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Melanie Samuels

"I ain't ever gonna slow down for anyone!"

0 · 178 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “The Eastern Sea's So Blue”, originally authored by Byte, as played by RolePlayGateway


β˜…β˜† Melanie Samuels β˜†β˜…

β˜… Age β˜†

β˜† Gender β˜…

β˜… Grade Year β˜†

β˜† Nationality β˜…

β˜… Club/Extracurricular β˜†

β˜† Eye Color β˜…
Melanie has a rare condition called Heterochromia, which led to a difference in coloration of her irises. Her left is a bright blue and the other a dull brown respectively.

β˜… Hair Color β˜†
A dark shade of.... something. Melanie's natural hair color has long been lost on her, though she distinctively remembers it being either light brown or subtle red. She often switches between a pale shade of blonde and a soft pink. She currently has it painted the latter, with blonde streaks every so often.

β˜† Blood Type β˜…
O Positive

β˜… Height β˜†

β˜† Weight β˜…
132 lbs.

β˜… Physical Description β˜†
Standing a fair bit tall compared to other girls her age, Melanie somehow manages to stick out like a sore thumb. If her eccentric choice of hair dyes and eye colors didn't already do that. She has a somewhat small, if not scrawny, frame, but is equipped with some lean muscle as well. Her body seems to have straight lines where there should be curves - everywhere. Her chest is also rather... small, but this doesn't bother Melanie as much because a large bust would only get in the way of things. The girl sports well over shoulder-length hair with the frontal bangs cropped to just above her eyes. Melanie, despite preferring to spend the majority of her free time outside of the confinements of her apartment, her skin is surprisingly light - Bordering pale in some areas.

β˜† Likes β˜…
β™₯ Extreme sports
β™₯ Video games
β™₯ Music
β™₯ Caps
β™₯ Motorcycles
β™₯ Goofing off
β™₯ Sleeping
β™₯ Contact
β™₯ Flirting

β˜… Dislikes β˜†
βœ– Party pooping
βœ– Bullying
βœ– Shyness
βœ– Restrictions
βœ– Pervs
βœ– Nagging
βœ– Lectures
βœ– Foul play
βœ– Uniform

β˜† Personality β˜…
Crafty little troublemaker and devil-may-care daredevil du jour, Melanie is your not-so average loudmouthed tomboy. She has the energetic impulses of a marathon runner that is on an all high sugar rush. Saying Melanie can be a bit... in your face, is like saying the sinking of the Titanic was like watching a paper boat plummet to the bottom of the ocean. On the very surface, the girl is subject to extreme laziness and dedicated procrastination by arcade games. Melanie is the perfect point-to example of how not to do it in college. Despite the fact that she somehow always manages to deliver things in the nick of time, and still pass. Though, she's usually extremely stressed (read: hyper) until the teacher has given the final verdict.

On the very surface of her demeanour, Melanie appears to be, although somewhat giddy and needy for physical contact, a fun-loving girl who wants to make as many friends as she can possibly make. She's polite, and very obviously knows what good manners are - To an extent. Dig a little ways deeper, however, and the trickster in innocent Mel emerges. When she isn't running incredibly late because she felt like dozing off again or taking part in extreme hobbies that more likely than not will have you fracture a bone or two, she's probably plotting an inevitable pranking-spree that pushes the border of unorthodox. And you can bet your pretty face that your name is somehow, somewhere on the girl's list.

Not the master of her own subtlety, Melanie's attempts at flirting or otherwise careful hinting are always very, very out and up front. In fact, you can be sure that she doesn't even bother to hide her thoughts.


β˜… History β˜†
There ain't much telling about Melanie's childhood. No spectacular events, no out of the ordinary family histories that would make you jump from your seat out of sheer interest. With a lively family of a loving mother and three older brothers, you could say Melanie had a rather easy-going, run of the mill lifestyle. Truth be told, is that Melanie is the token black sheep of the family. Not that they hate her, but when your brothers strive towards safe and successful careers while you're planning to follow your old man's daring footsteps of becoming a professional skater, it does kinda make you the odd one out. Especially if the large majority hates your father for neglecting his fatherly duties to pursue a reckless career that'll likely end up killing him or something. Melanie on the other hand, adores her old man, always has. From the day she could walk without tumbling over every three steps, the girl has always been mesmerized by extreme stunts. She'd often beg for her dad to bring her along, just so she could yelp with excitement and joy.

That her father eventually left for bigger things, was undoubtedly hard on the girl which led her to project her frustration on her mother and anyone else saying shit about her father. She's not proud to say she's done worse when jovially confessing to a recent prank. Not a year before, Melanie was a true delinquent. She'd purposely vandalize personal and public property, get into fights and totally disregard any form of authority. This once nearly got her arrested for trashing a motorcycle. Luckily, the owner never filed a report, instead making a deal with Melanie that she had to pay off her 'debt' by helping the man at his garage. This was the turning point that got her interested in becoming a mechanic, and got her back into doing well on her classes. Her mother recently allowed Melanie the contacts to her father, who has moved to Japan. I guess it's only a fitting coincidence that Melanie herself is headed towards Japan as part of a student exchange program, eh?

So begins...

Melanie Samuels's Story


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#, as written by Byte
β˜…β˜† Melanie Samuels β˜†β˜…

A girl, seemingly appearing to have no business being here, rushed out of the cab that had pulled over only a couple of feet away from the complex that was going to be her new home in a foreign land.

With some help from the driver to get her stuff together and organized, the girl rushed over to the two people glaring at each other in front of the complex.

β€œI'm here, I'm here, I'm here!”

She shouted while recklessly dragging herself and her baggage across the pavement, her free arm flamboyantly waving up and down to grab the immediate attention of either. Though she sort of assumed they'd seen her already. Pink was a difficult colour not to spot, especially if you've painted your hair said colour.

Once she got within hearing reach, her hands instantly dropped the entire pack-mule weight of packed stuff onto the floor. Two bags worth of clothes, a skateboard and a pair of skates, all simultaneously hitting the concrete flooring with a loud crash.

β€œMel... Sam...” She uttered, disoriented, through a series of heaving in between catching her breath. Letting out a long sigh, the girl straightened her back.

β€œSorry for being so late, mis-” Melanie turned to look at the blonde man, pausing as her eyes examined every piece of handsome. β€œter...” She finished, her eyes flashing back to her own choice of attire. β€œMelanie. Melanie Samuels, I'm one of the students.” She gave a nonchalant wave to both the man and the other girl.