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Sa'Sai Salivar

The Mysterious "Triple S". He's clouded with charm and with, as well as the air that he might be robbing you.

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a character in “The Fall of Azazel”, as played by Vio-Lance


Gender: Male

Age: 20


Sa'Sai is a general looking halfling, if you actually get to see him without his cloak and armor on. He stands at 3'8, and looks to weight about 95 pounds. His body form is that of a man; lean, broad, and handsome.

Sa'Sai's face is very bold and outstanding, yet somehow discreet at the same time. His chin is wide, and full, though not chissled, and his nose is a bit pudgy. Neatly groomed hair cascades down his face in mahogony locks, but it is hard to tell it's true length. Small mutton chops decorate his cheeks. His eyes stand out, at a barely blue color, that seems to make even the most trusting man wonder his intentions.

His body is ghostly white, lack of sunlight very apperent in his complexion. However, most don't see his body, as it's covered by leather armor, and cloak. However, under the clothing is hints of muscle and lethe body form.


Sa'Sai is charming and witty, to say the least. His voice is very sauve to match his attitude as well. When it comes to the ladies, even human and more brutish women (ogres and trolls), he somehow has a way with words to persuade them into liking their little party. Although, he is sort of a womanizer, and a terrible gambler (so he often rigs the game). Overall, he's plesant to be around if you're the oppisite sex, and even if you're not, he's a good friend. Around his siblings, he is sort of ashamed of them, often stating that 'that's not my sister' or 'why are you people following me?' In battle, he takes it not seriously enough. He jokes around , and will often mock and demean his foes. However, as soon as he's wounded, playtime is over.


Usual Clothing/ Armor: Sa'Sai's armor is a mixture of leather actual armor, and a dark blue magister's cloak. This classifies him as a "Rogue Mage". The dark blue hood sitting upon his head hides his identity from behind quite well, and gives him quite mysterious look. The leather armor is good protection against weak foes, but offers little protection from penetrating attacks. However, it is lightweight, and non-constricting, allowing Sa'Sai to move quickly and quietly as he prefers.

Weapons: The Black Witch's Blade - An unusual looking dagger, made of obsidian; natural glass. While the weapon is extremely sharp and very pointy, it is rather brittle, and blocking is highly unadvised with the weapon. Though Sa'Sai hardly uses it for traditional means of attack. This dagger is actually used as sort of a wand. The weapon can take on any magical element, such as fire, or lightning, and channel it through the weapon. And when flung, these elements are usually projected as high velocity elemental attacks. Fast-pitch fireballs!

Magic and other Abilities:
Elemental Magic: The creation and control of elemental magic; the most basic kind. Fireballs, lightning bolts, and gusts of wind make up this magic, with other elemental magic spells.
Waterwalking: Spell that allows Sa'Sai, and those touching him to walk on water, by dispersing their weight through a magic plane beneath them. This plane is invisible.
Dagger Duplication: Using special magic, Sa'Sai is able to create multiple weapons, such as the one he carries. These daggers can be manipulated only by magical means (physical displacement, or 'telekenisis' if you will)
Physical Displacement: Spell that allows Sa'Sai to move things with levitation and propulsion magic. He can pick up, set down, and even 'throw' these objects. This also gives him the ability to 'push' foes, however, the force is no greater than his own physical strength.
Arcane Magics: The control over arcane spells and abilites. Minor teleportation, speed increases, physical manuplation conjuration, and other abilities.
Anti-Magic - Reflection Dome: Sa'Sai creates an barrier 15 by 15 feet. The walls of this dome reflect magical attacks of all sorts back at the user. Physical attacks phase right through the dome.
Minor Healing Magics


The Salivar Halfling Family has been long known for producing active adventurers and fighters. While few have actually become famous, many believe that they have always believed that they could reach greatness eventually. The last adventurers to leave have long since settled down, and started a family. However, as time goes on, so does the legend. Four children, born of the last Salivar fighter were created.

Sa'Sai is the second oldest, and self-designated "Leader" of their band of adventurers. His past life was filled with books and charm, as his personality might of indicated. His knowledge is quite extensive for one being so young. His mother, a sorceress, taught him the way of the mage. His magic abilities would grow soon to even her level of only a few years of practice. He then dedicated his time to pursuits. He has had 10 past relationships, and only about 4 of them were serious.

At home, Sa'Sai didn't have many responsibilities, and the ones he did, he usually got his sisters to do them.

In their group, Sa'Sai, is the "Caster". He makes sure that the others are in good shape, while taking down more heavily armored targets. He makes sure his job is done with high firepower, and generally overdoes it to show off.

So begins...

Sa'Sai Salivar's Story