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"I look over the edge and into the void. I sometimes wonder would be happen if I just jumped."

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a character in “The Fall of Neverland”, originally authored by Miyer, as played by RolePlayGateway




⌈Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with you eyes turned skywards. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return. βŒ‹

✦Theme Songs

Kelly Clarkson || Breakaway
Nightcore || Howling at the Moon
Nelly Furtado || I'm like a Bird
Rise Against || Hero of War


⌈In hopes of reaching the moon, man failed to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.βŒ‹

Image⌈NicknameβŒ‹ CC | Lena | Celly

⌈AgeβŒ‹ 14

⌈GenderβŒ‹ Female

⌈CrushβŒ‹ Pending...

⌈RaceβŒ‹ Children of the Moon

⌈RoleβŒ‹ Children of the Moon's heir's childfriend.

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹ Tama - Selector Infected WIXOSS


⌈Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but avoiding themβŒ‹

Image⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹ White

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹ Blue-Gray

⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹ Pale

⌈HeightβŒ‹ 5'2"

⌈WeightβŒ‹ 76lbs

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
CC is a small and light girl with a petite and delicate build and a small childlike face. She only stands at 5'2 and weights in at 76lbs, when combined with her pale skin tone, CC looks very fragile and breakable, Almost doll like with her pale features and big eyes.

CC's eyes are a deep, stormy gray color which is streaked with blue. Her eyes are actually quite big and give her an innocent expression when placed on her childlike face, though she has thick white lashes framing her eyes which add to their unique appearance.
CC has long silvery hair which falls to the small of her back though it has never been seen down. She always wears her hair up in two pigtails with a whitey-pink and orange ribbon. She has a very messy fringe which falls just over her eyebrows.

CC is always seen in a simple white dress that is accented by the same orange in her hair ribbon. The dress falls just below her upper thigh and has a square neckline. She wears knee-high white boots also accented with orange.


⌈You can't protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.βŒ‹

    ✦ Reading People || CC has had to deal with both people and spirits from across hundreds of Astral planes when she went looking for the Moon Child Heir. She learnt how to read all types of people and got very good at it.

    ✦ Fighting || CC learnt how to fight in order to protect the heir. She had been expected to be able to fight anyone at anytime without problem and so she became very effective in fighting, beating almost all her opponents, and having only lost a fight to one man ever before.

    ✦ Flight || Due to her Wing Manifestation, CC has become a very effective and fast flyer, being able to out maneuver anyone.

⌈Power AbilitiesβŒ‹
    βœ” Astral Manipulation || CC has mastered the ability of Astral Manipulation. Astral manipulation allows her to create and manipulate a Astral plane, as well as travel to other astral planes to interact with spirits. She is able to both project things to and from astral planes. More Info Here

    βœ” Ergokinetic Combat || Incorporating the use of energy manipulation into combat, CC fights by channeling energy to certain parts of her body to enhance her attacks.

    βœ” Wing Manifestation || CC has the ability to manifest a set of small angel like wings at the start of her lower back, her heels and her wrists should she wish. This allows her the ability to fly at speeds up to 200mph.


⌈There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howlsβŒ‹

    ❖ Fighting || CC fights. She is good at it and she just wants to keep getting better so that she might be able to protect the MoonChild Heir one day. So maybe it is more practicing then fighting, but she will practice fighting with anyone. From Dummies to actual people, as long as she is able to improve.

    ❖ Sleeping/Daydreaming || One thing about Astral Manipulation is, that it is millions of times easier to do it when one is asleep. Normal people travel through Hundreds of Astral planes in their sleep. For CC it makes it millions of times easier to explore the Astral Planes. Same with Daydreaming.

    ❖ Exploring || After doing it so often in different Planes, It just became a habit for her to go exploring.

    β™₯ The MoonChild Heir || She was raised to protect him, and had he not been taken, they would of grown up together.

    β™₯ Daydreaming/Sleeping || Easier to travel through the planes, not only that however, CC likes the idea that she can escape.

    β™₯ Exploring || She grew to love it after exploring a few different Astral planes and seeing all the different sites and wonders.

    β™₯ Flying || Maybe it's the thought of being free, but CC loves the feeling of flying so high above others with the wind in her hair.

    β™₯ Nighttime || CC has always found the night sky to be beautiful, and has been known to just spend hours staring up into it.
    ✘ Being Trapped || CC is so used to being free due to her flight and Astral Manipulation, the mere idea of captivity frightens her.

    ✘ Water || The Moon controls the tides of the sea and yet it was those seas that drew her parents under without remorse.

    ✘ Brutality || CC can't stand brutality. It shows she has lost her emotion and takes pleasure in battle, she doesn't want that.

    ✘ Fighting || Just because CC is good at fighting, doesn't mean she likes it. She has to fight to protect the heir and thats all.

    ✘ Losing || Losing means she isn't strong enough which means she has to work harder and harder until she is.

    βœͺ Fighting || She practices so much it would be a surprise if she wasn't good at it.

    βœͺ Flying || She does it so much that she got good. She has slowly gained more speed as well as her agility and maneuvering abilities increasing.

    βœͺ Reading People || CC knows when someone is lying or telling the truth. She can read their emotions in the subtle things as well as any aura reading.

    βœͺ Charismatic || She has talked to millions of people, like she learnt to read them, she also learnt how to use her words to her best advantage.

    βœͺ Information || The best way to get information is through a network and CC has networks though hundreds of Astral Planes.

    ⌘ Daydreamer || CC often starts daydreaming when she is supposed to be listening, and this causes her to miss important stuff.

    ⌘ Lazy || Most Consider CC lazy as she does sleep a lot, but it's all about perception. CC sleeps so she can go exploring the Astral Plains

    ⌘ Hot Tempered || CC isn't bothered by much but when you say something to annoy her, then you ANNOY her. She holds a grudge well.
    ⌘ Doesn't think ahead || She acts without thought more often then not, seemingly forgetting the consequence to her actions.

    ⌘ Subservient || CC has the small problem of being completely subservient. Currently, that is towards the heir but it can cause her problems.


⌈Better to fight for something then live for nothingβŒ‹

Daydreamer | Curious | Subservient | Independent

The Main thing most people first notice about CC is the fact that she is always daydreaming, or appears to be always daydreaming. She often seems like she isn't fully there and this can come on at the drop of a hat. Some people find it insulting that she finds her own daydreams more interesting then reality but most don't realize is that she is currently in reality, just a separate one from their own. CC's brain needs entertainment constantly and when she finds herself in a boring situation, she has a tendency to let her mind travel to other Astral Plains.

This need to go to the Astral plains come mostly from the girls boundless curiosity that has ended with her in more trouble then it's worth. CC isn't really interested in ready some books to try and learn the answers to all her questions, instead she prefers a much more physical approach. CC loves exploring and learning by doing, meaning she often just does things at the drop of a hat in order to answer the random question that just popped into her head. It is a very rare occurrence that you would find the girl reading but often you will find her daydreaming. CC also has a curious obsession with the other Astral Plains and this is probably why she spends so much time inside of them instead of in her own "Reality".

A big problem with CC is the fact that she is very Subservient, contradictory to her other trait of being very independent, but still. Due to her upbringing and the fact that it was drummed into her head from a very young age that her life purpose was to protect and serve the heir, CC has became very subservient and never questioned anything she was ordered to do by someone of higher command. It is also partly to do with this subservience that CC likes escaping the other plains so much. In these plains she is not required to follow someones orders to the letter and this gives her a sense of freedom, something she desperately desires.

Finally, CC is very independent. Not in the way that she wants to go off and live on her own, fending for herself. No, it is more the independence that she doesn't want to have to rely on others for help. She believes in her own strength and if she is two weak to protect herself then she just tries harder and harder.


⌈Man is free the moment he wishes to be.βŒ‹

Celene was born into the Children of the Moon clan in the same year their new heir was born. Here parents were high in the hierarchy of the clan and were one of the leaders generals. It was only natural that CC would be introduced to the new heir.

She liked him. He was a cute kid and she enjoyed spending time with him as a young child, playing stupid little games that only a child could really enjoy and understand. She became has playmate and they met at least 4 times a week if her parents had anything to say about it, though as they grew closer, her parents exceptions of her changed.

He father decided it was time for her to discover what her abilities were. She had been granted with three, three very useful abilities when it came to combat. He began to train her to fight and utilize her abilities, he taught her how to see, how to read people and find the truth. He showed her the signs of danger and what to look out for so that she was never taken by surprise. It was effective, because of CC's young age, she took to the training well and improved quickly for a child so young. She had a natural talent for fighting.

At fire CC had enjoyed it, but then she realized why she was being taught to fight and it lost most of it's appeal. She didn't want to have to protect and kill for the new heir, it wasn't right. He was her friend and she cared about him but that didn't mean she wanted to be subservient to him! She wanted to stand as his equal and not bellow him!

These thoughts were soon squished by her fathers strong rules and expectations.

When the heir was taken. Her father and mother were required to tavel with their leader to the many different clans as they held discussions on what to do. Her parents died on their way back home from the Children of the Water's clan. Their ship sank by pirates.

⌈Sometimes you just have to jump off a bridge and hope that you learn how to fly on the way downβŒ‹

So begins...

Celene's Story


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#, as written by Ever


Kensington, London. A quaint little district nestled in the western fragment of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it’s notorious for being the best shopping alley across the expanse of England. With it’s plethora of boutiques, bakeries, antiques and entertainments, it isn’t a wonder why civilians of all social spheres flock to the cobblestone walks, each length teamed with artfully crafted oaks. Though, despite the boulevard providing endless thrills for this eclectic medley, only a select few have the first rate heaven of residing within the Victorian flats looming in the backdrop...even a smaller percent of that elite class being a full fledged family. And yet, despite the odds, this is precisely where our story takes wing.

As twilight descends on the abandoned focal square, the winds holding an iced spite from the North, it is here that the true face of Kensington springs to life. Those aforementioned high class patrons are bustling about in their homes, each one ruffled with anticipation for whichever soiree is being fabricated that night… however, one family in particular is scampering about a tad bit more than it’s neighbours. The Kingsley household, with it’s 5 members, call home to the second largest suite within this sectioned off heaven; Number 14 on Bloomsbury Avenue...and, while impressive, it has a pricetag to match it’s prestige. However, with a highly regarded lawyer and socialite as parents, the father and mother respectively, money has never been an issue for this purebred name. Though, if one was judging their class by the standards of their children, one would have to scoff at the notion of them even glancing at Bloomsbury. Even now, as Mr. & Mrs. Kingsley are preparing for an evening laced with champagne, dancing and laughter, the rambunctious attitude has yet to cease. While the mother hounds the two youngest, the Prince and Princess of the family, to quell their racing argument, the father has busied himself with doling out strict instructions to the eldest, the tertiary guardian of Apartment #14… yet, the head’s parting words will soon be all for naught. Unbeknownst to Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley, their beloved children are being carefully watched by a figure that has only existed within the sister’s goodnight stories; Peter Pan.


Meanwhile, upon the Mainland, the typical summer climate has been chilled to wintry blanket, white snow encasing the earth and ice protecting the sea. Sensing it’s nonofficial king’s absence, the magic within this otherworldly realm has receded from its inhabitant’s everyday lives, most now struggling to carry out even the most undemanding actions (such as flying or changing forms). Though that isn’t the most pressing concern at the moment.. no no, it’s far from that. The ship of the infamous pirate captain, James Hook, has been spotted not too far off the coast line, currently held in place by the frozen water’s greedy embrace. However, it’s only natural that they would attempt to make a movement to seize the Mainland at this point..what better time to do such then when the all powerful Pan is away?

Thankfully, the King, like always, is two steps ahead from the pirates; before leaving to retrieve the Heirs, the Lost Children were given explicit instructions. While under the Second-in-Command’s constructed administration, this group of orphans are to stalk and track the movement of the crew, attempting their best to keep the scoundrels off the land...and, if need be, fight tooth and nail to protect the beaches. However, the pirates have a similar interest regarding the Lost Children; capture and interrogate them to reveal Pan’s whereabouts, his plans. After all, with luck, maybe the King has disappeared for good?


As the Lost Children and Pirates begin to generate foul play with one another, the tribes have begun to do the same. Tensions are starting to arise between the three races, the lack of their Heirs sprinkling even more stress unto their councils more so than before. In fact, accusations are now being casually dispensed, each clan eager to pin the blame on another...some even targeting their King, Peter Pan, for his neglect to provide protection. However, the guardians are holding hope that the King will follow through on his promise, each one busy scouring the mainland foreigns of his return.