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The Echo

The Echo


These streets are no longer safe. Both vampires and slayers are beginning to fight. (Literate roleplayers only.

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I'm sick of all this illusion about vampires. They've been glamorised beyond all recognition by writers and filmmakers, all hoping to make the big time. Bram Stoker was the only person to even come close, and even his Dracula was far from realistic. I'm one of those who can tell you what a real vampire is and what they can do. Trust me. I have very reliable sources.

A vampire is not reliant on blood. It calls to them. Drinking blood gives them and their powers a temporary boost in strength. They can eat human food with no side effects, although many find it unpleasant. They can produce venom to turn their victims into vampires. In order to kill a vampire, a stake- wooden or metal- must be driven through the heart or they must be beheaded. Garlic, holy water and crucifixes all have an effect on vampires. All cause headaches and a weakening in abilities. Garlic has the least effect, to the point where some can eat it, whereas crucifixes have the strongest. The effects can also vary depending on the vampire. Sunlight causes discomfort to a vampire, such as pain and rashes, and many avoid it- but they will not burn into ashes. They definitely do not sparkle.

As for a vampire's powers, they cannot transform into animals. They cannot read minds and do not have any other abilities. They have increased strength and speed and also have the ability to leap incredible distances. This ability has been reported as the ability to fly. They also have invulnerability- they cannot be harmed unless it is a stake through a heart or being beheaded. They can, however, feel pain. While it is muted for the most part, pain inflicted by another vampire, for some reason I have yet to figure out, is felt much more strongly. Once they are turned, they will live indefinitely. They will not age past the age they are turned, unless they are turned as a child, i.e. younger than sixteen, in which case they will age until they are eighteen, then stop. A vampire that is turned at sixteen or seventeen will not age to eighteen.

Vampires are sadistic, evil creatures. While they don't have to drink blood, most do, just to cause suffering for others. The more blood they drink, the worse they become. They never travel alone, always in groups, called covens. The covens like to terrorise small towns by attacking their inhabitants and draining them of blood. When a particularly large coven is around, or a group of smaller covens, they also like to target cities. There are a few nights of the year when this is a common occurrence, the most prominent of which is Halloween. Some enjoy attacking young couples on Valentines.

Thankfully, there are teams of slayers. Some teams aim to eradicate vampires almost entirely. Others aim to control the problem. The slayers are humans- but a random person from the street cannot become a slayer. Most slayers have slaying in their blood. They come from a line of slayers. Others were wronged by a vampire at a young age and began training, spending at least ten years training. They have reflexes to rival a vampire's speed. They're trained in combat, specialising with, obviously, vampires.

Some teams of slayers work with vampires. These vampires are the few who didn't embrace who they are. They try to reject their powers, their bloodlust, everything about who they are. Many seek vengeance on the vampire who turned them. They are seen as traitors by other vampires.

It would be much simpler if that was all we had to worry about. Vampires and slayers occasionally meeting. But I'm afraid not. A war is brewing. Both sides have decided they wanted rid of the other- for good. The vampires are starting to work together, as are the slayers.

These streets are no longer safe, my friend.
I am Goddess of the thread.
No GM or PP. I’ve outlined the powers that vampires have above- there are no exceptions.
Please be respectful at all times- both in and out of character.
I’d prefer not to change face claims. If you do want to change one, PM me with a reason and a GIF of the FC you’d prefer that’s 500 pixels in width and less that 280 in height.
I really don’t want this to die immediately. I’m not going to put a minimum post limit or minimum word count, but please don’t join if you know you can’t commit.
To reserve a character, please post in the OOC.
After reserving, you have 48 hours to have a finished character submitted. If you submit a WIP within 24 hours, I’ll be more lenient.
Romance and violence should be kept within RPG rules.
To show you read these rules, please post your favourite quote from your favourite TV show/ movie.




Name: | Age: | Vampire Leader | FC: Jensen Ackles | Reserved- bandgeek

He’s a natural leader. He has been challenged many times- and none live to tell their side of the story. He’s a manipulator, and prefers to observe the fighting rather than join in.


Name: | Age: | Vampire Second-In-Command | FC: Olivia Wilde | Reserved- Horseygirl

She’s ruthless. She creates a lot of new recruits and also leads many attacks against the slayers.


Name: | Age: | Vampire | FC: Chace Crawford | Reserved-iCat

While he has embraced the vampire way of life, he still keeps himself to himself. The one time he fully engages is when they are fighting the slayers.


Naomi Evergreen | 19 | Vampire | FC: Mila Kunis | Taken-gezzygezzy

She’s still new to being a vampire. She’s a good fighter, but FC: Olivia Wilde isn’t alone in thinking she’s a liability.


Name: | Age: | Vampire | FC: Luke Pasqualino | OPEN

He’s an unlikely vampire. He was a vegetarian and pacifist as a human, but luckily enough he has no worries about drinking blood now. He has no regrets about attacking slayers either.


Name: | Age | Vampire | FC: Lzzy Hale | OPEN

She’s a loose cannon. Some don’t have a problem with this, but others are worried that she’s putting them at risk.


Isaac Steele | 20/114 | Vampire | FC: Mitch Hewer | Taken-peace_of_mind7

He’s embraced the life of a vampire. He enjoys terrorising the humans and fighting the slayers. The leaders both approve of him and his actions.


Olivia Li | 18/132 | Vampire | FC: Jamie Chung | Reserved-Kuukakulily

Despite her appearance, she’s been in the coven as long as, if not longer than FC: Olivia Wilde. She thinks she is much better suited for leadership than her.


Scott Way | 27 | Slayer Leader | Human | FC: Jared Leto | Taken-iCat

He comes from a long line of slayers. His parents and only sister were killed in front of him by vampires. It’s not surprising, really, that he became leader of the slayers.


Name: | Age: | Slayer Second-In-Command | Human | FC: Kate Beckinsale | Reserved- yuffey

Her fiancé was killed by vampires in front of her. They intended to turn him, but instead killed him. She knows the vampire that attacked him- and has a personal vendetta against him.


Name: | Age: | Slayer | Human | FC: Brendon Urie | Reserved- bandgeek

He was taken on by FC: Jared Leto as a favour to his dying mother. He’s not a bad fighter, but he sometimes has trouble being serious in certain situations. He isn’t afraid to kill a vampire, however.


Name: | Age: | Slayer | Human | FC: Jennifer Lawrence | Reserved- Horseygirl

She’s still relatively new to the slayers, but has flourished under their guidance. She’s a good fighter. Her one fault is that she allows herself to hesitate when attacking a vampire.


Name: | Age: | Slayer | Vampire | FC: Henry Cavill | OPEN

He has trouble controlling his bloodlust. He’s dangerous, and is always armed to attack both vampires and humans.


Spencer Maynard | 18 | Slayer | Vampire | FC: Nicholas Hoult | Taken-iCat

He was a slayer before being turned. He was attacked by vampires late one night. They intended to kill him, but decided that biting him would be a much more ironic fate. FC: Jared Leto found him, mid-transformation, on the verge of death from his injuries, and brought him back to base. He hates who he’s become.


Tonima McKnight | 18/90 | Slayer | Vampire | FC: Ashley Benson | Taken-Purpl3_Flam3s

She has the best control over her bloodlust, but beneath her almost innocent exterior lies a dangerous monster. Even she cannot suppress who she is.


Name: | Age: | Slayer | Vampire | FC: Paul Wesley| OPEN

He joined the slayers after being betrayed by the vampires. He meant it as an act to spite the vampires, but he found himself becoming loyal to the slayers.

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[b]Age:[/b] (For vampires, include how old they actually are and the age at which they were transformed.)
[b]Race:[/b] (Vampire or Human)
[b]Alliance:[/b] Vampires or Slayers?

[b]Likes:[/b] (5+)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (5+)
[b]Talents:[/b] (In addition to a vampire’s powers)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (In addition to a vampire’s weaknesses)

[b]Personality:[/b] (1-2 paragraphs)
[b]History:[/b] (3+ paragraphs- should be longer than history.)

[b]Other:[/b] (Anything else you want to include)

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Character Portrait: Naomi Evergreen
Character Portrait: Olivia Li


Character Portrait: Naomi Evergreen
Naomi Evergreen

It's hard to completely change the way you live.


Character Portrait: Naomi Evergreen
Naomi Evergreen

It's hard to completely change the way you live.

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Character Portrait: Naomi Evergreen
Naomi Evergreen

It's hard to completely change the way you live.

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Re: The Echo

Yeah, but I'd still prefer a finished character by tonight. There's something up with approving characters, so I can't approve Olivia at the moment. Hopefully when I get to my laptop tonight I should be able to approve them.

Re: The Echo

Can we submit a WIP?

Re: The Echo

Okay. So far we have four characters, and a lot of reservations. I'm going to ask you guys to hurry up on submitting at least your first character- I might be able to edit the info tomorrow evening.

And I think I'm going to take Chace Crawford's FC- just to let you guys know.

Re: The Echo

I finally finished my character. I hope you enjoy.

Re: The Echo

I do believe the Mila Kunis FC is still available? :3

And I think my quote would be..."I'm a bit behind on the times, but I believe the term you're looking for is 'OMG'." From the Vampire Diaries.

Re: The Echo

Okay :) I'll get started on her right now.

Re: The Echo

Sure. Just make sure you read over Scott's character thoroughly.

Re: The Echo

May I please reserve FC: Kate Beckinsale :)

"Give me a minute, I'm good. Give me an hour, I'm great. Give me six months, I'm unbeatable"
A-Team :D

Re: The Echo

Sure, guys. :D

Re: The Echo

May I reserve FC Mitch Hewer?

Scarface - "Say 'hello' to my little friend!"

Re: The Echo

I would like to be the Second in Command Slayer.

"Eat it Twilight." -Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Re: The Echo

All reservations have been edited in and the front page has been updated.

By the way, guys, the form has also been changed slightly. If you've been working on your character, I ask that you switch the information to the new form. There's just been a few things added, that's all.

Re: The Echo

May I reserve FC Jamie Chung please?

"I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me." -Harry Potter

Re: The Echo

They're reserved for you. :)

Re: The Echo

Oops, sorry. ^.^*
Yes, yes, I am an absolute sap. 'If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

Re: The Echo

That's a pretty epic quote, actually. Sure, she's reserved.

Re: The Echo

Hi can I reserve Ashley Benson

My favorite quote is actually from a movie. "Yippie ki yea mother______" from Die hard

Re: The Echo

Awesome. Both are reserved for you. :D

Re: The Echo

Aaaah, I forgot. "Sammy, wherever you are, mom's a babe! ...I'm going to hell, again." - Supernatural, Dean Winchester

Re: The Echo

Hey guys! If you could both just have a quick read through the rules, then I'd love to have you both on board. I even gave you guys a hint in the opening post.