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Anaise Calypso Tanwandan

"It was a boy. Five pounds and six ounces. I remember, always."

0 · 381 views · located in Roinnte, Ireland

a character in “The Fair Folk”, as played by toajojo




"Because, she is waiting to be rescued, even if she does not yet realize it. And it is not by you, no matter how much you want it."


Anaise Calypso Tawandan

Annie, Ann, Cally

134 years old

Unseelie, the Unblessed

Jamaican and Greek


Dialogue: #fc3d39
Thoughts: #fd6b68

Jumbee, is the generic name given to demons of Caribbean folklore. There are many subspecies of Jumbee. Anaise is of the Chudail variety. A young human woman who perished in childbirth, reborn as a malevolent spirit. She haunts the night. Weeping as she wanders from home to home. Looking for a way in. Searching for a household that may have the baby the she left alive, or at least one similar to her own, so she might take them for herself. Chudail's are often known to curse pregnant women, endangering their pregnancies.

As a Chudail, Anaise is able to sense the presence of small children, infants, and pregnant women and is drawn to them. She is able to invoke severe feelings of paranoia, grief, and depression in women. When feeling particularly wrathful she is able to induce miscarriages and stillbirths. When near small children and infants Chudails are able to, often unintentionally, steal their souls. Drawing the young close in an effort to make them her own, she drags their soul right from their frail bodies.

In order to avoid an encounter with a Chudail, there are various measures. They are very easily distracted from their assumed task and often very compulsive. Leaving a string with many knots, or a heap of sand or salt outside of the door will stop her. Before phasing through, she will have to untangle the knots and count every grain respectively. If you have already caught her sights and she is following you three are three ways to escape. One, survive until daybreak when she returns to her realm. Two, walk into your home backwards, it will render her unable to enter after you. And three, cross a river, they can not go across running water.

XHEIGHT | 160cm, 5'2" XXXXXXXEYES | Black
XWEIGHT | 62kg, 137lb XXXXXXXHAIR | Black
Using Glamour, Anaise takes on the appearance from her own time as a human. Often her mane of obsidian curls are an effortless, beautiful disaster. Framing her slender oval face. High cheekbones and full lips attract wandering eyes. Pools of ink seem to swirl as one peers into them, but the spell is soon broken at dark lashes flutter and rest on soft cheeks. Despite her shorter than average build, Anaise has never been mistaken for fragile. Thick muscles bulk up her frame yet she still is undoubtedly feminine.

A terrifying creature to catch sight of in the dark. A shadow come to life. Seemingly as if it had peeled itself off of the wall. Despite her imposing height of six feet, it is almost impossible to pick her out from the night. A being composed of darkness. Her emaciated frame is pitch black in color. Joints and bones jut out here and there. Fingers bony and gnarled, vertebra protrude making a high ridge down her back. She takes long, slow, and clumsy steps yet moves unimaginably swiftly, getting to and fro in the blink of an eye. Ashen hair follows her like a fog, slowly floating as if being blown by a light breeze. Arguably her eyes are the most disturbing thing about her unnatural visage. Large to an unsettling extent and unblinking, they are white as the moon in the sky. Shining just like their counterpart above.


Quiet | Inquisitive | Unbiased | Strong | Patient | Certain

The world is seen in a gray-scale. No one person in particular is viewed as more important than the next, and such perception allows her to reach beyond the limitations of being judgmental. All the more willing to peer into another’s eyes and discover what about them is different, is unique, and above all else is even remotely interesting. Anaise is driven by interest, by a thirst for knowledge and settled curiosity, and this ignites within her a concealed attribute that, through thrilling innocence and tantalizing intelligence, appears nothing short from willing to learn whatever is extended her way. There’s something that is truly remarkable about broadening one’s level of understanding, and she appreciates this genuinely and with all of her heart, seeing the flecks of gold that exist in even the most blackened of hearts. She’s an unworldly soul, peculiarity at its finest, but alas her smile is real. It is soft and quiet. Her voice, she whispers never shouts. If one is not paying attention they would likely miss it. Her laugh. Melodious and light, warm and brief like a breeze. It is a privilege few experience.

Weak, many determine at first glance. But they could not be more wrong in the long run. Anaise has always been a shy, reserved person. Not one to openly display her anger or discomfort. She often waits for others to confront her before making a move. Strength is relative after all. And with time she has grown experienced.

She never does cry. She ducks her head, looks away, never meets anyone's eyes, flinches at the lightest touch, bites her lips, and bows her body as if she is constantly under attack but she never cries. She has stopped crying not because she is numb but because there is no longer a tragedy that can break her. Has not been for a long time. There is a certain fear and resignation in her features, but there is strength there too – the certain set of her shoulders and the way her fingers are clenched tightly. Just because she wouldn't put up much of a fight doesn't mean she would just roll over.

Anaise is stubborn like that. Blessed with a tender intensity that forces others to acknowledge her.

She is able to endure even the harshest of treatments without taking the offensive in return. Tucking away any negative feelings and thoughts in the back of her mind. She does not show anger often, but when she does it comes as a surprise. For both her and the whoever held the last straw. When it gets to that point she does not really know how to control herself and just has to wear herself out.

Though she speaks softly, her words and convictions are firm. She is intelligent in her speech and all that she does. Thinking before every step. She hates to be in the wrong.


• Children • Romance • Flowery Scents, especially Lavender • Card Games • Cloud Watching • Gardening • Movies, those about aliens are her favorite • Pastries, cinnamon rolls are her kryptonite • Gelato • Riding Bicycles • Napping • People Watching • Snuggling Under Blankets • Freckles • Green tea, mint form only• Hot Showers • Shooting Stars • Rollerskating • Puns and Riddles •

• Abuse, animal and child • Bananas • Getting her feet wet • Whining • Smell of Smoke • Being Interrupted • Bugs, spiders and roaches and caterpillars • Drunkards • Those who speak without thought • Random Violence • Being told what to do, as if she did not already know • Betrayal • Snoring • Tragedies • Lies • Crying •Gossip • Marshmallows • Elevators •


• On days where it is bright and the sun shines brightly, one can often find her swinging on the swings of the local park • She can not help but ask to rub the bellies of pregnant women and hold their infants • She always takes her food out of microwaves before the ding • She tends to awaken at the ungodliest of hours and do random activities, clean, watch a film, eat a meal, read a book, then go back to bed hours later •

Attentive | Anaise is aware of all of her immediate surroundings. The way the light hits and shadows mingle and merge. What is being gossiped in low whispers by the people huddled amongst themselves. The way others close in on themselves in the corner of the room. Once she decides to fully focus on someone before her, nothing can escape her attention, she is tuned in solely on them. Picking up on their mannerisms, their unsaid thoughts.
Motherly | Since she was young she had always been considered quite maternal. Never harsh in her ways, speech or actions. She is patient and tolerant, able to listen to nonsensical babble or go along with foolish favors while seemingly being genuine in her interest. She comforts and her aura is soothing, if slightly melancholy.
Intelligent | She did not receive the best education formally when she was a human, but over the years of her increased lifespan she has more that made up for it. She always carried a love of learning inside of her, and to this day is curious about everything. She is insightful, seeing underneath the surface. Shrewd, her judgment f chracter is often swift and correct.

Passive | Anaise is much too obliging to other people and their whims. She stays silent as people verbally assault and berate her. When people can not control their anger and lash out physically, she turns the other cheek. People walk all over her and she is definitely not oblivious to it. Instead she chooses not to act simply because she has become apathetic towards her own wellbeing over time.
Fighting | Other than her lack of complete lack of interest in fighting, she literally can not. She may be able to best an average human adult in a physical altercation, but towards many other fae, she would have difficulty holding her own. No matter how perceptive she may be, it has no use if her reflexes, speed, and strength are not up to par.
Shellfish | She was allergic to it when she was alive as a human, and still, practically a decade later, she still is. Sad. She used to really enjoy eating shrimp and crab legs. Now the very smell of it makes her stomach turn and throat itch.

Loveless | Anaise wants to be loved. How cliche. When she was a little girl it was her dream to marry and have a happy family. Not so much to ask for, yet it did not work out so well for her, obviously. She no longer craves a romantic sort of love per say, but any. She only wants to feel adored fully and completely. A sort of warmth that is tender, not grudging, and mostly, all for her.
Taken Advantage Of | It had happened before and she regrets it all of these years later. Anaise would loathe for it to occur once more.

June 1, 1881, The mother of five sits in the bathtub of her home and pushes with all of her remaining strength. She does not yell or cry but merely grunts with effort. The attending midwife coaches her through it, but honestly at this point she could give birth by herself in the wilderness if need be. The other woman is a formality. Four of her sons crowd around the doorway and murmur to themselves while the fifth, the eldest, has made, is making his way across town to tell his father. Within the hour she became the mother of six and finally had a daughter of her own.

Years 1881 to 1905, Anaise had grown up a delicate girl. The princess of her family. The youngest and only girl of six children. Although in the united states racial issues and segregation was still a prevalent problem, she never experienced the brunt of it up in her home state of Vermont. The age of 24. She was beautiful, young. Fashionable for the present day and well sought after.

Fall of 1905 to the Fall of 1906, She fell completely and totally in love. He was too, is what he said. They were engaged in two months and married in two more. She was on cloud nine with him. Her family did not approve, they said her emotions blinded her to see what he was really like. Anaise was the one to cut contact with them. She should have listened. The novelty swiftly wore off for him it seemed. Never for her. He was distant, she was desperate. The first time he hit her, she began to wilt, but her grip never wavered. He mentioned leaving and she shattered. He stayed, but his guilt did not diminish his constantly growing agitation.

February 11, 1907, She was at the hospital getting ready to give birth to her, their, fourth child. He had not been very enthusiastic during her entire pregnancy, but she still hoped in the back of her mind that a child would change him to how he was. When he disappeared a week before her due date, she finally gave up. Let go. Instead focusing on her unborn. Swearing to love what was the result of both of them, enough to cover two roles. And, she would have, but she never got a chance.

1908, Anaise came back to life. She could not even recognize herself. She was hideous and shadowy. A sight terrifying to behold even herself. She was not even granted death, how pitiful.

Until Present Day, She spent decades learning to understand her new non-human form. Her new life as a fae. Learning the ropes mainly on her own and with some help from scattered fae she met every now and then. She learned to do things, get away with things she would have never been able to in her past life. For better or worse. Following the whispers of fae, she made her way to Ireland. To Roinnte.

Portrayed by Toajojo
Faceclaim is Lianna La Havas

So begins...

Anaise Calypso Tanwandan's Story