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Big Jack Nix

Aye Captain whatever happened to good pirating anyway?

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a character in “The Era of Pirates: Gol D. Rogers Legacy.”, as played by Raykon23




Full name: - Jacob Charles Nixon
Alias/Nicknames: - Big Jack Nix or Big Nix
Gender: - male
Nationality: – south Blue (Specific Island, Which Ocean? etc.)
Race and Sub-differences: - Abnormaly large Human (Fishman, Giant (PM Me), Human, Abnormally Large Human, etc.)
Birth Date: - Please, Im ageless
Age: - 29
Descendent(of): - Carl and Louisa Nixon
Current Residence: - He keeps a hut on a secluded island in south blue, but he mainly stays sailing with wherever the ship goes
Job/Profession: - Pirate,
Title: - First Mate Jack Nixon
Political Stance: - Pirate (Moral Justice, Absolute Justice, Marine, Pirate.)
Occupation/Ranking/Position: - First mate(Position for if/when you join the crew, Ranking generally for Marines)
Personal Alignment: - Chaotic good (Chaotic, Lawful, Neutral, Good, Evil etc.)

Height: - 6 3
Weight: - 200
Build: - Defined muscles similar to that of a pro body builder. Gained from long hours working on the deck(Thin, Fat, Stocky upper body, Strong arms and legs from free-running/Parkour?)
Eye Color: - green
Hair Color: - Charcoal black with Blond tips
Handedness: - Ambidexterous (Left,Right, Ambidexterous?)
Skin Shade/Color: - Islander
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - Tribal tattoos on arms
Description: - An islander. With a very dark complected look on his skin. He has shoulder length hair kept normally in either a braid or a pony tail. He normally walks around with either no shirt or a sleeveless shirt as very few shirts fit his abnormally large size. He has a cloth belt wrapped around his custom fitted pants
Sexuality/Preference: - straight
Relationship/Marital status: - Single
Family/relatives: - A close sister named Aria, and a Daughter name Jacqueline whom Aria cares for in Jack's absence
State of Mind: - Generaly sane but may have fits of schizophrenic outbursts (General Sanity, as well as any mental illness or personality disorders.)
Friends/Allies: - The Crew and his sister
Education: - Can Read at a college level and do math involving the ship, but lacking in other subjects
Likes: - Read, Fighting, Drinking,
Dislikes: - Devil Fruit users and Fishman outside of the crew, people outside the crew in general
Hobbies: - Fighting, writing letters to his family, painting,
Personality: - Quiet, and very loyal to the crew, but cares a deep love for his daughter and sister, whom he rarely is able to see.
Habits/Quirks - Likes to chew gum (OCD, Thumb Biting, Twitches etc.)
Debilitating Fears (If any) - No major fears but schizophrenic episodes involving his deceased wife and daughter leave him in fits of panic that can cause him to become unpredictable. (What stops them in their tracks? Freezes them up? Haunts their nightmares?)

Weapons: – Dual Cutlasses and a Custom black Flintlock with Jacqueline carved in the side
Accessories: – A gold coin medallion he was given by his sister before becoming a pirate
Miscellaneous: – A whip he uses more for moving quickly than fighting. A picture of his young daughter in her infancy. Jack also carries a cross medallion his deceased wife once wore. He will not part with these items easily.

General/Preferred Style: – Hand to hand, but also a basic marksman with his pistol, able to hit targets the size of a devil fruit at 50 paces
Hand-to-Hand: – Major street fighter, fights dirty and will use whatever around him to win a fight
Weapons Style: – Will use the environment to his advantage, and is given space will not hesitate to pull his flintlock.
Devil Fruit (If any): - none,

Relationship Status: – single
Family: – a sister- Aria and a Daughter, - Jacqueline
Known Languages: – English, Native islander
Proficiency(Specific Skills/What are they good at?): – Fighting, hunting, fishing, and crafting. pretty much anything to do with his hands
Personal History/Background: - Spent his entire childhood with his younger sister Aria, he never knew his parents and always played to parent for her. Always the scholar, Aria taught Jack to read at high levels. As Aria went to school jack fell into crime, most notably piracy, he used most of the money he made to keep her in school and also learned basic math while working the ships. During a night of passion his lover was impregnated with his daughter. The day he found out Jack tried to settle down for his Daughter and young wife. But when his daughter was born, her mother had not survived labor. With no aid, Jack had to return to the ship, leaving his daughter in the care of his beloved sister and her husband.
Clans (Family Clan or Otherwise): - His sister Aria

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Jack is very loyal to the Crew. However he despises devil fruit and its use. He also has a natural dislike for Fishman, as He'd spent his childhood fueding with a gang of fishman. Jack does not allow his personal Bias however to impact his loyalty to the crew. Jack is also very devoted to baby sister. Jack takes every moment he can to return to Aria, not only to see her, but to visit with his young daughter as well. Jack's loyalty to the ship and crew is bested only by his love for his sister and daughter, any attempt at them will be met with a cutlass to the throat

So begins...

Big Jack Nix's Story


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Big Jack held his daughter in his arms. He knew he wasn't going to see her again for awhile. The funds were running short, his daughter needed diapers and his sister needed bills paid. They didn't like his decision, but he made it and they would manage. They always manage to manage, he thought to himself.

Jack kissed his daughter on the forehead as the final goodbyes were said. He stood up and turned to his sister, Aria, "You'll be gone for awhile won't you Jack?" she said with a hint of sadness. Jack smiled, "I'll be back though. I promise." Aria's expression turned annoyed, "I wish you'd stop promising that! Promise me you'll leave the life instead!" Jack sighed, he knew she was partially right, but piracy is all he knew how to do. He looked away, " I can't do that Aria, you know that." He heard her sob, "I bet you're going to join a raid right now right?! what If you die, what will your daughter do? what will I do?" The words hit him like a cutlass to the neck. He couldn't take anymore discussion, he walked down the path before she could protest. After a short quiet walk he'd reached his boat, he'd be able to slip into the docks and reach the bars at least.

Jack had heard about the Fishmen raids. He didn't know the details but he knew there would be plenty of captains needing an experienced first mate. Jack didn't like anything having to do with fishmen, but it was gonna take care of his family. As he stepped into the boat Aria's words rang in his head. He could die in the raids, he could be shot and cast aside as easy as he does it to others. But who knows? The raiding could be finished by the Time he reaches the ship. Jack rationalized this as he shoved off.