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The Empty Infinity

The Empty Infinity


THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY. I'm using this as a free zone to understand how this system works and to preview my creations.

697 readers have visited The Empty Infinity since Tenno, Warbound Oni created it.


[ Possible Tags: adventure, alien, fantasy, futuristic, sci-fi, space travel, space opera, mercenary, action, sandbox, human, alternate dimension ]

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"Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime!"

[ I N T R O D U C T I O N ]
Dear Mr. Big Badass,

By way of introduction, I'm – on second thought, who I am is not important, but who I represent is. I am but a humble talent scout for the galactically renowned conglomerate known as the Company. Never heard of us? Well, let me tell you a story about a little boy who plugged the leaks in a dike to keep it from bursting. His team spent a lot of time plugging leaks to prevent floods. But if he would have had our staff and resources, they wouldn't have to worry about plugging leaks because we find them and permanently eliminate them with company men who have years of training and experience.

The Company is a collection of groups and individuals with similar skill sets utilized in the pursuit of financial gain. We provide a distinct service to the galaxy, operating on the behest of our clients. It is through our existence that this universe has become a much a different place; a safer place. Under the employ and leadership of a single entity, this organization has become the best at what they do.

Our overarching goal is to continue thriving and profiting, until we have become a mogul with an untouchable empire and monopoly on our industry. For that to happen, we require people both courageous and driven -- in other words, the toughest sons-of-bitches out there.

Word has gotten around; apparently you have what it takes? For this reason, we are approaching you today, in hopes of acquiring your successful business prowess. We understand that you have turned down many proposals like ours before and that you do not wish to receive pitches about our product or services, but maybe our incentive program will entice you? Along with many other worldly pleasures, we can offer something much more: stability. You of all people know how this life is... the constant moving and the endless searching, all in the name of a small sum and simply surviving, forever bound to the notion that the next day may be your last.

Join us, and you’ll stop surviving and start living. Unlike other agencies, we do not demand that you give your life to our cause. We do not demand that you sacrifice your happiness for some stranger. We are asking you to join us -- to accompany us in what will surely be one hell of an adventure.

Please, allow me to explain in person. Remember, what you are. And if that title still holds true, then we need your help. We need those who are unburdened with things like morality, _____, _____, _____, and _____. I will be at these [Coordinates] at this [Date]. Once there, you will find me surrounded by those like you, and together you all will be offered the opportunity of a lifetime. With your assistance we can turn this into an era of order and peace, and if not? Fuck it! In the end, we’ll still be filthy rich. But more importantly,

[Company Emblem Here]When people like us get together, shit is guaranteed to get fucked up.

[Company Emblem Here]--The Persuasive Man

[ H I S T O R Y ]
In a future not our own, there is a galaxy far, far away...

The Kraken Galaxy, a barred spiral galaxy containing between two and four hundred billion stars. It is here that twenty years of peace and prosperity has passed since the signing of the Modus Vivendi, which halted a Twelve-Year War between the Human Imperium and the Galactic League.

Establishing the Modus Vivendi was an armistice that should have ended the war. However, it only stopped hostilities until negotiations for lasting peace could be settled. But, as fate would have it, something even better than peace would rise from the ashes of war. While on the subject of war spoils and how to divide it, leaders from the war zone, the very same spoils being divvied up like mere currency, interrupted and demanded their independence as reparation for destroying their homeworlds.

The war began with a feud over territory, so it only made sense to end it the same way. Since neither side got what they wanted and nor did their enemy, which was something both parties could agree to, sovereignty without a revolution was possible. But this was not true freedom. As a fledgling nation the Medulla Threshold, formerly known as the Great Wastes, was in a state recovery from being a galactic battlefield as well as being without a military. It was agreed, or rather forced upon them, that in this region's inception it would be a protectorate: a region granted autonomy under military protection by a larger government. They would be allowed to retain formal sovereignty on the condition that they upheld certain obligations dictated in their arrangement, the primary of which was to stay neutral in all diplomatic matters. The smallest infringement would be considered a hostile act of war, resulting in immediate termination of their autonomy and their nation. To say the least, the relationship between the three factions was fragile, but nonetheless it created peace throughout the galaxy -- or so it seemed.

There may not have been a war to fight, but turmoil and conflict still existed. Plots and schemes were still being brewed in the shadows... There was an event on the horizons, one that would that shake the galaxy to its very core. What would become of the galaxy is a fate unknown, and a destiny to be determined by the actions of a few and choices yet made.

[ A B O U T ]
Now Hiring is a Futuristic-Action-Adventure Space Opera themed roleplay following the trials and tribulations of a single Private Military Company and the band of mercenaries that work for them. Unbeknownst to them, they're every decision will grow to effect the universe. Players will be thrown into various scenarios where their characters must interact with the environment and non-player characters in order to survive and progress. Nothing is predetermined; the story can branch off in any direction. Players and characters will come and go, but the story will continue on without them; no one person is bigger or crucial to the game.

Characters of this roleplay will be Three-Dimensional and have a level of Realism and Uniqueness to them. Little to no similarities should exist among characters, except the common profession of Mercenary accompanied by the likelihood of a Military Background. You're allowed to make your character whomever or whatever you want; No Limits and No Restrictions, only your own imagination. All we ask is that each character is Substantially Different from the next and to try to keep an Even Gender Ratio, but the latter won't be enforced. Character collaboration is important, but not necessary. People don't always come together and mesh. Keep in mind that sometimes, most times, they clash due to their different personalities.

Formally, there isn't a standard character application to submit or a required written excerpt needed before one is allowed to join the roleplay. Collectively, the GM's will make that decision based on the Quality of Character & Player. However, we do reserve the right to ask for examples of writing and that certain information is found in the character skeleton.

Setting is restricted to one location, more specifically, One Galaxy and all that is within it. Since time will be a living element in the game, the date will change as well. It's highly possible that Time Jumps could consist of any chronological combination, from 10 minutes to 10 years. Needless to say, Progression will be an active factor in the game. Characters that smoke can develop cancer or characters of a certain age can become too elderly to continue on with the journey. It won't all be bad though; there are positive effects of progression and change like acquiring new gear and skills. In short, the game will be ever Evolving and never stale since the PMC's travels will take them all across the known universe, putting them in situations such as:

[Extend Description] Traversing lush, savage and untamed alien jungles in search of lost artifacts that could fetch them a fortune; shipwrecked, fighting for their lives against savage denizens; or carrying out hunting contracts for world pioneering colonists to exterminate vicious wildlife.

Navigating the cold, empty outer reaches of space whilst escorting greedy merchants and their trade caravans through hostile territory; shooting it out with ruthless space pirates in light-speed, intergalactic dog fights; or answering distress beacons only to discover the ship's crew has become mutated monsters.

Plotting and planning the assassination of high value targets in the fast-paced, smog-filled, mega-cities; breaking into maximum-security prisons to free the justly or unjustly imprisoned; or fencing priceless objects on the black market after illegally acquiring them in a high-stakes heist.

On the subject of player expectations, Advanced or Experienced writers and roleplayers will only be permitted to join this roleplay. What this entails is the ability to distinguish what is a good post length without the assistance of word count parameters; the ability to write a post with limited spelling/grammatical errors; and above all else, the ability to know when and how much to post because there won't be a required quota to be met within a day or week. Oh, and always try to be an Active and Well-Mannered roleplayer. This means attempting to Communicate with other players, like informing your peers of any circumstance that might affect the roleplay. Or taking part in player-to-player interaction whether it is for OOC or IC purposes. And some form of common sense and decency are nice things to have too.

In case of a M.I.A. situation, the character will simply be passed up and auto-controlled. The character won't be killed off, but the player may be replaced if the absence is of an abnormal length (a week or more). Keep in mind that the pace of the roleplay will be moderate to slow and there won't be any cases of thread bombing, so overwhelming post shouldn't be a problem.

This game will reach its minimal operating requirements at the total of Five Players using One Character each. The maximum amount of players allowed will be Seven Players. While you are only allowed to use one character at any given time, you may have multiple characters in your inactive roster. Secondary Characters, such as NPCs, can be used in addition to your primary character, but they must be an extension of said character and not just a random creation you wish to use.

Comprising the staff for this game are the following Three Game Masters: Tenno, the Warbound Oni the Creator and Owner, VindicatedPurpose the Lead Storyteller, and Winds of Fate the General Manager. Any of the three previously mentioned people can answer any and all questions.

"Killing is our business, and business is good!"

[ O R I G I N ]
[ Description of Dead Horizons started ]

"Everyday is 'bring your gun to work' day!"

[ I N C E P T I O N ]
[ Description of how the company came into existence ]

[ D E S C R I P T I O N ]
[ Description of how the company functions, including the hubs, the market types, etc...]

[ E X P L A N A T I O N ]
[ Description of the company's hierarchy ]

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We will be using a unique type of roleplaying style called Storytelling. In this type of game, the traditional elements of a story — theme, mood, plot and character — are more important than any set of rules. Using this type of game mechanics will serve to help tell stories about your characters in an interactive experience. It will help prevent arguments and provide elements of chance. The triumphs and tragedies of the characters as they try to survive and even thrive in this are the main focus, not special equipment or lists of traits.

The game will involve at least four, although preferably five or more players. Everybody involved in the game participates in telling a group story — the players create and act out the roles of their characters, and the Storyteller creates and reveals the plot, introducing allies and antagonists with which the players’ characters interact. The players’ choices throughout the course of the Storytelling experience alter the plot. The Storyteller’s job isn’t to defend his story from any attempt to change it, but to help create the story as events unfold, reacting to the players’ choices and weaving them into a greater whole, introducing secondary characters and exotic settings.

[ C R E D I T S ]
[ credits and any special thanks ]

Taking place in...

Infinite Plane our primary setting

Bleak and utter emptiness. Nowhere and everywhere, at the same time. Endless eternity. Welcome.

Infinite Plane

Infinite Plane by Tenno, Warbound Oni

Bleak and utter emptiness. Nowhere and everywhere, at the same time. Endless eternity. Welcome.

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While not required, locations can be organized onto a map. More information soon!

Infinite Plane

Infinite Plane by Tenno, Warbound Oni

Bleak and utter emptiness. Nowhere and everywhere, at the same time. Endless eternity. Welcome.

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Character Portrait: The Infinity Entity


Character Portrait: The Infinity Entity
The Infinity Entity

"Who am I? I am everything, yet I am nothing."


Character Portrait: The Infinity Entity
The Infinity Entity

"Who am I? I am everything, yet I am nothing."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: The Infinity Entity
The Infinity Entity

"Who am I? I am everything, yet I am nothing."

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Infinite Plane

Infinite Plane by Tenno, Warbound Oni

Bleak and utter emptiness. Nowhere and everywhere, at the same time. Endless eternity. Welcome.

Infinite Plane

Bleak and utter emptiness. Nowhere and everywhere, at the same time. Endless eternity. Welcome.

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