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The Fairytale Academy

The Fairytale Academy


Small private group RP

1,030 readers have visited The Fairytale Academy since Annalee2010 created it.


We all know what it's about.... So who cares..... Lets just make our skellies and go.... Lol.


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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors

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Character Portrait: Bigby Wolf Character Portrait: Natasha Charming Character Portrait: Quentin Frollo
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"Just stick with me kid." Bigby tightened his grip on Quentin as the kid tried to squirm outta his arm. "And we'll make a man outta ya yet." As he continued to not let Quentin go his free hand found its way into the inside of his leather jacket, returning with his pack of cigarettes. Having only one hand he shook the pack in the air, causeing a few cigarettes to pop out the top. Using his mouth he picked two of the sticks out before returning the pack back to the inside of his coat, his free hand returning with a lighter as he let both sticks of cancer. Taking one cigarrete out of his mouth (hed quickly put up the lighter) he let the other dangle loosely in his mouth, suddenly shoving the other smoking stick into Quentins lips. "Take a deep, long, breathe! This is the start of a new, probably slightly scarring and embarrasing, chapter of our lives! Cant you just feel it Q?" He said to Quentin as he turned his head over his shoulder to look at Natasha. "Isn't that right princess?!"

3 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Bigby Wolf Character Portrait: Natasha Charming Character Portrait: Quentin Frollo
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Natasha Charming

Natasha shook her head slightly when Bigby lit up a couple cigarettes, frowning slightly when he shoved one of them between Quentin's lips. "Now, don't go forcing your bad habits on the poor kid." She said, shaking her head again, a look of disgust on her face as she quickly took the cigarette from Quentin as he started to gag on the smoke. She tossed the cigarette to the ground, stomping it out under her foot. She turned back to look at Bigby as he smoked his own cigarette, though doesn't say anything to him about it, as long as the cigarette smoke doesn't come near her, she doesn't really care.

Quentin Frollo

Quentin was taken by surprise when Bigby shoved a cigarette into his mouth. His arms were pinned down to his sides, the way Bigby had a hold of him. He gave the girl an appreciative look when she took the cigarette away from him, though frowned at her words. "I-I'm not a kid!" He said between coughs. The smoke from Bigby's cigarette, still to close to him, making him cough even more as he tries to wriggle away again.

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Celestria ignored the boy she wanted nothing to do with anyone in this school.
the only one she met today who didn't piss her off was that shy boy what ever his name was.
she sighed as they called her name to the desk.
" yes.....that's me...."
she said both annoyed and tired, she went to open the door when the woman behind the desk stopped her.
" she's not in right now, she has so much on her plate today and you two along with ohters have been making it harder for her.
celestria shruged as she turned to leave she looked at the boy then back at the woman.
" don't loop me in with him, thank you veary much."
she slammed the door in a huff and proceeded to find her dorm.

it wasn't long before she spotted the three of them from before.
reluntant she approched the group.
" sorry for insulting you sir....and before you say anything NO i wasn't told like a robot to appolgise.
as a matter of fact i wasn't pulled into the office beacuse of our little scramble."
she sighed and looked at the blonde girl standing to the left of him.
" sorry im causeing your god mother touble in this school......"
she looked down not sure what else to say she noticed bigby's arm around the small guy she meat eriliar.
".....did you find your dorm?."

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Character Portrait: Bigby Wolf Character Portrait: Natasha Charming Character Portrait: Celestria Character Portrait: Quentin Frollo
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Natasha Charming

Natasha Glanced over at the girl who had fought with Bigby a little while ago, surprised to hear her apologizing. "Oh, don't worry about it, I'm sure Godmother is used to it by now." She said, her mom's Godmother has been the headmistriss of the academy for years, so she's sure the woman had seen pretty much everything.

Quentin Frollo

Quentin was finally able to wiggle away from Bigby when Celestria walked up. "Yeah, apparently I'm rooming with Bigby, here." He said, motioning to Bigby. "What about you? Any luck finding yours while you were away?" He asked

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Character Portrait: Natasha Charming
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celestria looked down at her map.
" i have no idea where this is, umm could you help me?"
she handed it to natasha.

4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Bigby Wolf Character Portrait: Natasha Charming Character Portrait: Celestria Character Portrait: Quentin Frollo
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Natasha Charming

Natasha reached out, taking the map from the girl. She glanced over it, a small smile forming on her lips. "Welp, looks like your my roommate." She said with a small laugh, handing the map back to her. "Hope you don't make a habit of getting into trouble. Godmother has a habit of stopping by dorm every now and then, so make sure to keep your nose clean." She said, only half joking.

Quentin Frollo

Quentin glanced between the two girls, feeling a little jealous, 'At least Celestria got a nice roommate.' He thought, glancing over at Bigby once more, really not looking forward to having to share a room with the guy.

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Character Portrait: Natasha Charming
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" oh realy? thats great! at least i don't have to worry about my roommate now"

she whiped her head off of sweat, feeling kind of stupid but also curious she asked.
" what is this school anyway? what do we learn here?"

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