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Emilio is as disagreeable as they come, prideful and stubborn as a mule, with just about zero tolerance for interaction with his peers. Having to deal with him is a daunting task, even more so on a daily basis. As such, most of the other students keep interactions with Emilio to the absolute minimum, not wanting to deal with his general unpleasantness for a prolonged period of time. With a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue, Emilio comes off to others as hostile and condescending, putting others down constantly with cutting remarks and mocking insults. This has made him many enemies in school, and although only whispered behind his back and kept under wraps the general public consensus towards Emilio is negative- impossible to please, bad tempered and with a matching ego to boot.

Conniving and intelligent, Emilio is not above using others to reach his goals. The ruthlessness cultivated inside of him has not been diminished in the slightest despite his upbringing in the Polonius house for the better part of the last decade of his life. For the most part, he makes no pretences of being morally good. It is only to the authorities and the higher-ups that he puts up an front to- appearances are important to further his plans, and to keep up his image of being a good student is of the utmost importance. Call him two-faced, but Emilio hardly cares about the opinion of his peers. All that matters is the end result, and if he must step on a few (or many) toes to get there, the so be it.

Despite honing his mask of discipline and calmness through the years, Emilio is inherently still an irrational person. He flies off the handle at the drop of a pin- it is all too easy to anger him in some way. While he masks that part of him well enough, he would often seek petty revenge in subtle ways to make his victims' lives hell. Leaving no evidence behind that he was behind those acts, Emilio is a master of eluding punishment, never giving the opposition a chance to pin the blame on him.

Inside, however, Emilio is a far cry from what his actions towards others might lead them to think he is. Filled with self-hatred for being inadequate as the second fiddle to Aster, as well as being unable to prevent his parents' death, he masks his inner turmoil by hurting the people around him, creating an impenetrable fortress between himself and his peers. The distance between himself and the rest comforts him, just a little, knowing that they will never be able to see him vulnerable. If there is a deeper, more human part of him craves love and affection at all, it has never been realised before, and would probably remain so. If some part of him realises that he cannot sustain this act forever, his stubbornness refuses to let him acknowledge it. Emilio lives his life in his ever expanding bubble, a little more vulnerable to bursting every passing day. The fall will be painful, but until then he will strive on in his one-man warpath to the very top, where in his opinion he rightfully belongs.

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Emilio has the power to conjure a mirror plane and enter into it. When he enters the mirror dimension, he becomes intangible in the so called 'real world', and cannot be perceived. For example, he can be standing at a location and people will walk through him because technically, he does not belong in that plane of existence for the time being. This allows for him to be completely isolated from the world. He can still observe what happens in the real world, but he cannot interact with anything. Keeping the mirror dimension active requires a constant flow of mana, which means that he cannot remain in the world indefinitely. When he is in the mirror dimension, there is no means of harming him unless he exits from that space, using a designated 'wormhole'. A 'wormhole' can be placed anywhere, with a rune imbued with his personal magic. The precondition is that the 'wormhole' must be set down before he enters into the mirror dimension, otherwise he cannot reenter the 'real world' from the mirror dimension until he runs out of mana. The runes must be active the entire time he is in the mirror dimension, otherwise he cannot return. He cannot remain in the mirror dimension indefinitely, as keeping the rune active requires a constant flow of mana that becomes extremely taxing after an extended period of time. His record for remaining in the mirror dimension is 3 hours. He can place up to as many as 3 inactive runes at once, but he can only activate one during any given time that he enters the mirror dimension. He cannot change the location of the active rune when he is in the mirror dimension.

Aside from that, Emilio is able to trap others in his mirror dimension. Those that get trapped cannot use their magic in the mirror dimension and are unable to escape after they become entrapped. If more than one person is trapped, they cannot perceive or interact with each other. The only way to escape from this is if the person has planted their own 'wormhole' beforehand, if someone defeats Emilio in the 'real world' where he becomes unable to continue channelling mana into keeping the mirror dimension active, or if Emilio simply runs out of mana. The mirror dimension has a draining effect on the victims trapped. The longer they remain inside the mirror dimension, more of their mana gets drained. This effect does not apply to Emilio.


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