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Alex Snow

"I think angels are kinda cute... how can something so cute be so destructive?"

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a character in “The End of Days”, as played by mister-cavalier



Alex Snow
{"I've got everything you want in life and more. Now shut up and kiss me." }


|{Full Name}|
Andrew Alexander Snow

Alex, Drew, Snowflake

December 22nd


Resistance Lieutenant, kid-brother of the Leader

Generally, Alex doesn’t really harbor hate for any thing. His feelings towards the angels is complicated. While he is committed to his brother’s cause, and he naturally feels compelled to fight any sort of control, Alex isn’t all that convinced that angels are the real enemy. On the whole, he figures that angels are circumstantial enemies; given time, angels and humans will become mutual-benefactors. But in the meantime, he’ll shoot any winged thing that ain’t a bird.


What Lies Beneath
{”I’m not a too complicated guy. Just sit down and cuddle with me. }

|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
    ▪Sleeps naked
    ▪Flirts in stressful situations
    ▪Makes generally inappropriate jokes
    ▪Raises his eyebrows suggestively to indicate "yes"
    ▪"Spank me!" is his first reaction to insults. Some have obliged.

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
|{Flaws || Weakness}|

    øSeeing no end to conflict.ø
    øBeing used.ø

These Things I'll Never Tell
{"Calm down, puppy dog. You'll get what you want.” }


Alex Snow is a cynical yet... boisterous person. He's loud and obnoxious, and proudly so. In what way, you might ask, is he obnoxious? He flaunts his good looks. Not necessarily out of vanity, mind you. Instead, he's just a very hedonistic person. Part of his... salacious endeavors stem from his cynicism. His past paints a dark tattoo on his heart, and although he really does want a boy to sweep up, his frivolous nature keeps him from true love. That, and he really enjoys having sex. He will, however, forego sexual advances if he's given a certifiable cue from someone to "back the fuck off!" or if there are gravely serious matters afoot. In those situations, Alex has been described as an... indispensible companion. He can be caring and very warm-hearted, and when the occasion arises, he can be a hero.

What You Want To Know

    fun in bed
    sitting by a fire
    listening to guitars
    telling naughty jokes

What Pushes My Buttons

    grumpy angels
    brother's tantrums
    being told what to do

Digging Up The Past
{"We like to party.” }


|{Place of Origin}|
Portland, Oregon

Andrew Alexander Snow, the younger brother of Oliver Snow, is an interesting person with a not-so-interesting past. Alex had a pretty typical upbringing. He was raised like any average American boy - he went to school, he lost his virginity at a school dance in the boy's bathroom, and he smoked weed. Lots of weed. He was a big fan of Eminem and his parents doted over him quite a lot.
His life took a more serious turn when he was expelled from all-boys Catholic school for... scandalous activities with another student. Now mind you, he never was a flamboyant or "stereotypical" high school gay. He kept all male friends, he played baseball, rooted for Mitt Romney, went to Church, loved to play paintball and on the whole was rather liked. Everyone knew what he wanted, of course - to get in their pants- but his otherwise charming personality ensured he had a rather large circle of friends at all times.
After being kicked out, however, he found himself quite alone with very few people to talk to. His mind played tricks on him. His body felt dead. To go from... constant affection to almost none in a weekend. It put him through shock, in lack of a better word. But he found himself in a rather interesting position. He had time, at last. So he dedicated it to improving his aim with a gun. Handguns to be exact - his father's.
When the angels first attacked, one of the initial victims was a few of his friends from high school. Some of them were killed, many of the rest were taken to the Aerie where they server their angelic masters. Some of the fallen did worse.


Face Claim|Robert Sheehan|

So begins...

Alex Snow's Story