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Shiloh Clark

"I didn't want you to look down on me for it!"

0 · 554 views · located in Los Angeles

a character in “The East Shore”, as played by RPGLoVeR213


Shiloh Johnathan Clark

Birth Name: Alexander Samuel Huntingville Jr.

Nicknames: Shiloh goes by many nicknames, but the most common nickname is Shi which is what his friends call him. When he sees his mother, she affectionately calls him Shi Shi. When he visits his father, he simply calls him Alexander, the name he picked for his first born son. His father's girlfriend Belle calls him Kid or Kidie unless she's mad and will call him Alex. His aunt, who his mother currently lives with, calls him Shi Boy for when he was little and that's all he would say. His apartment landlord calls him John for his middle name. His roommate Sam Valentine often calls him Pansy for when he spends his Sundays cleaning up the apartment and makes it smell like lemon cake. The rich preps and jocks at school will often call him either "Skate Rat" or "Rich Rat/Brat", which he will, in return, call out a derogatory name for females and a punch or helpful kick to the personal area. The skaters and ravers, knowing of his rich background, will often call him "Princess" or "Pretty Boy", most of the time not-so-affectionately.

Age: He is sixteen years old at the current moment, born on May 16th.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Shiloh believes it depends on the person, not the gender. But prefers males.

Appearance: Shiloh has jet black hair, usually parted to left. He might put a grey beanie over his hair usually, but sometime just wears a hat or in formal goes He has puppy brown eyes, able to persuade anyone into getting what he wants behind large thick-framed black glasses. His nose is a bit large, but he's considering getting a septum piercing with his black diamond nose ring. His lips are a bit thin but always stretched in a smile of perfectly white teeth, adhorned by black double snake bites. He has a cartilage piercing, given to him at a rave with an intustrail, three lobe piercings, and three more cartilages, hidden by his hair, but his ears are a normal size. He always has a necklace his younger sister Ivy made for him, with Shi Shi in white on black beads, hung on a tan piece of string that fits perfectly around his neck. He never wears anything other than band t-shirts, skinny jeans and high-top sneakers or converse. He has a black locket, and with his intials ingraved on the front in small ruby pieces. Shiloh is five nine, in the middle in comparision the other heights of Junior boys. He weights one-fifty, more on the skinnier side but believes he is very fat. He always wears an onyx thumb ring, given to him by his roommate Sam. He also wears a black band jacket during the winter.

Hobbies: Shiloh loves lyrical dancing, taking dance classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at a prestigious dance academy nearby. He'll often sketch when he's bored, and is very good at still life. He loves to hike, but often gets lost without someone tagging along. He hasn't gotten into many sports, either because of ridicule or bad hand-eye coordination. He only weightlifts to become skinnier, and its not very effective.

Family: His father is Alexander Samuel Huntingville. He is very strict and wants only the best for his first son. He expects perfect grades, kept out of the paparazzi's eye, and often calls him to try to get him to come home, even though he is the reason Shiloh left. His mother, Sandra Elaine Clark, is a wild, free spirit and Shiloh's hero. He has a special bond, especially since they now share the same last name, and they are very sarcastic to each other. His aunt is like an older sister, but she's also the that inspires him to lives his dreams. His father's girlfriend Belle is like a school teacher and a mother combined, and leaves him voicemails and emails everday begging him to come home. He loves his little sister Ivy and his little brother Chance very much and has a deep desire to protect them. His only older sibling is a girl named Mary, who Shiloh hangs out with a lot and is very close to. His final family member is Sam Valentine, his roomate. They are sarcastic best friends, brothers, gay lovers, and their own personal Gods. They love each other like brothers since their mothers were close friends and they went through school with Sam always checking to see if Shiloh got his teachers and things an older brother would do. Sam is often the only person that trully cares about Shiloh sometimes, especially when he was diagnosed with bulimia and would often cry. Sam remembers many nights cuddling with his best friend to stop his sobbing. Then there's Landis. Landis is Shiloh's cousin, a rookie stoner and also a big hopocracy person at the church the family goes to. He is often known for being a player, but has a soft spot for his cousin and their close girl friends.


Pets: Shiloh has a black cat named Zombi, which is the "love child" of him and Sam

•Being Skinny
•His Brother
•His Friends
•Memorizing Quotes
•Spending The Day With Family Other Than His Father
•Hanging With Friends

•Stale Fritos
•His Birth Name
•Breaking Bones
•Moldy Cheetos
•Not Remembering Things
•Spending The Day With His Father


History: Shiloh was born Alexander Samuel Huntingville Jr. on May 16th, 1995. Sandra was happily married to his father, and they basked in the glory of one of the richest families in Los Angeles. Alexander only received the best of anything. The best parties, the best toys, and one thing he could never repay: a best friend. He met Sam at her fourth birthday party. He was always an adventurous child and just sitting with the other boys her parents picked to be his friends became so boring. But Sam was fun. Until they started kindegarten, Sam and Alex would play hide-and-seek with Alex's older brother Mary. Sam and Shiloh were close even through the "Alex Stage", which is what Shiloh called his past. Sam would come home from school everyday and go to Alex's s house. He and Mary were the first to find out Shiloh liked boys. He wouldn't complain to him about the dressing up and all the girly stuff which Sam hated, and bonded well with girls and never thought they had cooties. By middle school Alex realized his father would never accepted as a gay, knowing his status, and adopted the name Shiloh. His father found out that he was gay when he found his son with a boy straddled on his hips. He was grounded for a year, forbidden to see any of his friends or the boy. He sufficed with maids who would sneak in his boyfriend, and eventually Sam who was kicked out of his household. When Shiloh was a freshman, Sandra and Alexander divorced. On the papers, "Maxwell, Alexander, Ivy, and Chance" would be in custody of Sandra. They moved with Sam to Aunt Lily's house. Since then Shiloh's name has been legally changed to Shiloh Johnathan Clark, for his Granpa John. He has been ridiculed for his sexuality, and many of the bullies at his public school have taken advantage of it. In his sophmore year, he'd gotten depressed from all the bullying and his father. and even started to hate his figure. After he would eat a big lunch his friends teased him about, "how does all that fit in your skinny little self?", he would stick his hand down his throat and bring it back up. Sam found out a few weeks after he started doing it, hearing retching noises. He took Shiloh to a doctor and they diagnosed him with bulimia. A few days after his visit, Shiloh went into cardiac arrest. He still only looks in a mirror to fix his hair, knowing all he'll see is fat. For this, he usually doesn't wear slim-fit shirts and only wears skinny jeans because they make his legs look longer and less pudgy.

Other: He lives at his Aunt's house with his mother Sandra and his best friend Sam. He calls his parents by their first names. He takes anti-depressants for bulimia, and has therapy sessions for it as well. He'll often tell Sam that "he's the manual for guys about girls, without asking a girl" when he comes for advice. Shiloh naturally bond better with girls, and will often be very cuddly and kiss and hug his girl friends.

Ivy Clark, his younger sister
Chance Clark, his younger brother
Mary Clark, his older sister
Lily James, his aunt
Sandra Clark, his mother
Alexander Huntingville, his father
Landis James, his cousin

So begins...

Shiloh Clark's Story