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The Facade of Eden



a part of The Facade of Eden, by LeBeau.

A once prosperous town, Eden was heaven on earth. Now, it's nothing more than the ruins of paradise and a monument to the greed of mankind.

LeBeau holds sovereignty over Eden, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

250 readers have been here.


A once prosperous town, Eden was heaven on earth. Now, it's nothing more than the ruins of paradise and a monument to the greed of mankind.
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A once prosperous town, Eden was heaven on earth. Now, it's nothing more than the ruins of paradise and a monument to the greed of mankind.


Eden is a part of The Facade of Eden.

2 Places in Eden:

3 Characters Here

Stefan Lee [1] "its that guy"
Jenny Shepard [1] Just your average girl.
Tiaan Barrymore [1] "I swear if I have any other guy offer me a lift, for a price, I'll darn well kick the shit out of them. YOU HAVE THE WRONG PLUMBING!"

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2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Andy Brannan Character Portrait: Gabriel Smith
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#, as written by LeBeau
Day 1 - 9:30 - Living Room

Andy came back into the living room, bad arm held in her good one. Her shoulder was an ugly bruised color, essentially useless, and there was blood on her hands from where she'd helped Charlie clean up in the bathroom.
When she saw Gabe and Devin standing there, wide eyed as though they'd seen MORE ghosts and ghouls, she hung back, her lips parting as if she were going to speak.

But no words came.

"What...are the chances of us getting out of here?" she finally managed, leaning against the wall on her good shoulder. Her clothes were soaked, her hair matted and tangled around her face, and there was blood trickling from her knees where she'd slid against the pool deck. After a short pause, she took a breath and sighed.


Gabriel was busy, dropping a salt line across each window and door. His attention immediately turned to Andy as she entered the room. "Stop Andy" He spoke calmly, dropping the silver onto the couch as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her neck, pushing her head gently against his chest. He enveloped her in his embrace, soothing and calming her the best he could. "Come on Andy, don't talk like that. You're getting out of here alive, i promise."

Despite the situation, he spoke with unfiltered confidence and sincerity.

She winced a little when he pulled her against his chest, her good hand coming up to hook around his bicep. Sighing slightly, she closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest, unable to help the tears that burned at the corners of her eyes.

"We should see if we can leave." she said, her voice weak. "Just..get out of here, you know? Get the police involved or something."

There were no phones in the place, and their cell phones didn't get service around here.

He released her slowly, brushing a finger under her eyes. He gently cleared the tears away, letting his hand linger idly against her cheek. "I'll get you out of here" He turned away from her, stepping up to the door. He held the iron firepoker in his hand as he wrapped his hand around the door handle. He opened it cautiously, his eyes flickering across the forest. "W-Wheres the car?" He shuddered, stepping outside into the open.

In a moments time, something jump out from the darkness. It appeared to be- Human? But no, it was almost transparent. It swiped Gabriel, sending him flying to the floor, the iron firepoker dropping by the door. He tried to kick it back from his position on the floor, but it walked through it, unshaped.

He reached for the iron, grabbing it and swiping it at the form. It struck him, pushing him back. Gabriel took to his feet, stepping back into the house and shutting the door "The salt!" He pointed across the room at a small box. "Andy, pass it to me!'

"Here!" Andy shouted, tossing it to him with her good hand. She was hovering back by the wall, her eyes wide with terror as she watched the monster approach and attack. Her breath came in fasts spurts, vision blurring as the threat of passing out loomed ever closer.
"I, is it...the salt keeps it out?" she asked, reaching a hand out to catch her balance.

He didnt answer at first, trailing it across the door before taking a quick step back.

He eyed it nervously, half expecting it to burst though the door despite the salt. It seemed he didnt even trust it's potency.

Minutes passed, the salt appearing to have done its job. "I cant believe it actually worked..." His voice veered off slowly.
He turned to face Andy, "Yeah... it is" He stepped forward, putting his hands on her waist and motioning towards the couch. "Sit down for a minute, let me patch you up"

"I'm patched," she replied, looking down at his hands. "I feel fine, just tired..." She stepped forward, just leaning against his chest as her brow furrowed in her own confusion.

"How did you know about the salt?" It certainly wouldn't have been her first guess.

"Andy, no you're not" He motioned towards her knee's "Please, just sit and let me bandage them for you- You know me, and you know im going to be stuburn about this" He put his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her away from him. "I'll tell you while im tending to the wounds"
She gave him a look, closing her eyes and shaking her head before striding past him. She didn't wait, just took a seat, then leaned her elbows down on her knees and looked over at him.

"Where is everyone else?" she asked quietly. Devin seemed to have disappeared, and Charlie hadn't come downstairs yet.
Gabriel crouched in front of her, pulling out the first-aid kit from under the coffee table. He began gently rubbing the wounds with the alchohol swabs. "Devin's looking for more Iron" He looked up at her, his hands wrapped around her legs, his thumbs grazing across the skin under the wounds gently.

"Im sorry about all of this- "

He couldn't keep her gaze, averting his eyes as he began wrapping the wounds. He collected himself before speaking again "But uh, my uncle was a bit of a nut. He was into all this Ghost stuff. Thats how i knew about the salt" He laughed uneasily to himself "And i sent him to a mental ward-" He stayed silent for a moment, standing slowly as he gathered himself. "Guess that's what he gets in return for trying to protect me" He gazed at the floor, the same uneasy laughter.
He hated himself for what he did, even before he knew these monsters existed. But now-

His uncle was just trying to prepare him

1 year earlier - Millerton, New York

"Gabe, my boy, don't do this" He reached out to him with a feeble hand, tears glazed his eyes. He smiled pleadingly. "Don't let them, Gabe"
"Please, i only want to protect you"

Gabriel looked away "Stop, you need help"

As they sat him in the car, he gazed out the window at Gabriel. The tears streamed down his face, "Im sorry, Gabriel" He fell into a quiet sob as the van pulld away from the driveway

Day 1 - 09:48 - The Cabin

Gabriel brushed the tears from his face. Throughout this entire day, Gabriel managed to keep his cool. The most it had got out of him was a few tears.
But what stood there today was a shaken man, one who realized he had made the gravest mistake in his entire life. His uncle died at that institution, afraid and alone.

She listened to his story, unsure of how to process what she was hearing. She searched his face, her heart beating uncomfortably in her chest, gut twisting with emotion as she watched the tears form in his eyes.
"Come on Gabe..." she murmured, pushing herself to her feet and staring up at him with concern written all over her face. "You did it for love, right? I mean, you didn't know how to help him, so you found people who might. And really, who could have guessed that he'd be right?"
More tears.

"Who could have possible known that horrific things happen so regularly? We don't...we just, we don't."
She looked away from him, wiping at tears that had gathered, finally tilting her chin to her chest so he wouldn't see how close she was coming to just losing her composure.

He looked up at the ceiling, wiping away the last of the tears. "Huh" He took a breath, sniffling for a moment as he looked back at her. He smiled "Im uh- Sorry about that. It's the past, and i have more pressing matters to attend to" He rubbed the back of his neck uneasily, trying to push his uncle out of his mind.

He caught a bookshelf out of the corner of his eye. "Maybe..." He walked over to it, brushing his fingers across the spines of the books. "These- They're all about monsters - And witchcraft" He ponderd for a moment as he gazed upon the shelf of ancient books.

"Why on earth would you want to read about monsters when they're on the fucking front porch?" Andy replied, collapsing back onto the couch and curling her knees up to her chest. "I mean, really Gabe..."

"Im sorry, do you know how to kill a mermaid? What about that octopus thing that grabbed my leg? I doubt they can be reasoned with"

He pulled a book from the shelf, flipping through it quickly. "This seems to be some sort of potion book-" He slipped the leather book into his pocket as he pulled a large one from the shelf.

He flipped through it, stopping as he brushed passed an image. "This is it, this is what killed Patrick-" He gazed out at the pool. He looked back to the book "We wont have to worry about it anymore... as long as we dont go near the water"

He turned back to Andy, crouching down infront of her and placing a hand on each of her knees. He shook them comfortingly. "Come on Andy, if we wannah get through this we have to know what we are up against" He pulled the book out of his pocket and put it on her lap. "Try to find something for your Arm"

"Find what?" she replied incredulously. "A potion? Get serious, Gabe. Aren't these things made of newts and bat wings and shit? Where on earth would we find what we need for this anyway?"

She looked from the book to him, not meaning to take out her frustration on him, especially since he was being so kind...
But still. Seriously? This was all getting to be a bit much.

"I dont get how you can still hold so much doubt, Andy. Maybe it's because you didnt stair that creature in the eyes, but i did-
Before he could finish, Devin came into the room screaming. "Calleigh, she's gone-"

Day 1 - 10:01 - Living Room


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jenny Shepard Character Portrait: Tiaan Barrymore
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#, as written by LeBeau
Note: This post is a collaboration between writers Rulke (Tiaan), HitoriRaven (Jenny), and LeBeau (Editing/Sphinx/Charon)

Day 3 - 01:30 - Eden

The words of the driver echoed through her head, "Kid, seriously, don't go through this town. Things happen, this place full name was originally in French and it was 'The Facade of Eden.'" Before she had a chance to question further, the guy had driven off, begging her through the window, "Don't go.".
Well, now here she was two hours later; she had hoped she'd get a lift pretty quickly, and she'd even seen some kids drive past, but the car was full she didn't even ask. Not to mention, some of the guys had looked dangerous. And here she was still waiting, why she had decided it was a good idea to take scenic route.
Sighing, she picked up her bag and started tramping into town, glancing idly at her watch to estimate the time. It was just half past 9, she was unlikely to get a lift now. Best thing to do would be to see if she could get a room anywhere.

Moving through the town, she saw typical sights: a church, a pub and many other buildings. All roads seemed to be connected to this bridge at the far far end.
Something about that place in distance made her uneasy, first she would try the houses.

Approaching one of the nearest doors, she knocked, swearing for a second; she heard screams from far away. Just her imagination most likely, "..but best turn the safety off, eh, Tiaan?" Doing just that, she rang the bell and waited.

A figure could be seen from glass on the door, but they didn't open, instead they spoke through the door, "Child, why you out this late. The curfew states no one opens the door this late. I'm sorry child, but you made your bed."
"Huh..." but her thoughts were unfinished as the figure had gone, she rapped the door a yelled, "Oi, come here, I just want a room for the night" no sound... "come back!"


Growling she considered trying to kick door open and demanding place, but it wasn't worth it. Maybe someone else less insane would be next door.
Repeating again, she heard a small laugh from everywhere, almost child-like.

Shivering she rapped the door and this time person opened door slightly, and a small elderly head poked out, "Excuse me, but what you doing out so late?"
"It's not late, I just want a room for the night."

The old woman tutted and started to remove chain, when a loud child-like laugh broke the silence, desperately she tried to slam the door over Tiaan's foot, but gave up and shook in terror and said quickly, "Please go, please don't let them get me. Don't let them get me!"
Tiaan was so confused, that she removed her foot, and door slammed.

Sighing aloud she pulled out her mobile and dialed Ruby number, after a few rings, she heard phone being picked up.
"Hello, who is this?"
"Oh hey cutie... wasn't expecting you today..."
"I know, and you shouldn't have been, but I'm stuck in some podunk town in arsefuck nowhere."
"Well I could see if it's nearby?"
"Tiaan you need to speak louder, your reception is awful, can hardly hear you."
"Sorry Tiaan, I'm too tired to do this right now, I need to sleep, I love you babe, but phone me back when you got better reception."
The phone hung up and Tiaan now felt nervous.
Tiaan pulled out her handgun and begun to walk towards the only lit up place nearby, which was the pub, it appeared to be called, "The Asylum." pretty fitting name.

Jenny was exhausted after her day of work. As she drove home, she decided to stop for a "quick" drink at the only pub that was relatively close to her town, "The Asylum". After all, she had become good friends with the man that owned the bar, Ryan - he was one of a few childhood friends she had back in her old town. She expected it had been a lazy night, as usual, and hoped to mooch a few free drinks off of him. As she parked nearby and walked towards the bar, she heard someone pull up behind her, and turned around to look. She was surprised to see any new faces around this town. Granted, it was close to the city, but still...Jenny walked up slowly behind the woman who was traveling towards the bar.

As she came close to door she heard a footstep behind her, turning to face the woman swiftly. For a minute there was only silence and the girl just stared in horror at the weapon. Normally Tiaan wasn't so clearly on edge, but it was the strange children's laughter and the way she was being treated, not even LA was this bad. Still, she held her weapon firm, speaking in clear and concise sentences, "Make one move and I blow your brains out. Now tell me who you are and why the fuck you were sneaking up on me!"

The girl seemed afraid to reply as she raised her hands shakily and looked at Tiaan terrified, fear could be a lie though, why wasn't this girl following curfew for instance, why had to snuck up on her. All these needed answered and she was going to get an answer, "I won't repeat again."
"I-I..I live around here. J-just up the road a bit." She gave a small nod to the strange woman. "O-obviously I was going to get a d-d-drink, what else would you d-do at a pub?" Jenny wasn't the best at talking to strangers, but she felt braver in the face of a gun, ironically. She raised her hands in a surrender motion saying "But hey, I'm just a town girl who wants a drink, so why dontcha put the gun down?"

Considering and listening carefully finally Tiaan lowered the gun, not turning off the safety, "Good enough, just be warned. You try anything and I'm not afraid to beat you up." Breathing a little she smiled, "I'm almost relieved another person is here, seriously. I'm trying to get to New York, but my driver refused to go through here, demanding I take another route. Since this place is creepy I'm seeing if this bar has a place to rest, so I can start moving again."
With that Tiaan pushed over the door and stepped into the dimly lit tavern.

Day 3 - 03:00 - The Asylum Pub

All conversation that was going on immediatly died down and the few people inside stared at her, while the barman said in very low threatening tone, "We don't allow your kind in here. Get out."
Immediately, Jenny followed the stranger in. As soon as she heard her bartender friend, Ryan, speak, she cut in. "It's fine, Ryan. She's with me. Just give us both a drink, put it on my tab." She gave him a winning grin - as much as an awkward town girl could, that is.
The bartender still glared, "Jenny, you are fine, but her, she's a city gal. The last person we allowed in from the city... well, you know the rest. If you don't, I'll tell you one day."

Jenny's look immediately turned stern, as she said in a reprimanding tone, "Now Ryan, this woman - " she turned to the woman and whispered "Your name"?"
"Tiaan Barrymore, no relation to the famous family."

Jenny laughed a bit. "Jenny Shepard, nice to meet you." She turned back to Ryan. "This woman, Tiaan. She just wants a drink, and then she'll go on her way. Now. Give us both a mug of Guiness." Her face went back to a smile, but this one was more threatening than the last.
The bartender seemed to grumble before nodding and muttering, "One drink and then she's out. Kids shouldn't even be out this late--."
Finally Tiaan had enough and interrupted, "I'm 22, I'm not a kid, that one thing to say, second why shouldn't kids be out this late?" She noticed Jenny trying to shut her up, but continued, "Honestly LA much worse than here."

Jenny interrupted both of them. "Alright, one drink." She turned to Tiaan and whispered, "Please don't argue with Ryan. He can be stubborn when he wants to."
Rolling her eyes she said casually, "I wonder if the houses across the bridge are more hospitable."

Just then everyone went silent and Ryan said in a very low tone, "OUT. Jenny, we'll talk about this later."

Jenny was worried for the stranger - her new friend - she stood steadfast againt the tender. "Well, Tiaan..that island over there's rumored to be haunted...but they're just stories... I saw some lights on there, so there must be people at least...."

Then she heard it, more child-like laughter, but looking behind her she could see them now, young kids, dressed entirely in black with hoodies. Genderless by all appearance. This wasn't something you find in anywhere but a city.

Tiaan gulped in horror and grabbed hold of Jenny out of fear.

Their eyes, their eyes...

Their eyes...

They were black... absolutely black no other colour.

Then it spoke, in a slow monotone, "You need to let us IN." it emphasized the in most of all as they started to surround them all.

Tiaan was still clutching Jenny in terror, then remembering she pulled out her gun and aimed at closest one, the child hardly came up to her height. Still she held gun at the thing and said in scared tone, "Stay away, not afraid to use it."

Still they came.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even after firing the three shots, the kids still started to surround them.
All througout this ordeal, Jenny had been scared, holding tightly to Tiaan. She tried to be brave, but it was hard. Jenny muttered to herself, with a shaky voice, "I-I knew it...the r-rumors were t-true..." She felt as though she was about to die.

Day 3 - 03:30 - The Bridge

Sensing someone else needed protecting, Tiaan forced a calm facade on, "We can make this, and with that she bum-rushed the closest one, dragging Jenny behind her. Then with an growing unease, she ran towards the bridge; at this point she was glad to see some lights nearby.

The kids laughed and crowed, not even following.

Just then it dawned on Tiaan what it had been about, halfway across bridge, she realized it had been a trap, and now only direction to go was across the bridge.

Taking hold of Jenny's hand she said in most reassuring tone, "And people wonder why I don't want kids."

It was hollow but it snapped Jenny out of her stupor as she gave a small chuckle.

With that they traversed the bridge, and crossed on to land. Without fully comprehending, Tiaan turned around and whispered, "Jenny, we're going to need a bigger boat."

The bridge was gone, which was even scarier; it was like it had never been there at all. They could see the town, and where the bridge once was, but nothing signalling one had been there previously.

Tiaan simply stared at the cliff opening and closing mouth, before stating dumbly, "Bridge gone... bridge gone."
Ironically, at this point, Jenny had more or less calmed herself down. She gave Tiaan a gentle slap. "Get a hold of yourself, Tiaan. Are you really surprised by THAT after all that's happened? C'mon, let's go."

Day 3 - 03:40 - Eden Isle

"Bridges don't vanish, I could accept demonic children, I could accept freaky townspeople, but bridges just going poof, bridges going, that there is something that bothers me." How the hell could she control herself, bridges just didn't go away, bridges were big heavy things, bridges couldn't fly nor were they easy to run away with. There goes theory of those demonic toerags stealing it.

Jenny sighed, and slapped her forehead. "I think there's something fundamentally wrong with that statement. You can accept demon children, but not cursed, disappearing, whatever, bridges? C'mon, hun." She gave the still baffled Tiaan another peck on the lips before dragging her deeper into the woods. "I saw a cabin this way. It'll be better than staying here, at least there are probably people there."

"I need to make phonecall" she pulled out her cell and dialed number, a few rings later, a tired voice answered.

"Hello, Ruby in dreamland right now, please leave a message after the beep."
Yelling desperately Tiaan interrupted, "Ruby, Ruby, call the police, call whoever, we're stuck in this town called Eden."
Just then Ruby picked up and replied, "We? What do you mean we?"
Tiaan could hear Jenny laughing, and not even bothering to cover reciever she shouted, "Jenny, quiet." In horror she realized what she did, "Wait, it's not how it sound."
"Go to hell Tiaan and don't even try call back, we're through. One trip, just one trip and you decide to sleep with some random skank."
Trying desperately to not to start crying Tiaan pleaded, "Please, look we need help, we've almost been killed."
"Good, now, good night and fuck off."

With that the phone hung up, looking at Jenny in fury she whispered very harshly, "YOU." not even caring what was said, she continued, "I should have shot you earlier."

Jenny turned around slowly and in a calm voice said, "You know you don't believe that, and you know that you can still fix this. But for that, we both have to survive." Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the Cabin up on a faraway hill. "C'mon, let's get back to the other side, and I'll help you clear things up with this person."

Turning away, she rubbed her eyes and let out a sad moan, "I prepare for any eventuality, and yet still end up in situation can't handle..."
Jenny sighed gently, before walking to Tiaan and placing a hand on her shoulder. "You can't be prepared for everything. That's what friends are for, right?" She gave another gesture towards the cabin. "Now c'mon. Seriously. Life, then we fix this."

No matter how much Tiaan knew she was right, she just wanted to mope, "It was supposed to be easy hitch-hike across to NY from Cali, I know it's long journey, but I thought could handle this. Any guy tried anything, they'd be threatened with losing their jewels or get shit kicked into them." she sighed and tears fell from her eyes.

Pulling the crying woman into a hug, Jenny patted her back gently. "It'll be okay." She pushed them apart, and looked into Tiaan's eyes. "But, we REALLY need to go. It's already dark." And she began to move them both again towards where she remembered the cabin to be.

Hearing a sound, Tiaan pulled out her handgun and began walking slowly towards the disturbance, gripping the handle tightly and keeping a close eye on Jenny.

Remembering something, Tiaan russled through her bag, finally withdrawing pepper spray, gesturing to Jenny she handed and whispered. "Aim for eyes"

As the two conversed, a nearby bush had been shaking idly. In a swift gust of wind, a large four-legged creatur dove out from the bush, knocking the woman onto their asses. It snarled, its breath resembling heavy winds. "You human's invade my forest and I follow the rules, but you break them!" She growled, snarling as the two woman sat silently. "The last humans lost and they attacked me!" Her breath was labored, the thing was clearly weakened.

It resembled a large lion, with the head of a women and the wings of an eagle. She stepped forward, her mouth hanging wide as Tiaan interrupted. "S-S-Stop!" She screamed, the beast faltering. "We'll play by the rules, just don't-" She cut Tiaan short "I'm bored of riddles anyways!"
"W-we'll do something else then!" Jenny interrupted. " I'm impatient!" The beast barked, "You have ten minutes or I eat you both!" It eyed the two hungirly, its nostrils flaring.

Tiaan turned to Jenny desperately, "Any ideas?"

Jenny stared at the Sphinx for a second, before speaking. "Well..w-what haven't you seen before?" Her voice quivered.
"I've lived in Greece, I've seen everyhing there is to see. INCLUDING two women."

Gulping nervously, Tiaan figured she would try, "When was the last time you were kissed?" What on God's Green Earth had posessed her to ask that?
The beast watch the two curriously "What use do I have for a kiss?!"

Tiaan turned to Jenny and mouthed "Pepper Spray!", hoping to god that she got the hint.
Jenny stood, feigned confidence in her voice "Just let me do it! If you want to kill us afterwards, go ahead"
The beast began to refuse, but gave up with a grunt. "Do it, mortal"

Jenny took a few shaken steps forward, looking up at the Sphinx. It's breath enveloped her, blowing against he skin like a heavy storm. She drew there lips closer, about to meet when she stopped. With one swift movement, she raised the can of pepper spray to its eye and blinded the beast. "Run!" Jenny screamed

With a great, mighty roar, the Sphinx furiously tried to claw Jenny, but fortunately she seemed to have ducked down. Tiaan took this chance and aiming down the sights she fired her gun three times, "Let's go!"

Without checking if Jenny was behind her, she ran, hearing the creature scream, "You whores!" It yelped in pain as the bullets grazed her skin.

Quickly turning and spotting Jenny behind her, Tiaan continued on, ignoring the eyes spying on her behind every tree and bush. Just kept running and running.

Panting, her chest felt like it was going to burst. The phone slipped from her pocket but she couldn't stop, looking back only to check if Jenny was there.

Tiaan collapsed as the woods seemed to end, falling onto her knees. She looked up, hoping to see the cabin infront of her. To her dismay, a lake sat between her and the cabin. "No! Fuck!"

Tiaan, waited hopefully for Jenny, not sure if she had heard screams of pain, or weird monstrous sounds, was Jenny dead? It was her fault then? Oh god, oh god, what the hell was she going to do?

Bursting through some foliage, Jenny gasped for breath. She saw the lake as well, and punched the ground. She looked up at Tiaan. "Really? A freaking lake? Out of the Sphinx and into the frying pan, much?"

Grinning Tiaan laughed loudly, I could kiss you, seriously, pepperspraying a mothefucking Sphinx? If you weren't a girl, I'd say you have fucking balls."

Jenny gave a coughing laugh, as she tried to breathe. "Last time I checked, I didn't have any. And you probably shouldn't, Ruby would be angrier."

Slowly walking over to Jenny, Tiaan smiled softly and then grabbing ahold of her, leaned and kissed her hard, not caring about anything, just relieved so relieved. She hugged her close, just being so happy they'd survived.

Jenny's eyes widened for a second, but she relaxed, being so exhausted. As they parted, Jenny spoke up, breaking the illusion.
"I'm glad we're okay for now, but Tiaan...there's still that lake..."

Still high over facing near death, Tiaan grinned stupidly, "We'll survive."

"Look, honey, I'm glad you're happy and stuff, but how are we gonna get across? I mean, it's right there, but...." Jenny tried to smile back, but was also intent on keeping them alive.

A old feeble figure appeared out of the mist enveloping the lake. He stood on a small rowboat, rowing methodically over to the two. He stopped as he got close enough to be heard. "Care to cross? These water's are unsafe, only i can protect you from the hazardous creatures which dwell inside of it.

Eyes could be seen, pe3ring up at them from underneath the surface of the sea.

Tiaan leveled her gaze before frowning, "Everything so far has tried to kill us, what makes you any different." she continuedly frowned, "In fact I do know myths Charon, and I know you were Hades' Ferryman."

He chuckled softly "Suit yourself, I don't have time for your mortal worries" He slowly turned, beginning to row away. "Good luck with the mermaids." He laughed.

Jenny punched Tiaan in the arm gently, and spoke up, "Maybe... we'll come if you tell us why you won't kill us, considering we met a Sphinx and Demonic
Children, and both tried to do us in, it's only normal for us to be so reserved."

He continued rowing slowly, his voice lingering behind him "I told you girls- You're the ones who need help, not me"
"We're simply asking, why would you help us when everything else tried to kill us?"

Jenny interjected, "What do you want as payment? In the legend it was some Greek coins or something, is that still what you want? Because I'll tell you now, we obviously don't have any."

"Hold on there---" Tiaan spoke up, "Seriously we're going to trust this guy without any proof he won't fling us in the river, or take us the River Styx in hell itself. You said it yourself Jenny, we must stay focused. Trusting a demon not to betray us, is like trusting a politician not to screw people."

Jenny grabbed Tiaan by both shoulders looking her in the eye. "Well, dear. Look at it this way." She pointed towards the forest, then back at Charon. "Either we get on that boat or we take our chances with the Sphinx, and die for sure. Your call.

"I'm keeping an eye on you Charon, and I don't care if dead can't die, I'll find a way. For now, we'll trust you." Gingerly Tiaan approached the boat, knowing for sure this was a trap, but also knowing it was either this or face a very pissed off Sphinx, and probably more.

Charon smirked, rowing the boat back to shore. "Get on."

Glaring at the void where Charon's face was, Tiaan stepped on, turning off safety on her gun in her pocket ready for anything. At least, she hoped. Jenny followed shortly after.

Day 3 - 08:00- Eden Lake

"Row row row your boat, gently down the stream~" Charon sang softly as he cast the both into the middle of the sea,

"So what was it like taking Heracles across the Styx?" It was fortunate Tiaan loved Greek mythology so much, but honestly she would rather not have met the actual creatures.

Jenny rolled her eyes a bit. She'd only been with Tiaan for a while, but she WOULD ask about myths while they were on a boat with the Ferryman of Hades.
His expression turned stern as his song was cut short. "Do not bring up my past, mortal, it is not wise." He seemed angered, rowing on softly. "Do it again and I feed you to that mermaid who's been folowing us for the last 10 minutes"

Snickering, Tiaan smirked, "I know why it bothers you." Just then Jenny practically pushed her down on boat, giving a dangerous look.

He grunted, turning and swinging the oar at her, stopping at Tiaan's neck. He pushed it forward, knocking her onto her back. "Oh, do you? Care to explain?"

Jenny chose that moment to spontaneously hug Tiaan, and whispered into her ear. "You don't trust him, and now you're making him angry? C'mon, girl. I thought you wanted to live through this." She turned back to Charon. "Don't mind her, she's still on a high from getting away from the Sphinx."

Tiaan stared off into the distance, "Hold on, we're not moving closer to the other side."

They had stopped, only minutes away from shore.

"No, you're not" He smiled, placing the oar at his side. "Where is my payment? Two gold coins for each of you"

Checking her pockets, she pulled her card, "Do you take plastic?"

He slammed the oar against her hand, sending the card into the water and probably breaking a few fingers, if not all of them. "Do not play with me, women"

Wincing, she rubbed her hand, which had thankfully been strengthened from Judo. Checking her pockets she shrugged, "There's no gold coins in or currency, they're silver, copper and bronze"

He growled "I don't care, 4 gold coins or you both die."

'Great, now if only we had gold paint.' she thought. 'Wait, there was something. They both had gold, wasn't gold coins, but it was gold.' "Jenny, your earrings. They're gold, right?"

While waiting for an answer, she sighed, and looked at her finger. Was it really worth it? It wasn't even that expensive, but she felt that if she gave this away, then it would be officially over between her and Ruby.

Trying to keep tears from falling, she pulled off her promise ring and handed it over.

She whispered to Jenny, her eyes wet, "I don't think old world loyalties matter now..."

Looking him in the face, she said, "That should cover both of us. It cost just over 200 dollars."

He examined the piece of jewelry, weighin them in the palm of his hand. He snickered, looking at the two women. "This is enough"

He rose his frail, sickly hand, a single finger slowly rising. "It's enough for one of you"

Sighing Tiaan, whispered, "Sorry, I tried. He needs the earrings too."
Jenny made a face. "These weren't that big a deal. But, there isn't any trust here, Charon, so we'll do this the usual business style. You bring us closer, and I'll give you the rest of your gold."

He laughed, "I meant with the earings"

Tiaan finally had enough, "Fuck this." pulling her gun she fired the gun at bottom of the boat, then with careful positioning, she kicked through.

Fear flashed across Charon's face "What have you done!" The boat began sinking into the lake.

"What's wrong? Can't swim?" Tiaan taunted.

Signalling Jenny and tossing her the gun, Tiaan jumped overboard. Using all her strength, she swam towards the shore, taking one look to see Charon struggling and sinking slowly. Landing on shore she yelled, "Go back to hell."

Jenny didn't know how to use the pistol, but it obviously wasn't hard to pull a trigger. She aimed at the water behind Tiaan, firing off the rest of the clip before
jumping in as well. "Goddamned mermaids, hope you suck a bullet.", she spat. She swam after Tiaan, finally pulling herself onto the shore.

The mermaids had begun to tear at the sickly legs of Charon. They didn't care who he was; they just ripped him apart. His blood was black as ink, polluting the lake slowly. His face covered with anger and pain.

Day 3 - 12:00 - The Cabin (Outside)

"Give me the gun back, please."

Jenny just stared at Tiaan. "It's wet."

She took the gun from Jenny, dropping it in her bag. She pulled out a box of bullets, "Never hurts to be prepared." Carefully emptying the gun of water, she gave it a once over with a cloth while the screaming of Charon continued in the distance. Satisfied, she begun to refill the barrel, before cocking the chamber, and firing a shot up in the air.

Surprisingly it fired.
"No harm done."

Waving her hand in front of Jenny face, she smiled, "I thought you be overjoyed, we made it?"

Jenny shuddered. "I'm not gonna be happy until we're off this island, but I'll settle for going in that cabin."

Grabbing her bag, she placed it on her shoulder, and took Jenny's hand, she slowly removed her earrings and handed them too Jenny, "They're diamond, got given them by my Granny long ago, you can have them."

"These? I can't possibly take these." Jenny looked up, surprised. But after a second, she grinned. "Remember? I barely even know you."
"For someone who hardly knows me, we've got my girlfriend believing we're together, we've made out once or twice and now survived three times by parting with the old world treasures. If that's hardly knowing a person, then I think rather take that."

Squeezing Jenny's hand, she whispered softly "It's time we lived for now. Take them, it's better you have them. My Granny would of liked you anyways"

Seeing the cabin now in sight, Tiaan grinned, "Shall we see if anyone home. Hell way things going, I bet the Witch from Hansel and Gretel lives here." shivering she then added, "Least it's easy to kick an old woman ass."

Jenny was putting on her new earrings when she snickered and placed a finger on Tiaan's lips. "You talk too much for someone who almost died by crazy lion-lady and mythical boatman of death." Let's find out if anyone's home."

"You forget---." Tiaan promptly found the finger to her lips again. "Shhhh."

Nodding, Tiaan took note and grinned, yelling "Little pigs, little pigs let me in!"
With that she walked over to the door and knocked hard.

Day 3 - 12:30 - The Cabin (Outside)


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#, as written by LeBeau
Day 1 - 09:30 - The Basement

As Devin and Callie disappeared upstairs, Stefan was feeling slightly useless, so he hobbled from the couch without anyone really noticing. Ice would come later, because he wanted to help, he looked around a few places but without much success. He found a door with a set of stairs going down, and two things crossed his mind. Great stairs, and its dark and I have no flashlight.

He checked the wall for a switch, and luckily for him he found one. The light was dim, and he couldn't see into the corners of the basement, but he spotted what looked like some old pipes or something of the like. So he sat down and took the steps with on his bottom, it was the less painful way to go down them at the moment.

When he reached the bottom he stood with some difficulty and started very slowly toward his objective.
From under the stairs a pair of red, glowing eyes could be seen. The eyes multiplied, growing from 1 pair to 6, all belonging to the same creature. They traced Stefan's path as he attempted to navigate the stairs.

As Stefan's foot touched the floor, it pounced, breaking through the wood and knocking him to the floor. It looked like a spider, except giant.
It glared at Stefan, hissing angrily as it got closer to the defenseless boy. The Spider raised its head, a stream of white netting material flying out towards him.

Stefan hadn't the sense to make a sound as he heard wood breaking behind him. He had only the chance to turn slightly as the something rather huge pounce and knock him to the floor. He eyes got bigger as he looked up with fear, and for a fragment of a second he had to make sure what he was looking at was real. So he counted the legs, yep definitely eight.

He tried hard to scramble from underneath the spider toward the corner with the pipes, just maybe if he could them, he would have something to defend himself with. However before he got to far the giant arachnid began spitting white sticky netting at him, so with his good leg he attempted to kick that particular spot on spider's head. Mostly to distract it for a second longer to gain another attempt at crawling away.

Stefan's foot landed straight against the spider's face, forcing it to shudder and step back. It glared at him, intent in his eyes as he slowly made his way back to him. It shook its head slowly, still recovering from the strike.

It was infuriated, a green tinted venom leaking from its mouth. It stopped as it reached Stefan, raising its leg and attempting to bring it down onto Stefan's shoulder.

The progress backwards was slow and very painful, but he was almost at the pile of pipes. He looked back just to see the spider's leg coming toward him, and he couldn't react in time. He felt the jolt of pain in his shoulder, as the spider's weight fell upon him. He finally yelled out in pain, and for a second he loss all sense of where he was and what was happening.

The spider seemed to snicker, slowly lowering it's mouth to Stefan's neck. It opened its jaws wide, brandishing it's large fangs. In a moment, it reached out to bite him.

It was those fangs lowered to his neck that made Stephan realize he was in deep shit. And his eyes glanced behind him and he saw a pipe just within reach, with a effort he grabbed it and stabbed at the spider's neck with all the force he could muster.

The spider screamed in pain, scrambling off of Stefan and mindlessly stumbling across the room.
As it's screams died down, it slowly fell to the floor, dead.

Stephan watched the spider stumble away and fall to the floor. He continued watching just to make sure the thing stopped moving. With the pipe he had still in his hand he managed to get up into a sitting position, trying to focus through the pain. He sort of thought that maybe his shoulder was just out of the socket, because it was facing in the wrong direction.

And he surveyed the situation, there was a dead spider, and the stairs were gone. Now what the fuck was he going to do. His first thought was to collapse just for a moment, because he hadn't the energy for a second thought and he fell back again.

After hours of unconsciousness, he finally started to move again. Groaning and moaning with just about every moment, he inspected the stairs again. So maybe they weren't broken, he could probably get back up them, so using his weapon as a cane, he hobbled one step at a time. He was half way up when he started to hear the creaks and the squeaks. It didn't sound like a good sound to him, and he moved a little faster.

Just as he reached the last step the stairs began to break. He fell into the upstairs hallway as a loud crash was heard behind him. He stayed on the ground breathing hard, and tossed the stupid pipe down the hallway. "Gabe, there's your stupid iron, now can someone help me up. And don't try the basement the stairs are gone and its infested with spiders."

Gabriel knew better than to ask questions, helping Stefan up and to a nearby Bedroom. "Get some rest man, we'll take care of that leg tomorrow" He placed a bag of ice on Stefan's ankle. "You're a tough bastard, man" He laughed before exiting the room.

Day 1 - 14:00 - Bedroom 3