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Bell (Medusa) Kokuja

"What happened that day...?"

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a character in “The Enigma Phantasma”, as played by Sonicx00





Race: Gorgon - A gorgon is a female humanoid cursed by the gods of ancient greece. Although in previous centuries and millenniums there have only been three. The gorgons were said to be immortal women of beauty only cursed by a god through jealousy. The original three had been changed to represent disgusting creatures unknown that the famous queen would be reincarnated.

Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Bell, Kokuja
Alias(es): "The Reincarnation" was so far the only one she has personally heard.
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest(s): Although beautiful she may be, socially even when growing up she had been known to be distant and strange because of this stigma and her uncomfortable atmosphere. No human to her knowledge had made any advances. She personally doesn't know how feelings develop in such circumstances and would rather avoid it all together if she could.


Height: 168
Weight: 128
Build: Glamorous
Hair Color/Style: Light Purple long hair that runs down her back only a two inches pass the waist.
Eye Color:  White (Although had she not been blind they could be purple). Although her eyes may be white, you can still see the black pupil. When her powers activate however, her eye's pupil represents snake eyes which could be an effect of the past.
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Only a tattoo of a seal upon her back in the shape of a serpent with three cycles around it. ears are pierced yet other then that nothing to it.


Being born a gorgon, she is in fact very beautiful however because she is a reincarnation she does closely resemble the unseen sight of Medusa quite closely. The girl stands rather tall looking to about five feet and six inches and could be seen as chubby in Japan although it is mostly because of the blood that runs through her veins and the genes she carries. Medusa is in fact full figured which could be seen when she is nude. Her hands are what someone could say of medium length as her feet are slightly small. She does hold a bit of elegance in her stance being very sophisticated and the way she speaks is rather polite until angered.

When in serpent form, her hair becomes snakes and her eyes are revealed. A tattoo on the left side of her face becomes revealed. Unless needing to get to someone quickly, her bottom half remains normal yet, it will become that like a snake if angered to that point.

Preferred Clothing:
Often when she can, she prefers to where traditional japanese clothing although it isn't always the case. As for her casual, It often involves gothic/punk style. Wearing chains, arm belts/bands, skinny jeans and neckpieces yet this is the closet she comes to being in society. Her picture rather describes her true styled nature. Interestingly though with every or any outfit she is seen to always have her mystical blindfold on never attempting to take off.


Oddities:  Medusa (Bell) tends to find herself hissing with her S's which annoys her because it reminds her of snakes. She tends to practice hard trying to change this but can't seem to do so. In addition, although no one sees this unless her blindfold is off, she tends to wink at times instead of blinking. Especially when in battle.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o The Night Daylight x
o Blood Mythology x
o Cheesecake Being called Medusa x
o Rain Snakes x


Medusa is for the most part Intelligent, calm, sultry, bold and blunt. Her kindness is often hidden yet knowing her will give a better understanding. She can be quite mysterious at times, hiding things unless it is absolutely necessary to share it. Medusa can come to have a dark sense of humor and often this shows in her sadistic personality that she has when in battle. It is most notable that she enjoys dealing pain and often she is 'turned on' by the scent of blood. Socially however she enjoys getting straight to the point and by no means hides things that need to be said even if they're hurtful. As cruel as she may be, she does in fact have a spot in her heart to look out for those she considers her friend.

For personal feelings, Medusa tries to ignore them for the better but this is by no means to say she can not love. Medusa will not recognize the feeling however. It is one of her fears due to how she was treated she just wouldn't believe it was real. Another fear is the fear of light, due to being blind she has lived in constant darkness especially with the help of her blindfold. Often when it comes to such, she will leave the area or will constantly try to find something near to shroud her, however this is rare for she always has her blindfold on.

When it comes to a "switch" Medusa (Soul) is rather similar to a point however she seems far more motherly to those Bell is close to. However she is also quick to draw her weapon and rather does have a temper, becoming rather easily ticked off. Both Medusa's enjoy reading and playing the violin. She can cook but it becomes too tiring sniffing every ingredient until she picks up the right one.



Knife wielding - Medusa is well trained with dual-daggers nearly able to win against anyone in a knife battle. Always being direct if not completely demon possessed when her hands wield the weapon.

Sensory Awareness - With her sixth sense she is able to sense vibrations and realize things that may be approaching. In addition this may go hand and hand with her sixth sense to recognize oncoming attacks even by magic.

High wisdom - After observing or finding pieces of information, she is shown to be able to place clues together and use it to her advantage if she can. The woman herself knows if certain things can not be won and will use whatever knowledge she retains to escape.

Highly Observant - Although she may not have eyes, the woman still listens well and can easily pick up on things being done through her other senses. With this often comes for more so mental notifications then physical ones.

Subterfuge - Medusa is the master of stealth and subterfuge able to conceal herself in certain situations. This can only be done at night for her however excluding having a "snake's" tongue.


Light Vulnerability - She is completely blind in lighted areas or the daytime and must constantly rely on her sixth sense and awareness to guide her.

Uncontrolled Spiritual Energy - When it comes to battling although she may be extremely skilled and deadly when it comes to battling, her aura (Aura of Andromeda) grows and becomes a visual leak of energy. The leak looks like a bright blue glow that only seems to become far more dangerous as it grows. This in turn causes Medusa to become rather fatigued easily or cause changes if she does not focus and retains it.

Inner Monologue - Because Medusa is blind, when in battle she is constantly talking among herself and her past. Mainly , she is speaking of her surroundings and what may be coming. This sometimes gets in the way because her thoughts grow so loud she begins to ignore others around or too many worries gets to her to where she collapses.

Soul Of Medusa - The gorgon of legends lives inside of Bell as a soul because of this even though she had already possessed the attributes, they have been empowered slightly beyond Bell's control. With this, Medusa communicates to Bell time to time as a "hated" mentor. It should be known that Medusa is by no means cruel to Bell and actually refers to her as her "daughter" but Bell dislikes her because of what she has endured. In addition to all of this, there are times where Medusa will swap places and take control of Bell in her stead. Bell tries to never let this happen however.

Mystic Eyes Of Petrification (Uncontrollable) - The uncontrolled Mystic eyes of petrification, another big reason as to why Medusa wheres a blindfold. Unlike the first three gorgons, Medusa (Bell) can not control this power and her eyes automatically turns anyone who looks her in the eyes to stone. Even when taken over, her eyes are uncontrolled, however this is one power she has never used yet she doesn't want to either.

Aura Of Andromeda (Uncontrolled) - When those she's against are in range, her aura grows and latches onto there life force stealing it by the second. When in control she can easily retain it to not steal the life of her allies. However when in battle, she has no control and will still anyone's life so long as they're near. When swapped however it seems Medusa (Soul) knows how to retain it. Another downside is that due to the uncontrolled energy, she steals life faster as time goes on however she becomes far fatigued as well unless in control. This ability is why she often chooses to fight alone if need be.
Serpent Form (Uncontrolled) - Rather a uncontrollable form, that Medusa (Bell) knows nothing about. The form will only take place when darkness completely shrouds her heart and anger takes over. This causes her to become what one may see as a "Naga" although she doesn't live among the water. When this occurs, she becomes enraged and goes berserk, her visor shatters revealing her eyes and her hair becomes multiple serpents. Medusa (Soul) can however switch positions and control this form if she so chooses but the cost is that she will be in control her body until she is re-sealed or until Bell wakes up. Taking control is basically a mental fight between bell who is enraged and the soul.


Night Vision - She can see as if it is day in pitch black areas or in the dark.

Enhanced Sixth Sense - All fives senses excluding sight is incredibly enhanced. Her intuition and other senses allow her to freely walk without too much trouble.

Gorgon Attributes - Being born a gorgon, she is strong and quick on her feet. In relation, the woman could run up the side of a building with enough momentum yet is not strong to the point of pushing a car without any problems.

Weapon of Choice/Discipline: Twin Daggers

Fighting Style

Medusa is pretty much your blind fighter except she wields two daggers instead of a staff. Her fighting style is aggressive twin fang knife style involving her attacks to be fierce, strong and quick involving her to nearly always be moving once her assault begins should she stop it always involves waiting until her opponent is close. There are times where she will take the initiative and sprint at full speed however this will require a lot of concentration because in those moments she must concentrate not only on her awareness and intuition but her opponents movements. These points aside she must also keep herself calm to not let her aura rage and to not get too frustrated and angered.

The more angered she becomes the more the serpent in her will erupt and her "true form" will erupt. When this does happen, her attacks and aura will rages regardless of the situations and her eyes also become a dangerous constant weapon becomes involved. Her fighting becomes more reckless as well for she is not completely in control until either the soul takes over or Bell regains her sense.


Relationship Status: Single . . . Nothing has changed.

Family/Significant Individuals:

♦ Medusa (Soul) - The only living state of the past Medusa.
♦Kiyochi (Grandmother) - Although unrelated, She is the only "family" Medusa had before she was murdered.
♦ Elisabeth - Her violin teacher/friend.

Personal History

Medusa's Past
Medusa's story actually starts thousands of years ago during the original Medusa we have if not most have heard of. To back track, Medusa was one of the gorgon's of mythology although unlike her two sisters, She was mortal. Her two sisters had no love for her if to the least treated her terribly but this did the gorgon did not hate them but instead loved her sisters. Long story short, the gorgon's were considered the most beautiful women of there time getting more praises then gods among them. Through rage and jealousy the goddess of beauty cursed them and turned them in to ugly serpent humanoids and eventually caused everyone to chase them into the darkest of ruins and even then she was tormented by her sisters along with the town's people. Along the way, the sisters had been struck down by a rather kind god although Medusa did not want this and eventually she lived alone only to fend for herself.

Eventually her time came when Perseus slain her however her soul had been saved by a Apollo and sent in time. Eventually he sealed this sleeping soul into a unborn child and created an unknown prophecy that even he forgotten later on and before long because they were unbelieved in all the gods disappeared from the world only to become myths and the soul remained to travel until it was awakened.


Years later, Medusa (Bell) was born in a shrine of Japan to the Kokuja family. Shino Kakuja, the mother died through this labor and the father remained unknown (It could be noted that she actually had the daughter without a man). Luckily to this, the grandmother and shrine owner. Kiyochi Kakuja) was a powerful witch who noticed the magic radiating from the child's body and when she went up to the child she felt her life draining immediately which caused her to leave her child in a room alone only to come in when a seal protected her. It was difficult but never once did she scold the child for killing her daughter but she did constantly have inner regrets.

As weeks passed she studied and learned of what she was however, there wasn't enough information and only little did she take up at a time. It frustrated her but eventually she found a spell to use to seal the aura within her that of course remained only temporary. The seal concealed the "Aura Of Andromeda" allowing her to hold the un-named baby which looking at her Kiyochi realized she never named her yet. Unknown that she was even a gorgon and Medusa's reincarnation, Kiyochi named the girl "Medusa" which seemed to echo in the baby's ears which had her react with a small giggle from the child and... awoken the sleeping soul inside her. To Medusa's surprised she wasn't sure what she was experiencing but at the same time she noticed she wasn't really living and could only see the darkness that the eye lids did for her.

A few days later Medusa's eyes finally opened however the first to see this was not Kiyochi luckily, how ever it was a shrine visitor who was to watch the girl as she was away for a moment in another room. The girl was holding the baby was simply stroking over her eyes until suddenly she noticed the girl squinting at first and then suddenly noticing her eye lids lifting slowly. It was in this moment she called for Kiyochi for this "wonderful" moment until suddenly she looked back and screamed as she felt the magic seep into her and turn her to stone. Kiyochi rushed in only to notice such a thing taking place and looked to her quickly only to be luck Medusa didn't look at her in this moment and was crying. Medusa (Soul) had heard everything and could only giggle at such a thing but at the same time was feeling quite sorry for the girl. She did however notice that it was in this moment that she could not see still and figured out that she was blind in this body.

Due to the event using a spell, Kiyochi created a blindfold over Medusa's eyes which worked out perfectly. It was with this cloth that she was raised with however her childhood was by no means easy...

Ages 4-12

Her first four years of growing up were rather lonely but she made due with what she had. However it was a hard learn due to the fact she was blind. Medusa was taught the basics of reading with her fingers which increased along the years seeing it was the only thing she really wanted to do and learn. Interestingly though the other entity was quiet watching her progression and figured she wasn't quite ready. Aside from this, she was also taught to use her other senses to get around which she became amazing at especially when training with Kiyochi at night. The girl was warned never to take her blindfold off and eventually it happened when she became curious and all she saw was "nothing". When found out, the grandma rushed over bringing her blindfold back down quickly. Which was then when they had there firsy talk about her powers and why she was unable to see, although the sight problem was unknown to Kiyochi.

It was around age four when Medusa began going to school. Immediately she was made fun of and constantly picked up for two reasons. One, she blind and two she wore a blindfold instead of glasses or contacts like the others. The gorgon wondered why it was she was different but she didn't let it get to her until a few years later upon her last year of elementary when three school girls pushed her down and teased. It seemed they were finally tired of holding back and slung her blindfold off. Medusa pleaded them to stop but they forced it from her and her abnormal white eyes were revealed to all three of them. A scream came from the last one and in the moment the gorgon sniffed out and grabbed her blindfold rushing from the scene as quick as she could. It was rather hard for people to tell if she had really been blind in this moment but in truth she ran quickly using all her senses to get around while having her eyes covered.

Luckily for her, the grandma knew the principle who was actually a good friend of hers and her condition had already been explained so none of it got out but to the children's parents became suspicious which they automatically targeted and suspected the Gorgon for her actions. It was revealed the three hated magic but they had already suspected her when Medusa was placed in the school. This was only the beginning of the girl's problems.

Ages 12-Present

Medusa moved schools during her middle and high school years to get away from the drama but was unknowingly being hunted at this time. The girl was distant learning by herself excluding from people who came over to personally teach her which one of these were her violin teacher, "Elisabeth". She was a close friend of the two which later was revealed she was a witch herself but given up the practice. The three constantly shared information but with this came the most unsettling information that rumors had began to spread of Medusa. The soul could only listen until one night as the girl had been thinking she finally revealed herself to the girl who could only scream asking her what was going on unsure if her sanity was in check. This had been the first when her sudden inner monologues. Telling both her grand mother and Elisabeth, they both figured it out after a spell seeing the additional soul among the girl. This only made them curious but this didn't sway them from the real problem.

Eventually the first attack began which was easily defended off from the grandma who had been getting too old by this point. Eventually she told her that she needed to be trained in combat. With this training came to rather exhausting weeks only being able to train at night and going to separated classes during the day. Eventually she learned to control her aura no longer needing the seals. However during combat, they realized she constantly needed them or there own life would be drained. During these training sessions, Medusa (Bell) came to dislike everything that has been happening to her and blamed Medusa for it all who could say nothing of it. The soul however constantly gave her advice and tried to help her which to a point she always listened. With all of the training her sixth senses became inhuman and eventually while exploring a cave she realized she was able to see however she still preferred wearing her blindfold. The girl wasn't use to it all but she used the cave to learn what certain things she heard were.

After a couple of years, she learned her twin dagger art and practiced her acrobatics in the city which also allowed her to practice using her awareness better. She did in fact get hurt but never stopped. Eventually she defended the area and came to hate others when as they came to defeat her. Some proved to be good but her thoughts never changed eventually she came to enjoy the taste of blood and to Medusa (Soul) this was disappointing. The soul tried to convince her that all weren't bad and she only made a slight dent but even to this day she has a subtle hatred. This only extended on the fated night...

It was her birthday, right after training when Kiyochi was murdered by a unknown demon who took the form of a human at this point. Medusa didn't stop her vessel from unleashing her rage because she had a good reason that is until she noticed the first time of changes. The soul suddenly had memories of becoming changed and didn't know why. On the outside, Medusa (Bell) fought with rage building and her aura raging and eventually she cracked and her serpent form unleashed. It was at this point when Medusa (Soul) found this rather unusual and scary but found Bell within her mind for the first time in a rage. The two fought which Medusa (soul) won interestingly finding herself in control. The woman blinked, seeing the creature that attacked dead on the ground and her in control of the body. With this and still in her form, she slithered away from the town and forest never to return and eventually was chased by the keepers at this point until she finally cornered one after defending herself. It was then when she explained and pleaded for help saying that she was in control. The situation was soon explained and prophecy rose and it had been the first time she was called "The Reincarnation".

Eventually the girl woke up with a keeper who explained a few things which Medusa (Soul) explained the hard details of what happened a month ago excluding her serpent form. The only thing that was said was that she was a target of a powerful sleeping spell in the last second and Medusa gained control because she was the only soul awake and present. The reasons why some information was kept was because the girl was already dangerous and with uncontrollable power being known could become more of a burden for everyone else then herself. Medusa (Bell) only nodded to what was given to her and to this day worked to get into the unofficial "Keeper" group. However, they to this day keep an eye on her just in case and with her missions try to make her fight as little as possible if it comes to this. (If they can.) If she does fight however, they're quick to try to do something however they have yet to find out a good way to seal this form from happening especially when her aura makes her invulnerable so long as the rage increases.


Medusa (Bell) and Medusa (Soul) are different entities. Soul represents the original gorgon and past as Bell is the reincarnation

So begins...

Bell (Medusa) Kokuja's Story