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Vin Zecko


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a character in “The Enigma Phantasma”, as played by KingJuggalo


Ivin Zecko

Theme: The Mighty Death Pop - Insane Clown Posse
Image Song: Little Clown, TROUBLING CLOWN - SaterLlama


Race: Hobgoblin - A Hobgoblin if a creature similar to a Brownie, but much more mischievous. They are fond of practical jokes, often using their giving power of shape-shifting to trick and play jokes on people. They are an easily annoyed people as well with short tolerance. And an angry hobgoblin is no laughing mater, even if their face gets all wrinkled and they start huffing around and whatnot. No. An angry hobgoblin becomes a frightening and even dangerous sprite, making them harder to get rid of if they happen to be staying in your home. But a hobgoblin treated right in a home will act as a brownie, helping around the house with small chores. But beware. If you get them angry then, they could trash your home or 'misplace' your valuables.

Gender: Male ♂
Nickname(s): Vinny, Vin
Alias(es): Vin's been called countless things but his favorites would have to be "The Clown" and "You dirty little Hobgoblin!"
Age: 19
Sexuality: Honestly, Vinny doesn't care about sexuality and he makes sure everyone he talks to knows. You never know when you're gonna have a chance to get it on.
Romantic Interest(s): Almost every odd and/or dark (as in feeling/personality) he sees!


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 185lbs
Build: Slightly lean and skinny.
Hair Color/Style: In his favorite form, he has dark grey, nearly black, hair with different colored highlight thrown throughout and falls perfectly on his head and in his face in a messy yet not too messy way.
Eye Color: Usually a crimson red
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: He has a jagged scar on his chin and a matching one running down his neck and to his chest, though these scars are hardly seen, just a half tone lighter than his own skin. He also has a three clawed scratch that goes across his face from above his left eyebrow and diagonal down onto his nose, over his right cheek and down to the right side of his jaw.

Being born a hobgoblin is never an easy thing to do. Life is hard and full of hardships. Physical identity is one of those hardships. A newborn hobgoblin is neither male nor female, it's up for the child to decide which sex it shall settle into. Eventually, Vinny settled into a male. He, weirdly, loves colors, always seen in something colorful. He also likes a light skin complexion - that more than often has a tint of green - with little to no blemishes and dark hair, his favorite type of looks. Keeping his hair different darker colors is what he does no matter what form he's taking.

Preferred Clothing: Vinny prefers comfortable clothing, usually wearing sweat-pants or pajama pants with a plain two-toned long-sleeve shirt or a plain one color baggy short-sleeve shirt. The colors he goes with are usually dark in nature, but there's a few he particularly likes. Purple and Crimson, his two favorite colors that, along with black, make up the coloring of his wardrobe.

Oddities: Be it due to being a hobgoblin, he has this thing were he seems to laugh in times of distress, failure, or inappropriate situations where laughing would make any normal person seem cold and crazy. And I'm not talking about normal nervous laughter or anything like that. His laughter would be full out hysterical like he'd just seen the funniest thing in his life. He also has a weird thing with his speech where the pitch changes from normal to deep, which he ultimately fines funny. Upon such, he also seems to talk to himself quite a bit. As well as saying some things like a riddle or in the way Yoda be saying things to get on peoples nerves.

▲Pulling Pranks
▲Suckers & Gummy Bears
▲The Theater!
▲Dogs, Snakes, & Rats!
▼Cat's (He'll literally start barking at them like a dog...)
▼Being told what to do
▼Annoying People (quite hypocritically, I might add.)
▼Nosy People
♣Stage Make Up/Costume

Phobia(s)/General Fears:
♠Vinny has a huge fear of birds. He has this odd idea that they hate him and are planning to kill him. Plus he doesn't like their free will to fly where ever they want and land where ever they want and shit where ever they want.
♠He also has a fear of promises. He's always been like this. When ever he makes a promise he believes he can't break it or someone close to him will get hurt.

Personality: It'd be an utter lie to say Vinny is normal, even for a hobgoblin. He acts like he has two personalities. One is the normal him with the sing-songy voice. The one that smiles all the time and is as kind as a hobgoblin can be, which is usually just perfectly masked sarcasm with the hint of coldness. This is the same one that can be found humming circus tunes while practicing his juggling. This part of Vinny is kind and nice, though obviously a bit weird. He'd say things in a riddle like way or like how Yoda would say it to try and mess with people. But it's all in good fun. This is also the part of him that actually cares about people.

The other part of people of Vinny is the bad part. This is the part that happens when he's mad. This is the part that is cold and really wont care about anything. He'd break all your favorite stuff or hide it somewhere where you couldn't find it and where he wouldn't be able to find it once he's all good again. This is also the part of him that takes pranks too far sometimes. Blunt, cold, and extremely dark. That's what this side can be described as. All in all though, Vinny is a wild card. Like a Joker.





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So begins...

Vin Zecko's Story