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The Element Games

The Element Games


In the land of Celen, there are 7 kingdoms. When war broke out between them... the Element Games were born....

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The Element Games

Celen used to be a peaceful land, with all the 7 sacred kingdoms in balance. Smiles could be seen everywhere, and no one even had one simple thought about fighting or war. For ages, the 7 sacred kingdoms of Celen have always been known for the control of elements. Each kingdom has a certain element that they qualify in, and that they can control. With all the kingdoms in balance, the elements of the land was in balance. But this all changed.

It started with the kingdom of Oran, and the kingdom of Noria. They have always been opposites, with the people of Oran being able to control and bend fire, while the people of Noria can control and bend water. One day, two people, one from Oran, and the other from Noria, got in a big fight, and every day it grew bigger, and bigger, until it involved all of the kingdoms. In just one simple month, all of the kingdoms had turned against each other, along with the elements.

War broke out between the kingdoms, and many people were killed. The war went on for years, never coming to a stop, until the kingdoms finally realized that many innocent people had died, and for no reason. And so, the Element Games were created.

The Element Games. A horrible, and devious thing. It's a sin to have ever been created. To make it so the kingdoms could still prove how strong they were, it was created. The Element Games is when 2 people, a girl and a boy, from each of the kingdoms are selected and brought to a huge arena that's in the very middle of Celen. Then, they are thrown into the arena, to fight the other contestants. To kill them. To prove there strength.
The Element Games go on until either one person is left standing, or one person is the only one alive.

However, this year, isn't exactly one of it's normal games. With three of the contestants having the souls of demons in them, and two other contestants having been murdered before they could even get to the Arena, what's going to happen?

Now, the game is starting it's annual game once again with a new bunch of contestants.
Who's going to win...?

And who's going to die...?

The Kingdoms and Character Slots
Please post in OOC if you want a character!

The Kingdom of Kishi
The Kingdom of Kishi is the Kingdom located in the desert area of Celen. The desert that surrounds this kingdom is practically endless, and if you try to travel through it alone with no sense of where you're going, you're over. Once, one of the three legendary demons attacked this kingdom. The demon sand fox, Ki, was the one to attack it, and the village had no choice but to seal the soul inside one of the villagers. The villager that had the soul sealed inside them ended up to be the girl that was chosen from this kingdom to fight in the Element Games.
However, the boy that was chosen to be in the games, was mysteriously found dead one night, so only the girl from this kingdom will be participating.
The element that this Kingdom qualifies in is earth. However, the girl that was chosen can only control sand, since she has the soul of the sand demon fox inside of her.

The Girl From Kishi (has demon soul sealed in them): Taken by Me

The Kingdom of Oran
The Kingdom of Oran is the Kingdom located in the mountains of Celen. One of these mountains isn't a normal mountain, it's a volcano. And a strange one at that. The volcano erupts in a specific pattern, which is every 8 months. However, it doesn't affect the Kingdom, since Oran is the kingdom that qualifies in the element fire, so they can make the lava pass without any harm.
Once, one of the three legendary demons attacked this kingdom like how one of them attacked Kishi. The one that ended up attacking Oran was the demon fire snake, Ia, and because this kingdom knew of what happened to Kishi, they followed what they had done, and also sealed the soul of the demon inside one of the villagers. The villager that had the soul sealed in them ended up to be the boy that was chosen to participate in the games. Because the boy has the soul inside him, the fire he controls is strangely always blue, and this fire won't ever go out until the boy wants it to.

The Girl From Oran:
The Boy From Oran (has demon soul sealed in them):

The Kingdom of Noria
The Kingdom of Noria is the Kingdom located in the sea that surrounds Celen. It's seriously underwater. And I bet you can't guess what element that this kingdom qualifies for.... Water! The Kingdom of Noria hasn't always had the strongest relationship with Oran, and once the war started, they came to hating each other.

The Girl From Noria:
The Boy From Noria:

The Kingdom of Era
The Kingdom of Era is the Kingdom located in the sky of Celen. It's said that angels created this lovely kingdom in the sky, and that they watch over it and protect it no matter what. It's always been a peaceful kingdom, and never really wanted to be a part of the war, but they were dragged into it by the kingdom of Kishi.
The element that this kingdom qualifies for is air.

The Girl From Era:
The Boy From Era:

The Kingdom of Kera
The Kingdom of Kera is the Kingdom located in the dark land of Celen. This part of the land is practically always covered in shadows, and that's why the element that this kingdom qualifies for is shadows and darkness. This Kingdom strangely were very strong allies with the kingdom of Era, but once the war started, they became eternal enemies and rivals. This kingdom has always had a grudge against Noria too.
One of the three legendary demons also attacked this kingdom, like how the two others attacked Noria and Kishi. The one that attacked this kingdom was the demon shadow wolf, Ren. Like Noria and Kishi, the villagers sealed the soul of Ren in one of the villagers of the kingdom. The villager that has the soul sealed inside them is the boy contestant from this kingdom. Because he has the soul, he can possess people by connecting his shadow with theirs (he can stretch his shadow out to reach an opponent's), but only for a certain amount of time.
The girl contestant from this kingdom was found dead one day.

The Boy From Kera (has demon soul sealed in them):

The Kingdom of Ori
The Kingdom of Ori is located in the valley of Celen. It's not the biggest kingdom, and for a while, it had been forgotten, but apparently there had still been survivors in the kingdom, and slowly they had rebuilt Ori. The element that Ori qualifies for is strangely time. They can't just stop time forever though, or make time go backwards. They really just can freeze time for about 10 seconds or such, but usually they do other things that's easier for them, such as disappear into land, or make illusions fill an opponents sight.

The Girl From Ori:
The Boy From Ori:

The Kingdom of Min
The Kingdom of Min is located in a meadow out in Celen's hilltops. This kingdom had always been a beautiful and peaceful kingdom, but the people that live here had always seemed to have been full of tricks and mischief. Once the war started though, their peace just faded away, leaving a kingdom full of tricks and mischief. The element that this kingdom qualifies is soul. It's a strange thing, but it is an element. The people of this kingdom can do things such as switch their soul into an opponents body, taking over the body for a while, while the original soul is useless for a while.

The Girl From Min:
The Boy From Min:

Rules of the Element Games

✧ One can only win if all they are the last one standing, while all the other contestants are severely injured, not able to fight or move, or if they are the last one alive ✧
✧ If both the boy and the girl from one kingdom are still standing, they will have to fight each other ✧
✧ Gifts from watchers are allowed, since all the kingdoms will be watching this ✧
✧ The contestants are not allowed to leave the Arena until the games are over, or they are dead ✧
✧ Breaking the rules will end up in immediate death ✧
✧ Allies are allowed, but do remember that they will have to fight each other at the end ✧
✧ There shall be supplies scattered around the arena, hidden in areas or plainly visible ✧
✧ The contestants are allowed to use their bending with the elements and their special abilities with them ✧
✧ When the game is over, the game is over. The game mast says what goes, and if it ends while your fighting, you can't continue the fight ✧
✧ The game goes on for however long it needs to ✧

RP Rules
All posts must have at least one paragraph, No one liners
No cussing all the time, you can but just not all the time
Romance is encouraged, but don't blind us >.<
Post at least once or twice a day, if you can't do this, don't join the roleplay
If you will be gone for a certain amount of time, please say so in OOC
Make sense in your post
Follow the plot and character skeleton
No overpowered characters
Please don't post until I say so
Have fun
Also, yes, if I don't like your character, I will not accept them. So work hard on your character!

Character Skeleton

Code: Select all

    [left][size=200]FULL NAME HERE[/size]
    [img]DIRECT NORMAL FORM IMAGE URL HERE, please only use anime[/img][/left]

    [size=90]What do they want to be called?[/size]

    [size=90]Kishi? Era? Oran? Etc.[/size]

    [size=90]Depends on which Kingdom they're from[/size]

    [b]Demon Soul[/b]
    [size=90]Only the girl from Kishi, and the boys from Kera and Oran can have this in their profile. Say what the demon inside them is (such as in the girl from Kishi, she has the demon sand fox Ki in her), and what special abilities it gives them (ask me about the abilities thing)[/size]

    [size=90]Male or Female[/size]


    [size=90]Be Creative! At least 5 sentences[/size]

    [b]Brief Description[/b]
    [size=90]Anything that cannot be seen in the picture. Also say what their preferred clothing is.[/size]

    [size=90]At least one paragraph. In this paragraph, include the information about their element bending and control. Also add any other skills they have[/size]

    [size=90]What weapons do they have? If they don't have any, please take this out of the profile[/size]

    [size=90]Any type of list. At least five.[/size]

    [size=90]At least five.[/size]

    [size=90]No more than five.[/size]

    [b]What do they wish for most?[/b]
    [size=90]No more than five.[/size]

    [size=90]Be creative! At least five sentences.[/size]

    [size=90]Who do you have your eye on?[/size]
    [size=90]Anything else?[/size]

    [size=200]Theme Song Title Here[/size]

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