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Veronika Gogiashvili


0 · 617 views · located in Great Britain

a character in “The Eternal Malediction”, as played by ☿Urania☿


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XVeronika Sage GogiashviliXXXXXxxXXXRonni, Nino, V XXXXX


SexualityXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXBlood Status
XXOpenly homosexualXXXXXXXXXXXXXXHalf-bloodXXXXXX

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5 feet 9 inchesXXXXXXXXxXXxxxXX127 lbs


General Appearance
Standing in at 5'9", Veronika is on the tall side for a witch but it only means that her jacket looks that much better on her. She's averagely fit with a boyish frame and very subtle curves. There are many beauty marks or moles sprinkled across her body and V also happens to have some on her face. The hair rests barely on top of her shoulders and though it's originally brown, upon graduating and a little bit of magic, she's been ombre ever since. Her style of clothing is usually warm and involves earthy colors along with black, pink and yellow. Veronika also never leaves the house without her trusty dragon hide heeled shoes.

Her skin is free of any tattoo's as of yet but she has her ears pierced. She never uses anything in them anyway but she does have a third piercing on her right ear that always has an earring in it.

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{Loyal, Social, Intelligent, Curious, Naive, Empath}

Veronika is a quirky young witch, to say the least. She likes the odd, the weird and the exciting. Ronni's friendly, kind and chill unless you give her a reason not to be. She's social and very curious which has gotten her into trouble more often than not and talkative once you get her started on a topic she's fond of. V is no stranger to danger and somehow makes her own luck. Older people may find her a bit naive and annoying but somehow she still manages to get on their good side. It's probably because of her cheeky charm, nativity and strong will. Veronkia has always had a clever head, even from a young age but she could also be mischievous always up for some good ole harmless fun, which, again, is mostly why older heads are always wary while in her presence.

It's not much Ronni if she's not smiling or be laughing, even her natural expression has a little smirk on her lips. Like everyone else, though, she has her flaws. She's a natural flirt. Some may call her sweet for it but in reality, most times she won't even realize she's doing it unless it's pointed out which may put some people off. V has her sarcastic moments, usually playful but she's also moody and if she's in a bad mood Ronni tends to be the quiet one because mum once said, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all." There are times where she can be indecisive with the simplest things which will frustrate her. The same way arithmancy does.

With her mystic abilities, Veronkia is more sensitive to the feelings and auras around her. She's been dealing with the unpredictable visions, dreams and events in her life for a while now that she doesn't openly show or say when something hurt/bothers her. She'll just laugh it off or casually brush it off, putting it in the back of her mind for later. Ronni has a certain impulsiveness to her and she does thing in the spur of the moment. V may regrets some things later on but that's just who she is. She would never deny her instincts. The witch is also forgetful but intelligent but also easily distracted. She has a good amount of self-confident though, but not to the point where it inflates her ego. In addition, Veronkia always had a strong sense of family and loyalty. She's generous and versatile, being able to adapt to most situations and activities.

Dolphin | Intelligence and sociability are among the main attributes of the dolphin. Also known for their playfulness and loyalty, dolphins live and work together in groups to aid the sick and injured and to defend each other from predators. Its incredible intelligence is put to good use in the form of solving complex problems and other such challenges. The dolphin does not enjoy dull, routine activities, so keeping busy with interesting tasks is a must!

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A 9 ⅓ Maple wand with a fairy wing core that's slightly yielding. Those chosen by maple wands are by nature travelers and explorers; they are not stay-at-home wands, and prefer ambition in their witch or wizard, otherwise their magic grows heavy and lackluster. Fresh challenges and regular changes of scene cause this wand to literally shine, burnishing itself as it grows, with its partner, in ability and status. It is particularly good for night magic, spells involving potion-making, animal-taming, and defensive magic, although, it may have a little bit of difficulty with nonverbal magic and warming up to the witch or wizard at first.


Played as keeper.

A male ferret she named Cloud.

Former Quidditch Captain, Seer

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I. DEFENSIVE MAGIC| In dueling, Veronika may not be the strongest but her magic shields sure are. Her hexes may sting but her shields are solid like rock.
II. SEER| Having the ability to look into the future is nothing V isn't use too but it is tiring. They can come in any moment and though she cannot tell when ones coming, she can feel when it's about to start. Mirrors and Crystal balls have been known to trigger her.
XXDIVINATION | Because Veronika has her third eye open she's more sensitive to divination and magic of the mystic sorts. Not her favorite class but she's really good in it.
XXWANDLESS MAGIC| Ronni has a natural affinity towards wandless magic. It's not something she does all the time, more like a little secret technique but she can charm things to move with the flick of her wrist.

I.NAIVE| though she's seen some things, V still carries around a certain amount of innocence and optimism that can be taken advantage of.
II.TRANSFIGURATION| never her best subject, poor cloud always ended up in the shape of a goblet but still furry with ears poking out the top.
III.ARITHMANCY| just the mention of multiplying numbers and arithmancy is enough to give her a headache. One of her worst skills, even in divination so she avoids it like the plague.
IV.FORGETFUL| If her wand wasn't always holstered to her side, V would forget that too along with her keys on a day to day basis. She's began taking notes in her notepad just in case.
V.CURIOSITY| it killed the cat and almost Ronni on a few separate occasions but that's never been enough to stop her. Some even go as far as to say that she is extremely lucky

homemade food- furry animals - the smell of pine and wet earth - fire whisky - swimming - big lakes - star gazing - flying on her broom - tarot cards and reading palm lines - being an Auror - her family and friends - daisies - honey milk - the smell of cooking meat - playing the bass - dancing to Irish folk songs - ghoul studies - mystery and horror novels - folktales - the beetles - working hands on -

senseless violence - looking into mirrors and crystal balls - the overwhelming smell of a lot of blood - paper cuts - transfiguration and arithmancy - wearing purple - anything grape - her eggs cooked all the way through - having cold toes - taking the spotlight - Being left behind or outcasted - Fenrir Greyback - pollution - the nightmares -

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Creator: ☿Urania☿XXXXHex: #e2c16aXXXXFace Claim: Iva VarvarchukXXXXUser: ☿Urania☿

So begins...

Veronika Gogiashvili's Story