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Daniella Smith

"Just stay calm, let each day flow by like a stream."

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a character in “The Elemental's”, as played by ThrillerNight




Full Name| Daniella Mizuki Smith
Nickname(s)| Dani, Mizuki
Age| 158 (Appears 17)
Gender| Female
Height| 5'3"
Weight| 105 lbs
Orientation| Straight
Element| Water
Motto| "Just stay calm, let each day flow by like a stream."

- Fashion
- Swimming
- Rain
- Being strong
- Staying calm
- Reading
- Karate

- Being forced to do something
- Conflict
- Thinking about the past
- The War
- Darkness elementals
- Being overly emotional

- Small water container
- Tiny hand-knife she keeps in her pocket

Petite and compact, Dani has the stereotypical frame associated with Asian women. In fact, the only features she inherited from her Western father are the thickness of her lips and the darker hew of her skin. Her body is slender to the point of looking brittle, and despite the constant training she puts in to be fit to work her element- she has never managed to put on more than a pound of muscle. The thick black fall of her hair she keeps trimmed neatly just below her chin, though she has been known to style it differently depending on her mood and has even on one occasion chopped it off into a pixie cut. Her hair is the one thing about her appearance that has changed as time has passed, shortening and lengthening as styles have changed. Although it's been tempting for her to remove herself from the ever-shifting trends of the modern age, Dani has become fascinated with fashion over her life and has used it to adapt to the world. Always on the cutting edge of style, her clothes are trendy to the point of excess so it's never quite obvious if she is behind or ahead of the style curve.

When using her element, Dani's appearance changes very little. The only visible changes are that her eyes begin to shine an iridescent turquoise and water around her tends to become unsettled. She often uses her element to create weapons or different shapes around her hands.

Due to her sheltered childhood, Daniella has a very shy and subdued approach to other people. However despite the fact that she spent the majority of her formative years behind closed doors, she enjoys meeting new people. These two aspects of her personality may seem an odd coupling- especially when taken into account the fact that she rarely lives long in one place-, but it works well for her. Constantly creating new relationships means that she never has a chance to delve too far into one and risk either hurting that person or having her identity discovered. She also gets along with people very easily due to her calm and collected attitude, she very rarely meets a person that she cannot connect with on a basic level.

However, there is a part of her that is very volatile. When Dani gets angry she becomes like a different person. Although it very rarely occurs, when her rage comes it's like a tidal wave- and has on occasion physically manifested in such a form- destroying everything in it's path. These outbursts usually come in short, explosive doses and when they are gone it as if they never happened except for the damage left in their wake.

Daniella's story begins with the meeting of her parents. In 1853, a ship carrying a crew of emissaries from one relatively new nation arrived at the shores of the island country that kept its borders closed. They had been sent out to try and broker a treaty between their nation and the older civilization. Of course, none of what occurred between the different leaders of the two nations have any real baring on the rest Daniella's life, but it is important nonetheless because of the main fact that it is this ship that brought her father to her mother. A lowly assistant to the important Commodore in charge of the mission, her father meant nothing to the mission and was therefore allowed exorbitants amount of free time to explore the mysterious country. While on an one such adventure through the port of the capital city, he came upon a small shrine. Little did he know when he entered the ancient building that there he would meet the woman who in less than a year's time would become his wife and who he would later take back with him to his home country. Another factor of importance that went undetected by the man was the fact that this shrine was dedicated to an ancient water spirit that the woman's family had dedicated themselves to for centuries. Of course, the sailor couldn't have noted that fact even if he'd wanted to as he and the shrine maiden who'd sparked his interest didn't share a single word in common. It was a miracle that he managed to convince her to marry him and leave her country, let alone to fall in love with him. Even after they established a method of communication, however, this particular detail went unmentioned- as the man, a devout follower of a faith that rejected the supremacy of the elements, refused to allow his wife to continue with any worship or veneration of other gods or demons.

After the man and woman had been married for a year and had migrated back to city where the sailor had originated from, the former shrine maiden gave birth to their daughter. From the very start it was obvious that she was different than the people and around her, and not just because of the fact that she was the only half-Japanese person for hundreds of miles. Even as a tiny baby she had an affinity for water- she learned to swim before she could walk. Although her father just thought it was an extraordinary oddity, her mother knew better. The people that had cared for the ocean demon's shrine had had water in their blood for as long as they could remember, and every generation or two one of them would be born with the ability to commune with the element on an implicit level. However, Daniella's mother knew this also came as an extreme burden- as not only were these chosen cursed with an inexplicably long lifespan but also the danger that had arisen some time in the near past from the rising of the darkest element. So for as long as she could, the lonely island woman kept her daughter as separated from others as much as humanly possible and only allowed her to commune with water when they were completely alone- even keeping this power of her daughter's hidden from her father for fear of his religious fervor. Because of her mother's paranoia and concern, Dani grew up sheltered and alone until the day she turned thirteen. That evening she snuck out of the house away from her mother's supervision and made her way alone to the pier at the edge of their city. Unfortunately while she was there she met with a group of drunken soldiers who found her slanted eyes and olive skin an entertaining amusement. When her mother finally found her, Daniella was standing in a puddle of water with the bodies of five drowned men lying around her. It was then that she knew what she had to do. Less than ten hours later the young girl was on a ship back to her mother's homeland to learn everything she could from that side of her family about controlling her powers.

More than a hundred years later and Daniella has never let her power get a hold of her the way she did that night at the pier. Of course, she's also not let anyone get close enough to her for that to be a problem. Not only has she become afraid of letting anyone get close enough to incite her emotions- although she is usually placid, her anger is an explosively dangerous thing when it does come- she has learned over time that people begin to question someone who doesn't appear to age over a span of ten years or more. So after leaving her family's shrine, she has spent the last eighty years of her life moving from town to town and not settling down in a specific location for more than a decade.

Theme| Ame by C-ute

So begins...

Daniella Smith's Story


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Dani Smith

A brusk wind screamed down through the branches of the trees, settling the leaves to rattling furiously, before flowing downward to wrap itself around the forms lingering on the side of the two-lane road. The chilling blanket lay itself across the stalled-out retro Impala, its hood open to the cold, as well as the car's driver, leaning against the front bumper. Although the metal vehicle remained impassive to the sudden breeze, the woman was not so fortunate. The chill cut through the thin fabric of the azure dress concealing her slender frame, sending fabric flapping around her legs in waves and pinpricks of goose skin crawling up her arms. In any usual situation, she would have instantly fled to the comfort of the old leather interior or at least crossed her arms in an attempt to retain heat. This, however, was not any sort of normal and as it was, her hands were needed.

Hovering inches from the open interior of the hood, the driver's hands fluttered minutely with the hum of power flowing through them. Around the outstretched palms vapors of heat swirled, and beneath them a vortex of silvery watery spun. Although it was a mundane use for such a splendid gift- one that many of her kind might frown upon- it was a useful one. The car was a prized possession of her's, and despite its long list of defects she couldn't stand to give it up. When she'd spotted the sleek black vehicle parked in the dealership, brand new off the assembly line, she hadn't been able to resist. Of course that had been nigh-on forty years ago and the Impala was no longer the specimen it had once been, but she couldn't bring herself to let it go and besides, retro was coming back into fashion. So, no matter how many times the once magnificent vehicle left her stranded on the side of the road, heat radiating from beneath its hood, she wouldn't send it to the scrap yard.

Surely the queerly-garbed, petite Asian woman standing before the slowly smoking classic muscle car was an odd sight to the cars that passed by on the road, but at this point in her nearly two hundred years of existence- Dani was content to be viewed as irregular. Not much had changed since the late eighteenth century some aspects- surely there was the advent of the car she stood before as well as the cellular device pumping pop music into stale atmosphere which lay across the front bumper- but people were always the same, never quite accepting what was different from them. Which was why she was now standing on the side of a nearly deserted high way in six-inch heels and a chiffon dress, alone and unaided.

After what seemed an eternity, the vapors began to abate- and not just because the wind had blown them off into the atmosphere. A sigh escaped her, as Dani retracted her hands- the globe of water swirling around and between her fingers. With a gentle flick of her wrist the energetic flow of liquid slid it's way down her arms and into the open canister hanging from a strap across her shoulder. Time had taught her more than the ability to cool an overheated engine. Another small motion sent the top swirling home, a thin trickle of the water closing the cap with no physical contact required. Shutting the hood of the engine, however, was not so easily done. Even with the extra inches adding to her petite frame, Dani was forced to leap upward repeatedly before her fingers could grasp the lip of the metal. Stilettoed feet hanging far above the ground, for a moment the young woman cursed her lack of body-mass. Grunting in an unlady-like manner, she swung her frame repeatedly downward until the Impala gave in- it's metal hood creaking shut with a vengeance.

"Finally," she crooned as she patted the ebony hood on her way back to the driver's seat- gravel crunching beneath her prancing heels, "Thank you Baby." Now she could continue on her projected course. Arriving late was better than not arriving at all, she could only hope her small detour didn't make her the last member of the party to show. Nothing drew more attention than walking in when everyone had already been introduced.

The classic car crawled its way up the side of the mountain, its driver wary now of sending the car into another bout of engine trouble. As she drove, Dani's dark gaze lifted from the road and caught sight of duel columns of smoke rising ahead of her- one much closer than the other. Instantly her eyebrows dropped and her foot pressed down upon the gas more firmly. Within minutes she had turned a curve to find a smoking pile of wreckage. Had she not been in a rush, she would have paused to assess the source of the damage and see what could be salvaged. Instead she chose to manually role down the window and lean out as she passed, her hand stretching out to fan downward. Within seconds the fires were being quenched, smoke swirling upward to meet the heavy showers that descended solely upon the flaming wreckage.

Ignoring the storm that raged behind her, Daniella continued to drive forward foot by treacherous foot. FInally the obsidian automobile rolled its way into the crowded area spanning the front entrances of the Earth temple to which she'd been called. The Impala crunched to a stop beside another vehicle, parking a foot or so back to leave room for the pair of elementals standing before the bumper of the other vehicle. Once the engine had gone silent, she slid out from behind the wheel to gaze awkwardly at the people before her.


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#, as written by Deer
Amethyst awoke, rubbing her eyes as the sun had it's heated rays tenderly brushing yellow hues at her ankles and calves. Her hair was pasted to her cheeks, from saliva running out of her agape mouth and amongst her backpack. At least the color of her backpack was black, so her saliva would not be as noticeable as when laying in her bed, having stained her pillowcases too many times. She sat upwards, slouching forward as she grappled at the cool ground to lend her support. She turned her head, seeing as Aidan had not noticed her awakening.

"Did you not get any sleep?" Amethyst asked, yawning, unto furthermore silence. She stood upwards, extending her arms and having her left arm retract over her right forearm, arcing her back. Ah. That's better. As she looked forth towards the horizon ignited with the orange fire from the raising sun, she saw another being had arrived. It was a female. Amethyst only shrugged. She had forgotten how strange the current economy was, being locked up in filthy motels, too cheap to afford their own water. It was a tempting thought to go back to sleep, but she assumed they would have no predicted sleep further in the evening.


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Param Nair

"There are much more entertaining ways to dispatch such irritating little sparks," Param supplied nonchalantly in response to her offer, obsidian eyes flicking from the blonde before him to the pair that had disappeared into one of the cavernous tunnels lining the mountain, the occasional spark flaring into the air to remind him of their presence. Irritating was a small word to describe the feelings fire elementals brought out in him; if this one continued to act as irrationally as he had thus far, Param would be adding another tattoo to his arm by the end of the next day. He'd consented to this gathering out of curiosity more than anything, but every second was reminding him why he had spent so long avoiding the other elements and making him wonder why it'd been so long since he'd added to the sleeve inching its way across his arm.

A sudden shadow overhead caught his attention and he peered upward through the fringe of his hair to see a banner of starless black spanning the sky above their heads. "Nearly what I wanted," he muttered to himself with a shrug as he once more ran a hand through the shaggy pieces falling into his face, "I suppose I should be a bit more... specific." His instruction disguised as an inquiry hadn't gotten the specific reaction he'd desired to see, but her actions had proved to sway his opinion at least a little in her favor. To complete the task he'd hoped her to finish, Param's fingers flicked into the air. Instantly his eyes clouded over into pure blackness as a shadow the same shade washed out to wrap around the remaining sparks and extinguish them into nothingness. Once its job was finished he released the shade into the atmosphere, vapors of it smoking away to wrap around the body of the wind elemental before the fading into the night. Had the darkness of the sky not arrived when it did, he would have allowed the shadow to stay as a comfort to himself and the other night dweller; however, since the stars now shone above them he let it go its own way.

The familiar click of weapons caused him to turn from the slowly lightening sky, only to be greeted by a slender man who had appeared to offer a self-introduction to the small group he'd entered into. Just the scent of the new comer made his nose wrinkle in disgust and his fingers inch toward the handgun stuffed in the back of his grey jeans. He forced his hands to remain still- reminding himself of the "diplomatic" arena in which he stood- as he faced the light bringer feet from him. "A pleasure," Param offered with a sardonic grin to the quiet man before him, "I'm sure it is for you, at least. Lucky we met here." In all his nearly seven centuries he'd not had a single peaceable conversation with a bearer of the element naturally opposed to his, and yet here he was breathing the same air as one- without even a weapon in hand. The thought of weapons reminded him that he'd caught sight of the blonde arming up in the corner of his eye, so when she appeared again he shrugged, "Well nothing too important... Killing mostly."

Dark eyes turned from her dismissively as she appeared to have her attention drawn to something else. Param wasn't surprised when she detached herself from them and disappeared into the night, he'd known more than a few of his kind that were irresistibly drawn to being close to the blackness above. Now alone other than the light elemental and the new arrival- a woman encased in blue who stood beside a sleek black metal beast-, he allowed himself to sink onto a nearby rock to wait out this strange meeting.


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#, as written by Guest
Wayne opened his eyes to the bright blue sky, the sun shining in the east where it had recently risen. He smiled. He'd slept well last night. Routinely, he climbed out of bed and began to walk when he realized where he was.

So that's why he had slept so peacefully. He was in his natural habitat. He saw a cloud flying over his head sometime after he'd performed his little tricks. He decided to rest there. He smiled, chuckling at his decision. It felt like he was sleeping on air because he was sleeping on air. It was laughable.

He pulled out his GPS to take a look at how far he'd drifted in the night. Not very far at all, only about fourty miles. He could fly back in less than five minutes. He took a look at the ground, far below him. He smiled, then took a leap of faith, diving into the sky below him as if it were an olympic swimmer diving into a pool.

He pulled up at the last second and was now hovering above the ground, almost gliding above the earth above him. He sped across unfamiliar landscape, his only guide being the GPS. He saw the temple right away, and flew slower and slower as he approached. His feet touched the ground as he entered the temple where people were waking up.

"Like sleeping on air," he joked, grabbing a protien bar and taking a bite. "How are y'all today?"


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#, as written by HypeR
I walked around the big cave. It was amazing. I decided to go check out some of the rooms. Each room had a torch in it and a thing made out of earth that represented a bed. I decided it was time to go get the others.
"Guys! Hey! Guys! I found something!" I yelled as I ran down the tunnel and out the opening and nearly ran back in the tunnel from how bright the sun had gotten. "Damn, it's bright" I said blinking a few times and noticed how hot it was, so I took my jacket off and noticed I was wearing a white tank. My arms were covered in various tattoos meaning various things but most of them were old tattoos from the war times that I had gotten for my fallen friends in the war. They might have only been humans, but they were my friends nonetheless. I ran my hand through my hair that was all pushed down from the hood but it was now it's normal spiked up style with all the colors of a flame.
"Hey, guys! There's a opening at the end of this tunnel that leads to some big cave that has rooms in it!" I yelled at the group who was now in various places.