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Lucian Kuntsevich

"And to think, I used to worship scum like you."

0 · 213 views · located in Somewhere in New York.

a character in “The Eclipse Chronicles: Dead of Night”, as played by Grimpunker96


Name: Lucian Kuntsevich

Age: 29

Description/pic/both: Image

Caucasian with neck length black hair and hazel eyes.

Torn black cloak, with black dress shirt, pants and charcoal colored boots. He has silver armbands.

Personality: A bit psychotic, and does anything he can to complete his mission. He is sadistic, loves the thought of slaughtering supernatural creatures, and is demanding.

Country of birth: Russia

Gem: Bloodstone

Power: Can assume a ghostly form that allows him to turn invisible, and faze through anything he wants. In this form, he can also move at super fast speeds. While assuming this form, he can attack his opponent's soul directly. He can also assume the form of those he killed, and also summon them as his familiars. He can also absorb the strength of others, and absorb corpses to improve his physical attributes.

Weapon: A rapier made of mercury.

Opinion on vampires: He thinks they all should be annihilated on the spot, He will strive to kill them as painfully as possible.

Opinion on werewolves: Same as vampires. He considers them to be an abomination among the human race.

Bio: He was once a devil worshiper, and he looked up to werewolves and vampires. However, one night, he got killed by a group of them. The pope resurrected him. To show his gratitude, he converted to Catholicism, and became a high ranking saint within The Templar.

Other: His gem gets redder the more he uses his powers. He keeps his gem embedded in a silver cross on a necklace he wears.

Quotes: "I have been shown the light. It is too late for you. You must die for the various sins you have committed, you vile creature."

Theme song: Blitzkrieg by Audiomachine

So begins...

Lucian Kuntsevich's Story

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Zach glared at her with concern. "Something worse? Get out of New York? What exactly is going to happen?" he asked, but he was seconds too late, as she already went running towards Leo.

"Whatever it is, it sounds serious. But I've spent 61 years in this hellhole of a state, and a little interference from some superpowered religious fanatics aren't gonna force me out just like that." he thought, followed by a chuckle. "I'll go to the nearest forest to see what those fleabags are up to.". He sank into his own shadow, which disappeared shortly after.

Lucian looked in the distance. He saw firetrucks speed west. "A fire? I wonder what could have caused it. His Holiness instructed me to visit New York to help Saint Leo prepare for the purge, but surely a self respecting vampire wouldn't be stupid enough to light a blazing fire like this in broad daylight!" he thought. "Perhaps it would be best that I follow them." he laughed, as the green gem on his cross glowed, slowly turning red. His body became a billowing mass of black energy with a green and red outline. He retained his eyes, mouth and basic shape, however. He sped in the direction of the firetrucks in the blink of an eye.