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The Enigma Phantasma

The Enigma Phantasma


Keepers; the people responsible for upholding the order and peace between the worlds of magic and humanity. When disaster strikes, a group of novice Keepers find themselves tasked with responsibilities they weren’t quite prepared to handle. . . .

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It wasn’t so long ago, as far as the annals of history are concerned, that the worlds of magic and humanity were seemingly irreversibly intertwined with one another. Magic permeated every nook and cranny of the world, it existed everywhere the eye could see, and even where it couldn’t. All manner of things now considered myth and legend lived alongside humanity. Witches, wizards, demons, ghosts and ghouls, Grim Reapers . . . you think of it, and once upon a time, they were with us. But, as it goes within the annals too, the two worlds have always danced upon the edges, waning and waxing, intertwined and forced apart. . . .

Eras of connection pass only for ones to begin with the worlds separated.

It is a seemingly never-ending cycle, never for too long have the worlds of humans and magic remained intertwined with one another, no matter how many times they might’ve touched in the past.

In the current epoch, the worlds have divided, and have been apart from one another for the last millennium. Since it was humanity began to spiral into the Dark Ages, the worlds of man and magic have slipped away from one another, bidding each other farewell as each was left to cope with its own matters, very rarely ever overlapping with one another since their split. Man had begun to become superstitious, and easily afraid by the things they could not understand, and because of this, they began to fear magic.

Since the rift formed, and the two worlds began supporting themselves, humans have continued to pass down stories of magic and things mythical, of course, few humans actually believe these tales anymore, and only take to them in their early childhoods. Very little actually pay them any heed, or think any more of them than that. Of course, what no one knows is that all things magic remains with us. . . . Though the worlds remain actively divided, we still share the same realm with one another. It just happens that the world of magic lives within the shadow of the human’s. Always there, but never suspect.

Humans have come to develop a society based entirely around themselves, and their needs, a single-standing society erected solely around their world. They live only in one world, their world, and most have no idea that out there lives those who have learned to weave in-between realms, live in one world, and in another. Magic may have vanished from humanity’s line of sight, but it has not gone away. What is magic and what is not is very puzzling, truly it is. . . . They could be neighbors, friends and even family. Those people who exist in and in-between the two worlds—it is nearly impossible to know. Those born of magic have learned to govern themselves in the shadows of humanity, maintain order in their own world while continuing to intermingle.

Within the world of magic, it has become utterly taboo to reveal the nature of magic to humanity, magic must remain a secret, and the division between worlds upheld. Most Magicals agree upon this, and would rather keep themselves and their world hidden. Of course, there are those who do not prefer it that way . . . as well as there are forces within the magical world that cannot be easily controlled.

Although hidden, there are constant threats to the tentative harmony held between the worlds and the concealment. And as this has always been a certainty, early on, following the severance between worlds, those forces which would come to form the basis for a ‘government’ in the magical community came together and sewed together a hasty, yet effective means to maintain the order they desperately desired. It was decided that supernatural forces would contain their own. Magic would combat magic. Though there have been many changes and the organization has not continued the same over the centuries, the mission remains what it always has for these supernaturals; uphold the order and keep the world of magic a secret from humanity.

Originally, they had no names, they were merely known as a force that kept the worlds at a safe distance. . . . But, over the years, they began to be called ‘The Keepers’ by many, and it was that the name stuck, becoming the official title for those who upheld the secrets of magic.

In the modern age, magic and myth continue to exist right under the noses of humanity, and is yet able to remain hidden thanks to the efforts of many dedicated Keepers. Now regulated and officiated, it has become easier and easier for the two worlds to live alongside each other with one blissfully unaware. If a Supernatural or a Magical goes rogue, or the sanctity of the magical world is threatened, the Keepers can more often than not handle it with ease.

Within the community, Keepers are respected for the duties they perform; they keep Magicals safe from humans, and hold up the order. Most any Magical or Supernatural is welcomed among the ranks of the Keepers once they enter adulthood at the age of twenty-one.

But, not everyone who is within the ranks of the Keepers happens to be twenty-one or older, no. The Keepers allow adolescents into their order, but only as unofficials. These adolescents are never allowed, or made, to carry the responsibilities of a true Keeper. Instead, these novices are dispatched under the guidance of a mentor to take care of minor problems that are barely even considered to be threats to the safety of the magic world. . . . These youths are often involved in this sort of ‘program’ for more reason than one. Either they are volunteering to train and help out cleaning up the easy stuff, or they’ve entered into an official program to train to become a Keeper in the near future . . . or they are made to take part in these programs as a means of community service. If ever a young Magical threatens the wellbeing of the secret, but is not dangerous enough to be considered a true threat, you can expect that a local Official will assign the youth to ‘clean-up’ duty to try to get them to straighten up.

As things go, no matter how they’ve come together in this . . . there exists now several young Magicals who are bring brought together to form one of these ‘unofficial’ Keeper groups, and unbeknownst to everyone, they are going to find themselves tasked with a fate they could not comprehend.


As far as things go, there are very few limits in making a character here, perhaps a few age restrictions and otherwise, but nothing too imposing. Your characters can be pretty much of any supernatural or magical race you know of, so long as said race is humanoid. One other rule happens to be that there can only be one character per a race, so say someone makes a witch, no one else can make another witch; they have to pick something else!! Since there is going to be such a small cast of characters, it’s to break up monotony and so that it doesn’t happen in the first place!! As far as supernatural mythos goes too, you can abide by the classic roots of said race you pick, but you’re also allowed to mix, match and completely make up your own rules, truths and histories regarding them. It’s up to you.

When it comes to character slots I’m going to ask that slots be reserved in the OOC ahead of someone submitting a character, along with a reservation request, I’ll also ask that you tell say what race you want your character to be so that it can be noted to keep there from being repeated requests, and we know what’s what. Slots are what they are, and, regarding the mentor slots as opposed to the team slots, there will be a couple of different things expected of that character and roleplayer; ie, that character will be a bit older, and have experience that the younger characters don’t . . . etc. If there are any questions concerning that, feel free to PM me, and I’ll get back to you ASAP about that!!

The Slots

The Team

Rozenn Vampa
The Witch
WiP by Mir

Male One
TAKEN by KingJuggalo

Sophia Sonozaki
The Siren
As Played by Rann

Bell (Medusa) Kokuja
The Gorgon
As Played by Sonicx00

The Mentor

Zelimir Ruska
The Dragon
As Played by Dynamite

The Unknown

Malach Reaper
The Grim Reaper
As Played by H3R0

The Twins

The Brother & The Sister
??? & Naya Kolasi
TAKEN by Monochrome and Apocalyptic Tea

Character Skeleton

Code: Select all
[left][font=Pick a font][size=200]♦ [color=Pick a color]FULL NAME HERE[/color] ♦[/size]

[size=90][color=Pick a color][u]Theme:[/u][/color] [url=DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO HERE]Name of song and artist here[/url]
[color=Pick a color][u]Image Song:[/u][/color] [url=DIRECT LINK TO VIDEO HERE]Name of song and artist here[/url]

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Pick a color][u]Race:[/u][/color] What manner of supernatural creature is your character?

[color=Pick a color][u]Gender:[/u][/color] 
[color=Pick a color][u]Nickname(s):[/u][/color] 
[color=Pick a color][u]Alias(es):[/u][/color]
[color=Pick a color][u]Age:[/u][/color] In-between 16 and 19 for those on the Team/In-between 21 and 24 for the Mentor.
[color=Pick a color][u]Sexuality:[/u][/color] Doesn’t matter what your character’s orientation is, but list it and whether or not if anyone knows, and if someone does know, does it matter to them?
[color=Pick a color][u]Romantic Interest(s):[/u][/color] This can include current crushes, boyfriends/girlfriends, and anyone from the character’s past that was perhaps noteworthy.

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Pick a color][u]Height:[/u][/color] 
[color=Pick a color][u]Weight:[/u][/color] 
[color=Pick a color][u]Build:[/u][/color]
[color=Pick a color][u]Hair Color/Style:[/u][/color]
[color=Pick a color][u]Eye Color:[/u][/color] 
[color=Pick a color][u]Scars/Tattoos/Piercings:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Description:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Pick a color][u]Oddities:[/u][/color] 

[color=Pick a color][u]Likes:[/u][/color]
[color=Pick a color][u]Dislikes:[/u][/color]
[color=Pick a color][u]Hobbies:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Phobia(s)/General Fears:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Personality:[/u][/color] Minimum of two paragraphs.

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]TALENTS/COMBATIVENESS[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Pick a color][u]Skills[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Weaknesses:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Powers:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Abilities:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Weapon of Choice/Discipline:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Fighting Style:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]BACKGROUND[/b][/color] ♦

[color=Pick a color][u]Relationship Status:[/u][/color]

[color=Pick a color][u]Family/Significant Individuals:[/u][/color] List here the character’s  immediate family, any family that had a significant impact on their life, and any other people, friends, mentors, etc., that played an important role in their life.

[color=Pick a color][u]Personal History:[/u][/color] Minimum of four paragraphs.

♦ [color=Pick a color][b]OTHER/ETC/TRIVIA:[/b][/color] ♦
This is a section merely for any added information that might not otherwise fit into the other areas of the skeleton.[/font][/size]

Toggle Rules

1. Simply enough; if you cannot commit do not submit!! If you can’t be an active participate in this roleplay, and manage to post regularly then do not join, if you join and stop posting consistently, then your character will either be killed off and replaced, or control of them will be assumed by another of the roleplayers, period. There are few exceptions to this, I know that life gets in the way of roleplaying at times, it happens, but for the sake of the plot, things will have to move with or without you, if something comes up and you’re aware of it having an impact on your capability to roleplay, then I implore you to PLEASE notify me or us at your earliest ability. Whether by PM or through the OOC, leave a notice if you can help it before going MIA. If you just go MIA with no notice, you will lose your character.

2. There will be a word limit on posts, I am going to ask that people refrain from posting one liners, this roleplay is meant to become much like a novel-read, so I will ask that posts be upwards of 300 words. I know that cannot always be managed, so less is acceptable, so long as there’s enough meat in the post to get a sense of character, action and the scene.

3. There well may be romance in this, and that’s fine with me. But, abide by RPG’s rules, and keep it contained—and I do not want to see situations go past something PG-14, please. Characters can get touchy-feely with each other and whatnot, but when it comes to anything heavier, take it somewhere off-site.

4. Respect your fellow roleplayers, and their characters, have fun and don’t godmod~ If you have any questions about anything, don’t be afraid to ask! ^.^

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Character Portrait: Sophia Sonozaki
Character Portrait: Bell (Medusa) Kokuja
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Character Portrait: Naya Kolasi
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Character Portrait: Malach Reaper
Malach Reaper

"I'm not a face worth remembering anyway."

Character Portrait: Naya Kolasi
Naya Kolasi

Two words: Brother Complex

Character Portrait: Rozenn Vampa
Rozenn Vampa

Huge WiP. Look if you really want to though.

Character Portrait: Bell (Medusa) Kokuja
Bell (Medusa) Kokuja

"What happened that day...?"

Character Portrait: Sophia Sonozaki
Sophia Sonozaki

"This is my song, for all of you! Thank you, everyone!"


Character Portrait: Rozenn Vampa
Rozenn Vampa

Huge WiP. Look if you really want to though.

Character Portrait: Sophia Sonozaki
Sophia Sonozaki

"This is my song, for all of you! Thank you, everyone!"

Character Portrait: Malach Reaper
Malach Reaper

"I'm not a face worth remembering anyway."

Character Portrait: Naya Kolasi
Naya Kolasi

Two words: Brother Complex

Character Portrait: Bell (Medusa) Kokuja
Bell (Medusa) Kokuja

"What happened that day...?"

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Character Portrait: Bell (Medusa) Kokuja
Bell (Medusa) Kokuja

"What happened that day...?"

Character Portrait: Naya Kolasi
Naya Kolasi

Two words: Brother Complex

Character Portrait: Malach Reaper
Malach Reaper

"I'm not a face worth remembering anyway."

Character Portrait: Sophia Sonozaki
Sophia Sonozaki

"This is my song, for all of you! Thank you, everyone!"

Character Portrait: Rozenn Vampa
Rozenn Vampa

Huge WiP. Look if you really want to though.

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