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J'Una Aren

'This One is a Savage Battle Mage!'

0 · 426 views · located in Tamriel

a character in “The Elder Scrolls: Agents Of Talos”, as played by SkunkishBlue


J'Una Aren

Dunmer (Dark Elf)



The Shadow, Invisibility for 60 seconds, once per day

Battle Mage

J'Una is a clean shaven Dunmer who has long white hair. Unlike most Dunmer who have glowing red eyes, Una has Glowing purple eyes, no one quite knows why.

J'Una wears basic dark brotherhood armor, Black and Red, he wears the mask when he is on a brotherhood missions. He had a sheath for his Kitana on his belt strap and a small dagger on his shoe.

J'Una is a curious person, always wondering what is in a cave or where a road leads. If he thinks somthing is worth asking he will always ask it, even if it would offend someone. Since he was raised by them, J'Una is always friendly and nice to Khajiits, the same can be said about Argonians and the Dunmers, but he sees high elves as Slave driver. Dew to his job in the dark brotherhood, J'Una will oftern dress in a Diguise and act differently but not just too kill, he sometimes does it just to get what he wants. As he had a Khajiit upbringing, he somtimes speaks in third person or refers to himself as 'This one'.

J'Una's parents left him abandand in an inn between the cities of Torval and Corinthe when traveling in Elsweyr. He was adopted by the Khajiits who owned the inn and had a Khajiit upbringing. Becoming known as M'Una (In the Khajiit culture M' means Child) he was always wondered who his parents were and why they would leave him in an inn.

When he was 19 years old (Now known as J'Una as J' means bachelor or young adult) the curiousity got the best of him and he left to get some information about his past. After leaving he traveled over to Cyrodiil via the city of Leyawiin as it is the first city he got to in Cyrodiil. As he had no money he tryed to steal some food from a local store. He was cought and put in a local prision cell shaired with another Dunmer mage who called himself Vytalas The Mad. He stayed in the prision with Vytalas the for a week and in that week Vytalas tought J'Una 3 spells, Flame, Spark and Heal before he left to continue his personal quest.

J'Una traveled to Skyrim since that is where alot of the Dunmer live now. He started by going to the collage of winterhold to find some Dunmer. Upon arivel in the Collage he was greeted by a High Elf who was the Arch Mage, dew to the face the J'Una is a Mer and that he has some experience with magic he was offered a place within the collage, he accepted as he wanted to better himself at Magic. J'Una learn the spells of Fire Bolt, Frostbite and Heal. The collage came under attack from the Thalmar as they wanted to own every mages area in Tamriel, so J'Una left as he didn't want to be part of the Thalmar's plans.

J'Una spent another year traveling Cyrodiil, erning gold as he traveled and trying to find some information about his true family but for no luck. On the 18th of Rains Hand he was traveling through the Imperial City he was jumped by a bandit in diguise, putting a blade to his neck and demanding that he hand over all his gold, without thinking, J'Una used his Flame spell and killed him right there but a Imperial Soldier saw and he got put in the Imperial City Jail, his sentence was for a Year.
He had been in prision for a month when a strange hooded man came to him in the night, he clamed to be from the dark brotherhood and that if he when with him to Skyrim he would be out of this jail. J'Una accepted and using an Invisibility spell they got out unnoticed and then travel to Skyrim.

Two years on and J'Una is still with the Dark Brotherhood, killing to gain money. His most challanging mission was to kill a member of the Blades, he had to sneek up on the person in question and murder them on his way to the temple when no one was looking. He took the Blades Kitana as a personal reward.

Dew too his high levels of Magic and One-handed combat he has earned the title of Battle Mage.

One night when sleeping, J'Una had a strange vision in his sleep, He is a Agent of Talos.

J'Una has a blade's kitana that he got after assasinating an ex member of the blade on a dark brotherhood mission.

As a Battle Mage, J'Una has a great number of magic skills, mostly in the school of distruction but he does know some conjeration and Restoration.
The spells he knows are:
-Fire Bolt
-Bound Sword
-Healing hand

Likes Dislikes
Sweet Rolls Thalmar
Diguise Prision
His job The weather in skyrim
Elsweyr Falmer
Black Marsh

J'Una has always worshiped Talos, he can remember his mother telling him stories of Talos from a young age although it had been baned in alot of Tamriel.

Any Giulds
Dark Brotherhood and Ex Collage Of Winterhold.

So begins...

J'Una Aren's Story


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It was the night of the 30th of and J'Una Aren was sleeping in the Dawn Star Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in a shared bed chamber with other assasins when he was awoken by the voice of a man calling his name, Upon awakening J'Una saw a shadowy ghostly figure. The figure turned and spoke to him.

"J'Una Aren, I am Talos, the man-god himself, I have come far to inform you that you will be one of nine chosen Agent of Talos, chosen by me myself". In shock J'Una looked at the other assasins shairing the room with him, none of them had stured from their sleep as if they couldn't hear or see him. "Do not ask any questions" the man-god continued "Any questions you may have will be answered when you meet with the other agents in Cyodiil" J'Una rubbed his eyes in disbelief, was this the real Talos and if it was, why an assasin he thought "You will meet the other agents on the 2 weeks from now on the 13th of Rain's hand in an abandand Fort, Fort Ash to be exact, when you get there, there will be no bandits, there will be no goblins, there will only be safety. I must leave you now, 2 weeks, Fort Ash." With that the spector vanished into air, leaving J'Una left open mouthed, he still couldn't comprohend what had just happened.

Upon awakening the next morning, J'Una knocked on the door to the Brotherhood leaders bed chamber. The leader, an elderly green Argonian with red feathers on his head, for an assasin who enjoys nothing more that a nice bit of torcher, he was a rather pleasent fellow. The door opened reveling the Argonian smiling, he looked a little confused by the unusual early morning disturbance. "Ah, J'Una, what could possebly bring you to my bed chamber so early in the morning?".

"Honard leader" J'Una said giving a slight bow to greet his honard leader, J'Una was so excited he was hardly able to contain his words "This one...I have somthing I need to tell you! Lord Talos came to this one in the night! He wants J'Una to serve him as one of his agent against the Thalmar!"

The elderly Argonian stared at him blankly for moment before rowring with laughter "Ahahaha, Nice story lad but your a lowly assasin, only sithis would speak with you, and by the sound of it, this assasin need to lay off the skooma." The Argonian turned and closed the door behind him leaving J'Una standing alone in the corridor.

J'Una sighed and said under his breath "I Don't do skooma." He turned and walked back to his room, In his mind he knew what he saw and he knew that what he saw was Talos, and what Talos says goes, even over the word of Sithis. J'Una went to his chest in the bed chamber, collecting some potions, 200 septems, his Blades Kitana and his Small Dagger. Now fully suited and booted, J'Una returned to the Leaders who was now at the dinner table in the main hall, J'Una lowdly cleared his throut.

The Argonian looked up at him, this time when he set eyes on J'Una, a look of annoyance could be seen on his face, when he saw that J'Una had all his gear with him, the expression turned to disippointment "J'Una, where are you going?" The Old Argonian asked.

"I'm going to Fort Ash in Cyodiil, J'Una is one of the nine chosen Agents of Talos, and J'Una will defeat the Thalmar with the other eight agents." J'Una expressed how deturmined he was to see this through and the old Argonian could see this, and was not impressed, in his eyes, a member of the brotherhood should only show Faith in Sithis.

"I Do not approve of this J'Una, if you leave this sanctuary, you will not be welcomed back into the Dark Brotherhood" The Argonian Leader was very stern, J'Una could tell that he was serious about what he was saying "and that means that we may have to assasinat you, you know too much to just let you leave."

J'Una looked away from his leader, he had always been a faithful and trustworthy member of the Brotherhood, he didn't want to just leave and let his leader...His friend down, but Talos, Talos has been his god ever since he was a child. He looked back at his leader before he looked to the ground with his eyes closed "Honard leader, this one want not to let you down, J'Una just wants to serve you as one of the best assasins the brotherhood has ever seen, but...but Talos will always have to come first for me. I am sorry, J'Una must leave" J'Una looked back up at his friend before turning and walking up the staires towards the door. "Hail Sithis!" J'Una shouted down to the other assasins of the brotherhood, They just staired up with dissapointed looks on their faces, J'Una turned and and left the sanctuary into the first leg of his long jorney to Cyrodiil.