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The Facade of Eden

The Cabin


a part of The Facade of Eden, by LeBeau.

An extravagant cabin in the woods of Eden isle. It seems to be the only home in miles.

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An extravagant cabin in the woods of Eden isle. It seems to be the only home in miles.
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The Cabin

An extravagant cabin in the woods of Eden isle. It seems to be the only home in miles.


The Cabin is a part of Eden Isle.

4 Places in The Cabin:


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Character Portrait: Andy Brannan Character Portrait: Gabriel Smith Character Portrait: Devin Lidrit Character Portrait: Patrick Miller II
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#, as written by LeBeau
Note: This post is a summary of the actions of characters played by LeBeau, Rulke, CrashQueen, FizzGig, CriminalMinds, girlwt, and Archikan. All credit for their characters and their actions goes to his/her writer. This post also includes direct excerpts of posts by FizzGig, CriminalMinds, and Archikan.

Day 1 - 08:00 - The Cabin

As the van came to a slow and steady halt, Gabriel looked over to Andy with a fleeting smile. The mood in the car had been odd to say the least. At first, everyone was filled with excitement and curiosity. Conversation and laughter filled the old, rusted vehicle . Slowly, the excitement began to die down and after passing the bridge, it ceased completely. Everyone had felt something odd about the town, but they kept their fear concealed within them.

Gabriel had been treating Andy with a strange level of delicacy. Stefan and Calleigh sat quietly, enveloped in their own thoughts. Devin tinkered with his gadgets the entire way, and charlie sat next to him, blocking out the world with her headphones. The only voices in the car were Andy and Gabriel's flirtatious comments to each other, and Patrick's constant complaints and belittlement.

As they finally reached the cabin, a spark of excitement completely altered the mood of the group. "Woah! Is this the place we rented?" Devin stumbled out first, eying the extravagant building. "I guess so" Gabriel stood outside of the van, one hand on the car's roof. "Is this it? The interior better be pretty fuckin' fantastic for all the money i spent on it" Patrick complained as he slipped out of the back seat. Stefan stood next to Gabriel, flashing him a slight smile.

Andy appeared from the car a short while later, opening the door for Calleigh who quickly took to her side. "This'll be fun" Andy reassured her as the pair grabbed their bags and headed inside. Charlie and Patrick were quick to follow, taking a seat on the couch.

Gabriel walked up to the doorway, Stefan to his left and Devin to his right. He wrapped an arm around each of their necks "This is going to be the best week of our lives" He smiled, pushing the two inside.

About to step in himself, he caught Andy heading down to the bedroom out of the corner of his eye. He remembered the scene he had witnessed earlier this week-

3 days earlier - Millerton, New York

”I’m not sure why you think it’s okay for you to just disappear for the week.” Shaun growled as he stood outside Andy’s front door. “Have you talked to mom and dad about this? You’re going with that goody two-shoes Gabe? And a bunch of other pot-heads?”

“Beats being home.” Andy replied, acid in her tone. “Especially if you’re going to be here…”

Shaun had shoved her so hard that her head rattled, spots appearing behind her vision. She was fortunate enough to get inside the house and lock herself in her room before he could do any more damage.

Gabriel sighed, a slight frown making its way across his face. He had confront him soon after he witnessed that attack-

"How dare you touch her like that! You're her brother, you're supposed to protect her!" His fist slammed against the wall behind Shaun. Clearly rattled, he began to gather himself "That's right, I'm her brother and i can do what i want. Both of us know she'll never admit to it, so just drop it" Shaun smirked "Remember, i live with her. Don't piss me off or I'll take my anger out on her"

Gabriel grunted as he realized Shaun was right. He took a step back, glancing over at Shaun before walking back to his car. "If you hurt her-" He growled.

"Yeah, i know. You wont do shit" Shaun taunted as Gabriel drove away.

The truth is, Gabriel didn't go home that night. He sat in his car across the street, waiting for a scream of a cry for help. He wouldn't leave Andy to fend for herself. It may of seemed odd to anyone else, but not Gabriel's friends. They knew how much he cared for them and they knew he had a sweet spot for Andy. It was all but expected behavior.

Day 1 - 08:06 - The Cabin

Gabriel sighed, heading into the living room to join the others. He would confront Andy and hope that she agreed to let him help.