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The Eagle Rises

The Eagle Rises


It is 13038, and Humanity is at the forefront of a war for survival. At the same time, it is at odds with itself as a threat rises from the heart of Terra. In this galaxy where you are never safe from death, you'll have to choose which side you fight for.

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ImageBy Peter Han

It was the year 13038. Humanity is at the forefront of a war for survival. As Mankind began expanding outside the Sol System and further into the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, we have encountered numerous alien species. The Human governments have collectively named these species the 'Exogiino.' They were considered a random force in the galaxy, each and every single species a threat to the other. There were the violent hedonists who conquered to please themselves with the sight of blood and gore, there were the survivors of a long-destroyed planet who conquered to find a new planet for their growing population, there were the gray-skinned barbarians who fought for glory, there were the technocrats who sought only to gain power, and a whole plethora of others, but for millennia, we thought we were the only one, some special intelligent species that had the galaxy for ourselves.

While we were busy with our own affairs for the past several thousand years, they had already been at war with one another, we were just new. When our ships first encountered the Exogiino, we immediately knew we were at war when they immediately opened fire, destroying our weak scout ships within a classified star system with a single shot. Since we never thought of the possibility of some intergalactic war, we had abandoned all our weapons, and now, they were needed once again. The further we expanded, the further they did, as well, and eventually, they were at our doorstep, in the outer rim of the Orion Arm in one of our planets–Creed Omicron. The first of them came down upon it, massive, bulky creatures armed to the tooth with whatever they had. Our weapons were largely ineffective, and before the third week of its defense, it had fallen into the Grayskins' hands, and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Now, we fight on hundreds of fronts, fighting across hundreds of Human colonies. At the heart of Mankind, however, was the Terran Republic: a parliament of two hundred select men sent to organize and rule the colonies. However, Terra was plagued by constant corruption, terrorism, and ideological disputes that lead to violence. Recently, however, the Republic's parliament was overthrown by a large communist force in their millennia-long struggle to achieve a communist state, placing the colonies in disarray, leading to Humanity being separated once again, with one planet becoming estranged from another. Humanity was broken, lost, and losing, and to make matters worse, the Republic had shifted into the Socialist Republic of Terra. Initially, all its inhabitants were fine. The government began selling high-quality armies and weaponry to other parts of the Orion Arm. All was great, and it began creating great miracles. That peace lasted until socialism began to take effect. Eventually, people began losing their homes and began going poor. Thousands of businesses and privately-owned retail stores were shut down, and the SR began showing its true face of anarchy. Eventually, it began buying the rights to various products. Those that accepted were branded with a fearsome red dragon, and those that didn't just disappeared without a trace. Eventually, the government decreed that only the branded were able to buy or sell products within the republic, forcing various noblemen who disagreed with this new government to forge their own feudal states as large as countries. There were few, numbering only five: Britannia, ruled by Duke Charles Riser; Castilla, ruled by Baron Otto Job; Rome, ruled by Chancellor Arturo Augustine; the Eastern Lands, ruled by Chairman Pedro de la Cruz; and the Union of Loyalist Republics that spanned across Europe, ruled by Reichspräsident Johann von Imhoff. They were generals, commanding a multitude of armies, and they were all labelled traitors.

In the mysterious web of virtual rooms called the Garden, however, there exists a conspiracy: a conspiracy to rebel and bring about a great unification in their war of survival.

This future is a dark and grim place, where heroes die without honors, and where the threat of annihilation is always present. Where do you stand?


Humans are, by nature, a diverse and rich species who are mainly driven by faith and belief in something, as well as their wishes to grow an expand their reach. They expand for the sake of Humanity. Their technologies and tactics are quite special, seeing as they're not as graceful and intelligent as the Oblivionys, but they're better than most other species. They have cumbersome gigantic guns similar to the Grayskins', but their tactics were seen as similar to the ones the Oblivionyrs use. Their society is a gleaming example, a utopia, even. The peace that dominated the Human society for a whole millennium lowered the amount of soldiers down to twenty million, but when they discovered that they were not alone, the amount of solder applications skyrocketed as they weren't as invulnerable as they thought, with billions going into the service of Mankind. If a slender enemy craft flies above them, their thunderous guns shake the earth. They were once ruled by the Republic, with all planets swearing allegiance to it. Upon the Republic's fall, Humanity was split, and new Republic arose at the heart of Terra: a Republic that would bring about only suffering.

Grayskins are mostly feral creatures with the first ones being bio-engineered by an extinct species that were destroyed by godly beings. They were made to be of a low intellect, but great might. Their technologies were either primitive, or stolen from other species. They do not reproduce, as Grayskins are usually created en masse, with a billion created every six months thanks to the technologies used by their creators. Their skin is always gray and cracked. The Grayskins can vary in size, with some being as short as a Human's chest, and some being as gigantic as a mansion. They serve the two Old Giant kings, codenamed Gog and Magog by Humans. When they invade, they invade in an epic world-ending scale. They are usually separated in a tribal fashion, with each tribe ruled by a warlord. Occasionally, the Grayskin King, who many believe to be the only remaining Old Giant, would rise up and create an apocalyptic-scaled assault upon the entirety of the galaxy.

The Oblivionyrs are the most graceful and intelligent of all those listed in the Terran Vaults. Once, they inhabited multiple worlds alongside the former Oblivionyrs, the Sodomites, as the Terrans called them. They had their own rich history, being one of the first spacefaring species in the Milky Way. They had a vast empire once, but all this was taken away when the Sodomites accidentally summoned the demonic entities that plague the universe. Unprepared for such a large-scale threat from within, the Oblivionyrs were almost completely annihilated, with only five billion surviving the massacre. On hundreds of millions of ships, the Oblivionyrs were separated and forced to fend off against any sort of aggression. They have the same skin color as most Humans, save for their violet eyes, silvery hair, and thin frames. They possess elegant and slender machines of war that look beautiful, but are very destructive in a clean and beautiful way. Their lances create colorful explosions, and their guns pierce through the body, usually killing a regular unarmored Human with one shot, whether it be on the head, or anywhere in the torso. They are ruled by a single entity known as the Oblivionyr King.

Sodomites were former Oblivionyrs with almost no trace of them coming from that species. They survive out of blood money, take part in assassinations, and always practice hedonism, and various other sinful acts that Oblivionyr and Human societies have deemed illegal. They usually take various substances that corrupt their minds and please them. Unlike the Oblivionyrs, the Sodomites are corrupt and have no grace, nor honor. They serve only the Seven Demon Kings, who promise them protection and pleasure. Their skin is black as soot, their eyes as red as fire, their bodies more massive than that of an Oblivionyr. They have sharp claws and no hair. Their technologies aren't similar to those of the Oblivionyrs, instead having deadly and destructive weapons that rip apart bodies in a messy fashion. Unlike the united Oblivionyr, the Sodomites are divided.

El'vyr are technological pioneers, building massive machines of war. They have translucent skin, showing their bones and insides, as well as bioluminescent body parts on their chests, arms, and legs, which is owed to the fact that they evolved from a transparent deep-sea creature before being able to walk on two legs after coming upon very large underground air pockets leading to caves they evolved in. They haven't been spacefarers for long, but they were very technologically advanced, being some of the first creatures to discover ion shields to deflect projectiles.

Citul is the Oblivionyr for the word 'machine god,' which is almost exactly what a Citul was. The Citul are a sentient bacteria found intergalactically that have survived in the vacuum of space since the beginning of time. They travel in groups of a hundred trillion, taking the appearance of a large clouds of gas traveling across the vacuum of space, being given energy by nuclear reactions. When a swarm finds a star, they encircle it and stay there for eternity, establishing the star as a sort of planet the bacteria thrive in. They float five million kilometers away from the sun, absorbing the radiation it produced, harvesting the power of a star, as well as cells and atoms. It was an unknown intelligent species that created their semi-perfect mechanical bodies for them, but this intelligent species did not survive a long war against the Old Giants. Their mechanical bodies may be destroyed, but their gaseous form would continue to exist. They have only one small civilization made up of the lesser ones, who were soldiers, and the greater ones, who were usually adventurers or rulers. It was because of the Citul that the Old Giants were completely massacred in a war that spanned an entire millennium. Gog, Magog, and an unnamed giant were the only ones who survived, but eventually, the Citul hunted the first two down after they built a great Grayskin empire. The Oblivionyrs eventually began to worship them as gods. The Citul have eventually found enemies in the Daemons.

Daemons are the spawn of dark desires, evil intentions, and sin, with each Daemon serving one of the Seven Kings. They have existed since the dawn of the first intelligent species. They were spawned from emotion. With the first murder being committed, the first Daemons were born. However, there are those called Ancient Daemons, those which Human religions believe to have been traitorous warriors who turned against the Divine, who are a very real threat, and have more power than any regular Daemon. They usually vary in color, size, and shape, depending on how they were born or created by their king. For example, a Daemon born of hedonistic practices creates a slender Daemon that has a beautiful appearance, and a Daemon born of mass-murder is gigantic, ugly, and fiery red, with large horns. After an encounter


The Socialist Republic is a communist government that rules over the Human colonies in the Sol System.
The Loyalist Republicans is a revolutionary group lead by generals and nobles loyal to the old republic with members from all walks of life, specifically the military, who wish to unite Humanity and return the Republic.
Independent Russian Federation is a government ruled by a Russian president who used to be loyal to the Republic, and is now working with the Loyalists.
Eternal Empire is a Human-populated empire ruled by a businessman who rose to prominence. He seeks to create not only a vast empire, but also a corporate empire that spans the entire Orion Arm. Though it has no allies in the coming civil war, the Eternal Empire has been secretly supplying arms to the Loyalists.
Kingdom of Babylon is a kingdom in Planet Nimrod, which encourages sinful, hedonistic practices. Because of this, it is being populated by Daemons, as well, who massacre people whenever they wish to. It is ruled by a man dedicated to the Daemon King of Lust.

The Oblivionyr Kingdom is a kingdom that spans the entirety of the Oblivionyrs, with their loyalty never wavering. It is ruled by the Immortal King. It has dedicated itself to the service

The Grayskin Legion is a kingdom made of the many Grayskin Tribes around the galaxy dedicated to serving the Old Giant King, as well as dedicated to destroying, conquering, and pillaging that barely has any real industry.

The El'vyr Empire is an empire dedicated to conquering for the El'vyr utopian society. They welcome any species to work for them, but always be wary if you choose to join their cause.

The Daemon Kingdoms are a set of kingdoms ruled by the Seven Kings. Their one and only goal is to corrupt the souls of intelligent species, just as they did to the Sodomites, and to wage a great intergalactic war against the Citul.


The Machina are various machines used by every specie in the galaxy. They can be construction machines, or machines of war. Their purpose usually affects their size, shape, and the things they carry. Some Machina evolve from multi-purpose machines, or from construction machines. One example is the Human Machina I, which was nothing but a construction machine, but at the beginning of the war, they have also been fitted with weaponry. These machines can be privately owned and designed by various noble houses like the House of Job, then exported for use in the battlefield and on construction sites, or they could be owned by the state and the military itself. Most Machina of War are used by crews, but some small ones, like the Paladins, are usually faster, smaller, but only lightly-armed. Bigger Machina have entire crews inside.

Open-Cabin Self-Propelled Weapons Platform (Army Design)


Augustinian Paladin


Most Machina are usually either in the close infantry support role, in the long-range artillery/sniper role, or in the breakthrough role with other less-expensive armored vehicles like tanks. They are expensive, and must be used only by skilled pilots/crews. Along with the heavy tanks, they form the spine for most armies around the galaxy, and their uses are endless. Machina can be used in stealth missions, as well. Just put on a stealth coat on top of it, then add some bushes, and viola, you've created a stealth Machina. Machina are usually designed in factories, but they are patented. Houses are usually required to buy the rights to reproduce their own Machina versions, and around 5% of the money they purchased goes directly to the family that introduced the Machina. Socialism had its adverse effects on the Houses that purchased them, thanks to the fact that in the socialist society, they were being taxed to the point that Houses were just middle class people who ruled over people who were falling into poverty one by one, and is one of the reasons the five generals/nobles rebelled.

Grayskin Machina Model



Code: Select all
[center][img]name; use fontmeme, etc.[/img][/center]

Height/Weight: __/__
Skin Color:
Facial Features:
Starting Clothing:





The rules are simple. No godmodding, Mary Sues, meta-gaming, the simple stuff like that.

You can't start off with overpowered weapons like a bazooka or a nuke. Also consider the fact that ammunition is a part of the RP. You run out of ammo, you have to either go close quarters combat, dig in, or get back to the nearest cache for an ammunition supply. Where are these ammunition supplies? Usually, they're back at the field headquarters, or back at the ship. Or, you could save yourself from the trouble by contacting the base, but the chances of the base accepting your offer will be a 50/50 chance, so you'll have to use a die for that, because why not? You need to get a 4-6 to get a weapons cache. If you don't have a die, click here. You also need to have decent grammar and spelling. No text-like spelling please (ex. T3X7, pls, af, wtf, wth, etc.). If you don't follow that, I will not hesitate to ban you immediately. Don't worry about minor grammar mistakes too much; I, too, make mistakes, but only minor ones. Also don't forget to respect your fellows here.

If you have any questions, go to the off-topic/OOC section to ask a question. That's about it. Good luck!

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Character Portrait: Otto Iohanan Job
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Character Portrait: Dean Reynolds
Dean Reynolds

"Fortune favors the bold."

Character Portrait: Otto Iohanan Job
Otto Iohanan Job

"They call themselves the lion, and us the lowly hyena. We, the Loyalists, will show them that we are the lions, and that they are the hyenas."


Character Portrait: Dean Reynolds
Dean Reynolds

"Fortune favors the bold."

Character Portrait: Otto Iohanan Job
Otto Iohanan Job

"They call themselves the lion, and us the lowly hyena. We, the Loyalists, will show them that we are the lions, and that they are the hyenas."

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Character Portrait: Dean Reynolds
Dean Reynolds

"Fortune favors the bold."

Character Portrait: Otto Iohanan Job
Otto Iohanan Job

"They call themselves the lion, and us the lowly hyena. We, the Loyalists, will show them that we are the lions, and that they are the hyenas."

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Re: The Eagle Rises

I'm all too painfully aware that I took an ungodly amount of time getting that sheet up, but it's done at last.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Hey, sorry about not having a sheet up right now. I'm currently dealing with some..... hopeful not "not-good" medical news and the implications thereof. At worst, I'll be tied up for 48 hours solid from now.

As for why I didn't throw one out yesterday, well..... The spirit was willing, but the WAAAAAGH!!! was stronger.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Say no more. I get that so often I have to keep reminding myself that Yes, I do indeed live in a first world country.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Yeah, I'm here. The Internet sort of got cut for three days for some reason.

Re: The Eagle Rises

I thought you said that you were working on yours? That's kinda what I've been waiting for. Either way, I look forward to the first character sheet that isn't the GM's. Beyond that I'm still holding to my golden rule.

Speaking of which, is the GM even here?

Re: The Eagle Rises

Good evening, fair folk of RPG!
I am Gamer_Templar's recruit, at your service and your family's.
It appears that, we're looking for an ice-breaker! Well, look no further: let my clumsy, chaotic and irreverent attitude wreck this ice barrier!

Re: The Eagle Rises

Is anyone else even making a character for this RP or are they just sitting around like cynical vultures waiting for it to die before it even starts? Any progress reports at all, anyone? I'd hate to have been actually working on a sheet only for it to have been all for naught.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Partly because I'm still working on mine. Had to chase up the GM on his stance regarding psychic powers which, for the record, are allowed. Just don't go too nuts. Been bloody ages since I last made a character sheet for anything, but I'll push for getting it completed for Saturday.

Re: The Eagle Rises

...Still no characters?

Re: The Eagle Rises

It's always the way, Raidose, and frankly I don't blame you in the slightest. Also, welcome, Wargamer. Shit roleplays and storages (which frankly are a Terms of Use violation in my book) are rife. The site's been doing a recruiting campaign for staff lately, though time will tell if it actually does anything.

Had a chat with some friends of mine, got one definite interest and one maybe, so there's that.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Dark times....

Also, apologies. It's become a cautionary habit of mine to wait for someone else to make a character before I begin work on mine. I've wasted a lot of good ideas on stillbirthed RPs, I'm afraid.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Looks like a good enough roleplay for me to return to. Jesus, what happened to this site?

Re: The Eagle Rises

Absolutely no idea what the rest of you are up to, but I'm making a start on my character. I'll also let a couple friends know about this RP in case they might be up for joining.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Gamer_Templar wrote:In the grim darkness of shitty roleplays, storages and 1x1s, there's one that actually looks pretty decent.

Amen to that. Let's hope we can grab a few others.

Re: The Eagle Rises

Gamer_Templar wrote:In the grim darkness of shitty roleplays, storages and 1x1s, there's one that actually looks pretty decent. Good on you, mate.

Thanks. Despite what the thing on my profile says, I've had an account here from long ago, and I wasn't really expecting RPGateway to have these sorts of RPs today, even though there were a few shitty RPs here and there back then. You know what I'm talking about, you've been here longer.

Gamer_Templar wrote:Just wondering what the central plot would revolve around, if any. I'm assuming something about retaking the Sol system? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I plan on having two sides, actually. One is about the retaking of the Sol System from the hands of the anarchists, the other is about the fact that aliens are just fighting against each other because of growing populations, the amount of natural resources being used up, etc., even though in a way, they're sort of connected, since there's no coordination between the Human colonies after the Terran Republic fell.

Gamer_Templar wrote:Also, seeing that there's the possibility of us bringing in our own species, I may have one or two ideas on that front. Would psychic powers be a thing in this setting? Considering that this is based on 40k, I've a feeling I may know the answer. =P

Well it isn't really based on 40k. More like inspired by it. As for psychics, I'll think of that. You can't travel through the entirety of the galaxy without some sort of technology or webway, after all, and even with FTL travel, it'd take 3,500 years to get from one side of the Orion Arm to the next, and 10,000 years to get from one end of the Orion Arm to the other end.

Re: The Eagle Rises

In the grim darkness of shitty roleplays, storages and 1x1s, there's one that actually looks pretty decent. Good on you, mate.

Just wondering what the central plot would revolve around, if any. I'm assuming something about retaking the Sol system? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, seeing that there's the possibility of us bringing in our own species, I may have one or two ideas on that front. Would psychic powers be a thing in this setting? Considering that this is based on 40k, I've a feeling I may know the answer. =P

Re: The Eagle Rises

Hey, everything has to start somewhere. Advanced software designed to analyse threats suddenly begins analyzing it's own chain of command. Learning computers suddenly pushed to new limits in desperation to fend off the alien threat. Limitations and safeties often get removed in times of war.....

Re: The Eagle Rises

Raidose wrote:I was wondering, do you perhaps have any rules on creating a species? Perhaps one that might aid humanity (of course in return for a desperate favor later)? Or his this homo sapien only?

I'm considering that. I could add some rules on creating a different species, but I think I'll post it later on.

Raidose wrote:If that's the case, how do you feel about Fully Mechanized Infantry? It seems only logical that a mostly peaceful republic would use it's highly advanced technology to create AI, and then use said AI to attempt to replace humans as combatants on the battle field.

I'm thinking of mechanized infantry in small units to spread out the Human forces more evenly, so I think they'll do fine.

Raidose wrote:....And of course, one can not have the Age of Strife without the Rise of the Men of Iron :)

Not sure if I'll add something similar to that. The Men of Iron were only sentient AIs, but I think I should keep AIs at the minimum.

Re: The Eagle Rises

For someone who doesn't play WH:40K, you've managed to almost perfectly create the prelude to the Age of Strife. Well done, indeed.

I was wondering, do you perhaps have any rules on creating a species? Perhaps one that might aid humanity (of course in return for a desperate favor later)? Or his this homo sapien only?

If that's the case, how do you feel about Fully Mechanized Infantry? It seems only logical that a mostly peaceful republic would use it's highly advanced technology to create AI, and then use said AI to attempt to replace humans as combatants on the battle field.

.......And of course, one can not have the Age of Strife without the Rise of the Men of Iron :)

The Eagle Rises

Good day to you! Welcome to 'The Eagle Rises,' which, if you haven't guessed yet, was inspired by Warhammer 40k (even though I don't really play that) as well as various other science fiction films and games I won't list down. Also, if my character's biography seems a bit familiar to you history buffs (youngest general by 30, entered military academy while some war started, socialists going into power, my character suggesting for said socialists to declare martial law to prevent the collapse of society, then being given the insignificant command of some insignificant place), then you're right. My character is basically 14th Millennium Francisco Franco. Don't worry, that's only his background. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask.

So, here are the basics, in case you didn't understand the introduction. Humans are up there in space, attempting to find more suitable planets as the Human population skyrockets... Don't take this out of context. Anyway, Humanity has found many planets they found to be suitable for living in, and even more planets they were able to convert into an Earth-like planet thanks to their powerful technology. So far, Humans have only begun expanding throughout the entirety of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, which, in case you don't know, is the arm in which our Solar System is located at. Humanity was finally at peace, and by the year 12000, we had thought that the use of weapons was now useless in this society, but it was still useful in case there's a conspiracy to disturb the peace. The Republic was fine and dandy, having a few random skirmishes with the random forces from around the galaxy, like the Sodomites, but then, the Grayskins come lumbering along. Using their ships, they ripped apart a Human scout ship that was scouting out a planet which they thought they could colonize, which angered the Humans and went to war with them. The Grayskins invaded some planet off near the edge of the Orion Arm, and did manage to completely conquer the planet because of the lack of military servicemen. Humanity realized the need for weapons, and just like that, the numbers of recruits skyrocketed immediately. Then, some dope in Terra (which is Earth, in case you're an illiterate kid) thought that the Republic wasn't perfect enough because they were lazy millennials, then invaded the office of the Republic, taking over the entire government overnight. Because this happened, the Republic fell and was replaced by communists who dragged Humanity into crap, forcing the thousands of colonies to become independent, and now there are a bunch of loyalist rebels who wanted to bring back the republic then started a coup that degenerated into an all-out civil war. It's great!

Not really.