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Seto Hanakura Adachi

"WHA-?! Another complaint?! You're kidding!" MWIP

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a character in “The E.T. Project”, as played by Another Lie



Seto Hanakura Adachi



Male Human #2


A full blown Japanese teenager.

Seto used to spend an awful lot of time going around town and taking on criminals in fist fights... usually hurting them a little too much and often getting himself in trouble with the law as a result after people started to complain that he was leaving injured men in the streets. Recently however, due to severe warnings from the authorities, he has calmed down and begun to work at a local grocery store, restocking shelves and bagging goods with a bored scowl on his face. Desperate for something interesting to fill his time, Seto has also posted notices around town with his mobile number... claiming that he'll do any odd jobs required of him for appropriate pay.

Face Claim
Yato - Noragami

Guilty Of...
~ Multiple minor and a single major report of assault. The damage done was incredibly severe, with the victim left within an inch of life. Interestingly enough, it was Seto himself who contacted the authorities and turned himself in. No major charges were pressed by the victim and very little is known in the way of details surrounding the incident outside of the authorities and Seto's family.

~ Multiple reports of vigilantism. Seto despises people who in his eyes are "bad" and has in the past taken the law into his own hands to deal with them. A habit that didn't help his defense when the incident of severe assault was brought to attention. It's miraculous that Seto has yet to face more severe punishments than a day or two behind bars.

β™₯ Justice: While he uses the word loosely and often in an over dramatic sense... Seto is a firm believer in the principal of "Karma". What comes around goes around and Seto just adores it when he gets to see someone get their just desserts for doing something blatantly wrong. (Even if sometimes he's the one acting on Karma's behalf.)

β™₯ Talking: Chatter, chatter, chatter. Seto loves to talk with just about anyone... and he's been reported to have enough charm to draw conversation out of most anyone who's willing to give him the time of day. He thinks that everyone has a story to tell... himself included. So what's wrong with talking with a few people and exchanging a few tales?

β™₯ New Experiences: Seto loves to see new things and enjoy new activities. When he finds something he really enjoys he tends to stick to it like glue for a little while... before moving onto the next thing when he gets bored. Many people would say that this has lead him to have a very short attention span.

β™₯ Ticking people off: Seto has an inglorious talent for making people angry. Be it constant quips, minor insults or a generally annoying attitude, Seto is very good at making people upset and he knows this. Occasionally he uses this to his advantage... though alot of the time he just does it as a joke which quickly goes too far.

β™₯ Closeness: Seto enjoys human companionship, sometimes too much. This is more of a background working thought process, but Seto never has any qualms with putting his arms around someones shoulder or giving someone a playful nudge in the arm. This is another activity that tends to get one some peoples nerves... though many others don't seem to mind it at all.

β™₯ Jerseys and Jackets: He just likes wearing them. All the time. In almost every situation unless its really inapropriate.

β™₯ Eating: His parents have often described Seto as being able to eat for all of Japan. He just puts away meal after meal like some kind of machine... yet somehow this never seems to negatively affect his figure. He does get quite a bit of a workout with all of his activities, but Seto could still very well have a hyperactive metabolism. Spicy, sweet, savory, light... it doesn't matter to him, he'll devour it with an iron gut.

β™₯ Sleeping: With all of the work he tends to do, Seto rarely gets the chance to have a full nights sleep... and he's not really one to sleep on the go either unless he's literally about to pass out. You might think this may be due to some aversion to sleeping... but in reality it has just allowed Seto to appreciate sleep all the more when he feels like he can "afford it".

βœ– "Bad" activities: Criminal behavior such as needless violence, theft, etc. Tends to really get on Seto's nerves... he may be seen as a bit of a hypocrite considering he essentially does the same, but in his eyes the inspiration, purpose and reasoning behind an act is far more important then the act itself.

βœ– Silence: Seto cannot take silence, he'll squirm awkwardly in a completely silent room before feeling the need to break the quiet with his own voice or some other action. He finds it to be bearable in certain situations, when alone and contemplating or lying down gazing at the sun with the person he loves... he doesn't think he'd mind it then. But an awkward silence between a group of people? No thank you.

βœ– Boredom: He'd rather die than be bored. He hates the idea of being forced to do nothing... to him boredom is one of, if not the, worst feeling in the world and in his mind he's already had enough boredom to last him a lifetime.

βœ– Getting ticked off: A bit of a hypocritical behavior, Seto hates it when people blatantly attempt to make him angry. He isn't himself when he's angry, or so he thinks anyway. He becomes frustrated, aggressive... and in extreme cases even violent. It's not only annoying to feel that way... but it can also be endangering to his relationships with others.

βœ– Distance: Snap out of it people! Seto hates it when other people aren't paying attention to what he's saying or what seems to be important at the time. He feels that ignoring others, on purpose or no, is the height of ignorance. So when people act distant, daydream or blatantly ignore him in any situation, he's quick to remind them in a verbal manner that they should really be paying more attention.

βœ– Dressing Formally: Suits and ties just aren't his thing. He hates formal gatherings anyway. Dressing for them is no exception.

βœ– Rain: Seto seems to be put in a bad mood at the mere sight of rain clouds. But nobody really knows why...

βœ– Sadness and tears: Be they his own or those of someone else. Seto hates seeing people upset and will give his every effort to cure any sort of sadness in any sort of person (or alien, for that matter).

☠ Chronophobia: The fear of time and time moving forward.

☠ Aquaphobia: Fear of water.

☠ Monophobia: Fear of being alone, isolated or of one's self.

β˜… Hand to hand combat: Having been skilled in fighting from birth and being raised by Japanese parents who had both studied martial arts, Seto excelled at lessons in fighting and at present time already holds a black belt in both Karate and Taekwando.

β˜… Conversational Charm: Despite being found annoying and invasive by many people living around town... Seto has a certain charm about him that tends to convince people that talking to him is a good idea. He's incredible at keeping secrets and having a little bit of a silver tongue tends to help him learn said secrets with ease. In short he has an aura of the trustworthy sort and tends to have great luck when it comes to making friends and convincing people to act on his behalf.

β˜… Enhanced reflexes and hand to eye coordination: Video games, odd jobs and frequent combat have trained Seto's reflexes to ridiculous levels for his age. Able to balance pens on his finger tips with enough effort and well able to dodge attacks from an untrained opponent. Seto is the kind of guy who always hits the center of an archery target, or the person who ends up catching the ball every times its launched in his direction, regardless of speed and time allowed to prepare himself.

☁ Temper: It's unfortunately very easy to make Seto angry if one tries with the intention of doing so. He loses his temper easily and tends to go through three stages of anger. Pouting is the first, if further angered this leads to verbal aggression and if taken further still Seto is known to be physically violent. Though this usually seems to take a more comic role than anything else... sometimes Seto can go too far and forget his own strength and training.

☁ Moderate Intelligence: Seto isn't a genius in most things. He's very street smart and knows how to handle social and monetary situations better than most people he knows... he's also a rather philosophical guy, up for talking about the bigger questions in life. However, when it comes to mathematics, historical reference, multiple languages (other than Japanese and English), etc. He can be rather idiotic... and often times he may make a fool of himself.

☁ Oblivious: He's never had a girlfriend, Seto... and for good reason. Plenty of girls have had feelings for him, he's hardly ugly and his personality is in fact appealing to some. He however, may aswell have no idea what "flirting" even is. All of the girls who have ever tried to subtly hint at their feelings for him have been let down as he keeps going happily through life without paying them any heed.

Headstrong | Passionate | Honest | Mischievous | Temperamental

Seto isn't exactly the most eccentric guy in the World at first glance. He has alot of passion for the things he believes in... is protective of his friends and family... seems a little bit quick to anger. It's true that a first glance one might take him for an average teenage guy looking to get ahead in life. However, Seto has always been a little bit different. After his time spent as a shut in watching the world around him... Seto gained an oddly obsessive interest with the concept of karma and he began to seriously despise all forms of criminality; he has since developed a powerful urge to stand up for what is right and to actively put himself in the midst of dangerous situations in order to put a stop to activities which he considers to be "wrong" or "bad". He has an iron will and refuses to back down to any sort of challenge or confrontation... a trait many consider to be admirable, however just as many would surely call it foolish; in his opinion if one is not willing to fight against the odds to uphold any beliefs they may have, then one is not worthy to claim to hold any beliefs dear at all. This is further shown to be the case when Seto begins to work at anything of merit, be it odd jobs, vigilantism, personal relationships or even stacking shelves at a grocery shop, Seto is passionate about doing things his own way and still getting a positive result. He knows that it's important to do a job well... but he hates the idea of following any preset rules or structure... he views that sort of things as more a "guideline" for the task at hand.

Seto is also one of those people who'll be bluntly honest with everything he says. He has extreme opinions on a number of serious topics in this modern day and age (suicide, criminality, crime and punishment, government, religion, you name it!) and he's more than willing to share them in their most primal forms, holding nothing back for the sake of anyone else. Yes, he understands that sometimes this can come off as rude, uncaring or hurtful but the idea of lying to someones face to make them feel better horrifies him. As a result of this... Seto doesn't really have many friends, well to be more exact, Seto doesn't have ANY friends, but he's ok with that. "Friends are great and all, but somebody who doesn't like me because of a supposedly coldhearted opinion or two? Well I wouldn't want to be friends with such a person anyway." That's what he says in response to his "loner" status. However... being alone might secretly bother him, if only just a small bit... and he is well aware that a completely lonely life is one of his greatest fears. But he's too headstrong to take that into account when it comes to being himself; happiness comes second to a sense of self in his mind. Besides... he still has what little of his family remains, though he fears that even that won't remain by his side for much longer.

Seto loves to play little games with people... embarrassing or annoying others is one of his past times. Acting perverted towards easily embarrassed girls, saying annoying catchphrases or questioning the manhood of some of the more masculine males. It's all in good fun and most of the time it's clear that he's only joking and being his mischievous self... though at times he may accidentally take a joke too far and if he's in a really bad mood he's been known to occasionally purposefully press peoples buttons, just to make himself feel better. He knows how selfish such actions are... and he almost always immediately regrets them, but he still hasn't kicked the habit. Many have speculated that this behavior could be closely linked to Seto's other most negative trait... his temper. Seto is prone to being easily angered and annoyed, sometimes he can switch into a bad mood on a whim if something really bugs him and when he's in a bad mood further annoyance and most attempts to cheer him up will usually only make the situation worse. Alot of the time if his bad moods escalate quickly enough, he can fling verbal abuse at those who get in his way... and he starts to stare daggers into anyone who tries to lighten him up. Finally, though it IS rare... Seto can also become so enraged that he turns to physical violence as a form of release, lashing out at the source of his aggression. So far he has only really hurt people severely during his time as a vigilante, but he is still to be considered a danger when in a fit of rage.

For some unknown reason... rain seems to instantly put a damper on his mood. Though the reason for this seems to be unclear to everyone bar Seto himself.


So begins...

Seto Hanakura Adachi's Story


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Arizona, at this point in the day, was looking marvelously beautiful. The sun sat, plump in the light blue sky, and far below, a young boy was staring directly at it in amazement through the window of a car. It was a sight to see: a small teenager buckled into the back of a black, bulletproof car. Two tough looking men sat in the front seats, a very large gun in the hand of the one in passenger's side. The one who was armed seemed to be observing their escort by a constant turning of his head. Upon seeing what he was staring at, the man informed the youth that the sun was not something to be looked at for long periods of time. The boy, in response, turned to face him, but his hands immediately shot to his eyes. He made a small whining noise before drawing his hands back to his lap and looking out the window once more, ignoring the sigh of his guard.

The boy's name was Toddlk Lorav and he was an alien. To any outsider, that statement would seem bizarre and unbelievable, but it was the truth. Toddlk did not come from earth, but when he had arrived as a visitor, he had been treated with respect. In fact, Todd had nearly just arrived. He'd landed in a small ship at some secret military base in northern Arizona, and he was on his way to yet another secret facility.

Suddenly, the car jerked to a stop, it's wheels kicking up dust from the sandy road, pulling the small extra-terrestrial out of his thoughts. He immediately found himself, once again, glued to the window, his eyes widening at the sight of their destination. In truth, he'd expected it to look nicer, as it looked quite like a prison from the outside. It had large stone walls covered in barbed wire and practically an army of guards surrounding its gate. Before Todd could finish looking, his door was pulled open by the driver of his car, whom Todd did not notice get out. He stared at the unfriendly looking man through the opening in the car, Todd not moving from his seat. The two boys locked eyes, Toddlk still not budging. Eventually, the driver seemed to realize what the issue was, leading him to bend over the short blonde in his car and unbuckle his seatbelt. "Thank you!" the alien cried as he grabbed his small suitcase and leaped out of the car, landing in a catcher's stance. He quickly stood up, trotting toward the massive clump of security guards. The driver, who had followed him from the car, rested a hand upon his shoulder, signaling him to wait a moment. Todd didn't mind, as he instead knelt down and began to play with the sand below them.

The man gruffly spoke some sort of code, as "Butternut" was not a word that often came up in regular conversation. The security force grunted in acknowledgement, parting so that the gate they were guarding could be passed into. There was a loud buzzing noise, followed by the swinging open of the gate. Todd took this as a cue to stand up and approach the facility that would be home for the next few weeks.

Upon stepping into the facility, his breath was taken away. Despite its outward appearance of a prison, the city inside was stunning! There were small houses lining the streets, Todd figuring that they were the homes of those in charge of and running the experiment. There was a rather large building, which happened to be filled with classrooms, although the young alien did not know this. In the middle of the town square lied an enormous fountain, water trickling down from the mouth of an extravagant angel resting at the top, all the way into the pool below. The sight made Toddlk flinch with discomfort.

Before he could admire the scenery much longer, he was approached by a stranger wearing a white lab coat. The man, his appearance leading Todd to believe that he was a scientist, seemed fascinated by the sight of the young alien. To be honest, his appearance did attract interest, as he hadn't mastered human fashion at this point. He wore a pair of orange board shorts, paired with a maroon sweater that did not match in the slightest nor looked comfortable in the Arizona heat. However, the man did not seem to be put off, as he approached the young boy and placed a hand upon the lad's head as he examined him. "Mr. Lorav. A pleasure to have you!" he spoke after he had sized the young man up, recognizing him from the profiles of participants available to the staff. "I expect you knew that, when coming here, you'd be paired up with humans, correct?"

Todd stared at him, slightly baffled, only half paying attention to what the man was saying. But, his lips parted into a wide grin and he placed his hand upon the stranger's head, as he figured that it was some human welcoming ritual. The man pulled away laughing, as if Toddlk had done something he found funny. "The dorm buildings are right over there, if you would like to get settled into your room," said the supposed scientist, pointing to a large building down the street and to the right. "I have to stay here to welcome our other guests, so I'll see you later." As Todd turned to leave, now on his own, the man waved at him. Todd waved back, grinning stupidly, before making his way to his room.

The dorm building was about two stories tall and quite wide. Its outer facade seemed quite new, not a single crack to be found upon its surface. It had a few steps leading up to its wooden door, which Todd quickly climbed, prying the entrance open. He stepped inside, finding the foyer to give off a very quaint feel. The lobby had comfortable looking couches inside, and a television hanging upon the far wall. Steps lead up to the next story, a small platform above holding the entrance to six different rooms. The young alien hurried up the steps, finding that, upon each door, two names were plastered. Todd searched until he found his own name, next to the name of a stranger. Eagerly, he stepped into his new bedroom. To his surprise, it seemed quite homey, so he plopped his suitcase down upon the floor. The room contained a large bunk bed, a small kitchen area with a mini-fridge and microwave, and a bathroom tucked away in the back. Todd, unknowing of what to do next, sat himself down upon the floor and stared at the door.


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Seto sat solemnly in the car as he was ferried towards his new location. The heat of the Arizona sun easily matched the heat he had felt while living in Japan for most all of his life... though the landscape did seem to be alot emptier. Where was he going again? Some walled of town where he was promised a chance at a better life? Something like that. He had only moved to New York two years ago with his mother and father... and already he was being shipped off to some new location. Alone this time. That scared him... he still wasn't even entirely sure of his purpose in this place. He had been told that he'd be meeting someone... someone who could help him to become a "better person". He saw nothing wrong with the way he was... he had calmed down alot since the days where he'd beat up thugs in the streets, so he saw no personal benefit to going along with this odd and fairly shady plan.

At least that's what he had told himself until they promised to wipe his criminal record.

With his Father dead and gone... and his mothers medical bills piling up to high for Seto to manage... the wages obtained from odd jobs and shelf stocking were just not enough to get his Mother the medical attention she so desperately needed. However, nobody would ever dream of hiring a school drop out with a criminal record over someone else who would almost certainly be seeking the job in the modern era's economy. Even without the criminal record it would be difficult, he knew that... but the important thing was that without the record he at least stood a chance... and in the name of some God he didn't believe in, he needed a chance.

For her sake...

~A Few Months Prior~

"Seto... Seto-kun... where... where are you going?"

Seto stood at the door to his run down New-York home, a single barely packed suitcase clutched tightly in his hand. His mother was slowly losing her sanity with her illness. He had explained to her the situation many times... explained that she had given her consent for him to leave for a few weeks at minimum... Still, it seemed he would have things to her one more time.

"Okāsan..." The young man kneeled down by his Mothers bedside for the last time for what he was sure would be a lengthy time away. "I told you remember? I'm going to- do some work for some nice people in Arizona. It's like community service, I'll be gone for a little while... and the people from the nursing home will be taking care of you for that time as a favor... but they say they'll clear my record if I do my best. I'll be able to get a real job then! Isn't that wonderful?"

His sickly mother smiled. "Oh yes Seto... that sounds wonderful... try to do your best for me... and make some new friends... Oh wait until I tell, y... your father... he'll be so... so very..." Her eyes flickered closed and she faded into another deep sleep.

Seto clutched his suitcase tightly and stood up as he heard his Mothers temporary caretakers knock on the door. He would make her proud... he would make her well. He had to.

"I'll come back soon... Okāsan."

~Present Time~

"Hey kid, c'mon out. We're here."

"Huh? What? Sorry I was just... thinking." How odd, Seto hadn't even noticed this man leave the vehicle... he supposed he had acknowledged the fact that they had arrived just barely. But the drivers departure from the car had been almost ethereal from his perspective. The man was what he assumed to be a "typical government agent" type of guy. Suit, sunglasses... beefy enough to hurt anyone he wanted and no doubt with the required training to back that up. Not even Seto was up to taking that guy on directly... though he probably still would have if he felt like he had to. Thankfully he had no reason to believe that the people around him at this strange walled off town were out to get him... well... at least not yet.

Seto couldn't help but gawk at the place in front of him. It was so unlike anything he had ever seen before and his confusion and awe only increased as he was led inside after his escort muttered some ridiculous code word. It was a massive enclosure, surrounded by cold stone walls topped with painful looking barbed wire. One might expect that the inside of such a place was akin to a concentration camp... or worse; but such assumptions could not be further than the truth. Inside of those walls was instead a perfected suburban town akin to that which might be seen on some picturesque postcard. There waiting to greet Seto, was a man wearing the typical white lab coat that gave away his trade.

*A scientist?* Seto thought inwardly. *Is this whole thing some kind of massive research experiment?*

"Aha! Well how fitting that our first human arrival is our little criminal hero eh? Come in, come in! We're pleased to welcome you here Mr. Adachi!" Seto walked forward hesitantly as his escort stayed behind. *Human? Why specify that I'm human?* Was the first thought that ran through his head. Regardless he walked forward and accepted a hand extended in welcome in a firm shake.

"Now then... there's not much time. You know why you're here. I know why you're really here and I'm sure you are MORE than prepared to get to work. The scientist spoke quickly, as if dismissing Seto due to time constraints. Still, the young man smiled... he was happy to be getting straight to the point. "Ahh, seems like we're getting straight into this eh? Well I'm ready for anything... Mr?..." The scientist shook his head quickly, ignoring Seto's implication of seeking a name.

"Now now Mr. Adachi, my name is unimportant. The dorm building is over there... you should get in there and unpack anything you have with you. Your alien partner should be arriving soon... so don't get too comfortable, you'll be making an inter-planetary first impression pretty soon!" Seto nodded and moved in the direction motioned to him for a few moments... before stopping abruptly.

Had he said... aliens? Seto turned around to question the man in the lab coat again, but he had already started moving towards the gate to await and presumably greet the next young participant in this very odd experience he had signed himself up for.

Seto opted to move inside the dorm as requested... still... aliens? Inter-planetary? Maybe the scientist was just a horribly open racist and the "aliens" were folks of other nationalities? Then again he was Japanese... wouldn't that make him an aline in a racists eyes? It didn't make much sense... but whatever, Seto didn't really care. What was the worse that could happen? Seto hated judging books by covers so he was certain that he could find a way to get along with whomever walked through his rooms door.

As Seto made his way up the stairs of the dorm building and toward the assigned rooms, he just barely managed to see another boy with a very odd clothing choice enter into his own dorm room. Seto attempted to say something, but before any words passed from his lips the other boy was already inside his room. (Which after a quick inspection Seto discerned was not his.) Deciding to instead ignore the strange boy, Seto continued down the hall until he reached a door, second from the end of the fairly short hall.

~Seto Adachi~

~Ecru Dichro~

Ecru Dichro? Huh, Seto had to admit that that name certainly did sound rather foreign. Still, it wasn't like it mattered to him. He supposed he would just wait and see just what kind of person this so called "Alien" was... and with that in mind, he entered his darm room, tossed his suitcase to one side and sat comfortably down on his bed (which he quickly claimed as the bottom bunk) and patiently awaited his new room-mates arrival.


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Ecru had already very unfortunately been scolded three times since his arrival to the new planet. Or, rather, the planet wasn't new, per say, in its- Well, whatever. Nobody around him liked hearing him rambling on about all his new discoveries anyway. He'd made more than he could count on two hands and two feet in just the short amount of time he had in walking to the car, and in riding the way to the facility he was expected to live in for, what he now realized, was possibly an undetermined amount of time. He made a mental note to ask about that at a later date. He was sure these people had it all properly planned out. They weren't exactly the most intelligent beings he'd ever come in contact with, but they were fine for what they were worth.

He'd learned very quickly that the world here was much livelier than the one he'd known his whole life. There were colors here, not just blacks and whites and shades of gray. He nearly felt blinded when he first arrived and gratefully accepted a pair of glasses that dimmed the extremes of everything. The brighter ones were especially painfully, but after a while, he took off the glasses and convinced himself that as long as he would be living there, he would have to adjust. He lasted about twenty minutes before his headache got the better of him and he put the glasses back on. Taking things slow would probably be for the best. His head was already swimming with so much new information he was afraid his internal circuits would fry.

The car ride was noisy despite his lack of conversational skills. A man and woman sat in the front seat of the, in his personal opinion, primitive motor vehicle and chatted noisily away with each other. Every so often, the woman would turn in her seat and explain a few things to him, like the expected procedures, the basic schedule, how things were expected to work during his stay; a general briefing he supposed.

"You will be staying with a human- but you should already know this," the woman went on as they arrived. The man opened the door for Ecru, and the alien stepped out, staring up at the building. The architecture was all different than he was used to. Even the things that weren't splattered with color were decorated in designs, in pieces of art and, well, all sorts of stuff. His first thought was to consider these things a gigantic waste of time, but after a few minutes of studying a few different things around him, he decided that maybe it wasn't all that bad. He could see the compulsion, just not the purpose.

"Mr. Dichro, pay attention." Ecru stopped short of walking into a wall and blinked at it. He turned his head towards the woman, who he was convinced was named Arylide due to the dirty blonde of her hair, but she assured him it was actually Ms. Macy, which sounded nothing but weird to him. Macy couldn't possibly be a last name. And if it was actually her first, then what kind of color was Macy? It had to be a shade of yellow. Then again, he'd learned quickly that humans didn't do things the same way on Earth as he did on his planet. Maybe people weren't named after their colors, seeing as colors were more- "Mr. Dichro." He snapped back to attention and felt embarrassed for losing track of what he was doing.

She seemed satisfied for getting his attention, but sympathetic for his situation. "Mr. Dichro, for now, you'll drop your stuff off in the dorm." She pointed in the direction of the dorms. "You should get well acquainted with your new roommate. You'll be spending a lot of time together. I'm sure you have a lot to teach one another." I doubt that. "For now, that will be all."

Ms. Macy started walking away with the man in tow when Ecru thought of something. "Wait. What if I have questions?"

The woman with the dirty blonde hair paused and shared a look with her companion. "Then I suppose, Mr. Dichro, you will have to find an answer."

Ecru frowned. That seemed...unprofessional, somehow, but the two humans turned a corner out of sight and he was left alone. Feeling uneasy, Ecru carried on to his room. He found his name alongside another's outside an already open doorway and swallowed his nerves before going inside. He found the other person, whose name surely couldn't be Seto Adachi, already in the room. He didn't look like he'd been there long, but Ecru didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

He didn't have much in terms of luggage. He had a single suitcase with all his belongings, which consisted almost strictly of clothes with the exception of a few snacks from his home. He stood in the doorway for the longest time, lingering in an almost painfully awkward way, before remembering to remove the sunglasses he'd been given. "I'm Ecru Dichro," he greeted stiffly. "Nice to meet you." In this case, Ecru noted that the human's eyes seemed to be, to him, his most prominent features. "Cyan." He nodded his head, shifting into the room by just a margin and motioning towards the bed. "May I take the top bunk? It might relieve any feelings of homesickness." Clearing his throat, he continued. "To inform you: I'm not familiar with human customs. If I do anything offensive, tell me."


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Seto's eyes widened as he saw his new roommate enter the room. "W... what on Earth is he... wearing?" was the first thought that popped into Seto's head. The young man, whom quickly introduced himself as... ehm... Ecru Dichro, was wearing one of the most bizarre outfits he had ever seen. Seto wasn't exactly a prime fashionista himself, wearing mostly jerseys and jackets, but even he wasn't this disconnected.

"O... oh yeah! Name's Seto Hanakura Adachi, but you can call me Seto. As you can tell from just the name alone... I'm not originally from around these parts. Haha..." Seto finished with an admittedly forced laugh as he allowed himself to examine his new roomie with a little more precision. In terms of general appearance he didn't seem too odd... his skin was a fair deal darker than Seto's (Had the scientist really been a serious racist after all?) and he had a nice mess of shaggy blonde hair with, what Seto assumed, was a ribbon hanging out of one on the locks. Ecru's eyes seemed to be a shade of orange tinted brown? It was a little bit of an odd color as far as typical eyes went, but Seto's own vibrantly colored eyes had taught him not to pick out little details like that so casually.

Ecru's clothes however... were far far from what Seto would have considered "normal". Examining them a bit closer, Seto saw that Ecru appeared to be wearing some sort of white and black jumpsuit... fitted with a frilled mask that ran across Ecru's nose. W... was that lace? It looked like lace... surely not? Seto scratched his head. He practically knew by that point that Ecru's was foreign... he certainly wasn't from America, THAT was for sure. Still, for all the ignorant Seto knew, these odd clothes were the traditional garb of whatever country Ecru may have come from... keeping that in mind, Seto decided not to mention this "aliens" choice in fashion.

Seto himself wasn't wearing anything fancy, just his usual casual wear. A white bandana was wrapped around the high neck of his black jacket, underneath was a plain black jersey which he had considered stripping down to for hours in the Arizona heat. On his legs he had a plain black tracksuit with a single white stripe running down the right leg and the Japanese kanji for "wind" emblazoned on the front of the left. His shoes were a basic pair of black combat boots that his mother had bought just recently, they were clearly new and Seto was still wearing them in... but the thick leather used in their construction made for reliable footwear, especially in hot areas such as where he would be living for the next little while.

It was just then that Seto was snapped out of his train of thought by Ecru's voice... he asked for the top bunk due to homesickness? Was his home high up? This caught Seto's attention, but what caught his attention even more was the fact that Ecru claimed to be "unfamiliar with human mannerisms" and apologized should he make any mistakes with such things.

Seto's eyes widened... high up places? Disconnection with self identification as a "human"? The term "alien"? How could he have been so blind! It suddenly all made sense!

The scientists working at the facility Seto had signed up to help... were kidnapping children from mountain climates and trying to make them feel and act as a lesser species! Seto really was in some sort of hyper racist slavery camp! What was Seto's purpose... to condition this poor young man, Ecru, to behav like some sub-human degenerate? To try and trick Ecru into being some self doubting slave?! That was sick! Seto wouldn't stand for such cruelty... but creating an uproar so suddenly would be foolish... he would have to be more tactful if he was going to uproot this conspiracy.

"Yeah, sure you can have the top bunk... I prefer bottom anyway." Seto looked uncomfortably to the side as he delicately approached his next question.

"So... Ecru, right? You eh... obviously aren't from around here... where do you come from originally?... Oh and ehm... how did you get here? You weren't brought here... against your will... right?


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Ecru gave the human a blank look. Past the bland expression was a slow turning clock of disbelief and an immeasurable amount of confusion. He wasn't even sure where to start with this one. Perhaps with the fact that his name really was Seto. Colors were both important and vastly unimportant for the people of his society. They were important for organization purposes--as in: names. Ecru was a tannish, yellow-ish color, like a brown mixed with yellow, yet still light. That defined him. The word 'seto' meant nothing. It was just a word. Adachi was just a word. That was, to put it lightly, stupid.

He felt himself being watched and made sure his movements were careful, so he wouldn't do anything to make an idiot of himself. There was no way of judging his roommate's intelligence--although, if the other humans he'd met was anything to go by, he really didn't have anything to worry about. He didn't want to insult him or his culture. Or his clothes. Or his name. Or, well, his way of talking, and how he seemed to be pretty interested in holding a conversation despite how arbitrary it was to do so. Then again, they were supposed to get to know each other and, from there, learn about one another and- well, whatever. He'd figure it out.

In the room was an array of basic necessities. He found two small clothing containers on the other side of the room, and what Ecru assumed was a closet, so he began unpacking what clothes he brought along. "Originally? My mother's womb." He almost, almost smiled, his eyebrows raised as he peeked over his shoulder to see if Seto got the joke.

...Maybe that was a bit dry.

Clearing his throat, Ecru went on. "I wasn't brought here against my will, no. It was a volunteer program. I assume we all knew what we were getting ourselves into prior to getting into it."

He took his folded clothes out of the suitcase, unfolded them, and then carefully refolded them before putting them into the small dresser drawer. There was no reason to code them by size or color since they were all exactly the same. He had two outfits for winter, but he wasn't sure what to expect on Earth, so he wasn't sure what to bring. He wasn't even sure if it was possible to ask for his parents to send him something warmer depending on the climate change. They weren't exactly happy with him coming here in the first place after the incident with his work. Maybe if it came down to it, he could borrow clothes from his roommate. If they didn't mind, of course.

"My home is Nullius. It's very...different." Finally, he finished putting his things away and turned towards Seto. He frowned at the discarded suitcase in the corner of the room, scratching lightly at his pants to suppress the urge to clean it up. Disorganization was really unfavorable.

He glanced outside and noticed a few other faces passing by the open door and wondered if they were supposed to interact with the others. The woman told him he was just supposed to figure things out, but that was ridiculous considering his situation. He'd marveled at the color of grass for crying out loud; how was he supposed to figure out what to do from this point on? "Are we expected to fend for ourselves? Do we have free reign?"

It felt uncomfortable to assume they they could just do what they pleased. He didn't know the schedule. He wasn't sure when to expect his next meal or if they were allowed outside this facility, or how far for that matter. He was pretty sure talking to the others wouldn't mess with the experiment so long as they didn't end up choosing sides, like some human vs. aliens things. Oh god, this human's imagination was already starting to get to him. What if it was infectious? He'd never be able to return to his home if he came back acting like, well, one of these people.

Then again, curiosity was starting to get the best of him. "Cya- Seto, maybe we should take it upon ourselves to...explore a little." He wanted to see more, and he doubted Seto would be fine sitting around in this stuffy room. Even Ecru, who was used to blandness, found it a bit bleak. With a small frown, he added, "And when we return, maybe I'll help you unpack. You obviously need it."


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Todd found that his wait was not long at all, as, within a few moments, he noticed the doorknob turn. The opening of the door followed with the entrance of another being, a person which Todd assumed was human. The boy introduced himself, stating that his name was Ian, a shortened version of Julian. He also paired his name with the question "What's up?", a phrase that the alien did not understand. "What's... up?" he asked, leaning his head back to check. "The.... bed above me?" He had no idea why anybody would care to know what was above him, but he knew it must have made sense to humans.

After answering the human's odd question, Todd turned back to his roommate. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ian. My name is Toddlk Lorav, but most people seem to have difficulty saying that here, so call me Todd if you find that easier to say." He didn't exactly know how to greet the people of Earth, and he debated trying the strange head tap that a scientist had used on him a few minutes before. However, a quick read of the human's emotions told him that he had done all that he needed to with his introduction.

Without much of a hesitation, Ian responded with a question. "So are you really an alien? Or is this some huge, complex, practical joke?" asked the human, who now settled down upon the floor.

"Yep, I'm really an alien!" he cried, as if the statement had excited him. Technically, from Todd's perspective, Ian was an alien also, but since Todd had come to his planet, he figured it was only right for that title to go to him. "I'm from Fleiohiri, although it's quite far away so I doubt you've heard much about it. It's a lot warmer there," Todd said as he fidgeted with his blanket. "So, are you from around here?"

Toddlk leaned forward, allowing his roommate to answer. Everything about earth intrigued him, leaving his mind practically begging for information and insight. However, only a few moments passed before a loud voice, belonging to neither of the occupants in the room, echo throughout their dorm. The sudden noise, which came from below the bunks, scared the poor alien sitting above it half to death. "Hello there, participants. I hope that you are all settling down into your rooms and getting to know your partners. As you've probably realized by now, half of you... aren't from around here. As its getting later, the staff of this facility have decided to order you all pizza. If you could begin to make your way to the foyer downstairs for dinner, that'd be great."

Sliding off the bed, Todd decided to examine the source of this voice. He lowered himself onto his hands and knees, not giving Ian much of an explanation to his random behavior, and peered under the bunk. It was there that he found a speaker, one of the many that must have been rigged in every room. He wondered if the scientists could hear them as well as talk to them.

This did not bother Toddlk, though, as he had not come to Earth with intent to judge its people. If it was a human thing to hook up software in the bedrooms of citizens so that you could listen in on them, then who was Todd to deem it odd? Anyway, he had other things to wonder about. For one, what was pizza? He guessed that humans ate it, and he would most likely eat it as well. Although, he couldn't help but wonder if the alien food of Earth would agree with his digestive system, built for foods Earth did not have to offer. Todd had not been smart enough to pack snacks in case he couldn't eat human cuisine, but he didn't worry about it too much. He didn't even seem to care much when he came to the realization that anything and everything about Earth could possibly disagree with his alien body. His solution to his slightly pessimistic thought was to simply not get sick.

Quickly realizing how awkward he must have looked, Todd stood up and dusted himself off. "Should we get going?" he asked Julian.