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The Eternal War

The Eternal War


Everybody knows about the battle. Pirates versus ninjas. The great clashing of land versus sea. Whether you are one who loves the salt-ridden breeze or the calming wind... Your worlds are about to collide yet again.

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The Eternal War

I am sure you have heard of this war. The ever-lasting one between ninjas of Japan and pirates of the Seven Seas. Clashing almost daily, both sides are fierce fighters, loyal and determined, with maybe just a few differences. Okay, okay, more than a few.

Ninjas: A ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war.

Pirates: Someone who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without having a commission from any sovereign nation.

And now, I have come to ask you this. Whose side are you on?

For eons, ninjas and pirates have fought against each other. They have dueled it out on land, sometimes even out on the sea where the pirate is supposed to be the king. Logic says that these two should never have crossed. The pirate, content to sail the open waters. The ninja, hiding in the shadows. Yet...they are enemies.

Oddly, though, five pirates and five ninjas have each received a letter from a mysterious source, stating a sort Somehow sent to them, whether via the ever popular bottle floating on the sea and somehow always managing to reach its source, or through the secretive ways of the ninja, the letters have all reached their destination.

Five ninjas, each of them specializing in a different type of art.

Five pirates, from five different ships.

Ten lives changed, and two classes forced to face each other once and for all.

The letter to ninjas

(Character name),

My name is unimportant. What this letter states - and you must comply, or otherwise, you may find yourself and your close bonds with others in a dire spot, perhaps of even severance - must be kept close to your heart. The contents of this scroll is not to be known by anybody else.

As you can see, the seal on the letter must have burnt someone trying to open this. This is because I have put a jutsu on it, so that only the chosen one is able to read the letters. Anybody else will see only scribbles and meaningless doodles. So be careful where you put this scroll.

To the business at hand. I propose a meeting. A truce, per say, between pirates and ninjas. Where pirates and ninjas can come to talk...and fight, if they so wish. But let it be known that if you ever lose a battle, you will be banished from your clan forever.

Trust is unimportant. I am well aware that you do not trust this letter. But follow the instructions and all will be fine.

As to why I have chosen you, well, let me just say that you have caught my eye. I have been keeping a watch on the world, and my gaze has settled upon this bloody war. This war that must come to some sort of conclusion. I eagerly await your appearance.

It is signed with a seal, but the red ink is too blurred to make out any of the characters.

The letter to pirates

(Character name),

My name is unimportant. What this letter states - and you must comply, or otherwise, you may find yourself and your close bonds with others in a dire spot, perhaps of even severance - must be kept close to your heart. The contents of this scroll is not to be known by anybody else.

As you may have noticed, the seal that I placed upon this scroll did not come off except to your blade. Because this has your name on it. I am well aware that this reveals my skills as a shinobi but I pray that this does not alarm you too much.

To the business at hand. I propose a meeting. A truce, per say, between pirates and ninjas. Why, then, you ask, is a ninja asking this? Because I have been keeping my eye on the world, and I say, this bloody war must come to some sort of conclusion. Trust is unimportant. I am well aware that you do not trust the shinobi, but I ask that you follow the instructions I have enclosed.

Or else you may find yourself in a very bad spot. The sea creatures, the Krakken, especially, all know my voice.

I eagerly await your appearance.

In the corner, there is a purple wax seal. However, what has been engraved upon the wax is too blurred to read.


one. A cool and collected male ninja from the mountainous area. Skilled in rock and steel techniques.
- open -

two. A fiery shinobi from the more subtropic regions, she is skilled in the use of earth and flame techniques
- open -

three. A determined and often naive youngster, just finishing his training. He shows promises in shadow and wind techniques
- open -

four. A violent female who lived in the foothills of one of the temples. Skilled in sound and extrasensory techniques.
- taken by akai-pyon -

five. Almost a veteran, he is on the older scale of age. Skilled in most techniques, what he lacks in physical stamina he makes up for in mental perseverance.
- open -

one. A former Chinese street rat, she sneaked onto a pirate ship, and stayed there. Now a mercenary of a Chinese pirate lord.
- open -

two. A strong-willed and steel-fisted giant of a male, he is a Caribbean pirate, serving on the crew of a rather successful ship.
- open -

three. The daughter of an English pirate captain, she has lived on the sea all her life. Not officially a pirate, she still lives and acts like one.
- open -

four. The former captain of a ship, his crew betrayed him, throwing him on an island. He managed to survive by bargaining his way onto another crew.
- open -

five. A former slave, she proved her strength and her skill by killing one of her captors. Still on probation as part of her crew.
- open -

Character Skeleton


Code: Select all
[size=180]Name Goes Here. Should be Japanese.[/size]
[left][img]Anime or real, I don't care.[/img][/left]
[b]character.[/b] Which ninja?
[b]nickname(s).[/b] If any

[b]appearance.[/b] More than a few adjectives strung together. Full sentences. Maybe even a few paragraphs?
[b]trademark.[/b] Each ninja has a distinctive mark. What's yours?

[b]personality.[/b] Stick to what's on the front page - just...elaborate more.
[b]fears.[/b] And explain why.

[b]likes.[/b] At least 3
[b]dislikes.[/b] At least 3

[b]strengths.[/b] Not everybody is going to be an awesome hand-to-hand fighter. Stick to what's on the front page.
[b]weaknesses.[/b] Something that will make them seem...less like a ninja and more like a human? Can be a favorite food...or just a weakness in general. There must be the same number of weaknesses as strengths.

[b]list of techniques.[/b] Maximum five. Describe them. Only one of them can be massive. The others have be rather limited and have crucial weaknesses.
[b]favorite weapon(s).[/b] Max three.

[b]history.[/b] We know they accepted the letter - what's the back story? [i]Why[/i] did they accept?

Code: Select all
[size=180]Name Goes Here. Should match ethnicity stated[/size]
[left][img]Anime or real, I don't care.[/img][/left]
[b]character number.[/b] the pirate number
[b]nickname(s).[/b] If any

[b]appearance.[/b] More than a few adjectives strung together. Full sentences. Maybe even a few paragraphs?
[b]accessories.[/b] How do they decorate themselves? With earrings? Hats? A parrot?

[b]personality.[/b] Stick to what's on the front page, but feel free to elaborate faaaarrrr more.
[b]fears.[/b] And explain why.

[b]likes.[/b] At least 3
[b]dislikes.[/b] At least 3

[b]strengths.[/b] Not everybody is going to be great with a gun or a prodigy with a sword.
[b]weaknesses.[/b] Something that will make them seem more human. Perhaps alcohol? Or just physical weaknesses/mental weaknesses. There must be the same amount of weaknesses as strengths.

[b]weapons.[/b] Must be able to be carried on a body. So that means no cannons. Guns, swords, daggers. Those are perfect. Note: Pirates can also use talismans and charms. They can carry a maximum of five, and only one can be massive. The others must have crucial weaknesses.

[b]history.[/b] We know they got and accepted the letter. What's their back story? Make them come to life...


one. No god-moding or power-playing. This means no killing another character without permission.
two. Romance and violence is encouraged (ninjas....pirates....yeah), but no explicit scenes. Keep it PG-13 kiddies.
three. Swearing? Sure. Just not every word.
four. If you have multiple characters, put all their interactions and the sort in one post. And if, say, you have two characters, each one talking to someone different. You must wait until both of the other characters have replied before posting again. This is done to reduce the chances that people get left behind. And it also forces people to be active.
five. Suggestions for plot twists are very, very welcome. However, no major changes without consulting me (akai-pyon) first.
six. No more than two characters per person. It would help if they were both ninjas, or both pirates, since you probably don't want to fight yourself.....?
seven. At least three coherent sentences per post (Note: "Blah. Blah. Blah." He said. counts as one sentence. Not four.) This limits back-and-forth conversations and one-liners.
eight. No, not everybody can be a ninja. On the other hand, not everyone can be a pirate. I want a rather even pirate:ninja ratio.
nine. To prove you read this, send me a PM with the phrase 'Nondescript noodle' in it.
ten. I have the right to ask for changes in your character. Don’t pout or complain. I hate complainers.
eleven. If you say reserved, it does not necessarily mean that you get the spot. It just means that I won't accept anyone over your spot until you have submitted a character.

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Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

while it is true that y'all's pirates need more powers, ninjas kick butt, and that's that!

can I reserve ninja 3? and can I make it a girl? I have the PERFECT bio for ninja 3!

Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

can I have a spot for pirate 2?

Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

I'm pretty sure I'm going to apply as pirate three. :3

edit: I take that back. Sorry.

Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

Can I reserve pirate 4 please? I'll have my bio to you either today or tomorrow. ^^

Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

You make a valid point. I think I shall give pirates the ability to use talismans and charms.

Fair enough?
The charms are reusable, as are the talismans.

Re: [OOC] The Eternal War

You know, it almost seems like you want the Ninjas to win. Primarily because of their ability to have powers. YET! You do not grant this ability to the pirates. Seems a little imbalanced, yes?

So, in spite of this,can my character dual-weild sawn off blunderbusses, carry a few dozen grenados, and masterfully use a sword with his teeth, along with a cannon mounted on hisback. Oh, by the way, he can bench-press his ship too. Just an FYI.

My point is that you're giving ninjas special abilities, while the pirates have no special abilities. You have auto-imbalanced the fighting.

[OOC] The Eternal War

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