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Othan Arenim

A wiry Dunmer with a hardened heart and a grim past.

0 · 182 views · located in Cyrodiil, a province of Tamriel

a character in “The Elder Scrolls: Fall of the Divine”, as played by StandardFiend


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Othan is not tall by any standards except perhaps those of his own race, and he is slender and sinewy, indicating very careful preparation of his body. His arms and chest are riddled with small nicks and scars, telling of countless deadly scuffles; strangely enough, his face remains pristine. The tone of his flesh is fair, but fairly standard, and his eyes are the deep crimson characteristic of the Dunmer. Not much is remarkable about him, and Othan prefers it that way. The Dunmer's hair is a dirty grey and tends to be unruly--he tries to keep it tied in a neat ponytail, but somehow it always seems to get the best of him.

As for clothing, he usually dresses simply and lightly, favoring mobility and agility over superior protection. His standard outfit consists of a lower layer of a cheap, sleeveless shirt and loose-fitting pants, each of material worth not much more than sack-cloth. Over those Othan wears select pieces of a tough but maneuverable leather hide, most heavily over his shoulders, upper chest, wrists, and shins. Other areas are more lightly protected for superior dexterity. The armor, like his arms, is heavily marred, but nevertheless Othan keeps it cleaned and properly oiled.

Concrete statistics (for reference)

Specialization: Combat
Main Attributes: Strength & Speed
Major Skills:
  • Blade
  • Light Armor
  • Sneak
  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • Alchemy
  • Block

Birthsign: The Lord

By all means, Othan is a warrior, and knows how to handle himself in a scuffle; however, he is not pugnacious. He is also fleet of foot and favors out-maneuvering his opponents rather than crushing them with brute strength. He is also adept at stealth operations, able to come up on stronger foes from behind to take them out silently. In addition to his combat-oriented talents, Othan is a survivalist. He is able to pick out proper ingredients in the wild to create salves, balms, remedies, and medicines.


This Dark Elf is fairly quiet, but never brooding--he simply does not have much to say, and few to say it to. Othan strays away from social settings as a result of his upbringing, though slowly he is trying to assimilate into more mainstream life and culture. It is a slow process. Despite all that, when confronted by a friend Othan is correspondingly friendly, and when approached by an enemy he is ruthless and rude. He is generally easy to get along with. His ideals are far from set in stone and shift according to whatever he needs at the time.

While usually preferring to act as a solitary combatant, Othan is versed in group tactics and recognizes strength in numbers--he will never "steal the thunder" or attempt to outdo his own unit for personal glory. As a companion in battle he ranks among the most desirable.


A straight and narrow scimitar with a few serrated teeth along the backside forte. Othan keeps it clean and razor-sharp at all times. He has carried this same sword for years, and it has seen him through countless fights. He treasures it more than anything, as for all intents and purposes it is his lifeline.

A long dagger. Othan keeps this back-up blade close at hand in case of extreme close-quarters skirmishes, or if he is disarmed of his sword. It is also useful for sneak-attacks, as it can be quickly and easily inserted into a target's neck or other critical zones for swift kills. The most astute and learned of individuals may notice the dagger's design that of a Blade of Woe, the weapon given to Dark Brotherhood initiates.

A small knife. This is kept hidden away in Othan's boot and is used as a last resort--no self-respecting warrior or mercenary travels without a knife in his boot.

A compact backpack filled with essential adventuring gear.

A handful of gold coins.


Through much of his life, Othan has merely survived, rather than actually lived. For the time being he is a wanderer, but for much of his past Othan had hired out his services as a warrior, most notable to the various guilds. He never stayed in one place too long, finding himself easily bored. At first, wandering through Tamriel was rewarding for one with a taste for adventure such as Othan, and his exploits were ones to write home about, if there was one to write to, but that kind of life quickly lost its charm and became more of a chore. But having no skills worth anything in any self-respecting village or city, it was all Othan could do.

A few years ago, Othan unfortunately found himself in the employ of a small branch of the Dark Brotherhood. He isn't proud of the things he did for them, but a job was a job, and it was all he had at the time. It was through his time with the Brotherhood that Othan evolved from a brutish warrior into the calculating menace he is today. Some might say a bit of good came from the experience, but Othan would probably disagree. His experience with the Brotherhood is something Othan never talks about--after all, what good could ever come from boasting the fact that one was a professional murderer? Even those closest to him find it nigh impossible to pry this information out of him, and garnering any specifics is completely out of the question.

As it stands, Othan is on a ship headed for Anvil in order to leave that life and the Brotherhood behind. Of course, one does not simply up and leave the employ of such an organization; thus, Othan will have to stay on his toes. Even though Cyrodiil's Dark Brotherhood is losing power, he will still have to watch for their agents.

So begins...

Othan Arenim's Story