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Kagami Taiga

He is good friends with Kuroko, and is very loyal to his friends. He also has a huge appetite big enough to eat twenty bowls of noodles in one sitting.

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a character in “The Endless Manor”, as played by silver_arrows99


Kagami Taiga


Red and black hair, dark red eyes

Cool-type, a great cook, and has a huge appetite to eat almost anything.

Doesn't like dogs.

So begins...

Kagami Taiga's Story


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"Kurokocchi! let's play! one on one"-Kise

In our middle school, Kise-kun and Aomine-kun likes to play one on one a lot. Kise-kun, Midorima-kun, Aomine-kun, Murasakibara-kun, Akashi-kun and I were known as the prodigies or the "Generation of Miracles" but, I felt emptiness. I was wondering if they just use me as a tool in winning. I know I'm a weak person. I can only just pass the ball but I can make the passing into another level.

"I'm tired now, Kise-kun. Maybe next time. Or, you can ask Aomine-kun to play with you. Gomenasai. (sorry)"

"Awww. No problem kurokocchi. We have a practice game tomorrow with your school, remember? that means, I can surely play with you and also, aominecchi said he's tired -_-"."-said Kise with a deep and serious voice.

"Ok. I'll see you tomorrow, kise-kun. Be sure you are ready tomorrow."-I replied.

I arrive in the park. Currently watching some students playing street basketball while eating my food. Then Midorima-kun sit beside me.

"Hisashiburi-desu (long time no see), Murasakibara-kun."

"Ahh! Kuroko?! why are you here?!"-Midorima

"I already sat here about a minute ago."

"ahh. Sokka (I see).-Midorima

It seems he wanna talk about something serious.


He continue.