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Hey, down here! No, here! Argh, geez man, can't you see me?...Nah, just messing with you. I'm inside you already!

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a character in “The Fall of Azazel”, as played by Saxious


Warning, this is suppose to be a serious and joking character, so don't be surprised by his random acting in the RP

Real Name

Alias & Most Commonly Known By

Presumed to be male

True age, unknown. Presumed age: 500 years

Undead, lich. Was a former human, though he had the height of a dwarf.

125 cm (4 feet and 1.21 inches)

54 kg

White. Due to the many centuries that Ichor has lived through, he is almost bald, thin strings of hair on the back of his head, which he usually covers up with a hood.

Ichor’s eyes are brown, but unlike the living creatures, his eyes has long since dried out though Ichor uses minor illusion spells to make them look somewhat lively.

Skin Color
Grey, from the centuries of decaying, and there are several spots, especially on his chest, where the skin has decayed completely away, displaying his brown-white bones.

Facial appearance
Ichor certainly doesn’t have the prettiest face to look upon, in fact it is a rumor that he’s so ugly that mirrors breaks when he looks at them.

Ichor doesn’t have much meat left on his face, making it look very emaciated and dried out. His nose is at the beginning to decay away, and the skin at the left side of his chin has decayed so badly that the bone and part of the yellow teeth are showed.
Ichor’s ears are halfway gone, again due to the decay his body is going through, however, insects and animals has helped the speeding of this decay and have bitten large areas off so it looks more like rats has been busy gnawing off his ear than the work of mother nature.

On the top of Ichor’s almost-bald head, there is a small hole in the skin, about 3 cm in diameter, where the skull can be seen, plus there is a small crack where a 10 year old child’s idex finger can fit and touch his brain, which is still wet and covered in green goo.

Note: for those of you who aren't good putting words to a picture, I did manage to find a picture that resembles Ichor, but I must warn you all that even I find this picture disturbing.

Body Built
Ichor has a very fragile looking body. He is hunchbacked, his arms and legs has long since lost what muscle it was suppose to have, giving him a frightful skeletal appearance, when he’s not wearing his rather loose clothes of course.

His fingers are long, for his height, and bony. They have long sharp fingernails that look sharp enough to cut into a man’s flesh, if the right force was used.
When he moves his fingers, the ligament in his hand can be seen clearly moving, as the dry skin hold onto what is left of the body.

Ichor’s chest is, like the rest of him, skeletal and so thin that the bones can be clearly seen. His vital organs have long since stopped working but they are still there, after all the centuries, so he does have some human structure about him.

His feet are much like his hands…bony, fragile looking, and the toes have long and stake-pointy nails.

Ichor, despite his weak appearance, is one of the most powerful creatures that exist from his home world, and he can do several spells at the same time, in order to avoid filling in pages of spells that he can cast, those who will be mentioned are those he knows from the top of his skull. They are the following:

Speed of the Devil
This is one of the most frequent used spells Ichor knows. He turns the arcane power he has into energy that his body can use, allowing him to move with demon-like speed. Only Ichor knows how long this spell lasts, as he is the only one who knows the boundaries for his own powers.

Claws of Steel
This spell transforms his hands into steel claws, which are both sharp and pointy. He uses it along with Speed of the Devil, to kill his opponents faster.

Bolt of Shadow
Ichor sucks together nearby shadow, no matter how weak they may be, concentrates it so it becomes a spell that is as dangerous as the Fire Ball.
Normally, it takes time to suck the shadows together and then concentrate the bolt, but Ichor, after centuries of practice, has mastered the spell so well that he can do it within moments.

Undead Healing
Like many other Undead creatures, Ichor can heal severe wounds, though he cannot heal wounds that are has damaged his head or heart.

Shadow Portal
This is like teleportation, although Ichor has to use shadows and darkness to travel with. Even for a master of magic, like Ichor, this spell requires a lot of focus, and he can’t do it while the sun is beaming down on him, he has to be in shade to perform such a spell.

This is Ichor’s favorite spell…for when he does this spell, he lets his ‘creative’ part of his mind to go wild. Most of his illusions are about how he slowly tears his victim apart, and since he has mastered this art of magic perfectly, he is able to make the mind think that the physical body is in pain…thus when he delivers the final blow against his opponent, it causes a heart attack and the entire body system shuts down.

For example, he once made a man think that Ichor pulled out all his veins and used them as ‘puppet strings’ thus his brain couldn’t handle it (as it couldn’t see the difference between reality and what Ichor was showing it) and he died after a few minute of Ichor being the ‘Puppet Master’.

Blue Fire Ball
This is like a Fire Ball spell, however, instead of using normal fire, he uses blue fire from hell, which attach themselves to the object that it touch.

The Third Law of Nature
This is a spell where Ichor enforces Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. He basically, uses his arcane power to create an unseen force that makes any moving object hit an equal force, causing an abrupt stop. He often uses this when projectile weapons are fired at him.

The Dead Never Rests
This spell does so that all the dead around him come back to life as his mindless, will-less minions. They go under the category ‘Undead’, and thus are defenseless against divine magic.

Ichor is like many of the combined undead. He is weakest when sun is shining directly at him, he cannot cast spells on holy grounds (yet even enter holy grounds), and when he is hit by divine magic, he suffers great pain and agony, plus he might become madder from the pain.

Ichor has a phylactery, an object needed to become a lich and it contains his soul. This is his ultimate weakness, as the destruction of this item not only destroys his physical body, but also his spiritual form, permanently preventing him from ever coming back to the material world.
This phylactery is the necklace of his mother, it contains paintings of herself and her husband, along with their names at the bottom of their paintings. To Ichor, this treasure is worth more than all the gold, diamonds, and valuable paintings added together, and he would never, even to the exchange of the knowledge of the entire universe, trade it away. He has hidden this item somewhere in the world he originates from, where Ichor has forgotten.

As an undead, Ichor looses certain senses, such as his ability to smell and taste, his eye sight and hearing is in the meantime improved, it still effects his ability to react, for he wouldn’t notice his clothes being on fire before he would feel the flame licking up his body, or taste the difference between a juicy slice of meat and the rotten flesh of a long dead corpse


Ichor is a mad little fellow. He acts randomly, unpredictably and is one of the hardest allies to control.

He is a mad man, for spending 500, or more, years on the run, having to hide in the slums and witness the horrors that arcane magic can do and conjure has driven him to the point of insanity…yet he isn’t completely insane (as he would describe it). He finds it hard to focus when he isn’t doing something ‘important’.
Ichor has spend much time studying science and magic, thus he is highly intelligent but this intelligence backfires when he’s bored, or feels endangered, and thus his madder mind kicks in and he becomes the little monster that everyone hates and fears.

Ichor is the type who just does what comes to his mind and does it without any further thinking. One time he thought of, jumping through a window, landing on a wagon and then drive off to escape his opponents…it all went according to his plan but he didn’t think of the height he would be jumping from, and ended up with a broken leg, which he just laughed at as he thought his sheer stupidity was more funny than the pain he felt.

Ichor is a hard ally, for his randomness and inability to focus on serious conversations between his allies. It isn’t because Ichor is uninterested in conversations and interrogations, he just doesn’t see how people can kill time talking when they aren’t doing anything physical or saying gory ‘jokes’.
He does, however, give you his undivided attention, if the topic is about science and magic, for those are two of his favorite subjects to discuss (excluding the Religion War era, for then Ichor realized that he needed to be serious if he wished to survive, plus the horrors of war still scars him to this day).

Ichor, to much surprise, enjoys listening, or directing, to classical music. Whenever he hears this gender of music he waves his arms to the beat, closing his eyes and lets the notes of music flow into his mind and calms him down.
When Klause Von Stein’s life is talked about, Ichor becomes silent and sits for a while and then leaves the place to be alone. This is because of his past, and his interaction with this Klause Von Stein, whom was his closest friend while he was alive.

Famous Quotes and Actions
-”Now. I am the puppet master, and you are my puppet!” Then the veins of the man flies through the skin, and then tightens around Ichor’s hands, like strings, ”Start dancing!”

-”You know…Smoking is good for your health. Look at how quickly it killed me!”

-”Sanity is for the insane!...Ooh! Puppy!”

-"Knowledge belongs to everyone."

-”Just because the dead rises from their sleep to follow me and do what I tell them, does NOT make me a necromancer.”

-”You just hate me because I’m short!”

-Takes a glass filled with whiskey and pours it into his eyes, ”It burns!”


Weapons, Armor& Clothes
Ichor doesn’t use any weapons when he fights, although he does like the shiny armor, it is hard for him to find any in his size. He prefers to use his hands (after he has casted the spell Claws of Steel) and the spell he knows.
He does, however, use weapons when he needs to perform rituals and certain spells, and such conditions also affect the clothing he wears.

Ichor is usually seen wearing cult dark robes, living up to the traditional image of an evil cult member, or the typical image of a necromancer.
It isn’t known if Ichor changes his clothes, for the smell of decay is far stronger than the smell of unchanged clothes (which only the gods knows has been through how many severs, and how many crypts these clothes has been through).


Tall-Li was born in a medium sized town. His parents were just below the 'average' classed citizens, his farther worked himself half to death on the fields, his uncle served as a soldier and was never home, and his mother was constantly busy with something, whether it was prostitution or helping 'friends' in the black market, she was barely home.
Tall-Li was never really tall, so he often had to endure being bullied by the bigger kids and being too mature for the smaller ones, so his childhood was rather depressing and lonely.

Being mostly home alone with his cat, Dilbert, Tall-Li decided, from a very young age, that he would break through the Feudal system and become someone, but not just someone, someone, he wanted to become the someone, and thus his quest for becoming this someone began.
Since his parents were busy, and they never gave it much thought about hiding their earned money so well that Tall-Li wouldn't find it, Tall-Li stole some of the weekly earnings and used it to get into the local school where he studied like there was no tomorrow.

Turning 15, Tall-Li graduated from the school, and then traveled to the capital city of his birth kingdom, called Frankfurt. There he joined a college, leaving behind his family and everything he had once loved, save for the necklace his mother had given him from his childhood.
Tall-Li studied hard from the morning till the mid-afternoon, and then he would work as a secretary of one of the richer merchants, ensuring that the goods were delivered accordingly, and the payments were precise, although he sometimes had to manually count every coin himself.

Spending the next five years in the college, focusing majors on Medicine and Literature, and had two minors in Magic & It’s Forms, which was a class where it was solely on researching how and why magic existed, and History, where Tall-Li found the military and religious history fascinating.
Tall-Li was the biggest pride of the college, his manner of absorbing the information he read, he read, read, and read and he was able to convert all this information into actions, theories became facts when he performed operations on ‘voluntarily’ dead corpses, and explained the functions of the vital organs, and he came up with the hypothesis of gravity and evolution, although it was turned down as the church send agents who burned all the papers he had about that idea. Those actions served both as a lesson and warning to all the students in the college, that if they ever came up with such ideas again, it would cost them much worse than their paper ‘disappearing’.
Tall-Li knew, from studying history, that trying to stand up against the Church would not only mean that he would ‘suddenly disappear’ but also, his death would scar him all the way up to heaven.

Tall-Li graduated from the college, and then applied for the college of Magic, wanting to expand his knowledge of magic, for the last year in the college he had stumbled upon a book that contained the basic information of all the school types of magic, and he had found it to much interest.
He was accepted, and he gave up his job as secretary and focused all his time on studying magic.

For another five years Tall-Li studied two, out of the many schools of magic. He found the Conjunction and Arcane schools the most interesting and, as always, soared through the classes with perfect grades, perfect understanding and high enthusiasm for learning more.

Tall-Li graduated, but he felt that there was still more to learn. He wanted to learn more, all the schools magic, he wanted to know it all, so he applied again for the College of Magic, but was refused as the board didn’t approve his reasons for coming back into the College, yet alone gain anymore power than the two schools he had already mastered.

Angered by this response, Tall-Li used his powers to get into the library of the College where he in secret tried to study the other schools, but he wasn’t prepared for the advanced security system that the College had and was soon discovered, and thrown at the gate of Frankfurt.
Tall-Li, now outraged that they would keep the best wizard in Arcane and Conjunction, he turned to the road and began to walk away, but he had gained what he needed, he hadn’t just read the books of other Magic Schools, but of the profiles of people who had tried to apply back to the College of Magic, like Tall-Li, and there were many of them, which was both good and bad, as Tall-Li had always believed that he was the best pupil the College have ever had.

Gathering together these wizards and sorcerers, they used their combined fortune to start their own College of Magic, and this one would be unlike any other and would never reject people from reentering it again.
This was a massive blow to the other Colleges of Magic, Tall-Li’s college was far more popular and many students suddenly changed as they found out that the college covered not only magic, but other subjects as well, like science, literature, math and many other basic classes.

Tall-Li’s college was unbeatable, they earned large sums of money every month from the students, the nobles send their own children to that specific college instead of the other, and their support for the kingdom’s wars against foreign nations became so crucial that the college was no longer a simple school, but a political key point for the nation, with their help they could end entire wars quicker than ever.

There was, however, a dark side to all of this. While everyone was enjoying all the benefits that came from the college that Tall-Li and the other wizards ran, there were vile experiments going on beneath the surface of the college, practice of demonic powers and dark forces of arcane magic and unholy forces.
The wizards were trying to create their own branch of magic, a school never before seen…bringing the dead back to life! Summoning creatures humanity had never laid its eyes on before! And ultimately, proving that science and magic was greater than any god or divine power!

After months of experimenting, the wizards finally created their new school of magic, and named it ‘Necromancy’, as it brought back the dead, was able to extend a man’s life by consuming another’s, and they had invented a spell that ripped a man’s soul out of his physical body, thus proving that souls existed.
Their second school of magic was named ‘Conjuration’, as it called forth creatures from other realms of existence, some of these ‘aliens’, or ‘demons’, were friendly and brought joy to their surroundings while others existed only to destroy and cause misery.

For Tall-Li and the other wizards, who had now formed a cult dedicated to science and magic, and called themselves for “The Cult of Ahm”, and they blindly believed that the world saw everything the same way that they did, so they called together former professors, and nobles, wanting to eagerly show them their newest discoveries…Unknowingly, they had just signed their own doom.

The presentation of their discoveries went terrible, the nobles panicked when they saw the demons and undead ghouls, the religious ones, especially, began to accuse them for blasphemy and the news evolved into a crisis.
The kingdom turned around and began attacking the college with their soldiers, other wizards came out and helped the king and lord in their fight, hoping that the destruction of Tall-Li’s college would mean the rebirth of their own.

Tall-Li had never killed anyone before, so when he did his first kill, he almost committed from the feeling of guilt and apologized unnecessarily man times to the dead corpse, but with time it become natural to him however what wasn’t natural for him was to witness the madness he had unleashed, the ghouls murdered women and children, the demons caused far greater destruction than he had intended and now seeing his own cult, who believed in science and magic, he could see many of them were enjoying it…how did it all come to this?


Tall-Li died. Not physically, of course. Mentally. His sanity was broken into a million pieces and scattered in the wind, leaving him with and insane mind to control his powers and what was his first course of action? Renaming himself to something that everyone would fear. Ichor…The Midget of Death! And he was quite serious about his title.

Followed by that, he made a ritual that tore his own soul out and placed it in the little necklace with a painting of his mother and farther. He had now become a lich.
The battle between the kingdom, wizards and the Cult of Ahm continued for five long years, scarring the lands badly, but Ichor and his fellow wizard had been bested, 3/4 of their members had been slaughtered in the war, most of their knowledge and discoveries were burned by the church and those whom they had captured were executed.

Ichor left the kingdom, went into hiding for a century, and then returned to Frankfurt, breaking into the College of Magic, again, and this time he stole hundreds of books on the magic school and killed eleven teachers and professors.
Going back to his hideout he began to study every magic school he could from the books till they were hammered into his head.

Centuries passed. The Cult of Ahm had long since broken up and been forgotten all about, they were now a minor part of history, which was a great offense to Ichor, but he remained in hidden.

How long had passed now? Ichor didn’t know, time came and went like it wanted to, Ichor didn’t measure it anymore. He was bored after how many centuries? He didn’t know either. He had talked with every demon he could summon, he had brought the dead back and away from life, he had jumped to the moon and back, well at least he thought that he did, he wasn’t sane anymore. He even forgot why and how he became a lich.

One night Ichor crept out of his hiding and took a sniff around. He discovered that the world had changed. Kingdoms had risen and fell, wars had been more frequent than ever, and the powers of magic had become to strong that Ichor could taste it…it was the sweetest taste he had ever tasted in centuries…and his taste bumps were all dead!
Sneaking down to a nearby village, Ichor wanted to test his skills, well the test turned into a massacre and the village was wiped off the map within ten minutes.

Now that Ichor had realized that there was a world outside his hideout, he began to venture from town to town, killing and slaughtering just to satisfy his boredom.
Ichor, in the middle of his fun, lost his necklace while killing a knight in the middle of a road, and only after three months did he discover his loss and vent into a wild frenzy of hatred.

He is one of the most wanted wizards, and those who will ever be able to claim his head will be given unmeasured riches and fame for having defeated The Midge of Death himself.

So begins...

Ichor's Story