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Janice "Jael" Ellis

"An object broken is still the same as before, only now it has a few scars to show its character."

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a character in “The Elemental Avatars”, as played by RedRavenChronicle


"Being dumb is the best cure for depression, the less you understand the better the world will seem."
Gasoline| Seether


Janice Margaret Ellis
"Janice was my grandmothers name on my fathers side, and Margaret my grandmother on my mothers side...neither really fit me."

"Its a mixture of my first and last name, and also sounds a lot better than Janice."

"Yup, officially legal."

"Born and identified as."

"I guess it makes sense."


"Sometimes I think I may be the only normal person out there...and then I remember that I literally shoved my face in a toilet on a dare in the eighth grade."




Hair Color:
Dark brown

Eye Color:

Jael is a rather short woman with very little that makes her unique from anyone else. She is prone to wearing too much make up and dressing up in clothes that aren't sensible for most occasions. Her ears are pierced and usually adorned by small hoops, but other than that she has no other piercings. She has three tattoos in places not easily seen. One on the back of her neck of her star sign "Leo" and matching nautical stars on each side of her hips. She has no scars, but it can be noted that she has a lot of random bruises all over her arm and legs. Mostly because of a mixture of being extremely clumsy and easy to bruise. She keeps her hair tied back and often dyes it a darker black color.

"Don't take what I say personally, I have this whole 'I'm a weirdo' thing going on and that apparently means I say random shit."


Jael is weird. There is no other way to put it or to explain her. She has always gravitated towards things that normal people would usually shy away from. She doesn't like to bicker needlessly and knows how to get a point across without arguing about it. She hates when others don't understand or deny her point of view but won't fight it out with anyone. She has a certain sense of humor that not many people can understand. It's a humor that borders on being ethically wrong, while also being somewhat funny. She usually laughs at her own jokes anyways, and very rarely does anyone else laugh as well. She often makes really obscure references to old classic movies or books that nobody understands. Which sometimes annoys her because she thinks that "everyone needs to watch these movies at least once in their life!"

She can get pretty emotional sometimes, and has a hard time not letting everything show. Some people like to say she wears her heart on her sleeve but it simply isn't true. She just has a habit of being extremely forthright with what she is feeling. Can she be faulted for that? Certainly not. As someone with a strange sense of humor she has also been in a lot of strange situations that she likes to randomly share with people. Making small anecdotes about them and sometimes even telling the full story for the hell of it.

One of her biggest pet peeves is when someone is distant, or doesn't share anything about themselves at all. As a communicative person with a tendency to be the loudest one in the room she just doesn't understand how anyone can be this way. Any who, when people are this way she tries her hardest to get them out of their shell, whether they want her to or not.

"Don't be a stranger, my personal space invasion habit won't allow it. "


Cheerful| Even in the darkest of times Jael knows how to bring the mood up.
Brave| There are few things in the world that can truly scare Jael: Spiders, and Psychopaths - Anything else she just bowls over with her sarcastic wit.
Strong Of Mind| She knows herself better than anyone and can keep herself from bending to anyone elses will.
Communicates| If a situation calls for information to be passed between a group of people you can rest assured that she will always keep everyone in the know.

Physical Injury| Because Jael isn't that strong to begin with any major Physical Injury can cause her to panic and flee. (This does not include small injury)
Emotional Torment| She isn't that great at playing mind games. Sure, she's able to shake off most things people say but there is a point that will break her down.
Spiders| When she was a little kid she got bit by a poisonous spider and had to be rushed to the hospital because of it. This is how her spider fear developed.
Psychopaths| Who isn't honestly afraid of Psychopaths?

Low Confidence| She may play it off like she is the queen of confidence but inside she is really scared that people will see past all the makeup.
Sarcastic| Extremely so and it often annoys the hell out of people.
Easily Irritated| She has been this way for a long time. Because of it she is prone to outbursts.
Weak| Physically weak, she can fight from afar but throwing punches isn't easy for her.

"I really, really like classic movies, so don't freak out if I randomly quote them."


Jael lived on her own since the moment she turned eighteen but before then she was just as you would expect any other normal kid to be. Happy living with her parents but somewhat rebellious. She did a lot of the things that she wanted to do whether or not they had a say in it and was always dragging her younger brother into trouble. Unlike most siblings they didn't fight a lot, but Jael happened to be a rather bad influence on him as they were growing up. However she wasn't into anything super bad and always managed to get high grades - and after she got a part time job she stopped getting into at all. She had plans for her future that she wanted to make sure happened.

So she worked hard, got the best grades she could and managed to save up enough money to pay up on rent for an apartment. She moved in over the summer and planned on attending college as soon as possible. She hadn't planned on going to any really fancy colleges so she simply applied at a few community colleges and waited to see what would happen.

Jael's powers came at her hard. For days on end everything hurt, but it was a strange kind of hurt. It hurt the feeling of an electrical current under her skin. She barely moved, until the feeling began to dissipate and suddenly she realized she could do things. She could make things happen that weren't possible for normal people. She thought she was going crazy or that maybe she had a tumor or something on her brain that was making her hallucinate. But no matter how many times she tried to go to the doctor they found nothing. She felt herself slipping from reality until...until she received the message.


Mother| Renee Ellis | 47
Father| Carter Ellis | 45
Younger Brother| Jessie Ellis | 16

"A lot of people like to tell me I need to grow up...But seriously what does that even mean? I am a grown up, doesn't mean I have to automatically start acting like one."

Face Claim: Michelle Trachtenberg
Color: #fcce00

So begins...

Janice "Jael" Ellis's Story