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Toddlk Lorav

"Woah! Humans are so cool!"

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a character in “The E.T. Project”, as played by comicbooklover




Toddlk Lorav




Male Alien #1


Face Claim
Haru (Tsuritama)

Earth - As much as Todd loves his home planet, the world of humans has
captivated the young man. Earth's inhabitants have also captivated the
alien, although the appreciation may not be mutual for everyone he meets.

Home - Sure, he may adore Earth, but he also is partial to his home
planet Fleiohiri. After arriving to Earth for the E.T. Project, he often
misses it.

Insects - Todd has a fascination with Earth's bugs, especially beetles. He
gets quite upset at the sight of one getting stepped on and does not
understand the disgust they instill in others.

Bubbles - Bubbles of any kind bring delight to Todd. Whenever they
pop, he becomes distraught, as he believes that they have been killed.

Being Ignored - Due to Todd's very bubbly personality, he doesn't
enjoy being left alone. If you ignore him, he will worry that you hate him
and that he has done something wrong.

Being Yelled At - When yelled at, Todd believes that he has failed
whoever is upset with him and will become very sad.

Syrup - He finds the sticky substance unnatural and unnerving. He
hates it even more if it touches him, as the sensation freaks him out.

Storms - As Fleiohiri does not have storms, they terrify poor Todd.
Especially thunderstorms. He doesn't understand what they are.

Birds - Todd's fear ranges from cardinals to geese. No matter what
size, shape, or color, they are pants-wettingly terrifying.

Toasters - When he first used a toaster, the bread shot out and he
thought that he was being attacked. He has retained the fear ever since.

Water - Todd will drink it, but he hates to touch it for reasons
unknown, aside from not being able to swim. It takes a battle to
make him bathe.

Empathy - Todd has the gift of knowing the emotions of those around
him. It is a popular skill for people on Fleiohiri to have and he can use it
quite well.

Language Adaptability - He can learn another language easily. He is
fluent in English, Spanish, and French, along with his native language.

Painting - Well, his skill here depends upon how you look at it. Back
on his home planet, he is great at painting, while his work here looks like
chicken scratch.

Fitting Into Small Spaces - Due to his short and skinny stature, he is
able to squeeze into spots that others may not be able to.

Lack of Maturity - Especially on Earth, where he has no idea how to
behave, Todd is a very childish creature.

Can't Play Sports - Ignoring the fact that he doesn’t understand Earthly
activities, he has poor physique and would find sports very tiring.

Can't Swim - Fleiohiri is very desert like, so water is a rarity that usually
goes to animals when attained. They drink other alien substances. Todd
has hardly come into contact with water, and is mortified by the idea of
being engulfed in it.

Allergic to Bananas - However odd it may seem, he cannot eat
bananas without going into a sneezing fit. This is a problem, as he
likes the taste of bananas and whines about his inability to eat them.

Todd is a very quirky young man who is very odd by the standards of earth. He is often dubbed as overly happy or joyous and is quite friendly. He doesn't fully understand how to act in normal conversation, and he often blurts out odd statements. Due to his ability of empathy, he has gained the skill of making people uncomfortable by how well he can read them. However, no matter how awkward Toddlk seems, he is the kind of person that is very difficult to dislike. His peculiarity is slightly amusing, as is his struggle with mundane, human things.

Despite being more advanced than humanity, Todd is quite humble. He finds Earth's technology awe-striking. He is very easily amused and often is thought of as childish even among fellow aliens. He carries himself in a very whimsical way, as you could probably tell he is an alien by the way he blinks. He's very outgoing, and, if you aren't careful, he could talk your ear off. However, his empathic ability often effects his behavior, as feeling upset with him causes the same effect as yelling at the sensitive alien. He could simply avoid interaction with you based off of the emotion you were feeling at a specific time. He is easily upset and, when someone is mad, he blames himself for their mood, a very bad habit.

However, if you can get used to his immaturity, he is a very enjoyable person to be around. His actions often cause humor to humans around him. Although he may be utterly lost when it comes to the customs of Earth, he is extremely smart back on his home planet, as he did qualify for the E.T. Program. His intelligence, sadly, is usually lost in his childish demeanor. He often has a carefree, frivolous spirit about him. He may not understand a lot about earth, but he is very curious and wishes to be friends with all of humanity, even though that may not be entirely possible.

Toddlk was born as an only child to his loving parents. He was born on the planet Fleiohiri, an intelligent place covered in a desert-like landscape. Everyone in Fleiohiri was quite bright and if you didn't chase after a job requiring intellect, you were odd. Todd's father was a doctor while his mother worked in day care. He had an incredibly good relationship with them both. He was an very sheltered child, his parents shielding him from the bad things of the world because they wanted to keep their son as innocent as possible. It was a good idea, and it actually kept their son more mature than other boys his age. However, once he became a bit older, kids began to be exposed to violence and teased him for not enjoying gore like they did. They also teased him for his sensitive, childish nature and he became a target for bullying. He never got into a physical fight until he was thirteen, and because he refused to hit back, he came home with two black eyes and a bloody nose.

In a desperate attempt to help their son stand up for himself against the uncivil boys his age, they taught him self-defense tactics. However, he much preferred to run from trouble as being able to feel his enemies rage and hate made him uncomfortable and his did not wish to fuel it. He soon pitied his enemies more than he was scared of them, and often spoke to them in ways that they felt were odd, talking to them about their feelings. Eventually, this made people stop bothering him and hang around him for humor purposes instead, as he had gained the reputation of being weirdly entertaining. He didn't mind this, as he preferred positive attention to negative.

It quickly became apparent to the adults in his life that Todd was very smart. He was an honor student in school, yet he had no idea where he wanted to go with his life. Before he had to decide, he was sent an offer from the government saying that he had been selected to go to a foreign planet called Earth and be a part of a project, bonding two different species. They told him that he would be paired with a human that would help him learn the ways of the planet and that it would be a once in a life time opportunity. With the support of his parents, he took the offer and headed for Earth soon after.


So begins...

Toddlk Lorav's Story


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Arizona, at this point in the day, was looking marvelously beautiful. The sun sat, plump in the light blue sky, and far below, a young boy was staring directly at it in amazement through the window of a car. It was a sight to see: a small teenager buckled into the back of a black, bulletproof car. Two tough looking men sat in the front seats, a very large gun in the hand of the one in passenger's side. The one who was armed seemed to be observing their escort by a constant turning of his head. Upon seeing what he was staring at, the man informed the youth that the sun was not something to be looked at for long periods of time. The boy, in response, turned to face him, but his hands immediately shot to his eyes. He made a small whining noise before drawing his hands back to his lap and looking out the window once more, ignoring the sigh of his guard.

The boy's name was Toddlk Lorav and he was an alien. To any outsider, that statement would seem bizarre and unbelievable, but it was the truth. Toddlk did not come from earth, but when he had arrived as a visitor, he had been treated with respect. In fact, Todd had nearly just arrived. He'd landed in a small ship at some secret military base in northern Arizona, and he was on his way to yet another secret facility.

Suddenly, the car jerked to a stop, it's wheels kicking up dust from the sandy road, pulling the small extra-terrestrial out of his thoughts. He immediately found himself, once again, glued to the window, his eyes widening at the sight of their destination. In truth, he'd expected it to look nicer, as it looked quite like a prison from the outside. It had large stone walls covered in barbed wire and practically an army of guards surrounding its gate. Before Todd could finish looking, his door was pulled open by the driver of his car, whom Todd did not notice get out. He stared at the unfriendly looking man through the opening in the car, Todd not moving from his seat. The two boys locked eyes, Toddlk still not budging. Eventually, the driver seemed to realize what the issue was, leading him to bend over the short blonde in his car and unbuckle his seatbelt. "Thank you!" the alien cried as he grabbed his small suitcase and leaped out of the car, landing in a catcher's stance. He quickly stood up, trotting toward the massive clump of security guards. The driver, who had followed him from the car, rested a hand upon his shoulder, signaling him to wait a moment. Todd didn't mind, as he instead knelt down and began to play with the sand below them.

The man gruffly spoke some sort of code, as "Butternut" was not a word that often came up in regular conversation. The security force grunted in acknowledgement, parting so that the gate they were guarding could be passed into. There was a loud buzzing noise, followed by the swinging open of the gate. Todd took this as a cue to stand up and approach the facility that would be home for the next few weeks.

Upon stepping into the facility, his breath was taken away. Despite its outward appearance of a prison, the city inside was stunning! There were small houses lining the streets, Todd figuring that they were the homes of those in charge of and running the experiment. There was a rather large building, which happened to be filled with classrooms, although the young alien did not know this. In the middle of the town square lied an enormous fountain, water trickling down from the mouth of an extravagant angel resting at the top, all the way into the pool below. The sight made Toddlk flinch with discomfort.

Before he could admire the scenery much longer, he was approached by a stranger wearing a white lab coat. The man, his appearance leading Todd to believe that he was a scientist, seemed fascinated by the sight of the young alien. To be honest, his appearance did attract interest, as he hadn't mastered human fashion at this point. He wore a pair of orange board shorts, paired with a maroon sweater that did not match in the slightest nor looked comfortable in the Arizona heat. However, the man did not seem to be put off, as he approached the young boy and placed a hand upon the lad's head as he examined him. "Mr. Lorav. A pleasure to have you!" he spoke after he had sized the young man up, recognizing him from the profiles of participants available to the staff. "I expect you knew that, when coming here, you'd be paired up with humans, correct?"

Todd stared at him, slightly baffled, only half paying attention to what the man was saying. But, his lips parted into a wide grin and he placed his hand upon the stranger's head, as he figured that it was some human welcoming ritual. The man pulled away laughing, as if Toddlk had done something he found funny. "The dorm buildings are right over there, if you would like to get settled into your room," said the supposed scientist, pointing to a large building down the street and to the right. "I have to stay here to welcome our other guests, so I'll see you later." As Todd turned to leave, now on his own, the man waved at him. Todd waved back, grinning stupidly, before making his way to his room.

The dorm building was about two stories tall and quite wide. Its outer facade seemed quite new, not a single crack to be found upon its surface. It had a few steps leading up to its wooden door, which Todd quickly climbed, prying the entrance open. He stepped inside, finding the foyer to give off a very quaint feel. The lobby had comfortable looking couches inside, and a television hanging upon the far wall. Steps lead up to the next story, a small platform above holding the entrance to six different rooms. The young alien hurried up the steps, finding that, upon each door, two names were plastered. Todd searched until he found his own name, next to the name of a stranger. Eagerly, he stepped into his new bedroom. To his surprise, it seemed quite homey, so he plopped his suitcase down upon the floor. The room contained a large bunk bed, a small kitchen area with a mini-fridge and microwave, and a bathroom tucked away in the back. Todd, unknowing of what to do next, sat himself down upon the floor and stared at the door.


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Seto sat solemnly in the car as he was ferried towards his new location. The heat of the Arizona sun easily matched the heat he had felt while living in Japan for most all of his life... though the landscape did seem to be alot emptier. Where was he going again? Some walled of town where he was promised a chance at a better life? Something like that. He had only moved to New York two years ago with his mother and father... and already he was being shipped off to some new location. Alone this time. That scared him... he still wasn't even entirely sure of his purpose in this place. He had been told that he'd be meeting someone... someone who could help him to become a "better person". He saw nothing wrong with the way he was... he had calmed down alot since the days where he'd beat up thugs in the streets, so he saw no personal benefit to going along with this odd and fairly shady plan.

At least that's what he had told himself until they promised to wipe his criminal record.

With his Father dead and gone... and his mothers medical bills piling up to high for Seto to manage... the wages obtained from odd jobs and shelf stocking were just not enough to get his Mother the medical attention she so desperately needed. However, nobody would ever dream of hiring a school drop out with a criminal record over someone else who would almost certainly be seeking the job in the modern era's economy. Even without the criminal record it would be difficult, he knew that... but the important thing was that without the record he at least stood a chance... and in the name of some God he didn't believe in, he needed a chance.

For her sake...

~A Few Months Prior~

"Seto... Seto-kun... where... where are you going?"

Seto stood at the door to his run down New-York home, a single barely packed suitcase clutched tightly in his hand. His mother was slowly losing her sanity with her illness. He had explained to her the situation many times... explained that she had given her consent for him to leave for a few weeks at minimum... Still, it seemed he would have things to her one more time.

"Okāsan..." The young man kneeled down by his Mothers bedside for the last time for what he was sure would be a lengthy time away. "I told you remember? I'm going to- do some work for some nice people in Arizona. It's like community service, I'll be gone for a little while... and the people from the nursing home will be taking care of you for that time as a favor... but they say they'll clear my record if I do my best. I'll be able to get a real job then! Isn't that wonderful?"

His sickly mother smiled. "Oh yes Seto... that sounds wonderful... try to do your best for me... and make some new friends... Oh wait until I tell, y... your father... he'll be so... so very..." Her eyes flickered closed and she faded into another deep sleep.

Seto clutched his suitcase tightly and stood up as he heard his Mothers temporary caretakers knock on the door. He would make her proud... he would make her well. He had to.

"I'll come back soon... Okāsan."

~Present Time~

"Hey kid, c'mon out. We're here."

"Huh? What? Sorry I was just... thinking." How odd, Seto hadn't even noticed this man leave the vehicle... he supposed he had acknowledged the fact that they had arrived just barely. But the drivers departure from the car had been almost ethereal from his perspective. The man was what he assumed to be a "typical government agent" type of guy. Suit, sunglasses... beefy enough to hurt anyone he wanted and no doubt with the required training to back that up. Not even Seto was up to taking that guy on directly... though he probably still would have if he felt like he had to. Thankfully he had no reason to believe that the people around him at this strange walled off town were out to get him... well... at least not yet.

Seto couldn't help but gawk at the place in front of him. It was so unlike anything he had ever seen before and his confusion and awe only increased as he was led inside after his escort muttered some ridiculous code word. It was a massive enclosure, surrounded by cold stone walls topped with painful looking barbed wire. One might expect that the inside of such a place was akin to a concentration camp... or worse; but such assumptions could not be further than the truth. Inside of those walls was instead a perfected suburban town akin to that which might be seen on some picturesque postcard. There waiting to greet Seto, was a man wearing the typical white lab coat that gave away his trade.

*A scientist?* Seto thought inwardly. *Is this whole thing some kind of massive research experiment?*

"Aha! Well how fitting that our first human arrival is our little criminal hero eh? Come in, come in! We're pleased to welcome you here Mr. Adachi!" Seto walked forward hesitantly as his escort stayed behind. *Human? Why specify that I'm human?* Was the first thought that ran through his head. Regardless he walked forward and accepted a hand extended in welcome in a firm shake.

"Now then... there's not much time. You know why you're here. I know why you're really here and I'm sure you are MORE than prepared to get to work. The scientist spoke quickly, as if dismissing Seto due to time constraints. Still, the young man smiled... he was happy to be getting straight to the point. "Ahh, seems like we're getting straight into this eh? Well I'm ready for anything... Mr?..." The scientist shook his head quickly, ignoring Seto's implication of seeking a name.

"Now now Mr. Adachi, my name is unimportant. The dorm building is over there... you should get in there and unpack anything you have with you. Your alien partner should be arriving soon... so don't get too comfortable, you'll be making an inter-planetary first impression pretty soon!" Seto nodded and moved in the direction motioned to him for a few moments... before stopping abruptly.

Had he said... aliens? Seto turned around to question the man in the lab coat again, but he had already started moving towards the gate to await and presumably greet the next young participant in this very odd experience he had signed himself up for.

Seto opted to move inside the dorm as requested... still... aliens? Inter-planetary? Maybe the scientist was just a horribly open racist and the "aliens" were folks of other nationalities? Then again he was Japanese... wouldn't that make him an aline in a racists eyes? It didn't make much sense... but whatever, Seto didn't really care. What was the worse that could happen? Seto hated judging books by covers so he was certain that he could find a way to get along with whomever walked through his rooms door.

As Seto made his way up the stairs of the dorm building and toward the assigned rooms, he just barely managed to see another boy with a very odd clothing choice enter into his own dorm room. Seto attempted to say something, but before any words passed from his lips the other boy was already inside his room. (Which after a quick inspection Seto discerned was not his.) Deciding to instead ignore the strange boy, Seto continued down the hall until he reached a door, second from the end of the fairly short hall.

~Seto Adachi~

~Ecru Dichro~

Ecru Dichro? Huh, Seto had to admit that that name certainly did sound rather foreign. Still, it wasn't like it mattered to him. He supposed he would just wait and see just what kind of person this so called "Alien" was... and with that in mind, he entered his darm room, tossed his suitcase to one side and sat comfortably down on his bed (which he quickly claimed as the bottom bunk) and patiently awaited his new room-mates arrival.


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Toddlk Lorav found that he could not, in fact, last very long without something to do. The floor soon grew dull, as did staring at the door, when there were other matters for him to take care of. For starters, Earth was cold. He had realized that the moment that he had stepped onto this planet's crust, but he had imagined the further down they went, the warmer it would have got. Coming from an unearthly desert community, the 100-degree weather was nothing to him. In fact, it caused him to go as far as to rip the sheets off of the bottom bunk and huddle under the blankets in a pile upon the floor.

However, the alien did not hesitate to pop out of his small fort at the sound of the opening door, eager to greet whoever might be entering the room. He expected his human partner and even prepared his greeting, but found that this was not the case. Standing before him was yet another human in a lab coat (how many were running around this place?), only this time the being appearing to be female. "Eh?" grunted the smaller life-form, lost as to why the woman had come to see him.

"Todd-lick Lorav?" she asked, unaware of how incorrectly she was pronouncing the boy's name. Todd, not offended by this, merely nodded in response, standing up from his position on the floor, allowing the blanket to slide off of his shoulders and onto the ground. The girl seemed nervous, placing a hand on the back of her neck as she blushed and attempted to continue speaking. "I- um, we-... There's been a mistake with your rooming situation and we've placed you in the incorrect area. I'm so sorry, sir." She spat out her words with an impressive speed, so fast that the alien in front of her had to take a moment so that he could figure out exactly what he had just heard. Her expression practically screamed "Please, don't get upset with me and dissect my brain!", but Todd supposed that that couldn't be helped.

Trying to soothe the woman's anxiety, Todd smiled brightly. "Okay! he said cheerfully. However, his thoughts quickly changed, as he looked down at the mess he had made with the blanket that had turned out not to be his. Not understanding exactly how to make a bed, Todd dragged the blanket back to its original spot on the bottom bunk and tossed it back on, patting it slightly in a futile attempt to straighten it, giving up on his mission and instead gathering his belongings. The woman seemed slightly disturbed with his antics, but, when he was finished, opened the door for him none the less. "Thank you, Honn!" he said, his last word translating to "Miss" in his own language. Todd still did not understand English honorifics, or even human honorifics for that matter, so he used Fleiohirian dialect instead. The woman, however, was dumbfounded by this and simply stared at him. Eager to leave the situation, she simply pointed at the door that must have been Todd's new room. "You might want to knock," was all she said before vanishing down the stairwell.

Todd sighed. The poor woman had been a complete nervous wreck, and probably completely unaware of the fact that he could sense her horrified emotions. He hoped that his partner, whenever it was that they met, would not be as intimidated. It seemed funny that Toddlk Lorav, the strange empathic kid that was beat up all throughout his high-school experience, was not scaring human scientists.

But, Todd didn't dwell any longer on his thoughts, as he now stood in front of the door he had been directed toward. It had two names plastered upon its facade, neither of which belonged to the blonde alien. He had been told to knock, but that was a problem as he had never knocked upon a door before. He could only guess as to how he was supposed to carry out the odd act. So, in his best attempt at knocking, Todd slapped the door with the palm of his hand, an immediate stinging sensation there to alert him that he had done it wrong. If one looked closely, they could catch the glare Todd sent at the inanimate object as he opened it, throwing the matter behind him.

With a large, bright grin, the alien strolled into the room. "Hello! I-" However excited he may have been, Todd's words were quickly brought to a halt as he stared at the vacant room. He sighed, figuring he had injured his hand for nothing. Still, not all hope was lost, as another person's luggage had been thrown onto the top part of the conjoint beds, a contraption Toddlk found to be quite dangerous looking. Learning from the human's example, Todd threw his own belongings into the bunk below, not before pulling the blanket off and wrapping it around his shoulders. Unknowing of what exactly to do, the creature plopped himself down on the lower bed, careful not to bump his head, closed his eyes and took a deep gulp of the unfamiliar air. He felt that he was going to like this Earth, and he was one to trust his gut.


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#, as written by kleean

Despite his efforts to improve his situation, Ian, once again, found himself completely and utterly bored. There was absolutely nothing going on, and Ian became fully aware of the chic, minimal design clock ticking away as several minutes (Ian felt like they were hours) passed by. The T.V. was doing little in keeping Ian amused, and the channels it provided were fairly limited, so it was turned off very shortly after being turned on. Ian sighed and wiggled his toes, patted the couch, practiced rolling his 'r''s, and basically did anything he could to keep himself amused for the time being. He was so preoccupied in entertaining himself that he hardly noticed a fairly average height, average weight, and overall average looking young woman let herself into the building, go down the hallway, disappear for a few moments, and then reappear in the lobby.

"E-excuse me. You're Julian that correct?"

A young woman tapped his shoulder, making sure she had his attention. Ian glanced up and quickly got up on his feet and put his hand out in greeting. "Yes, nice to meet you..Can you with something?" The young woman was dressed in a lab coat, loose black pants, and a pair of plain brown shoes. She ignored his outstretched hand and looked aside. "There's been a slight change of plans. Your new roommate will be "Toddle-ick, T-Toddl-ak, Todd--Mister Lorav." She blushed at her slight struggle with pronouncing his name, and left quickly. Ian stretched and looked around the room, though he knew there wasn't anything new to look at. "Huh." The woman's sudden appearance wasn't that big of a deal, but it was one of the most interesting things that had happened to him all day. "Oh," the woman appeared again, apparently with something extra to say, "and, but, well, your room is still the same so don't worry about it. Thank you." "No, thank yo-," Ian began to reply, but the strange woman had already left.

Ian took another glance around the room, and wondered whether or not his partner was already here. Curious, he began making his way down the hallway and back to his room, taking his sweet time to read the names of the other participants. "Cypher Maimo...Ecru Dichro...Asa Luic...,"Ian continued on, stopping when he go to the door that read "Julian Meyer" and "Toddlk Lorav". Ian paused before the door, and used the shiny doorknob to check his reflection. He played slightly with his bangs, rearranging them in several different ways before giving up. He ran his finger across the name "Toddlk Lorav" and practiced saying it, in the case that his partner was in fact, already in the room. He remembered his mother repeating over and over again that "First impressions are everything." Ian fixed his bangs for the five hundredth time, and then resumed his practicing. "Todd-lick Lorav. Todd-luk Lorav. Todd-lack?" Ian sighed. Despite being an expert conversationalist, and a full-time social butterfly, he found himself getting nervous about meeting someone for once in his life. He rolled his shoulders, took a deep breathe, and placed his hand on the doorknob.

"Hey, what's up. I'm Julian but you can call me Ian."

Ian smiled brightly as he entered the possibly empty, possibly occupied-by-an-alien room. Ian looked around the room, and smiled as he caught the eye of a small, petite-looking boy with large violet eyes. The boy - no, alien - appeared to be around 12, 13, maybe 14 years old, and Ian struggled with the thought that this, this child was an alien. If anything, the only thing that really hinted he wasn't from earth, was the boy's bizarre taste in clothing. "So are you really an alien? Or is this some huge, complex, practical joke?" Ian made himself comfortable on the floor, waiting for his roommate's answer.


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Todd found that his wait was not long at all, as, within a few moments, he noticed the doorknob turn. The opening of the door followed with the entrance of another being, a person which Todd assumed was human. The boy introduced himself, stating that his name was Ian, a shortened version of Julian. He also paired his name with the question "What's up?", a phrase that the alien did not understand. "What's... up?" he asked, leaning his head back to check. "The.... bed above me?" He had no idea why anybody would care to know what was above him, but he knew it must have made sense to humans.

After answering the human's odd question, Todd turned back to his roommate. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ian. My name is Toddlk Lorav, but most people seem to have difficulty saying that here, so call me Todd if you find that easier to say." He didn't exactly know how to greet the people of Earth, and he debated trying the strange head tap that a scientist had used on him a few minutes before. However, a quick read of the human's emotions told him that he had done all that he needed to with his introduction.

Without much of a hesitation, Ian responded with a question. "So are you really an alien? Or is this some huge, complex, practical joke?" asked the human, who now settled down upon the floor.

"Yep, I'm really an alien!" he cried, as if the statement had excited him. Technically, from Todd's perspective, Ian was an alien also, but since Todd had come to his planet, he figured it was only right for that title to go to him. "I'm from Fleiohiri, although it's quite far away so I doubt you've heard much about it. It's a lot warmer there," Todd said as he fidgeted with his blanket. "So, are you from around here?"

Toddlk leaned forward, allowing his roommate to answer. Everything about earth intrigued him, leaving his mind practically begging for information and insight. However, only a few moments passed before a loud voice, belonging to neither of the occupants in the room, echo throughout their dorm. The sudden noise, which came from below the bunks, scared the poor alien sitting above it half to death. "Hello there, participants. I hope that you are all settling down into your rooms and getting to know your partners. As you've probably realized by now, half of you... aren't from around here. As its getting later, the staff of this facility have decided to order you all pizza. If you could begin to make your way to the foyer downstairs for dinner, that'd be great."

Sliding off the bed, Todd decided to examine the source of this voice. He lowered himself onto his hands and knees, not giving Ian much of an explanation to his random behavior, and peered under the bunk. It was there that he found a speaker, one of the many that must have been rigged in every room. He wondered if the scientists could hear them as well as talk to them.

This did not bother Toddlk, though, as he had not come to Earth with intent to judge its people. If it was a human thing to hook up software in the bedrooms of citizens so that you could listen in on them, then who was Todd to deem it odd? Anyway, he had other things to wonder about. For one, what was pizza? He guessed that humans ate it, and he would most likely eat it as well. Although, he couldn't help but wonder if the alien food of Earth would agree with his digestive system, built for foods Earth did not have to offer. Todd had not been smart enough to pack snacks in case he couldn't eat human cuisine, but he didn't worry about it too much. He didn't even seem to care much when he came to the realization that anything and everything about Earth could possibly disagree with his alien body. His solution to his slightly pessimistic thought was to simply not get sick.

Quickly realizing how awkward he must have looked, Todd stood up and dusted himself off. "Should we get going?" he asked Julian.