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Cecilia Salivar

A red-haired halfling myrmidon. Her sole blade whips around her body with shocking speed.

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a character in “The Fall of Azazel”, as played by Vio-Lance


Gender: Female

Age: 16


Cecilia stands roughly 3'5, normal sizes for a female halfling, and looks to weigh about 70 pounds. Her skin is rather dark, compared to that of her sibling's skin tones, and while a few scars present themselves, they are minor, and have had a few years to heal. In halfling standards, she's actually very, very attractive.

Her strikingly bold orange hair sits shoulder length on her head, a blue peacock hairpin residing in the left side. Her face is soft and gentle: Her calm dull green, almost grey eyes would be able to calm a beast, almost while her small nose and unswelled lips make her appear modest and reserved. She has very few facial features that would demean her apperance, other than freckles, which seem to disturb her.

Her body is slender, just hinting at the muscle that lie beneath the beauty. While her body seemed to retain the muscle of regular use of a weapon, she by no means is a bodybuilder. She has very few womanly curves at that - almost flat chest, narrow hips, and unbroadened shoulders. In fact, out of her siblings, she is the one most commonly though to be a young girl, rather than an adult halfing. She just so happens to be the youngest as well.


Generally, Cecilia is easy to be around. She's very relaxed, and calm, being very hard to upset. Her mellow attitude is quite refreshing. However, sometimes, this is mistaken for depression. While her voice may seem almost to have a downward infliction on everything, she very rarely is sad. In fact, her monotone voice makes it sort of hard to read her emotions if she isn't smiling or laughing (which too, is semi-rare). In combat, it is clearly seen that she isn't dead serious, keeping her relaxed and level-headed attitude. Even when loosing or wounded, she shows very little emotion. Towards her siblings, she's rather envious of each of their skills, but rather keeps to herself.


Usual Clothing/Armor: Generally, clothing consists of Cecilia's armor. When your fighting style is based on speed and dodging, armor simply tends to get in the way. However, she does have a leather chestpiece, protecting her upper body. She keeps white cloth armor sleeves to ward off minor attacks, and wears red clothing shorts with leather boots. An armband with peacock feathers decorates her left arm, and a sword rests on her lower back.

Weapons: While one weapon is visable, the other is not. Cecilia has a human short-sword, which rests comfortably at a length between halfing short and long swords. The blade is double edged and straight. The edge is steel, and kept razor sharp, odd for a rather thick blade. This feature allows her to safely block and attack with one weapon, rather than having to worry about a shield, buckler, or main gauche. Her other weapon rests in her boot, a plain dagger, well balanced enough to throw, but still sturdy enough to use in combat.

Magic/Abilities: Sword of the Winds - A magical attack that focuses power of the blade behind a projectile attack. For Cecilia, this requires a tad bit of preparation, and focus for it to be cast. The result is a green 'wave' that is projected as the blade is swung, and the user wishes to unleash the charge. The wave can be no longer than the blade itself, but has the same cutting ability and penetration as an actual sword swing. Charging for this attack is easy to predict, and although requires no incantation if the user has memorized it, it causes the blade in question to glow a dull green.


The Salivar Halfling Family has been long known for producing active adventurers and fighters. While few have actually become famous, many believe that they have always believed that they could reach greatness eventually. The last adventurers to leave have long since settled down, and started a family. However, as time goes on, so does the legend. Four children, born of the last Salivar fighter were created.

Cecilia is the youngest of the Sailvar children, but probably the best with a blade. Starting as young as six with her weapon, she quickly learned how to use the weapon, as instructions from her father, and sparring with her older siblings. She would also gain the long repressed "Orange hair" gene, that hadn't shown up in the Salivar bloodline for at least 200 years. She and her siblings would be living peacefully with their mother and father, untill the day that she was of age. Untill that day, she was used to doing most of the work around the house. Cooking was her specialty. At sixteen, she and her sisters and brother set out on their family's tradition of sending out their children to become true fighters and perhaps even seek their fortune.

In their group, Cecilia is the fast-work one. She knows how to use the blade, quickly, effeciently, and lethally. In fact, she is called a myrmidon for a reason. She has gained renoun for dueling the Blademaster "Faveh", and coming out less worse than the other opponents. She kept her life, though she still lost.

So begins...

Cecilia Salivar's Story