Chastity June Morrette

A girl in which a glimmer of hope lingers among the emptiness of a porcelain doll

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a character in “The emerGEN. C”, as played by they-go



Sixteen years of age, Chastity stands at 5'7", and is of a slender frame that is sometimes almost bony - particularly when she has been frequenting the minds of crows, as she begins to eat like one. Her long legs were once bowed, but they have straightened out as she started maturing. She has what people in the normal world would call pianist fingers. Among the white walls and chemical clean smell they are called crow wings, or crow feet. The shape of her eyes are nothing spectacular - what makes them special is the way they change with her mood, and the animal she is frequenting. They vary between grey, blue and green - grey being the most usual thanks to her affinity with crows and their genus, though she never quite acquires the true black iris of such birds. Her skin is extremely pale, as she doesn't see as much sun as she should as she is many times considered too flightly to be allowed outside, and her black hair contrasts starkly against her skin, falling below her waist.

Her tattoo is of unfurling wings, located above her heart.


Though she occasionally fancies the idea, Chastity does not envy the specials the ability to actual change her shape, particularly because being 'normal' gives her more freedom.


A wistful soul, Chastity has a sharpness to her that is frightening, like the glittering edge of a butchers knife. Her eyes, constantly roving, appear hungry and strangely empty, but occasionally a glimmer of hope will pour through, particularly when she is frequenting the horse genus. She is flighty, much like her animals, though with some intense coaxing she can be brought to lingering. Due to being such a flight risk, Chastity is kept from the outside world during recreation much of the time, and during the tests ad experiments the white coats do what they can to have her enter the bodies of animals they have available in the lab rather than let her seek animals on the outside.

Despite the circumstances, Chastity has a beautiful laugh. It is reminiscent of her firsdt laugh, when she was a child, and as she has not had the chance to truly mature it has not changed much - and she doesn't want it to. When she hears her own laugh, she is brought memories of her lost childhood and family. They are blurs of colour, vague faces, sometimes with an amazing clarity that she treaures. These memories, this happiness that she can recall, is what leaves her with such a hope burning within her. She realizes that there is probably nothing her parents could do to get her back, but she never falters in her belieft that if they could save her, they would.

Chastity also has a not-so irrational feer of felines. As she most frequents the raven, due to the freedom she feels during flight, she is often in danger of cats - particularly if she escapes into a raven on the outside. Though not as bad, she also has a fright of canines, not just becuse larger breeds leave her vulnerable when she is in the form of a raven, but because canines have a tendency of chasing chipmunks and niping at the legs of horses.

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