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Samael King

"I'm sorry, I don't understand that reference."

0 · 461 views · located in Altumae High School

a character in “The Exchange Program”, as played by InakoUchiha




xxxn a m e xx;xx samael alexander king

xxxn i c k n a m e s xx;xx sam, sammy, alex, jack frost, angel cakes

xxxg e n d e r xx;xx cisgender male

xxxa g e xx;xx sixteen ; 16

xxxb i r t h d a y xx;xx september 19th

xxxs e x u a l i t y xx;xx homosexual ; homoromantic

xxxr o l e xx;xx angel boy

xxxp o w e r xx;xx healing


xxxh e i g h t xx;xx 5'7''

xxxw e i g h t xx;xx 162lbs

xxxb o d yx t y p e xx;xx ectomorph

xxxa p p e a r a n c e xx;xx
xxxxxxxx Angelic, like his nature, Samael is truly angelic in appearance. With freckles covering his body, Samael is truly beautiful. His hair he keeps in a short cut style, to avoid it getting in his face. Naturally, his hair is a dark brown color, but after he came to the mortal realm, he dyed his hair a bright white shade. His eyes are never one particular shade or tone of blue, it varies. On numerous occasions, his eyes will even go to inhumane colors of blue signifying his angelic power. Normally they hover around an ice blue range and stay there. They do vary on emotions.

In terms of his wings, Sam's wings take a close to pastel pink color. Stretching out to fifteen feet, his wings do take a unique appearance than most angels. Near the ends of his wings, the wings go darker and turn into an onyx black shade. It's unknown why, but he's said to be a very unique angel in terms of his abilities.

xxxp e r s o n a l i t y xx;xx
xxxx Innocent * Kind * Anti-Social * Loyal * Easily Confused

Samael isn't prone to understand human culture. Being an angel, who only recently decided to take part in the exchange program, Samael is easily confused by humans. He doesn't understand modern day references or innuendos. This gives Sam as uniquely innocent personality, that tends to make him play off as incredibly stupid. But he's quite the opposite. Having never really interacted with humans before, he tends to be a bit anti-social. Shying away from really any contact he would have with the race entirely. Samael is a very kind person, and will not stop at any lengths to be kind to anyone. This is what ha earned him the nickname Angel Cakes, from one of the humans in the school.

To the friends he does have, Samael has undying loyalty. He seems to be an "athiest" angel, having little-to-no faith in the God that supposedly created them. He doesn't seem to be very fond of the idea, that the almighty being that created them, retreating into hiding. It isn't a very fond feeling to be left. That being stated, Samael has a very large fear of being left alone. He hates the feeling, which goes into a paradox of him being anti-social.

xxxh i s t o r y xx;xx

xxxSamael was raised like this, simple. Avoid being close to demons, and keep your nose out of trouble.

Samael was raised by a rather large tribe of angels, being the youngest, he was always being watched after. Unlike other angel tribes, the head of his tribe Michael, had decided that his angels should not learn about the human world. So Samael never did, he learned about "God", he learned about his powers. He just learned how to be a good angel. Listen to orders, listen to Michael, and never disobey. Yet, there was some empty feeling in Samael. He didn't know that emotions were a thing, raised never to feel, so he didn't know what he was feeling was distrust. Was God real? Was Michael as good as he said? Why were humans and demons bad? He began to question himself with these questions.

One day, he became bold and asked his fourth oldest brother, Gabriel. The archangel (a head of all angel kind), laughed. He said it was normal for distrust, but Michael would not be fond of it. Samael also began to realize his sexual feelings towards males. When Michael found out, he was furious. Men were not meant to feel for other men. Before he could harm Samael, three angels took him and went down to the Human's Realm. Gabriel, Lucifer, and Balthazar took over raising Samael, and eventually to keep him safe, they would send him to another home as a foreign exchange student.

xxxp l a y e r xx;xx InakoUchiha

xxxf a c e c l a i m xx;xx Lucky Blue Smith

xxxt i m e z o n e xx;xx CST

xxxs h e e t xx b y xx;xxgeminiblues

So begins...

Samael King's Story

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S AM A E L . K I N G
Dialogue: #F287AB
Angel Boy
Location: John F. Kennedy
International Airport
Queens, New York
Okay, even being an angel. Samael was never fond of flight. He sat on the plane, listening to some woman comfort her baby. His light blue eyes looked fondly at the child when the woman was barely having success with it. He would look at the woman, running a hand through his hair, he would smile towards her. "Might I give it a go? Tykes have always warmed up to me," he spoke to the woman with a nod towards the baby. She looked towards him with a relieved smile. "Of course, his name is Samuel."

Samael laughed at that. "C'mon you little angel, shshshshshsh. It's okay," he started to hum a slow a slow song, as he rocked the child back and forth. He would bounce the child lightly as he did. The infant began to calm down, and the woman looked miraculously at the male. "Thank you so much, he's been fussy all morning," the woman spoke as she nodded towards Samael.

His dark blue eyes looked out the window as the plane touched down. He truly was nervous, he had never met humans before. He looked at the rectangular box his brother had gotten him to "keep in touch" as well as a.....laptop? Which he found an unusual name for the device. But he shrugged grabbing his small suitcase from the overhang. He started to walk off, once they were cleared, and began to search for his host family.

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------------ โœ– ------------
Dialogue: #D58279
English Teacher
Location: John F. Kennedy
International Airport
Queens, New York
Driving in New York was nothing like driving in Arizona. The realization came to Emma quickly after she'd pulled out of the rent-a-car parking lot and had been cut off by some maniac who decided red lights didn't really apply to them. Jerk. Against all odds, thirteen near-death experiences, and a stray dog crossing in the middle of a busy street later, Emma Morrison turned the car off and let out a heavy, relieved sigh.

'Maybe I should just call an uber and deal with the rental company charges later,' she thought, taking a look around the six-seater (not including shotgun) she'd rented specifically to pick up these exchange students and sighed again, this time the sigh was long, drawn-out, and weary. She couldn't really afford to say 'no' to housing the exchange students who weren't able to find housing but she allowed herself to take a moment to lament her comfortable solitude and bid it goodbye, hoping the exchange students wouldn't have too hard of a time adjusting to her lifestyle.

"Alright," she breathed to herself, slowly removing the keys from the ignition, biding her time, "no big deal, Em, you're already here so let's just...Just do it." She steeled her resolve by flipping down the sun visor and glancing into the mirror, primping her hair and checking her makeup before finally slipping out of the car, grasping her purse and a white, cardboard sign with the words 'Altumae High' in bold, black letters, before shutting the driver's side door with an audible slam and searching the car keys for the locking mechanism, finding it and locking the car behind her as she made her way through the parking lot towards the John F. Kennedy airport, looking around wide-eyed as she took in the sights.

Five months in New York and the place still amazed her.

"It was terminal C, right?" She muttered to herself, adjusting the sign so the words could be seen clearly as she glanced around the terminal, pursing her lips and hoping to god she wasn't lost.