them towards the fire where Hamilton stood. "For the meantime, how about a good puff?" He offered the box towards him, Hamilton couldn't quite read what was registering in the man's face. It was like he was hoping he wouldn't take any and at the same time wanted to boast he still has some good stuff left to entertain the likes of him. Unfortunately, the Duke was not a man of vices. So as he placed his hand on the box, he closed it and shook his head slowly.

"Ah, how about some fine whisky?" The man was shocked when he refused the first offer and tried to impress him again. He shook his head again and took a seat, not waiting for the man to offer him the chair. "Not whisky then eh? Well how about we dine already. I'm sure Elizabeth is on her way down the stairs."

This time Hamilton nodded, he wasn't the type who'd beat around the bush. He stood and waited for Richard to lead the way towards the dining area. Unlike in his mansion, it was only the frail girl who waited on them. He gave her a questioning look as she bowed down and answered, "Your men are getting their selves warm in- in the waiting area. I- I made sure they are well, M'lord,"
"Very well, I assure you that you would be rewarded accordingly," He spoke and sat next to Richard.
"Ahhh Gwendolyn, could you please tell Elizabeth that we are already waiting for her?" Richard asked after. The girl nodded and excused herself once again.
On his seat, Hamilton waited for his bride to be.

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Character Portrait: Duke Hamilton Shieffield
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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Wentworth
Elizabeth Wentworth

Payment for a debt

Character Portrait: Duke Hamilton Shieffield
Duke Hamilton Shieffield

*stares silently*


Character Portrait: Elizabeth Wentworth
Elizabeth Wentworth

Payment for a debt

Character Portrait: Duke Hamilton Shieffield
Duke Hamilton Shieffield

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Character Portrait: Elizabeth Wentworth
Elizabeth Wentworth

Payment for a debt

Character Portrait: Duke Hamilton Shieffield
Duke Hamilton Shieffield

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