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Caspian Rydell

"If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small."

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a character in “The Exchange Program”, as played by ScreamingWillow






Full Name: Caspian Andrew Rydell

Nicknames: Cas

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: Eighteen; 18

Role: Human Boy #2

Birthday and Zodiac: November 16 - โ™ Scorpio

Place of Origin: Jodie, Texas

Face Claim: Francisco Lachowski

Hex Code: #5560de



Caspian is relatively tall compared to most people he knows. But he is just an average height for a male his age. His face is an oval shape complimented by his dark brown eyes. Many people have told him that his eyes are his best feature. This he never even understood. Although he is thin, he does have an athletic build to him. There is a bit of strength buried beneath what everyone sees on a daily basis.

Clothing wise, Caspian enjoys being comfortable and expressing who he is and how he feels by his appearance. More often than not he will be see sporting a scarf around his neck. He wears anything from button ups to t-shirts but will always be seen wearing jeans. The only time anyone will see Caspian in shorts is if he is swimming.

Wing Description:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:


178 lbs.

Polish, Portuguese, German

Caspian has a love for scarves and more often than not he will be seen wearing one.

He has a decorative 8 point star tattoo on his right bicep


"If you want a career, you need commitment."

Caspian has always been a fun, loving kind of guy. He always tries to find the fun in everything, no matter what it is. Though he does know when this isn't acceptable and he keeps his cool. He enjoys joking around with his friends and getting to know other people. He never passes up a chance to try something new. It's the experiences in life that counts towards a good life. At least that's what he always believed.

Caspian is always there to back up his friends and family no matter what the circumstances are. He tries not to pick sides when it comes to an argument or disagreement between his friends but when it calls for it then he does. He is always honest with his friends, even if the truth hurts. After all, he would rather hurt them with the truth than lie to them to spare their feelings. The truth is what matters and if they can't handle it then he'd be right there for them to pull them through it.

But within that loving side of him there is a part of him filled with anger like anyone else in the world. It does take a lot to upset him because he tries to understand things from the other side of things. But once he is upset it's best to step away and give him a chance to cool down or a punch will be thrown. Caspian hates fighting but if someone pushes him towards it, he has a hard time stepping away.

โœ” Trying new things โœ” Gummy Bears โœ” Comedy โœ” Horror Movies โœ” Reading โœ” Animals โœ” Meeting new people โœ” Scarves โœ” Online Roleplaying โœ” Blogging โœ” Paranormal โœ” Swimming โœ” Sour Candy โœ” Lemon Flavored Foods โœ” Chinese Food โœ” Mexican Food โœ” Pizza โœ” Margaritas โœ” Adrenaline Rushes โœ” Festivals โœ” Adventure โœ” Night Time โœ” Oceans โœ”

โœ˜ Fighting โœ˜ Anger โœ˜ Crying โœ˜ Carrots โœ˜ Pickles โœ˜ Spinach โœ˜ Heights โœ˜ Pink โœ˜ Jazz Music โœ˜ Opera Music โœ˜ Drinking Water โœ˜ Summer Heat โœ˜ Hot Dogs โœ˜ Grape Flavor โœ˜ Liars โœ˜ Prejudice โœ˜ Big Crowds โœ˜ Washing Dishes โœ˜ Being Bored โœ˜

Charisma: He is very charismatic and enjoys talking to people. More often than not he always knows the right things to say.
Ambition: Caspian has a lot of ambition in him. He does all he can to reach his goals.

Too Nice: There are time when Caspian is known to be too nice to people who don't deserve it. Causing some people to even end up using him in the end.
Too Trusting: Caspian tends to trust people too easily. After knowing someone for a day he is ready to spill his entire life story to them. In the past, this has caused him a few problems.

Cynophobia: Fear of dogs.
Iatrophobia: Fear of doctors.
Taphophobia: Fear of being buried alive.


"If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small."

As a baby, Caspian was adopted. His adoptive parents never told him about this because they feared how he would react to the news. Because of this, they tried their best to keep his adoption from everyone who didn't need to know so that he wouldn't accidentally hear about it. His parents did however treat him just like he were their own and loved him dearly. They always stood by him when he needed someone on his side and always helped him strive for his dreams.

While growing up, Caspian was placed into advanced classes in school because he learned faster than the majority of kids his age. Because of this, he found it a bit difficult to fit in. It wasn't until he reached his high school years that he finally made some great friends. Ever since he met them the five of them have pretty much been inseparable.

With Caspian being one to enjoy trying new things, he completely fell in love with their idea to do a new group project every year that involved something they have never done before. This year it was having foreign exchange students live in their houses with them for the duration of the school year. Of course it took a lot of talking into for his parents to go along with the idea, but in the end it finally worked. Caspian just hoped that his new roommate would get along with him. Last thing he wanted was a terrible year because of the project.


So begins...

Caspian Rydell's Story

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S AM A E L . K I N G
Dialogue: #F287AB
Angel Boy
Location: John F. Kennedy
International Airport
Queens, New York
Okay, even being an angel. Samael was never fond of flight. He sat on the plane, listening to some woman comfort her baby. His light blue eyes looked fondly at the child when the woman was barely having success with it. He would look at the woman, running a hand through his hair, he would smile towards her. "Might I give it a go? Tykes have always warmed up to me," he spoke to the woman with a nod towards the baby. She looked towards him with a relieved smile. "Of course, his name is Samuel."

Samael laughed at that. "C'mon you little angel, shshshshshsh. It's okay," he started to hum a slow a slow song, as he rocked the child back and forth. He would bounce the child lightly as he did. The infant began to calm down, and the woman looked miraculously at the male. "Thank you so much, he's been fussy all morning," the woman spoke as she nodded towards Samael.

His dark blue eyes looked out the window as the plane touched down. He truly was nervous, he had never met humans before. He looked at the rectangular box his brother had gotten him to "keep in touch" as well as a.....laptop? Which he found an unusual name for the device. But he shrugged grabbing his small suitcase from the overhang. He started to walk off, once they were cleared, and began to search for his host family.