A crazy man, living in a grocery store. Scared of cannibals.

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a character in “The End of the World”, as played by Doomsinner


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, shoulder length, unkempt.
Build: Fairly tall, reaching 5 foot 11. Skinny, not much muscle mass, but some.
Clothes: Keeps his two favorite band shirts as clean as he can, but otherwise dark colored shirts, and jeans, usually ragged looking. Sometimes wraps a shirt around his head in to look like a 'ninja mask'.

Otherwise, has a scar on his left arm, about 2 and a half inches long.


A bit 'twitchy', Sebastian is usually eccentric, and unpredictable. He doesn't even know what he's going to do most of the time. Talks to the pet rat that resides on his shoulder. Rarely leaves the grocery store, but does if situation calls for it. Cautious, and has a fear of cannibals. Even though he seems unstable, is very intelligent. Skillful with knife-like weapons.


'Ninja Mask'
Machete he's had since the 'accident'.
Sword he found in an antique store. (Kept in a secret, undisclosed location)
A hunting rifle with 4 rounds.
Gymbag with all his belongings.
Extra clothes
A pure black pocketknife, with the word Scorpion in bright silver letters on the hilt.
Several water bottles.
Few pieces of Beef Jerky.


2038 - Sebastian, who was only 7 at the time, His mother, and his father, started their move. His father told him they were going to find 'The Green Place'. Sebastian brings his pet rat, Pepper, with them.
2039 - Most of the world engulfed in riots. Sebastian's family was hidden in a abandoned bunker that his Mother had found.
2040 - Sebastian's father teaches him the arts of knife-fighting. Sebastian was only 9 at this time. Pepper dies, but had had baby rats with a wild rat before death.
2041 - Sebastian's family starts to run low on food. Food in the area runs low.
2045 - On Sebastian's 14th birthday, a man was found, bleeding, in the street outside the bunker. Sebastian's father helps him. In return for the help, man gives Sebastian's father a pocketknife he had. Sebastian's father gives Sebastian the knife.
2046 - No food in area at this point. Sebastian's father says they're going to move. In the middle of the night, before the move, Sebastian awakens to find that the man that had lived with them had killed his parents and was eating them. In a rage, Sebastian kills the man. He mournfully buries his parents, and burns the body of the cannibal. Fear of cannibals starts.
2048 - Sebastian finds the Grocery Store. Lets his pet rats run loose, seeing as they can live off anything. One stays with him at all times.
2049 - Cannibals near the grocery store make first attempt to kill, and eat, Sebastian. After assault, he is left with a scar on his left arm. Sets traps, and trip wires in his Grocery Store.
2050 - Present Date.

So begins...

Sebastian's Story