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Zahia Alain

35 year old female

0 · 199 views · located in Reality with zombies

a character in “The End of the World As We Know It”, as played by Dragonrogue


Occupation before attack: Assassin
Physical description: Long, dark hair. Face half way covered.
Family: none. Her parent died when she was young.
Likes: The two swords she carries around.
Dislikes: Crowded areas, the less people the better
Other information: After her parents died a group of assassins took her in and trained her. They taught her that your individual safety is more important than any thing else, But she is still willing to heilp others. She's had few partners over the years, but is loyal if you gain her trust.

So begins...

Zahia Alain's Story

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Zahia arrived early to check out the place before meeting the guy who would pay her for another job well done. No one was going to get away with double-crossing her. The last person who tried never lived to repeat that mistake."Weird" she mumbled to herself. "There should be at least a few people up and going to work about now. Oh well no point in waiting any longer, might as well go collect the money. Zahia got up from her hiding space and slung her pack on her as she climbed into the open window of the hotel."you know it's real careless leaving the window open. Anyone could have come in and I wouldn't save you." She said to the man inside.
He jumped. "The job is done then?" "Yes, your employers should know that by now, it's all over the news." Zahia looked around the room. It was a simple hotel room. Nothing too fancy just one bed and a desk. She noticed the man sweating and nervously tapping his fingers on the desk though. "You new at this?" The man nodded."Good. All you have to do is give me the money. I'll take it and check to see if it's all there. If it is then you can walk out of here and go back to your employers alive. But if even one penny is missing I will hold you personally responsible." Zahia watched as the man gulped. She enjoyed making people squirm."Now I take it that you do have the money?" "Y-yes, here it is." He said as he took out a briefcase and placed it on the desk. Zahia immediately open the briefcase and started counting. As she started to close the briefcase she heard a shuffling outside the room. She frowned at the man. "You better not be expecting someone." "N-no I'm not expecting anyone." He nervously said as he got up and opened the door. "Zombies!" He screamed as he tried to slam the door shut. "B-but their not real." "Well , their obviously real now" Zahia said as she looked outside the window. "Crap. Their starting to come outside. We'll have to make a run for it." Zahia claimed out the window and on to the roof. With the briefcase. "We?" The man asked as he followed. "Yes, unless you rather get eaten by zombies. But I'm not waiting for you." She said as she climbed down the fire escape.zahia peeked around the corner. " there are some zombies ahead but we can make it if we run. We should be okay if we make it to the road and find a car." Zahia said right before she started running. It was pretty easy to avoid the zombies. She turned around as she heard a cry."looks like you weren't fast enough. " She called back as she watched the zombies claw at the man's body. "Can't you help?" He cried out at her "You are way past helping in a few hours you'll be one of them. I'm not going to go down too. You're on your own. Zahia replied as she found a car and hopped in. She threw the briefcase in the passengers seat with her pack as she hot-wired the car and started driving west.