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The Elder Scrolls - Summerset Isles

The Elder Scrolls - Summerset Isles


To the south-west of the Tamriel mainland, rests a remote and long forgotten isle. Recently, strange happenings have occurred. An Oblivion Gate has opened on a mountain. They Daedra have returned.

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Summerset Isle

To the south-west of the Tamriel mainland, rests a remote and long forgotten isle.
In this isolated island lies mountains, orchards, lagoons, woodlands and ancient ruins made from coral. Along with these surroundings, there are also cities, the main being Alinor. The High Elves' city.
Entry to Alinor has been forbidden for over fifty years, and traders and merchants only being allowed in the city's ports. The city was apparently made from glass or insect wings, and the beauty of the city could easily rival any other creations in the mainland.

Recently, strange happenings have occurred. The Summerset beasts have become more and more aggressive, and the High Elves and other sapiens have been flocking to the mainland, running in fear.
The Daedra have come back, managing to open an oblivion gate atop Eton Nir, the highest peak in the isle.
A few brave (or idiotic) warriors and mages, have decided drive back the Daedric forces and close the gateway once and for all.
Are you from the mainland, seeking to drive off the Daedra for fortune and glory?
Or perhaps you have lived on the Isle and wish to protect your home with any means necessary?
The choice is yours, and the future of Summerset Isle is in your hands.

Altmer:(AKA High Elves) A mer race. Proud, tall and gold skinned. Somewhat vulnerable to fire, frost and shock. They are resistant to disease. Immune to paralysis, both natural and magical. Gifted in the arcane arts, make powerful mages. Intelligent, strong-willed and long living.
Argonian: A beast reace. Amphibious reptilian humanoids. Immune to disease and poison, and can breathe underwater. They are slow to trust and hard to know, but are fiercely loyal and will fight to the death to protect a friend. Naturally agile and well versed in magic. They have digitrade legs and a long tail, as well as gills behind their ears. They swim with the same motion as a tadpole or eel. They cannot express emotion with facial expressions like men or mer. They can only express anger, by baring teeth and narrowing eyes. They have sharp teeth and are covered in scales.
Bosmer: (AKA Wood Elves) A mer race. They prefer a romantic and simple existence in harmony with the land. They are nimble and quick, in both body and wits. They make good thieves, assassins and archers. They are curious and agile. They can command simple-minded creatures. They only ever eat meat, never harming a plant or tree. They are also short.
Breton: A human race. They are good at magic.
Dunmer: (AKA Dark Elves) A mer race. Dark skinned, red eyed and gloomy. They are grim, aloof, distrusting and reserved. They are often proud, ruthless and cruel, though some may be friendly. They are particularly good at destruction magic.
Imperial: A human race. Well educated and well spoken. They are disciplined and civilized.
Khajiit: A beast race. Feline humanoids known for intelligence and amazing agility. They are good thieves and warriors, but not many Khajiits are skilled in magic. They are covered in fur and have pointed ears, digitrade legs and a tail. As well as sharp claws and teeth. They are sly and crafty, as well as very stealthy.
Nord: A human race. Tall and fair haired (though not as much as high elves). They are resistant to cold and even frost magic.
Orc: A mer race. 'Corrupt' elves. Green skinned, with large lower canines. Courageous and strong. Specialize in heavy armor and can go into a beserk rage. They are good craftsmen, making weapons and armor. Once thought to be rough an cruel, but now known to be loyal allies.
Redguard: A human race. Natural warriors. Dark skinned and wiry haired. They are proud and fierce, as well as strong. They are resistant to poison.
Descriptions of race's attitudes etc are stereotypical, though powers and immunities apply to all members of that race. For example, an Argonian character may be un-stereotypical and easily trust others. [url][/url]

Vampirism: Vampires are created through contracting a disease. They are pale with red eyes. Vampires need to drink blood frequently, but the longer they go without blood the more their vampiric powers increase. High level vampires will burn to death quickly in sunlight, and look frightening and gaunt. Their powers are stronger as high levels but people will refuse to communicate with them. As low levels vampires, they are charming and can go into the sun for a longer amount of time, but their powers aren't as strong. All vampires can see in the dark.
Lycanthropy: Lycanthropes are created through contracting a disease or being bitten. Every night, they turn into humanoid wolves with thick fur, sharp teeth, digitrade legs and long claws. They are vicious and dangerous at night, and hungry. All lycanthropes can see in the dark.
Your character can either start with a disease, or become infected later. Diseases can be cured, though it is hard to find the cure. Races with resistances or immunities cannot be infected.


Name: (Try to make them fit your race. [url][/url] A helpful Elder Scrolls name generator if you need examples.)
History: (Optional.)
Weapons: (No guns/advanced weapons. [url][/url] Things like these.
Magic: (Optional.)
Skills: (Things like alchemy, blacksmithing, animal raising, thievery etc)
Mount: (Optional.)
Pet: (Optional. Try to choose an Elder Scrolls creature. [url][/url]
Disease: (Optional. See above.)
Other: (Anything not covered above.)

Elder Scrolls, races and lore copyright© Bethesda.

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