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"I may not be able to see, but even i know you need a hug, bring it in"

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a character in “The Elements”, as played by Vlad the werewolf


Name: Arron Whitford
Nickname: Ace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lbs
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None
Overall Appearance: He wears a lot of blues and white, or at least something with those colors, usually a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Just like his brother, he wears a suit but his is blue and white under long sleeve shirt that unbuttoned at the top a bit and a fedora.

Element: Light
Limitations: If too much energy is spent, he can accidentally start to draw directly from himself which make him start to fade from existence.
Strengths: He can draw his power from all light types including the auras of humans and other living beings and It does no damage to them unless meant to be damaging (No this is not draining there life, this is draining their energy, It won't kill, the most extreme thing It can do is make a bad guy sluggish)
Weakness: He can use his abilities in the dark or at night he must have a light of some kind it take a bit of light to take from being so even that is impossible

Likes: Sunny days, making people happy, making friends, doing stuff for people that are good people and loves his brother (Irony noted)
Dislikes: The dark, creepy things and hates pure evil
Fears: Spiders and the thought of ending up with out anybody or disappointing his brother.
Secret: He looks normal but he is blind. He sees by sound, smell, the wind and the warmth of the lights. He sees patches of light like a thermal reading.
Personality: Cheery, sweet, charming, playful and protective.

History: He was not really with his brother much but they where always the best of friends, but his brother went off to the army and he can't remember but he spent most days waiting still being his regular cheery self. It was late August on a bright day there was a lunar eclipse and he was staring at the sun directly, because he was watching a plane as it flew by and that's when it happened, he saw a flash and he had no eye sight, his brother was was discharged later just so he could come home. After he got a bit more use to it his brother helped him train to where he could be a normal teen and nobody would know he was blind, cause he said he didn't want to be helped all his life how to feel the air from a high five as it came up for him to return the five, how to identify a place by the different smells and sounds. Then his brother taught him how to fight like this he using what he learned he was almost a natural. Then later on he start to see light but only the heat from it, he then start to notice he could manipulate this light after he looked at a lamp one night and glowed like bright glowing almost fully covered in light. His brother is the only family he has left so he was glad when his brother had powers too, it meant he wasn't a freak or something, he was starting to feel like he was. And now the two are as close as ever they spend almost all the time together. Arron joined the local police force and, sense he is on during the day he can use his powers while he works most of the time.

So begins...

Arron's Story


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The brothers weren't fond of school in fact being pretty smart despite their attitude towards their lives. They arrived late and missed most of the classes.
Arron awoke to the middle of the day, around 12:00, He jumped out of his bed. Since he has the light element the day always excited him so he got ready and went to school he arrived at the school and went to his 2nd last class for the day.


Malcolm woke at 12:45 in the afternoon and he was not fond of the day and he got up sore from his late night vigilantism so he got dressed in his all black cloths and left around 1:45pm. He only got there before the final class at the end of the day. He was hated by most of the town, so school was normal to him see how high schools are his life in a single building, so hate was normal but the best thing in his life was Ophelia, his girlfriend they were on at the time and he was happy for once seeing her was was like bliss.

[So sorry all I'm late and so i give you my opening ill be on more from here on.]