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Aomine Daiki

He's got that arrogant personality, but isn't really that hard to understand him once you get to know him better.

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a character in “The Endless Manor”, as played by iamindarkness11


Aomine Daiki


dark blue hair, blue eyes, dark skin

bad boy-ish and arrogant personality

Likes hanging out on the roof. Good friends with Momoi Satsuki.

So begins...

Aomine Daiki's Story


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urghh.. I'm TIRED.

where is everybody anyway?

urghh... My body hurts. I feel like i'm dying.

well then, since everybody is not here, i'll sleep.


"Huh? who are you?"

"Can't you remember what happen?"

"I even can't remember you."

"Aomine-kun, it's me. Kuroko."

"Huh? Ah.. Ahh"



"URGH! what kind of dream is that?! Never mind. I want to play basketball. Of course to kill time."

---In the park---
Ah. It's Midorima and Tetsu. What are they talking about? It seems a serious talk.


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"Aomine-kun?" I call out to the roof. It seems like no one's there, but it's worth trying.

"Dai-chan~! We have to go now, or else all the shops are going to close!!" No response.

I climb the ladder, and find nothing but the gusting wind. Great, where could he have gone off to now??
We were supposed to go shopping together today! He promised the other day....

RING-RING! RING-RING! I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. It's Aomine-kun. I answer it.

"Dai-chan, how could you.......leaving without even telling me ahead of time......that's mean, you know~!!!" He deserves a scolding. He really deserves it. Right?

"Satsuki, come over here. it seems Tetsu and Midorima are talking to each other." It's him, alright. I'd recognize that bossy voice of his anywhere.

"Tetsu-kun and Midorima-kun?" That's odd.Those two rarely see each other. This is something out of the ordinary.

"Yeah, it seems serious, so come over here. I'm at the park, by the famous burger station. Make sure you don't let them see you."

"Okay, I'll come over. But Dai--"

"Good, make it quick. I'll wait for you."

"Dai-chan~!" I called out to him, but it's too late. He cut the line off. I sigh.

"Oh, come on!" I shout into the roof.

He could be so insensitive sometimes. I'm a girl, you know. Girls need to be treated with care! Well, not that he cares much for anything. He even forgot about our plans for today, and didn't even bother apologizing to me!

I should come anyways, right? Yeah, that's right. I'll go meet him and tell him to apologize for being so careless!

"Aomine-kun, you never change." I sigh as I climb down the ladder like I always had.

Burger station by the park, here I come!


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"Kuroko, someone's threatening me." I start.

"You, Midorima-kun? I didn't know anyone was capable of doing such a thing." He says with a straight face. He doesn't seem to believe me.

"Yes, even I was surprised. I don't know this person, but he warned me...."

"About what, may I ask?" Was he always this observant? He doesn't seem to want me to miss out any details. Should I just tell him everything?

"I don't know, but I'm telling you to be careful as a precaution. I'm not sure what he's gonna pull up his sleeve, but....please."

"....Okay. I'll be careful, just like you said so. But, will the others be okay, or did he mention just the two of us?" he asks. Damn, just give me a break. I've no choice to tell him everything.

"No. It wasn't just you and me. It was everyone."


"Everyone. Everyone I know. This should include Kise, Aomine, Momoi, and the others."

"Have you told them yet?" another question to shoot at me.


".....I see. Do you intend to do so, Midorima-kun?" I look at him, and his eyes tell me he's waiting for my answer. This is uncomfortable. I break the tension by looking away.

"Uh, I haven't thought about it yet, so I'll ask for your opinion. What do you think should I do?" I have never been the kind to ask for opinion before, he's probably noticed that too.

"I think that you should tell them. The sooner better." I expected that answer, judging from his character. Perhaps it was in reading his daily fortune in the past.

"As expected from Kuroko. You've always had that kind of character in you. After all, you are an Aquarius."

"BAKA~!!!" A girl's scream from afar. We both turn our heads to where it was coming from, and what a surprise.

It's Momoi and Aomine.