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The Facade of Eden



a part of The Facade of Eden, by LeBeau.

A modern bathroom.

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A modern bathroom.
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A modern bathroom.


Bathroom is a part of The Cabin.


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#, as written by LeBeau
Note: This post was written by CrashQueen, FizzGig, and LeBeau

Day 1 - 9:09 - Bathroom

Something towered over the girl, crouching down to his knees. Horns made of bone twirled out of his skull, sickly wings extending from his back. "Don't you dare tell a soul about me-" He barked, standing to his full height "Or ill gut you next time" In a moment he was gone, leaving her by herself.

She only moved to grab a towel off the rack to wrap herself in, shivering from combination trauma and cold. Small, choked off sobs escaped her lips every once in a while, and it felt like ages before she slowly stood to pull back the curtain to exit the shower. She'd clean up, pack up, get the HELL out of here. Demons were usually bound to a certain house, right?

She opened the curtain to Andy getting ready to puke into the toilet. "Shit!- ah! Um...h-h-hi..."
She was leaning against the bathroom counter, her good hand pressed to her mouth as she struggled to just breathe. Her right arm hung at her side, fingers twitching occasionally as she tried and failed to lift the arm to the bathroom counter. When Charlie suddenly appeared, she straightened, falling back against the wall as a choked cry cut off her breath.

"Where did you come from?!" she half-shouted. Why was she covered in blood?!

She was white-faced, shaking all over, as though seeing Charlie suddenly standing there was more terrifying than rescuing Gabe from the motherfucking pool monster.

A pair of eyes watched the two from behind the window of the bathroom, camofloughed mostly by the dark. It began as one, but then another pair joined it, and another.

"I-I've been here," Charlie replied, shifting the towel to avert not only Andy's eyes, but the others that she could sense were on her. After what happened, obviously being gutted had to be worse, or why threaten it. She couldn't stand it. Her face was pale, bloodstained, and yet she looked to be unharmed. "Patrick's dead-" she began, playing her trauma off as still being in shock. "I needed to- be alone."

Andy struggled to catch her breath, unaware of the eyes that watched them. Her skin was crawling, hinting at the lingering horror of what had happened. The blood was what disturbed her most.

"I, here.." Andy took a washcloth, soaking it in the sink before coming over to Charlie and tentatively cleaning the mess off of her face. " get hurt? Are you okay?"

The injured shoulder was beginning to purple in an ugly fashion, the ripped muscle and tendon beneath starting to make visible manifestations on her skin.

"I must've, eh...scrubbed too hard-" she lamely excused herself, taking the washcloth and cleaning herself up a little more. She balked at the shoulder. "Oh shit- what happened to you? Did that...THING come back?"
Charlie had run off pretty much the instant she smelled blood in the water. Smart girl.
But not really considering she'd set herself up for the other horrors in the house to prey on her.

"It tried to grab Gabe.." Andy explained. "Wrenched my shoulder when I got a hold of him and the door."
Talking made her feel less like she was going to throw up. This was good.

Light snickers could be heard outside the window aswell as the rustling of dried leaves. "I wannah eat that one" the eyes seem to whisper, quiet enough to be unheard.

Charlie shook her head. "Fuck that noise- man. I'm packing up and I'm getting the hell out of this cabin. Bad juju and shit. Wouldn't be surprised if it was on an indian burial ground." She looked at her reflection in the mirror- pale- pathetic. And then she could see them- the eyes. Though the whisper was too faint to be heard, the hairs on her arms stood up on end. "Shit...something's here..."

When Andy looked towards the mirror too, she felt herself stiffen with anxiety. "Lets get back to the others." she murmured. "Get dressed quick. Let's get the hell away from here.."

She didnt' want to stick around any more than Charlie did, after all.
She didn't need to be told twice, making a steady beeline for the bedroom to haphazaardly throw shit in her bag. Her hair was still wet, but there was no time for primping. She had to get out, and she had to get out NOW.

Andy watched her go, her brow furrowed in concern before she made her way back to the living room.

Day 1 - 9:30 - Bathroom