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Otto Iohanan Job

"They call themselves the lion, and us the lowly hyena. We, the Loyalists, will show them that we are the lions, and that they are the hyenas."

0 · 369 views · located in The Orion Arm

a character in “The Eagle Rises”, as played by StormerJohn




Job-class Paladin (Don't mind the legs dangling out)


Aliases: The Iron Baron of Castilla; the Knight of the Alps; Lord of House Job
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Allegiance: Loyalists; as the Grand General of the Army

  • Job-class Paladin armed with 128/105mm cannon, 30mm gatling gun, ion lance, and a large sword
  • Assault Rifle
  • Luger-esque Pistol
Height/Weight: 175.26 cm/55 kg
Eyes: Gray-ish
Skin Color: Fair; Castilian
Facial Features: A bit wrinkly, with a whiting beard
Hair: Dark brown; usually swept to the side
Starting Clothing: A black military uniform with a brown Sam Browne belt, with medals dangling on the left chest, as well as the gorget patch/insignia of the general; usually wears black shades and a peaked cap while wearing white gloves
Armor: Power Armor Mk. XVIII with resistant ceramic add-on armor

PERSONALITY: Otto usually displays a calm demeanor at all times. He's a quiet man, usually speaking only when needed. He also is intelligent in many ways, especially because of the fact that he climbed through the ranks and reached the generalship at age 32. Though acting mature almost every minute of his life, he doesn't hesitate to laugh at some random immature joke. When resenting something, his anger against it is eternal. He enjoys beauty and grace, which is one of the reasons he likes the Oblivionyrs over every other Exogiino species.

Otto is quite a religious man, outlawing hedonistic and sinful practices, establishing a good relation with Rome, specifically the Vatican. He had outlawed abortion, public smoking, and numerous practices that encourage evil and demonic activities that plague the rest of the universe.

  • Monarchy
  • The Republic
  • Privateness
  • Corporatism
  • The Military
  • Oblivionyrs, which are the only Exogiino species that Otto likes
  • Mankind
  • His Faith
  • Beauty
  • Tradition
  • Communism
  • The Socialist Republic
  • Weaklings
  • Lazy People
  • Sin
  • The rest of the Exogiino

History: Otto Iohanan was born John Job to the simple Job family. His father was a worker at an oil company, and his mother was an employee in an energy company. Both met in 12992, and married in 13000, the same year John was born. As a middle class man, John was fine. At one point, however, he considered himself a communist. Looking back, Otto saw himself as a cancerous being back then as a teenager. Then, he picked up economics and theology, then realized that it was the spirit of the struggle that gave Humanity the successes of capitalism, which was perfected sometime in the mid-21st Century.

After graduating college, he entered military school, much to his parents' dislike. He managed to convince them that the military was needed to keep Humanity safe. It was at that time when Otto first read about the Exogiino and their so far, minor exploits against Human guards. Though they've been at contact and have been fighting against the Exogiino for a century, it wasn't until when Otto stepped into military school when the first major confrontation between the Grayskins and Humans happened. The Grayskins won, and captured a colony near the outside of the Orion Arm. Angered and fueled by what many called 'humanocentrism,' he worked and studied hard in military school, graduating with an 89 in physics and math, 94 in leadership, and etc. John graduated as a second lieutenant, but at first, he was sent to go to war against an uprising in one of the colonies. His bravery landed him at the rank of major by the end of the war. John read history and attempted to learn Latin, and changed his name to Otto Iohanan Job, with Otto being named after Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, and Iohanan, the Latinized name for John. He gained fame and fortune, and entered politics. Without an heir, the previous baron of Castilla gave the title to Otto, allowing him to create the House of Job, and found a wife and had children. The Job Estate was turned into a gigantic castle, and became the center of the Castilian peninsula. He bought the rights to build a Job-class Paladin for his soldiers, which were then used in minor operations against the Exogiino, which Otto considers the first contact between him and the Exogiino.

Job was finally sent to go to war against the Exogiino, particularly the Grayskins, in the moon of a colony that acted as the base of operations for the Grayskins in their attempt to stock up and take the colony for themselves. In his Paladin, he fought against the Grayskin hordes, ranking up to colonel. At the death of his commanding officer, a general whose name history has forgotten, Job was given command over an entire division. Under his leadership, he secured a valuable launch site, as well as a valuable guard office in a favorable position against the Grayskin ranks. Because of this, the prime minister awarded him personally, and gave him the rank of general.

As a new general, Job was sent to quell an uprising from the continent of Africa. Using his natural talent in strategizing, Job killed off a hundred thousand soldiers without a scratch in his numbers. After this uprising, however, there was another uprising near the building of operations for the Republican government. Everyone inside was murdered by violent anarchists, and Job was not able to respond quickly enough. They had established a new government: the Socialist Republic. Since many people disliked such a government, multiple planets seceded and became independent, with the new Republic having its reach only within the Sol System. Initially, Job did nothing, but when he saw how degenerated society was becoming, how anarchic and chaotic it was becoming, he suggested for the Socialist Republic to declare martial law to keep the order. His suggestion was never considered even a slight bit, and he was exiled to garrison the insignificant dwarf planet of Pluto.

Eventually, the rest of the generals of the Terran Socialist Republic were angered, Job included, when fellow loyalist José Frantem was murdered. It was Charles Riser of Britannia who began the uprising, and realized that Job, as a global figure, was going to be useful in the coming war. They declared a coup, but Job was stuck in Pluto, since majority of the navy was still under socialist control. The Pluto Guard, now under the influence of Otto, detained their own officers, and shot down a Socialist Republican ship by themselves. They were eventually rescued when the Eternal Empire, ruled by former Eternal CEO Yuri Eterna, sent twenty ships to help the coup, returning Otto to Terran soil to fight the civil war that now raged.

So begins...

Otto Iohanan Job's Story