Fynn Layke

"The ocean can never be tamed."

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a character in “The Fall of Light”, as played by yogitheambrangyl


Name: Fynn Layke

Alias: Tide

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Fynn is about 5' 9", 150 pounds. He is very small for his size though his punches can be deadly. He has shaggy length blue green hair and bright blue eyes. He normaly wears loose clothing that moves easily and isn't too clingy.

Power: Control over water. He can manipulate water into any shape he wants and use it in any way. He can also turn the water to steam or harden it to rock solid ice. The latter to take lots of energy though, so he doesnt change water to ice or steam unless it's neccessary. He can also coat his body in water and use it to almost disapesar. His weakness is electricity and dry weather. He doesn't use electronics often because they tend to short out in his hands. He also has slight wind abilities which help him control the movements of the water more easily.

Personality: Fynn tends to keep to himself and stay quiet. His isn't very outspoken, so many think he doesn't have much going on in his head. Actually he has too many thoughts in his head because he tends to contemplate and over analyze things, basically he asks too many questions he doesn't have answers to. He is very protective of the people he is close to. If he had any friends he would protect them with his life and help them in any way he could. contrary to this calm personality he can also be as rough as a sea storm. When he gets mad or very angry he is almost and unstopable force. Any water around him will move and bend to do what ever he wants. At times like these he is the most in control of his element but he is also the most dangerous. Sometimes his mind will go fuzzy and he will hurricane over everything in his path.

Back Story: Fynn had a fairly normal childhood even though his parents fought a little more than most. While he was still young his parents separated and he went to live with his father. After his father re-married, he got to know this new wife and she became a mother figure to him. He was always a smart person and soon got a scholarship. He soon found out that his parents were investigating and researching who was leading the Hero's. One day he came home and was witness to both their murders by a Hero. He kept himself hiden and quickly fled the house as soon as he could. People eventually came for him to tell him his parents were dead. He was then sent to live with his birth mother who he hasn't seen in years.

So begins...

Fynn Layke's Story