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[wip] "Constant are the waves that crash against the rocks, constant are my actions to protect them."

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a character in “The Fall of Neverland”, as played by fading-into-eternity




"When I feel the waves caress my skin, I am free."


Bastille || Laughter Lines
Dexter Britain || Having Run
Regina Spektor || Apres Moi
Bump of Chicken || Karma



Cas - Since many people for some reason are unable to pronounce ‘Caspian’ without difficulty.
18 - Though he has an old, wise soul.

Male - Though he keeps his hair longer than most of the women he knows.

Child of the Sea - And for that he is grateful.

Guardian - One of the few jobs that he takes seriously.

Face Claim
Luke Fon Fabre - Tales of the Abyss



Hair Color
Deep Red with some golden tips.
Eye Color
Sea Green.

Skin Tone
Tanned, but not dark.


155 lbs.

Physical Description
Cas is rather tall and muscular, though at a quick glance from behind he looks like a girl because of his hair. Speak of the devil, Cas' hair reaches his lower back and is a deep red color that fades to gold at the ends, naturally. He usually has four dreadlocks in his hair, and often decorates them with beads. He has pale skin when he isn't tan, but since his skin is not sensitive and doesn't burn, he tans quite easily and often takes his shirt off to get rid of bad tan lines. He has a tattoo of swirling designs that go up his left arm up to his neck in a pale green color.

Though he usually has a serene look on his face, Cas smiles often and when he is angry or sad, his face tends to show it with the slight furrow of his brow. He usually wears a black tank top sometimes with a long white jacket, and her wears his army-green cargo pants. His eyes are an incredible sea-green color, that he squints to see in the sun. He has no scars or visible blemishes other than the birthmark that appears on his upper right thigh and is rarely seen. In his merperson form, his tail is long and a sea-green color that matches his eyes. His nails grow out longer and darker.



Potential Interest
No one just yet… Though Serena is rather beautiful.

    Image Calm // Relaxed || In the face of danger, or in everyday situations, Cas is extremely laid back and calm. He can do most anything with a straight face.
    Image Quick-thinking || Cas can come up with things with the snap of a finger, like comebacks or ideas, and he seems to have an endless list of things to do when he is bored.
    Image Swimming || An obvious trait for a Child of the Sea, and a guardian at that. In the water Cas is fast and silent, since he has a strong upper body and tail.

Power Abilities
    Image Water Manipulation || Like all sea-dwellers, Cas is capable of manipulating and using water to his advantage. He can summon it from far distances and bend it into shapes, waves, and weapons.
    Image Weather Generation || Like elemental generation / manipulation, Cas can create weather-like aspects such as lightning, heat, fog, and wind (in different forms like tornadoes and guts). He often uses this to change certain aspects of the weather to favor him over his opponent, or to perhaps shoot lightning at people.
    Image Atmokinetic Combat || Caspian can combine all weather phenomenon with his physical combat. This may be used more of a distraction to the enemy.


“I do indeed live in a world of my own fabrication. And I hold it dear to my soul.”

Any other important information


    ImageRelaxing || “It’s not like I can help it, I’m just a naturally laid back person. Don’t judge bro, it doesn’t mean I’m lazy…”
    Image Procrastinating || “Hey, I work better under pressure. I mean, the work always gets done thoroughly, I just take my time.”
    Image Compulsive Storytelling || “Sometimes telling someone something is boring, I just like to spice things up a bit.”

    Image Fish // Aquatic Animals || Not to eat of course, I’m vegetarian, but I enjoy swimming and communicating with marine life.
    Image The Sun || It’s rather self explanatory, but I like to bask out in the sun on days where have nothing better to do.
    Image The King || “He fights for what is right, after all.”

    Image Pirates || “Hmph, I don’t even want to talk about those bastards.”
    Image The Other Clans || “It’s not that I hate them, it’s more of a mutual distrust.”
    Image Trees || “They block my vision of the beautiful blue sky.”

    Image Calming || “When someone is distressed or freaking out, I tend to be able to assure them that everything is fine.”
    Image Physically Strong || “You can probably tell from my arms, but I’m rather strong physically, though I consider myself mentally tough too.”
    Image Book-Smart || “Even though people usually don’t think I’m smart (is my hair too long for them?!), I can actually memorize and learn things quite easily, sometimes I make references that no one gets…”
    Image Patience || [i]“I can wait as long as you need me to, I’ll just take a quick nap...”

    Image Attention || “Oh you were speaking? Sorry, I must have drifted off…”
    Image Love // Fear of Love || “Yeah, I fell for that once, I’ll never fall for it again.”
    Image His Clan || “If you hurt them, I’ll kill you, and I rarely make threats, so take this one seriously.”


”Don’t expect me to just accept you because I’m a nice guy. You have to work for it.”

Mellow | Loyal | Sharp | Intelligent | Forgiving | Fierce

1-2 paragraphs explaining the traits.



1-2 paragraphs


So begins...

Caspian's Story


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#, as written by Ever


Kensington, London. A quaint little district nestled in the western fragment of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it’s notorious for being the best shopping alley across the expanse of England. With it’s plethora of boutiques, bakeries, antiques and entertainments, it isn’t a wonder why civilians of all social spheres flock to the cobblestone walks, each length teamed with artfully crafted oaks. Though, despite the boulevard providing endless thrills for this eclectic medley, only a select few have the first rate heaven of residing within the Victorian flats looming in the backdrop...even a smaller percent of that elite class being a full fledged family. And yet, despite the odds, this is precisely where our story takes wing.

As twilight descends on the abandoned focal square, the winds holding an iced spite from the North, it is here that the true face of Kensington springs to life. Those aforementioned high class patrons are bustling about in their homes, each one ruffled with anticipation for whichever soiree is being fabricated that night… however, one family in particular is scampering about a tad bit more than it’s neighbours. The Kingsley household, with it’s 5 members, call home to the second largest suite within this sectioned off heaven; Number 14 on Bloomsbury Avenue...and, while impressive, it has a pricetag to match it’s prestige. However, with a highly regarded lawyer and socialite as parents, the father and mother respectively, money has never been an issue for this purebred name. Though, if one was judging their class by the standards of their children, one would have to scoff at the notion of them even glancing at Bloomsbury. Even now, as Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley are preparing for an evening laced with champagne, dancing and laughter, the rambunctious attitude has yet to cease. While the mother hounds the two youngest, the Prince and Princess of the family, to quell their racing argument, the father has busied himself with doling out strict instructions to the eldest, the tertiary guardian of Apartment #14… yet, the head’s parting words will soon be all for naught. Unbeknownst to Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, their beloved children are being carefully watched by a figure that has only existed within the sister’s goodnight stories; Peter Pan.


Meanwhile, upon the Mainland, the typical summer climate has been chilled to wintry blanket, white snow encasing the earth and ice protecting the sea. Sensing it’s nonofficial king’s absence, the magic within this otherworldly realm has receded from its inhabitant’s everyday lives, most now struggling to carry out even the most undemanding actions (such as flying or changing forms). Though that isn’t the most pressing concern at the moment.. no no, it’s far from that. The ship of the infamous pirate captain, James Hook, has been spotted not too far off the coast line, currently held in place by the frozen water’s greedy embrace. However, it’s only natural that they would attempt to make a movement to seize the Mainland at this point..what better time to do such then when the all powerful Pan is away?

Thankfully, the King, like always, is two steps ahead from the pirates; before leaving to retrieve the Heirs, the Lost Children were given explicit instructions. While under the Second-in-Command’s constructed administration, this group of orphans are to stalk and track the movement of the crew, attempting their best to keep the scoundrels off the land...and, if need be, fight tooth and nail to protect the beaches. However, the pirates have a similar interest regarding the Lost Children; capture and interrogate them to reveal Pan’s whereabouts, his plans. After all, with luck, maybe the King has disappeared for good?


As the Lost Children and Pirates begin to generate foul play with one another, the tribes have begun to do the same. Tensions are starting to arise between the three races, the lack of their Heirs sprinkling even more stress unto their councils more so than before. In fact, accusations are now being casually dispensed, each clan eager to pin the blame on another...some even targeting their King, Peter Pan, for his neglect to provide protection. However, the guardians are holding hope that the King will follow through on his promise, each one busy scouring the mainland foreigns of his return.