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Naomi Evergreen

It's hard to completely change the way you live.

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a character in “The Echo”, as played by gezzygezzy




Name: Naomi Herriet Evergreen
Age: She was only turned a few months ago, so her vampire and human age are both 19 years old
Race: Vampire
Alliance: Vampires
Sexuality: Hetereosexual

-Screamo She doesn't like others to know she listens to it though. She feels like it will make her seem a bit strange.
-Pancakes Before she was turned, Naomi would go to IHOP once every week.
-Milkshakes Milkshakes are Naomi's big weakness. She'll drop everything she's doing for a milkshake
-City Lights She was always a bit of a city girl. While some would prefer the comfort of the stars in the sky, she finds peace in the lights in the city
-People who understand her Not many people really understand Naomi, so she tends to like the people who do a great deal more than the ones who don't
-Dancing She's pretty decent at it when she tries. After spending hours practicing in front of a mirror she got the hang of a few moves.
-Singing She's actually pretty good at it, but only sings in private. Sometimes when she's really happy she'll sing under her breathe in public but that's it
-Heights She's been afraid of heights ever since she was little and fell off of her house's roof, breaking many things in the process.
-Dolls The faces creep her out
-Not having makeup on She doesn't like how she looks without it on and won't allow anyone to see her without it
-Being lied to It pisses her off when she finds out somebody has been lying to her. She doesn't get angry easily but this makes her really mad.
-Being referred to as "girl" or "child" She isn't a kid anymore and like above, it makes her angry.
Naomi is known to be a pretty good fighter. She has always had fast reflexes, and they only increased when she became a vampire. She's better than a lot of the vampires already turned and has even shown a few of them up. Along with that though, she's also really good at lying and distractions, even if she doesn't like it when others do those things to her. With her standout features like her big eyes, she is easily spotted so she can capture the attention of others pretty easily. Although she doesn't find this helpful in the slightest, Naomi has the kind of innocent personality that makes it seem like she couldn't hurt a fly.
In addition to the weaknesses vampires already have, Naomi has a HUGE fear of heights. If she gets to high up and it is possible to hit the ground in any way, she has a panic attack and is pretty useless. She also tends to trust people to much. She doesn't trust people easily, but once she does, you could tell her just about anything and she'll believe it. If she has a distrust towards you though, she secondguesses everything that you say and hardly believes a word that comes from your mouth.
Naomi is the girl that you meet who seems pretty carefree. She laughs way to easily, even if she tries to stop the laugh from coming out it normally does anyway. If she isn't frustrated, sad, or angry, she's happy. She's never anything in between, and on most things can be cheered up pretty quickly. She tends to be a bit more shy around guys than she is around girls at first, but she likes hanging out with guys much more because of the lack of drama. Although she doesn't realize it, Naomi flirts a bit with all the guys she knows. A playful shove here and there, teasing them, even fluttering her eyelashes when she asks them to do something. She's use to just goofing off all the time and has never had to actually work all that hard for anything, because most of it just came naturally. She's pretty smart so she never had to study for anything and she wasn't in many sports so she never had to practice. Now that she is a vampire though everything is different. She's friends towards everyone, even the people she doesn't like.

Adding on to that, Naomi has always been a bit of an animal lover. At one point she went vegetarian, and it lasted for about three years. She loves animals, some would say she likes them more than she likes people because animals aren't as cruel as humans are. She would probably have a bigger problem killing a sheep than an actual person, which although many find it hard to believe, that is true. She does still have a problem in killing humans though. She can do it, half the time though she'll be depressed afterwords and think about what a monster she's actually become. Doing that makes her feel better, in a way, because it reminds her that she still has a soul. She's afraid that one day she won't feel a thing after she kills somebody, because she knows that is the day she loses her humanity, which she holds on to like a baby holds on to it's blanket.

Naomi was born in a city, at age three she was having the honking of horns outside of her window as her lullaby to sleep. When she was 7, however, her parents decided that the city was no place to raise a child after her house was broken into with her still there, and they hauled off to what seemed to Naomi to be the smallest town they could find. Everyone would go hunting and mudsliding but she would just sit at home, imagining the city lights and sounds. She didn't have many friends in school at first but by 2nd semester she seemed to be everybody's friend, such to be expected when you are only seven years old. Her and a couple of her friends were at her house one day when Naomi saw a bird. She though it was flying to the city and she wanted to go with it. So she got on the roof and tried to fly away but only suceeded in falling to the ground and breaking one leg, fracturing the other, and almost breaking her left arm. Since then she has never gotten over her fear of heights.

As she got older and entered high school she found that the few friendships she had managed to hold on to through the years were with guys. The girls didn't like her for some reason and would talk behind her back calling her things she wouldn't dare to ever say out loud. Old friends would slip notes in her locker about how ugly and annoying she was. When she was in the choir room singing, they would snicker at her. Eventually she changed pretty much everything about her. She wore makeup everyday, storying it in her room so she could put it on before even her parents saw her in the mornings. She dropped out of choir and no longer sang in front of anybody. She even changed the way that she dressed, going from baggy pants and t-shirts to skinny jeans, mini-skirts, and high heels. Her guy friends took to noticing and would hang around her more than they ever had. She never even noticed that they did. All she knew was that not one bothered to ask why she changed so drastically so fast. None of them knew what she had gone through, and none of them really cared. She was still bullied afterwards, but not quite as much as before because most of the girls who did the bullying had either moved or gotten tired of her and moved on to their next victim. But she never forgot the way that they treated her.

Once highschool was over she practically threw everything in her car and just drove. She drove and didn't stop until she reached New York City. No plans, no thinking it over, she just packed up and left. She had no plans for her future, but quickly she made lots of friends and she found that with the right connections she wouldn't even need to go to college at all and still make a pretty decent income. She got a fake ID and would go drink and party for nights in a row, enjoying her freedom and being back in the city. Eventually she simmered down though and just focused on making a life for herself. She was working as a journalist and had to stay late one night to finish up a story to give to the editor one night and left after it was dark. A man pulled her into an alleyway and insinctively she rammed her knee up, punched him in the stomach, clapped him in the ears, and ran. It was one of the few defense techniques she had been taught. Then out of nowhere another pair of hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her away. "I like your spirit." The voice said, and then she felt the seering pain in her neck that faded into blackness.

Other: Naomi has a little school girl crush on Isaac Steel

So begins...

Naomi Evergreen's Story