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Kazimír Šťastný

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

0 · 658 views · located in Roinnte, Ireland

a character in “The Fair Folk”, originally authored by Cloud, as played by RolePlayGateway





XXXX NAME : Kazimír Šťastný
XXXX HUMAN ALIAS: Cassie Luck {preferred}, Casimir Luck
XXXX NICKNAMES : Kaz {common}, Cassie {liked}
XXXX AGE : Seventy-two
XXXX BIRTH DATE: 1st June, 1943
XXXX COURT : Seelie, the blessed




X SPECIES : Luck Fae, The Osud
XXXXXNumerous cultures across the globe have superstitions and myths surrounding luck; black cats, breaking mirrors, rabbits' feet. In some folklore, particularly that of Eastern Europe, luck was controlled by fairies. Called the Osud by some, Luck faes were thought to control fate, their powers benevolent or malevolent depending on the disposition of the fae. Fate might be too grand a word for what a Luck fae's powers encompass, for in actual fact they're powers may create or remove fortune from humans and fae alike. They are portrayed as mischievous creatures, pulling pranks for their own enjoyment and stealing luck on a whim. Many cultures believed that leaving a bowl of milk out at night would entice Luck fae to look favourably on their families, while others held that a line of salt would keep bad luck from entering their home.

XXXXXAs their name would suggest, Luck Faes have dominion over luck. Kaz, and those like him, are able to gift luck on a whim and steal it on another. While their powers seem minimal when compared to other fae, it would not pay to find oneself on the bad side of a luck fae. Kaz can make someone the luckiest person on earth, or give them such misfortune that it's only time before an 'unlucky' accident results in their death. While they can't use their luck on themselves, most luck fae have figured out how to use their powers on those around them to get what they need. For the most part a luck fae is not bound or ruled by any other. They may use their abilities as they see fit, self-gain and mischievous pranks not uncommon among the species. However, the capture of a luck fae by mortal or immortal sees this freedom temporarily removed. It is said that a Luck Fae will trade a decades worth of good fortune, no more, no less, for their release. Though, attempt and fail to capture a luck fae and your fortune will turn fatally black.



      X HEIGHT : 1.85m; 6'1" XXXXiXXXX EYES: Hazel-gold
      X WEIGHT : 72kg; 160lbs XXXXXXX HAIR: Brown

      XXLuck has had no hand in moulding the features of Kazimír Šťastný, or at least no more than any other fae or human born in the normal way. Kaz inherited a head of brown curls from his father, while his mother gifted him full lips and hazel eyes. Tall and lean, Kaz has luckily just passed that awkward, gangly stage which haunted him for the first fifty odd years of his life. Though he's bulked up slightly in the past decade, he'll always be more lanky than stocky. His skin is pale, though luckily prone to tanning rather than burning. If asked, Kaz would reply that his abs are his favourite feature, yet perhaps a more honest answer would be his eyes. Whether hazel or gold, they always sparkle with playfulness.

      XXMuch to his annoyance there is little difference between Kaz's human appearance and that of his fae, save for a few quirks. The first small change is found in his eyes, which take on a golden hue when not hidden by glamour. His eyes seem to almost glow whenever his powers are used, though as of now the glow is restricted to his irises. The older the fae, the larger the distribution of gold, with the oldest of his species having the iris and whites of their eyes entirely gold. His fae form also boasts pointed ears, and an odd covering of golden freckles across his arms and chest. Again, the older the luck fae, the larger and darker those golden marks become, eventually forming spiralling tattoos that cover most of their body.


XXXXXMilk, the old wives' tales were partially right, milk is a favoured drink of luck faes. Or at least it's Kaz's favourite drink. Buy him a milkshake and he's more likely to gift you with a week's worth of good luck.
XXXXXLuck puns, Kaz actively enjoys working terrible puns into his conversations, especially if they involve anything that hints at luck or misfortune.
XXXXXOften shirtless, growing up with wood nymphs taught him many things, one being a lack of modesty. While he doesn't strut around naked, it's only because he knows it makes others uncomfortable, rather than because he's uncomfortable with it.

XXXXXGambling, a poker face to rival any – save the telling glint in his eyes – and an innate knowledge for who might hold the lucky hand gives Kaz a distinct advantage in any game of ‘chance’. It doesn’t hurt either that he can steal his opponents’ luck, thereby increasing his own odds to win.
XXXXXMusical instruments, Kaz couldn't sing to save his life so the nymphs taught him to play music instead. That at least he turned out to be a natural with, his fingers easily keeping the beat as he strum cords or tapped at keys. He can play the piano moderately well, yet it is the guitar and most other stringed instruments, which hold all the appeal for him.
XXXXXGardening, numerous decades spent living with nymphs have given Kaz more than enough knowledge to understand the natural world. Though he has no supernatural power over plants, he's able to name most flowers and trees, and isn't too bad when it comes to naturally growing them either.

XXXXXSense of direction, while many might not consider this a large flaw, it's only because they have not seen Kaz lose his way on a one way street. Kaz will walk in circles convinced that he's heading home, only to find himself back at the start. Even with the mortals' GPS he's no better.
XXXXXPhysical contact, Kaz can gift anyone in his immediate line of sight with good fortune, but to steal luck he has to physically touch them. It could be the brush of a hand, or a seemingly accidental run in on the street, so long as he makes contact, be it skin to skin or skin to clothing, he may take what luck he desires. The length of the contact is of no matter, be it brush or lengthened hold, Kaz will still have that link that enables him to siphon fortune away.
XXXXXDependent, though you will never hear Kaz admit as much and neither is it immediately evident to any bar his closest friends, he is in fact extremely dependent on those around him. Kaz doesn't like striking out alone, especially when his journey takes him far from friends. An easy smile might mask the unease he feels, yet nothing can hide the shaking of his hand save that of a friend's palm in his own.
XXXXXPhysical combat, though he's slowly, slowly learning now, years spent among the peace loving nymphs hasn't helped Kaz gain any fighting skills. So far his techniques involve stealing his rival's luck and general avoidance.

XXXXXBeing alone, Kaz knows loneliness well, for two long years of his life was spent wondering alone as a young boy. More than anything he fears finding himself once again isolated from the world, friendless and scared.
XXXXXRedcaps, they killed his parents and have since remained a constant presence in Kaz's nightmares. Though more terrifying creatures might exist, to Kazimir those blooded caps fill him with the most dread.
XXXXXLosing his second family, his first family was lost to murder and the loss hit the young fae hard. In the years that have followed Kaz has come to think of the wood nymphs who took him in as his second family, with his best friend and pseudo-sister Dalia the closest of them all. To lose them as he did his parents would be beyond devastating.


XXXX All outward appearances paint Kazimír Šťastný as a light-hearted prankster. Fun-loving, lively, and gregarious, it's rare to find the young fae lost for words or without the company of at least one friend. A figurative social butterfly, Kaz finds socialising a breeze. Jokes come with ease, smiles even more so, and he never shies away from being the centre of attention. In fact he appears to adore being in focus and surrounded by friends. His personality seems to promote attention, and if he tells a particularly loud joke to gain more, well he's hardly the only one.

XXXXThe luck fae can be sweet and attentive to friends and strangers alike, charming even when he puts the effort in. He's become a bit of a flirt in recent years, no doubt encouraged by the attentions and teachings of his adoptive nymph family. Promiscuous might be a stretch, but there's no doubt that Kazimir enjoys trading flirtations with any attractive person that catches his eye, be they human or fae, male or female. While humans might be hung up on gender, Kaz has never seen the issue with being feminine or masculine. He'll quite happily answer to the name 'Cassie', and tends to laugh when anyone gives him a curious look at the female name.

XXXXYet, beneath the endless smiles and easy jokes there is a side of Kaz only seen by those he's completely opened his soul to. He's dependent on his friends, relying heavily on their company to fight off the loneliness he fears. New situations, when accompanied by trusted companions, are a breeze, the same happy personality that sees him make new acquaintances with ease allows him to adapt with little difficulty when supported by others. However, he has a bad habit of shutting down when removed from friends and familiar places. It's a surprise to many who realise this flaw, for Kaz seems so outwardly confident.

XXXXIt's perhaps one reason why he's so protective of his close companions, because he relies so heavily on them himself. The other reason being that he knows what loss is like and is damned if he'll let it happen again. Kaz will defend his friends with vigour, cursing any who dare harm them with all the bad luck he can muster. He can be vindictive in the moment, seeking revenge for a perceived slight on his honour or that of his friends. Yet, he's also quick to forgive and rarely holds grudges for extended lengths of time, or after he's sought pay back.

XXXXDespite being an elder among mortals, to fae Kaz is very much still a child. He can be strikingly immature at times, his various pranks being obvious proof. When boredom strikes, as it is want to do, it's not uncommon for Kaz to steal someone's luck. The following series of misfortune is usually enough to have the fae giggling to himself. The majority of his pranks are thankfully pulled on ignorant mortals, who curse their bad luck when coffee spills down their front, get caught in a freak thunder storm, or get hit by a car. Though he never means to be deliberately malicious, Kaz doesn't entirely understand how his tricks impact humans, finding minor discomforts just as funny as accidental maiming.


XXXXXAlojz Šťastný | Father | Luck Fae | 330 at death
XXXXXĽubica Šťastný | Mother | Luck Fae | 395 at death

XXXXX1943, not a good year to be born by many accounts. War ravaged the mortal world, and Slovakia, known as Czechoslovakia at the time of Kazimir's birth, was not exempt. Luckily, many fae found safety within their courts and the young Šťastný family were one such who survived with the support of their fellow fae. Kazimir's parents were both Luck Fae, born to two small families on opposing sides of the country. Luck fae are few and far between, their families are often small and many at that point in time did not travel far beyond their birth place. So, it was fortune that brought Alojz and L'ubica together, and misfortune that tore them apart.

XXXXX1956, Kazimir was only thirteen at the time, young by mortal and fae standards. His family were travelling to visit Alojz's parents in the north when the sky turned black and a storm set in. Shelter was found in the ruined remains of a castle, yet they were not the only inhabitants of the ruins that night. A rogue gang of redcaps, violent, murderous fae, found the three. Kazimir didn't see his parents' murder, for they told him to run and protected him with their own sacrifice, but he heard the vicious laughter of their attackers and later saw the fresh blood painted on their caps when they came searching for him. Kazimir lay hidden until dawn, when the redcaps gave up their search and return to gloat over their kills.

XXXXXAll Kaz knew of where his grandparents lived was that it was north, yet he was distraught at the loss of his parents, and even in the best of circumstances navigating had never been Kaz's strong suit. He quickly lost his way, and eventually, after weeks of attempting to right himself, gave up ever finding his grandparents. He took to wandering, letting his feet take him wherever they may, because he certainly couldn't get somewhere by trying. He was lonely and often scared, and if he ever refused a helping hand it was because he knew that he didn't deserve their aid. He blamed himself for his parents' death, after all, he had run away and left them to die.

XXXXX1958 found Kazimir in Spain. By the time he wondered into the forest he was bone weary and starving. He made a pitiful sight, enough that a wood nymph by the name of Dalia Amaryllis took it upon herself to help the fifteen year old in any way she could. Dalia always calls it Kaz's bad luck that had him wondering the forest, obviously lost, while Kaz insists it was his good luck that saw Dalia stumble upon him. Of course, at the time he didn't know just how lucky he was to meet the nymph. Had he not been so desperate he would have turned her offer of help away, but his stomach was aching and there was such an expression of kindness in her eyes that Kaz found himself taking her hand with a nod.

XXXXXHe only meant to stay a night, but a night turned into days, days to weeks, and eventually the thought of leaving Dalia and the other nymphs brought a new kind of pain. Perhaps they sensed his worry or instinctively knew that this young, wandering fairy had nowhere else to go, for he was asked to stay, to live with the nymphs as another member of their small community. The rarity of such an invitation was not lost on the young boy, for even he knew that the all female tribe of nymphs rarely allowed males to live with them indefinitely. Naturally, and with a larger smile than he had managed in years, he accepted.

XXXXXLife with the nymphs was everything a young man could wish for. They taught him to care for nature and survive in it, taught Kaz to dance and play musical instruments. He made friends, and laughed, two things he hadn't known he'd missed so much since his parents' deaths. Slowly, but surely, he healed, his humour came back, the mischievous glint in his eye reappeared, and he allowed himself to admit that it hadn't been his fault his parents died. Throughout all this his relationship with Dalia grew. She was his closest confidant amongst the nymphs and his biggest support, so it was only natural that Dalia come with him when eventually he left what he had come to consider as his new home.

XXXXX2000, they travelled east in search of answers, answers relating to Kaz's powers and ancestry. He'd known the basics of his powers from his early years with his parents, but there were still many things to learn. With Dalia's guidance and using Kaz's faint memories they were able to track down Kaz's grandparents, buried in the fields of the home the had lived in for centuries. The pair had died of natural causes, not murder, and though Kaz was sad to find them gone, he was at least happy knowing they hadn't met the same fate as his parents. Their search for answers continued, taking them to various gatherings of Seelie fae across the continent. Eventually, amidst a bustling Irish city they found an old Luck Fae who was able to pass on all that Kaz needed to know.

XXXXXThough his answers had been found, he and Dalia continued travelling for a time, both eager to see the world now that their quest had been fulfilled. They returned home for a time to the nymphs, to tell them of their finds, before visiting countries they had missed in their search. Eventually, when their feet became tired and they wished to settle, they returned to Ireland where they had found the old luck fae. Though he had passed into the next world, Roinnte still held a captivating appeal for the pair and it is here that Kaz has made his home for the past five years.


XXX FACE CLAIM : Daniel Hamaj


So begins...

Kazimír Šťastný's Story

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Layla


song; gasoline XXX hex; #3B9C9C XXX outfit; edgy


    XXXXXShe threw herself sideways to dodge the blade whistling past the right side of her head, skewering the space where her ear had been moments before. The girl slid into a crouch, her opponent's next manoeuvre slicing the air above her.
    XXXXXHer hand darted out to catch his exposed midriff with her weapon: an iron haladie with curving blades extending from both ends of the hilt, on which the Æthiriel coat of arms was etched in gold. The serrated edge revealed a subtle narration embedded beneath its smooth surface, the symbols the curling, unremitting script of ancient Syreli. Its twin rested in her other hand, which she jabbed towards the side of her brother's neck as he parried the blade she brought to his abdomen.
    XXXXXHe caught her thrust with the flat of his sword, pushing her backwards with a force that unearthed her stability. She caught herself mid-stumble and used the momentum to twist her body, foot kicking out to slam into his chest. Kane loosed a breath, but scarcely wavered an inch.
    XXXXXHe caught her ankle in his immutable grip before she could pull away, jerking her body towards him and tossing her to the ground as if she weighed nothing. Flames arched from the bottom of her spine where she fell, scorching her lungs and stifling her breath. Laira clenched her teeth to keep from moaning, though she doubted she had the air to articulate so much as a grunt of failure. She felt her father's disapproval as surely as if he'd materialised beside her. "Being wounded does not constitute defeat," he intoned, his voice the caress of the shard of hard rock digging into her back. "Simply because you are beaten up, does not mean you are beaten."
    XXXXXHer eyes evaded the iron point poised above her chest, reaching instead for his eyes. She lifted her palms in submission, before snatching the back of his ankle with the crook of her foot. His leg gave out beneath him, though he did not fall. She took the opportunity to reach over her head and propel herself upright. She swung her blade towards him and stilled inches from his throat.
    XXXXX"Match." She grinned.
    XXXXX"Nope," Kane responded, a smirk teasing the corner of his lips. Laira followed his gaze to find nothing but air between them, and in that second he'd swept her off her feet. She landed spectacularly, pain ricocheting from her back where bruises had no doubt been planted, and would blossom tomorrow in a parade of blue and purple. "The battle is not over until both parties rescind their weapons."
    XXXXXIt was for this reason that Kane had told Laira not to bother with employing a special weapon for their training, where her haladie was forged of one of the few materials that could penetrate dragonscale. He did not believe her capable of harming him, which served only to rile her more, a fact of which he was certainly aware of and took malicious pleasure in.
    XXXXXKane was beaming as he offered his hand for her to grasp. She squinted at the sunlight filtering from behind him, its clementine hues bleeding like yolk spilled over the Irish lands. She could see the glimmer of the silver sea behind him, torched in the setting sun so it seemed as if diamonds had been crumbled over its surface. It was odd to see a world exuding scarlet and gold after centuries in the blue ocean.
    XXXXXShe'd been allowed beyond at night, but only to the chasmal sea caves disseminated throughout the Pacific where The Tempest conducted their training and the Nixie took respite. There had been one in particular which Dárgh'kaelos brought her for her covert education - when others in Syrel had still detested her, or at least, more than they did now - the mortals called it The Grotto.
    XXXXXThe sun hurt her eyes, even though months had passed since she'd been allowed to join her brothers in Roinnte, albeit affixed to a short leash. She ignored the Kane's offer of assistance, and rose to her feet in one languid movement.
    XXX"Ah, did our warrior princess get her perky arse handed back to her again?" a familiar voice purred. Laira turned her head to find Llyr sauntering towards them, the wind tossing strands of his sterling blonde hair in a great halo around his head. His pompousness was like a heartbeat, underlying everything. Even the arch of his finger was laced with self-adoration as he rested two fingertips against their their left temple, lingering unnecessarily on Kane. The greeting was custom where they were from, the touch of temples enunciating a coveted phrase, "you are in my thoughts."
    XXXXX"Princess?" Kane mused, wiping his forehead with a towel he'd slung around his neck. "That might be pushing it a bit. She's really more of a bumbling brute." He seemed oblivious to her "fiancé" revelling unabashedly at the sight of his bare torso.
    XXXXX"Indeed," Llyr murmured, pale eyes dark as they regarded her brother. "There are others far more beautiful."
    XXXXX"I hear the view from the cliffs are almost as beautiful as my darling brother this time of year," she said cheerfully. "Why don't you take a look, Llyr? If I'm lucky, you will accidentally topple off the edge and meet your watery death at the bottom."
    XXXXX"Alas, my darling inamorato," he began with a smile. "I am afraid I am somewhat resistant to drowning."
    XXXXX"Are you resistant to fragments of broken rocks shoved through your heart as well, darling?"
    XXXXX"But then how will I give my heart to you?"
    XXXXX"On a silver platter, of course," she said sweetly.
    XXXXXLlyr sighed, though his disappointment turned real when he saw that Kane had gone some time during their debacle. It was the Winter Solstice, and he'd informed Laira he had an obligation to attend to at the old opera house. Being the Syreli ambassador, he spent perhaps more time than he would like in expensive suits, drinking lavish champagne and nibbling on foreign caviar. Poor, responsible older brother. For once, her thoughts were not saturated in sarcasm. She did, in truth, avoid such pompous affairs - in part for the dancing, where she had the dexterity of a blue whale - though the dresses were very pretty.
    XXXXX"Where's Ryden?" she asked. Llyr feigned hurt.
    XXXXX"Is my presence not enough for you, my love?" he lamented.
    XXXXX"Quite enough, thanks," she responded. "In fact, it would be a great help to me if there could be less of you."
    XXXXXLlyr rolled his eyes, slipping his arm around Laira's shoulders. He towered over her, his willowy frame a perennial beside her cabbage patch. Regardless of whatever banter they exchanged, she'd known him since she was a girl, even if the sight of him pained her more than staring into direct sunlight.
    XXXXXAs if the skies had felt her contempt, the next thing she loathed more began pelting from the heavens. She cursed as swollen beads of water collapsed on her head. She batted them away, covering herself with two meagre hands as she raced for cover. She lunged onto the covered porch of her beachside home, nearly tripping into the pool that ran the length of the lower ground in her haste to avoid submersion. She could hear Llyr laughing behind her. She scowled at him.
    XXXXX"What's got your mood so sour, princess?" Llyr grinned.
    XXXXX"I'm looking at him."
    XXXXX"Come on," he said, handing her the navy umbrella resting on her wooden deck and nodding to where his car was parked a little ways away. "Ryden's at Wanderlust. I just stopped by to pick you up on my way there."
    XXXXXHe did not wait for her to respond as he took her hand in his, the other holding the large umbrella above her head. Minutes later they cruised into a space a short ways down from the alley that hid the club. Whilst Llyr, she knew, frequented the club regularly, she'd visited all but once and only for a fragment of a half hour. She was still surprised to see some glamours slip away as couple before them stepped through the murky entrance. She could smell their inebriation intermingled with other curious substances she did not recognise wafting from the hollows of the room beyond.
    XXXXXLaira flinched as they were flooded by a cascade of neon lights when they stepped in. The bass hissed beneath her skin, gripping her heart and squeezing it in time with the music. Bodies pressed against her, hands roaming across her body as opaque stares devoured her face, her chest, her soul. "Pretty Mer," one murmured. "Come play." Some beautiful, others grotesque, most both, the Fae inhabited every inch of the dark space. She pinned them with a withering stare, warning their hands to find another body to prod. Some headed her warning, others found their temptation magnified by the chase.
    XXXXX"Mmm, I think I've found my catch for the night," Llyr murmured by her ear and then his hands slipped from her shoulders. She followed his line of vision to see Kazimir by Dalia's side. They were inseparable, more so even than most twins and triplets she knew.
    XXXXX"I swear, Llyr, if you harass my-"
    XXXXXBut the crowd had swallowed him whole.

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#, as written by Cloud

͏нσтєℓ - ωαи∂єяℓυѕт



hex: #bdb3c3

hex: #cdbb7c



͏нσтєℓ - ωαи∂єяℓυѕт

Mr and Mrs Luck were not at all what Patricia Callaghan, the receptionist at one of Roinnte’s nicest hotels, had expected. For starters, Dale Luck had turned out to be the brunette female, her eyes sparkling and her smile wide as she corrected the bemused human. Cassie Luck, therefore, was the young man, his grin just as wide as his young wife though his eyes seemed to gleam with a hint more mischief. Neither seemed particularly perturbed at being confused for the other, both probably used to it after so many years of using the aliases. Not that Patricia Callaghan was to know their names weren’t their real ones. All she knew about the couple was that this was their honeymoon, and by some luck the system had altered their booking in such a way that the newly married Mr and Mrs Luck would now be spending a week in the honeymoon penthouse suite, all for the price of a single night’s stay.

“Fortune is smiling on us today.” Mrs Dale Luck grins, tugging on her husband’s arm as they smile their thanks at the receptionist and head towards the elevator. Patricia can only smile and nod in return, only noticing the enlivened pot-plant beside her after the doors have ‘dinged’ shut. Her brows furrow minutely, hadn’t that plant been on the brink of death the last time she’d glanced at it?

While Patricia continues to puzzle over the apparent regenerating pot-plant, Mr and Mrs Luck are making their way to the fifteenth floor of the hotel. Unlike the hotel which houses the Unseelie court, this hotel has no glamour concealing the penthouse, and in fact the lift goes right up to the rooftop pool. The pool isn’t the draw card for Dalia and Kazimir though, the goal of their ruse had been purely to find the nicest hotel on the block and weasel their way into the nicest room it had to offer. Kaz, unable to grant himself luck, always finds a willing and joyful partner in Dalia Amaryllis. It is she who has been granted just the right amount of luck to see the pair guided to their rooms.

The doors of the elevator open and both step out, Kaz swinging the keys to their suite in a hand as the other arm remains captured within Dalia’s excited grip.

“I hope the mini-bar is well stocked. Oh, and do you think they’ll have put fresh flowers in the room? They did that at the last place and they were beautiful.” Dalia grins up at her long-time friend, watching eagerly as he checks the number on the keys with that of the closest door. It’s not their room, and if the numbers are anything to go by, it appears their suite is at the end of the hallway. Taking note of the number, Kaz stuffs the keys into the pocket of his jeans before crouching down in front of the glamoured wood nymph.

“Would you like a ride, wife dearest?” He grins, indicating for Dalia to climb onto his back. Dalia giggles and loses no time in clambering onto Kaz’s back, hooking her thighs around his sides and her arms around his shoulders. She giggles again as Kazimir pretends to struggle under her weight, blowing a raspberry onto his cheek in response. Kaz laughs and, holding her legs firmly to his side, stands up with only the smallest teasing grunt.

“Giddy up mighty steed!” Dalia announces, pointing ahead and laughing as Kaz rolls his eyes.

“Call me a steed again and I’ll drop you.” He retorts, though his tone is light and teasing rather than offended. Nor does he loosen his hold on the nymph as he begins the journey down the corridor. Dalia, for her part, clings on, only occasionally twisting in her seat to glance through an open door into the rooms beyond. One occupant blinks in surprise to see the young couple walk by, and Dalia gives the business man a bright smile and a wave before they pass. The next person to see them, a teenager sulking at the door of his room, gets a cheeky grin from Kaz and a wink from Dalia.

Then, happily, their honeymoon suite is before them. Dalia, loathe to leave Kaz’s back, remains clinging to him, laughing as he struggles to pull the keys from his pocket while remaining balanced at the same time. Yet, despite the obvious struggle, he manages it. As the door swings open he steps inside, the nymph cheering aloud as the luxurious room reveals itself. Kaz lets her slide down off his back, closing the door after them so that they both may shed their glamours. For Kaz, his appearance barely seems to shift. His ears, only half hidden beneath brown locks, become pointed, and small golden freckles currently hidden by clothing, appear on his chest. His eyes, already a warm hazel colour, taken on a more golden hue. Dalia, on the other hand, has a slightly more noticeable change in appearance. Her hair lengthens, and before his eyes flowers appear between her curls, growing and unfurling in bright blooms that make obvious her delight in the situation. Green fingers give his arm a happy squeeze, and Kaz can only grin as Dalia kicks off her shoes and skips towards the mini-bar.

“What’ve they got?” Kaz calls over his shoulder as he goes to investigate the rest of their suite. He spies a vase of fresh roses on the dining table, as well as a welcome note and a bottle of champagne. As Kazimir uncorks the bottle with a loud ‘pop’ he hears the rattle of the fridge and then a cheer from an excited wood nymph.

“They have everything, Kaz.” Dalia exclaims, riffling through the fridge, before turning her head so that she can grin at her companion, “And, lucky us, looks like they overstocked the fridge and haven’t marked it off on the checklist.” The nymph fills her arms with little bottles and stands, kicking the refrigerator shut with her foot. Her bare feet slap against the wooden floors as she all but skips over to Kaz, releasing her spoils onto the glass surface of the table as she reaches him.

“Champagne, Dal?” He inquires, holding out a fluted glass filled with glistening liquid gold. Dalia takes it with a grin of thanks, waits for Kazimir to pour himself a glass and then holds her own up in toast.

“To us, may our fortunes never run out and our gardens never be hit by a terrible plague of locusts.” Dalia grins, clinking her glass against Kaz’s even as he raises an eyebrow at her interesting choice of words. Nevertheless, they both take greedy sips of the champagne, before their eyes naturally seek out the main item of interest, the bed.

With a chorus of laughter the two young fairies run into the bedroom, their eyes growing wide as they fall upon the magnificent piece of furniture taking centre stage. It looked large enough to fit half the Seelie court within its folds, and, best of all, it looked as bouncy as one would hope for. Setting their glasses of champagne on the dresser, both fairies throw themselves onto the bed. Kaz is the first to his feet, and offers hand helping to haul Dalia to hers only a moment later. Then, with matching grins and quickly delighted laughs, the pair begin to bounce.

It has become a tradition of the pair to seek out flash hotels and then destroy the beds by using them as trampolines. Now is no exception and had anyone chanced to walk past their room and lean an ear against the door, they would have heard a chorus of shrieks and laughter as Dalia and Kaz fought to bounce the other the highest. Kaz, of course, is usually the winner of such competitions, his greater weight more often than not seeing Dalia catapulted into the air. It’s one such double-bounce that has Dalia thrown towards the ceiling, her arms outstretched and reaching for Kaz to catch her as she comes back down. He does, though as his hands clutch onto her arms, a blanket slips beneath his feet and the pair end up tumbling onto the mattress. They land with a thud, though luck again is on their side and the multitude of pillows cushion their fall.

“This is up there with the top five beds.” Dalia jokes as she remains sprawled across the bed, catching her breath.

Kaz hums in agreement, “Definitely top ten.” His eyes sparkle as he turns his head to watch his friend, “Fancy another round of jumping or should we finish off the champagne?”

Dalia screws up her nose as she contemplates her options, before, with a decisive nod, she pushes herself off the bed and hops over to collect the champagne bottle and the glasses. “Let’s finish this and then head out to Wanderlust?” Dalia suggests, carefully handing Kaz his half-full glass as she reclaims her seat on the bed. Kaz pushes himself into a seated position as he downs the remaining liquid,

“Sounds like a good plan.” He replies, holding his glass out to be refilled.

“I told Cael that we would meet him at the club, though…” And here Dalia pauses as she glances out the window, “It’s raining and cold outside, can you call us a taxi?”

Kaz almost snorts in amusement at Dalia’s request. As of yet, Dalia has not learned the finer points of modern mortal technology. While she has used a telephone before, she still very much prefers to let Kazimir do the calling for her. Of course, given that it’s hardly a burden, he’s never slow in offering his help. He nods in reply, and clinks his glass against hers in a wordless cheers.

The pair spend another hour exploring all their suite has to offer. Kaz is delighted to find the bathroom stocked with all sorts of bubbles and bath salts, and he hops into the giant tub to soak while Dalia attempts to work out how to turn on the television. By the time she’s managed to turn the giant screen on and found a channel she’s happy with – a gardening show – Kaz is just about out of the bath. Both Seelie fae change into their clothes for the club, and once dressed they each do a twirl for the other.

“Ready señorita?” Kaz asks once the obligatory whistles and applause have been given. Dalia nods and takes the offered arm, smiling at having that little extra bit of height thanks to her heels.

“Si, señor.” Dalia grins, before a flutter of the flowers in her hair has Kaz arching a brow in curiosity. “One moment.” She murmurs as Dalia shuffles over to the collection of mini alcohol bottles on the table, “May as well make the most of these.” She grins, pushing two into her clutch. Kaz shakes his head and laughs, before once again offering the nymph his arm as they make their way back down tote foyer.

By the time the pair’s taxi pulls up outside the entrance to wanderlust, both of the small bottles are been emptied. Kaz is teetering on the border of tipsy, though thankfully as they step out into the cool night air the slap of rain helps to keep him sober. The taxi driver, while apparently confused at the location, for the glamour only reveals to him a plain alleyway, nonetheless sees his passengers off with a nod before driving away.

Together Kaz and Dalia enter the alleyway, stepping over puddles of dirty water without a second thought. There are few fae to be found waiting outside, in fact only one being, camouflaged against the brick wall like a chameleon, is there. The chameleon fae makes no move as the pair of Seelies arrive, other than to flick out a tongue as if tasting the scent of both. Kaz and Dalia pay him no mind as they open the door and step inside. Almost instantly they’re hit with the pounding music, just loud enough to have it pulsating through your body while also allowing for you to speak to your neighbour without having shout. How the music can be both loud and quiet is a marvel of magically innovation, and one often applauded by the denizens of Wanderlust.

While the hearing is the first sense affected by the club, sight and smell soon follow. Bright lights and strobes paint the main room in colour, while the collection of fae – most without their glamours – offers another feast for curious eyes. The smell is almost entirely unique to such fairy establishments, a certain collaboration of potion powder, a sweet aroma like that of nectar and honey, and the more mundane sweat. Taste is another sense not long left untouched, for as soon as a drink is in hand Dalia and Kaz are both able to indulge their taste-buds. Rather than selecting an alcoholic beverage, the pair pick cocktails of fruit juice and sugar from a passing pixie’s tray.

With drink in hand they cast their gaze across the mass of fairies. They miss the blue eyes of their mer-friends, hidden as they are by the many revellers in the room. Many can be found in the throbbing mass of dancers, all their bodies captivated and held by the three-handed DJ. Others gather around the edges, seated or standing around tables. Doorways and alcoves dot the walls, leading to private nooks where lovers can hide from the wandering eyes of the dance floor or private dealings can be agreed upon. Kaz and Dalia bypass the dark alcoves, instead pouncing upon a recently vacated table not too far from the club’s popular bar.

They’ve been at the table for barely a second before a purring beauty slides up beside Kaz, long blonde locks and a pretty face marks him as a water fae. His grin is almost predatory as he takes the seat beside Kaz, leaning in to murmur greetings to the pair. Kaz and Dalia respond in turn, and while Kaz responds to Llyr’s question regarding what he’s drinking, Dalia turns her gaze out to the club. The crowd momentarily parts and her eyes find a familiar face standing alone. Though her voice will not carry across the dance floor Dalia calls out to Laira, waving a hand in a further attempt to catch her attention.

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#, as written by Layla


song; take a fall for me XXX hex; #659EC7 XXX outfit; sleek


    XXXXXHe watched the sun fall into the ocean and be torn apart by waves.
    XXXXXCaelius' hand collapsed into itself, the globe of water hovering above him shattering into a thousand droplets at his command. None grazed his skin. Again, he unravelled his fist and the liquid filled the gaps between his fingers, dancing like koi fish in a fathomless pond. He held them suspended before him, and for a moment the water danced as if it had consciousness.
    XXXXXTears coiled in a weave of hair, framing a heart-shaped face. Transparent eyes stared at him, though he could never capture their likeness. She gave him a watery smile, lips colourless where he knew they were an enduring pink. He held his breath, bleeding his concentration into sustaining her lovely face, trailing the water down her neck to form the demure arch of her shoulders, the gentle protrusion of her clavicles-
    XXXXXShe disintegrated before his eyes as the air escaped his lips in a white haze, exuding the heat that seemed to permeate his body regardless of his environment. Dalia; the name flowed soundless from his lips, evanescent as his ice sculptures. He gave her a rose once, the perfect one of innumerable attempts. It had dissolved in her hand.
    XXXXXCaelius followed the trickle of sunlight on the horizon, eyes open against the flames. They illuminated the cracks in his irises, silver slivers radiating from black pupils, the surface of a pale blue sea. "Eyes like broken glass," his mother had told him. "Your grandmother's eyes."
    XXXXXYour grandmother who ran for her mortal love at noon, and came back a puddle of tears, was what she had not said. Quickly devoured by the tide, never to be seen again. Sometimes he thought the Nixie were not cursed with disintegration by light, but with a terrible taste in lovers.
    XXXXX"Why are you sulking?" came a low rumble. Kane appeared beside him, joining him in his intense battle of the unblinking with the fountain situated in the centre of their drawing room. The glass dome stretched above them, filtering the light that came in to drench the plants emerging throughout the hall.
    XXXXX"Because Laira is."
    XXXXX"Well then, you may as well give up now," Kane teased. "I'd imagine it difficult enough to have Laira by choice, but to be her Half by default," he shivered. "May the tides have mercy on you."
    XXXXX"It isn't so bad," Caelius said, a small smile teasing his lips. "Most of the time I'm just hungry."
    XXXXX"Her stomach is an insatiable void that preys on the weak," Kane agreed. "Once I claimed in jest that she would eat a small child if she was hungry enough, and you know what she told me?"
    XXXXX"'Only the red-haired ones because they preserve my youth'?" he ventured.
    XXXXX"Close. She said blonde."
    XXXXXCaelius laughed and Kane grinned, but slowly their mirth became a ripple in the water. They stared into it, their reflections shivering on its surface. The oldest and the youngest of their family bared little resemblance, save for their dark hair and sterling blue eyes, though Kane's was marred by a jolt of brown in his left.
    XXXXX"You feel it, too, don't you," Kane murmured. It was more a statement than a question, but Caelius nodded nonetheless. "The water is uneasy. The alliance is precarious. The Unseelie are outraged with recent events, and we are no better." He turned to his brother. "It is impossible to prepare for a war we wish to prevent, and yet we do." Silence excised his speech, until Caelius spoke in turn.
    XXXXX"Do you believe we will come to that?" Caelius asked, though he already knew Kane's response, a thought affirmed by his reply.
    XXXXX"I believe we must prepare for anything."
    XXXXXCaelius turned away from his brother and stared into the waning light. He spread Kane's previous words before him and spun them into his own response. "Then I suppose we cannot prevent a war," he said.
    XXXXXKane paused before he next spoke, and when he did, he wore a quiet smile, almost as if Caelius had impressed him by revealing his contradiction. "Perhaps not. The Seelie is blessedly run by some less cynical than I." He buttoned the cuff of his crisp oxford shirt, the tailored material stretched over his muscled forearm. "Aegle is a wise and fair leader. She will do what is best."
    XXXXX"What about what's right?" Caelius murmured. Kane paused, before shrugging his suit jacket over his broad shoulders.
    XXXXX"Careful, little brother. You're starting to sound like me," he joked.
    XXXXX"Lord forbid," Caelius said in mock-horror. "Anything but that." Kane thumped him on the arm. A mortal might have flown across the room, but Caelius merely stepped.
    XXXXX"I need to attend the celebration at the opera house," Kane said, sobering. "There is likely to be discord with tonight's festivities." He grasped Caelius' shoulder. "Be careful tonight, brother."
    XXXXX"Always." He rested his fingertips on Kane's temple and received the same in return. "And likewise."

    ・ • ● • ・

    XXXXXIt was like being submerged in the ocean. He felt their heartbeats, vehicles pumping blood through their systems, each a different cadence vibrating in the bodies around him. He felt Dalia as surely as if she were a tide washing over him, cool against his burning skin.
    XXXXXHe moved towards her like water around ocean debris, smooth and unyielding. Her laughter trickled towards him like a flash of his name in a sea of murmurs. He resisted the urge to wrinkle his nose at the poison that permeated the purity of her blood, infusing it like molasses. He had not known what it was when he first ventured on land after-
    XXXXX"Dalia." Her name unfurled from his tongue like a prayer, a low vibration beginning in his chest and ending in hers. "You look beautiful, as always." He stood behind her, his chest pressed against her back in the crowded space, lips hovering by her ear.
    XXXXXHe turned to the Avian Fae who occupied the space beside her, and gave her a smile. The girl turned to him, transfixed as his set of dark lashes grazed smooth cheekbones in a blink that seemed, for her, to last a small fragment of eternity. "Forgive me," he said. "Would it be alright if I sat beside my friend?"
    XXXXX"Oh!" the girl said. "Oh, no. No, of course not. Here." She jumped out of her seat and nudged her friend hastily, waving for her to move across so she could take her seat. Their gazes darted towards him, before returning to each other, giggles bubbling behind their hands.
    XXXXXCaelius rested his hand for a brief moment on Dalia's naked shoulder before reaching to tug at the chair that had been recently vacated. He pulled it out and slid into it, propping his head on a fist as he turned to gaze at the nymph. "You are about to become quite inebriated in a few minutes, love." He smiled. "Can I get you a drink? I suppose I'll be carrying you home either way."
    XXXXX"Caelius, Caelius," Llyr teased from across the table. "What would Dárgh'kaelos say? Using your looks like that."
    XXXXX"Pardon?" Caelius asked.
    XXXXX"Oh, don't act innocent. We all saw what you did."
    XXXXXCaelius furrowed his brows. "What did I do?"
    XXXXXLlyr sighed, smiling as he returned his attention to Kazimir. He slipped the bartender a few notes as he bought the Luck Fae a drink. "Still, Caelius has nothing on you," he whispered.

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attire│ x
attire│ [url]x[/url]

The afternoon had melted into evening, and the sun hung low in the sky; a golden-faced babe cradled by the prismatic furrow of clouds that spilled over the horizon. Its waning light caught in the forest's entangling verdure, and shattered, scattering pieces of lustre across the woodland floor like shards of glass from a broken mirror. The mist was a constant, and even as the fragments of luminescence pierced it, fronds of muted fog licked softly at the wounds made.

Glades were spread sparsely throughout the small wood; little clearings in which the light would spill, phosphorous and pale. Wildflowers grew thick and varied; a sundry assemblage of bluebells and foxgloves and wild angelica. The floral profusion circled around the centre figure of the glade -a solitary alder tree- like a gaudy necklace, its many-hued state making up for the tree's own dull appearance, struck bare by winter.

A fair-skinned leg swayed leisurely to and fro as it dangled from one of the alder's outstretched branches. Its pair was folded, knee used as a crutch to support the owner's elbow. She herself sat upright; back against the alder's bole, and as her dangling limb swung in fainéant oscillation, her focus was completely set on the words in front of her.

She'd been sitting there for the past six hours, studying. Studying the words that lay in laddered lines on each smoothly glossed page. Around people, her expression rarely faltered in its deadpan consistency, but whilst she read, her face was raw and as readable as her beloved novels. Now, her brow furrowed as her gaze drew across a particularly harrowing delineation.

"Hey-yup, Blue, time to get going!"

Her leg froze mid-sway, and the prior quietude crumbled in an instant. She turned her head slightly to face the speaker, slowly and deliberate, as though the action pained her.

Or perhaps just the person.

He looked as he always did; stupid. Or such was Ao's opinion. His eyes framed by thick kohl, his peridot irises flickering with mischievous vexation, and his hair styled into that ridiculous mohawk-y look that had gone out of fashion at least two decades ago. The omnipresent smile was there, too; directed at her as though expecting her to return one back.

She'd have thought he'd have learnt by now. "'Get going'? Get going where?"

Caolan scoffed as he looked up at the wisp, rocking back and forth on his feet with a cheerful vigor. "Wanderlust. Duh."

"And why would I want to visit that hormonal cesspit?"

Caolan stared at her a brief moment, as though stunned by her stupidity. He snapped out of his blinking stance with a wild wave of his hands, which he threw up in seeming exasperation. "Um, hello? Any clue what day it is?" "... The twenty second of December. Get a calendar." "It's Yule, you muppet!"

His outcry was met with a blank stare, and his chagrin flared. The dark curls that crowned his brow fluttered as he blew them from his eyes, and he jumped upwards, fingers catching on the alder's lowest branch. Grunting slightly, he hoisted himself up, swinging one leg over as he turned to face Ao. "The Winter Solstice! Jól! The Longest Night! Come on, Blue, I thought you were supposed to be clever." "Why do you think I'm ignoring you?" "How do I love Yule? Let me count the ways. Drinking, partying, shagging..." "Why are you inviting me, again?" "... gambling, smoking, more shagging..."

Ao sighed censuredly, and she looked back to the publication in her hands, pointedly turning the page. Caolan halted in his listing, noting her lack of interest with a dash of distress. "To summarize, Yule is fucking fun. Something you aren't exactly privy to all that oft-"
He faltered as his gaze fell upon the literature Ao was reading, and he snatched it from her grasp. Reading the cover, his expression turned into one of humored incredulity.

"Are you reading fucking Cosmo?" "It provides a fascinating perspective of the human psyche." "Psyche my arse." He flicked aimlessly through the pages, before pausing on a certain article and reading out the title "Ooh, Twenty One Leonardo DiCaprio Movies..." He glanced up at her with a sultry expression, and finished with a hushed tone, "... Ranked by hotness."

Ao snatched the magazine out of his hands. "Let's just go to the damn club."

The so-called 'hormonal cesspit' that was Wanderlust smelt particularly strong this evening, an intoxicating concoction of incense and perspiration and spice. The building was flooded with fae, Unseelie and Seelie alike. Imbibing harlequin cocktails, exchanging conversation over the raucous din, pressing against each other on the dance floor, whispering sweet nothings in one another's ears.

Suffice to say, Ao was out of her element.

Caolan swung his arm over her shoulders, leading her through the crowd as he tossed out greetings here, and avoiding gazes there. The latter action was of no surprise to Ao, as Caolan had always had a knack for inspiring murderous thoughts. As they crossed the dance floor, Caolan gripped Ao's shoulders tightly, swerving her in the opposite direction as he sneaked glances behind him. "Shit. Uh... avoid the feathered bloke with the aviators, 'kay? I kind of owe him money."

Caolan's eyes caught on a familiar pair, and his previously nervous expression evolved into a wily grin. "Well, if it isn't my two favourite Seelie." Ao followed his gaze, and although her face did not crease in the slightest, a feeling of pleasantness blossomed. It truly was strange, that two of the people she was supposed to be enemies with were in fact some of her closest friends.

Well, perhaps the turn 'friends' was too strong. After all, she'd never exactly been adept in the art of friend-making, and 'friends' sounded so perpetual. So indefinite.

And as Ao knew more than any human could possibly, 'eternity' was a very long time.

Closing the distance between them, the odd pair walked up to the Seelie duo. It took only for the bartender to heed the identity of the oncoming customer for him to pour a whisky for the inky-eyed kobalo, and as he slid it across the bar, Caolan caught it deftly. Hopping lightly into a stool, he perched his elbow on the hard surface of the bar, and took a sip from his drink.

"Uh, shouldn't you two be slughtering some helpless human slave in bloodthirsty vengeance right about now?"

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#, as written by Cloud




hex: #bdb3c3

hex: #cdbb7c




Dalia’s hand falls to her side as the crowd coalesces into a throbbing mass of bodies, blocking her view of the female mer-twin. A hopeful smile – surely her frantic signalling had garnered some attention – marks Dalia’s face as she returns to a more relaxed pose. Dark green eyes fall on the young Luck Fae sitting opposite her, that hopeful smile turning into a smirk and a bubbling laugh as she watches Kaz listening to a quiet joke whispered into his ear by the ethereal Llyr.

Kazimir can feel the warm hand of his companion on the small of his back and he grins at the blonde figure beside him, muttering a borderline dirty joke in reply that has Llyr chuckling under his breath. Kaz catches Dalia’s gaze, grinning at the nymph when he sees her smirk. His golden eyes pass over her shoulder, catcing sight of a slim, dark haired figure navigating his way through the crowd. This is not the nixie whom Dalia had been madly waving to a minute ago, but the water fae’s twin brother. Kaz makes eyes at Dalia, attempting to signal their impending visitor. The wood nymph’s eyes narrow and the blooms in her hair turn a mustard yellow in confusion, her mouth parting to ask Kaz what he means when a warm presence comes to rest behind her back.

Her name is pronounced like a musical note, slipping from between rose lips like a song. The nymph’s smile broadens as she recognises the deep voice, turning her face up to meet the startlingly blue eyes of the newest addition to their small party. His compliment only makes her happier, the petals in her hair developing into little bluebells and delighted, miniature sunflowers.

“Cael!” She says brightly, waiting for him to take his seat. As always she warms to his touch, her grin strengthening despite the assertion that her levels of intoxication are about to rise. There is truth in the statement, and in the possibility of Caelius having to take her home. This wouldn’t be the first occasion that has had the water fae supporting an intoxicated and silly nymph, yet Dalia is happy to note that she at least always remembers her night and manages to survive without too bad a hangover the next day. Dalia can’t say the same thing for Kazimir, who has been left crippled for a day after drinking in excess the night before several times.

Dalia giggles at Llyr’s interjection before scooting over in her seat so that she’s able to slide an arm around Caelius’ slender waist. Dalia has always been a person who craves contact, seeking it out whenever she’s with someone she knows well. Hell, she’ll give a complete stranger a hug in greeting if she thinks they need it. Caelius, however, is no stranger, nor is this the first time that she’s rested a rosy cheek on his shoulder. He’s just as comforting now as he’s always been; warm and stable, his smile sending flurries of happy flowers throughout her hair… or was that the alcohol?

“I’m glad you came tonight.” She tells him, head tilted back so that she can both rest it on his shoulder and attempt to meet his eyes. They’re a stunning vivid blue, her favourite colour. The arm wound around his hip gives him a squeeze, her eyes suddenly alighting with energy as an idea bubbles to the surface. “Let’s dance Cael!” She entreats, her head leaving the comfort of his shoulder as she slides off her chair.

The green fingers of Dalia’s hand lace their way through his, pulling lightly at his arm as she calls him to the dance floor again. A new song has come on, it’s a tune she’s never heard before but Dalia is determined that she will dance to it with Caelius. One could argue that the alcohol flowing through her system is increasing that determination, but then again where there is dancing one can always count on finding any nymphs present in the midst of it.

Across the table Kaz lets out a snort of amusement. “We’ll save your seats if that’s what you’re worried about.” Kaz teases Caelius, “Unless they kick you out for scaring everyone off with your terrible dancing.” The joke is meant kindly rather than harshly, and the response from the nymph is a laugh and an extra tug on Caelius’ hand,

“You won’t be that bad, not when you have me to help!” Dalia grins, almost bouncing on the spot, “I’ll show you how to move.”

Kaz opens his mouth to reply, the smirk on his face no doubt indicating that whatever his comment is will not be for innocent ears, yet before he can form the words his attention is stolen not by the fair haired Llyr, but a drawling Irish voice that has him turning in his seat to face the bar. He’s greeted by a fairly familiar sight; his favourite Unseelie, a glass of whiskey in his hand, dark kohl marking his eyes, and a cocky smirk decorating his face.

“Caolan you ass, you’re lucky it’s just me that heard you say that.” Kazimir replies, greeting the Unseelie fae with a smirk of his own. Certainly that kind of comment could cause more than a scuffle should the wrong pair of ears catch it. Kaz’s golden eyes pass the male fae and find the will-o’-the wisp standing beside him. “Nice to see you out Ao.” He tells her, that cheeky grin not quite leaving his face. “Shouldn’t you two be at some fancy Unseelie shindig at your headquarters? Or did you want to have some actual fun?” Kazimir only waits a second for an answer before nodding his head towards the seats that Dalia and Caelius were leaving vacant, “Pull up a chair if you like.” He offers, regardless of his earlier promise to save the chairs for Dalia and Cael.