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Sir Antony Venos

Master of the Mysterious Vire House

0 · 178 views · located in Victorian Era

a character in “The Entwined”, as played by Oborosen


Name: Sir' Antony Venos
Age: Unknown (appears mid 20s)
Race: Unknown

Look at all these beautiful pets.. one would dare to touch.

Sir Antony is not the most imposing form a man could take, his lean body and light pale complexion is rather unimposing to say the least and his sandy blonde hair drapes lightly over his face. Standing slightly over 6"2 he is tall enough to stay his station and the imposing stare that his light blue eyes can give have been known to pierce even the most defiant individual. Antony's skin is however very fine and smooth, giving him the look of having been sculpted from ivory.
In fact his whole body is well taken care of, with feet and hands well preened and almost always having expensive fragrances aired about him. Still his visage as a whole gives him an extremely unworldly appearance.

Antony has a unmistakable air of authority about him and his personality goes hand in hand with that. His very voice wrings with strong atonement and the way he speaks to others can take the shape of lording over them, to a calming word should he desire such a thing. He is a womanizer however and has become accustomed to being surrounded by woman. In fact he rather prefers to deal with people of the opposite sex instead of men like himself, mostly because they are far more pleasant to converse with in his eyes and that he loves to surround himself with beautiful things.
However it can be taken to gesture that Antony's true ideal of beauty is out of focus with those from the norm and he has been known to have a liking with creatures that are not entirely ideal to look upon.

Not much is known about the so called Sir Antony, he is well known among high and low circles in the known world and it is more or less to his favor. He first arrived in the country after a steak of depression had taken the population and the economy. It was then that he arrived on a ship from higher in Northern Europe and he brought with him the finances to build business and stimulate an economy in dire need. Above that however not much is still know aside from the fact that he attends regular parties and banquets, many of which he shows up unannounced for.
That was nearly twenty years ago and while he stays mostly in his estate known as Vire House he does show a common interest in the trading of many things. Be it wealth, Items, even flesh, he does not show signs of stopping when he sees something that he likes and when he likes something he gets it.

So begins...

Sir Antony Venos's Story


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Character Portrait: Sir Antony Venos
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Loud noises crowded the air and left no room for quiet. Enthused chatting, banging gravels, clinking cages, crying animals and above all confusion. From the depths of a large cage manafactured for large apes, a strange sight awaited anyone who dare look, which was no one, the cage remained safely tucked away from prying eyes; ready for auction.

A half naked girl coward against the back of the cage, the soles of her feet black and sticky with straw and dirt. Her skin matched the brown quilt draped over the cage to keep her from sight, her eyes glowed in the dank light, a gorgeous green that reminded one of sunken treasure under the carribean sea or of emerald jewels brandished in candle light. Her hair resembled a stormy, wild sea as it casaded over her small shoulders all the way down to her middle. She was a rare treasure fetched from a far away land and the price on her head was most extortionate.

It was rare to find someone with such an appearance, most dark skinned people from abroad had various different features, however this girl had the facial features of a white woman, one who had been baked in the sun for many days and many nights. It was quite extraordinary. Her oddities did not end there though...oh no.

Lilth stared at her surroundings with the temperament of a detained predator. She could smell so many things that were alien to her, but what worried her most was the absence of smells. The strong, fresh scent of the rainforest, the smell of earth, the scent of her community...all gone. Lilth had never been more alone. Everything around her was made of mountain and hard rock, the only things Lilth could recognize were a few animals around her.
A baby Ape whimpered to her right, it called out for it's parents and was met by nothing but the dull drone of noise from elsewhere. It made Lilth feel forever more worse. She looked at the baby Ape through the small, metal squares of her cage. Whoever had placed her in such a horrid box knew she could have escaped if the gaps had been any bigger. Slowly, she placed a hand up against the side of her cage and waited until the baby Ape returned the gesture and pressed it's little hand up against hers through the confinements.

It lasted only a moment before the baby's cage was ripped away from hers by two tall, pale creatures. Her heart and mind flew into a wild frenzy. Men. She was seeing thin, strange white men. She shook her cage violently as the baby disappeared out of sight. What were they, what were they going to do with a baby animal, what were they going to do with her? A new tribe. That's what this had to be about. They had to be a new tribe from a dead forest. She'd heard of those, they must want her forest. Well her father had arranged her mate already, he would be outraged. She would not be mated to any of the pale people. Not even the tribe chief. War would be the answer. Cold-blooded, no mercy war!

Lilth began to yell out war threats, causing the animals around her to unsettle. The pale men returned and she swore on her fathers pelt that they would be sorry for their trespassing, she shook her cage as they began to move it the same way the baby Ape went.

"Ten sacrifices and much blood would not be enough to put right the wrong you have committed. I am to be mated to the chief's son, where is the ceremonial fight between him and your chief? Where is your respect? Your honour?" No matter how she said it, they ignored her like a tree ignores a rock. Could it be they didn't understand her or that they didn't want to understand.

Lilth soon had all her words blown away by the sight that met her around a corner.

The auctioneer assistances wheeled the girls cage onto a wooden stage set infront of at least a hundred individuals. All seated and drinking fine wine the rich and wealthy londoners mingled and socialised with those around them. Unbeknownst to her, Lilth was in an underground auction house, in the middle of London, in England on the opposite side of the world to her home and she had a very large price on her head.

The auctioneer briefly read the description himself before beginning the auction, the words he spoke arroused many of those present. The cloth covering the cage was removed to reveal the prize beneath sending the underground room into a storm of shock and curiosity. With a wave of the auctioneers hand the auctioning began.

"Let us start at 20 guineas"