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Magen VeLo Yera'e

0 · 227 views · located in Exodyus

a character in “The Fall of the Rezonian”, as played by Exodyus


Person --

| Name: Sixxt Cicks
| Alias: Roku 66
| Sobriquet: Roku
| Title: Magen VeLo Yera'e "The Unseen Shield"
| Rank: A Bounty to be Had; Threat Level I

| Actual Age: Unknown
| Apparent Age: 24
| Date of Birth: Unknown

| Race: Rezonain
| Gender: Male
| Height: 5' 7"
| Weight: 148.5 lbs.
| Dominant Side: Right
| Physique: Thin; muscular
| Joints: Athletic

| Eyes: Glazed hazy Amber
| Hair color: White gray
| Hair style: Short; spiked
| Skin Tincture: Caramel

| Past Domicile: Palgard Castle
| Current Region: Exodyus


| Affiliations: Missy, daughter.
| Occupation: Father
| Nature: The Warlord--Inside
| Alignment: Lawful Evil
| Diety: None

| Soft Spot: Women, Missy
| Likes: Thinking, Friendly People, Power
| Dislikes: Arrogant People, Stupid People, Powerless People, Vampires

Innates --

Mind's Eye
Kinetics / Kinesis

| Mind's Eye: Though you would never know it, Roku is actually blind. His eyes are just for aesthetics, and his psionic prowess expands around him at all times, due to honed wavelengths and a single extra within his cerebrum. In place of his eyes, his psion has the ability to constantly ping reality [corporeal, ethereal, astral], working it's way through disruptive energies and power-blasts, down to the bare essentials to know where everything is around him, all the time.

The Mind's Eye has the capabilities of surrounding an enormous area around Roku to allow him to read the battlefield like a glove, giving him a mental HUD of what is going on at all times. Because his mind controls how he perceives the battlefield, Roku's rate of synaptic firing is quadruple the normal human due to his genetics. This allows him to see the world around him in a slow-motion fashion within his immediate proximity. [200 yards]
With the extra wavelength that allows him a fluid flow of kinetics and speedy junction to power required, coupled with the incredible synaptic rates, Roku has a general flow of energy about his entire frame at all times. A natural kinetic presence that can be manifested at will with a simple thought.

  • Range: 2,640 ft; radius.
  • Calculations ((P/s) Pinged objects): 1,000
  • Energy Reserves: 20%

| Kinetics: The ability to control the inertia and masses by means of the mind. Wielding fields of energy with thoughts or prepared action.
| Kinesis: The mastery of the kinetics. Much more potent; much more control; much faster; much more fluid.

| Resistances:

Highly Resistant to most Astral or Psionic attacks. Rezonain Defense.
Immune to any sort of ocular ailment techniques. Flash, Blind, Solar Flare.
Avoidance to most poisons, due to the Mind's Eye detailing the dangerous elements.
Immune to any sort of sleep ailment techniques. Obsequious Zenith Race Perk.
Moderately Resistant to mental and physical atrophy. Kaioru's Jutsu Perk.

| Statistics:

Hand to Hand: ■■■■□
Martial Arts: ■■■□□
Melee Arts: ■■■■□
Ranged Arts: ■■■■□
Psionics: ■■■■■
Magics: ■■□□□
Death Abilities: ■■□□□
Planar: ■■■■□
Battle Tactics: ■■■□□
Leadership: ■■■■■
Defense: ■■■■■
crystallyss Creation: ■■■■□

Untrained: □□□□□
Beginner: ■□□□□
In Training: ■■□□□
Experienced: ■■■□□
Advanced: ■■■■□
Mastery: ■■■■■

Acquired --

| Koi Ring: Having defeated Kaioru, Roku took the Koi ring of the Akatsuki from his finger and placed it on his own. The purpose of the ring known as the Void, is quite simply, energy storage. Allowing a 100% overdraft of energy that Roku's normal capacity would not hold. As well, the ring always holds a minimum of 20% on reserves at all times for defensive or offensive measures. This can be called upon with a synaptic response for times of self-preservation.

| Body Mass: Having stolen the ability from a mercenary after killing him in his travels, Roku can encase himself into what seems to be -- a multi-faceted ruby-colored armor. The material is unknown at the moment and therefore, the density, tensile strength, and overall impact mass have not been tested yet, but it seems to be extremely affective against physical attacks.
After trial and error on the battlefield:
  • Armor will withstand any sort of physical munitions.
  • Armor will absorb impact damage upwards of 50~75%.
  • Armor in-unison with Psy-Crystals is an impregnable force.

| Potentia: The summoning of potential energy to individual crystallyss shards for later use.
| Celerity: Extreme Speeds (4x normal human)
| Sadism: Acquired from Shouten's years and years of combat, Roku has learned to harness his pain and anguish while in combat. In combat, he will willingly throw himself into oncoming attacks or take wounds to increase his overall capacity. Should he take wounds during combat, he can exercise an adrenaline [energy] growth of more than half his total limit, causing extreme fortitude, strength, and speed, however not without serious repercussions of fatigue and body decay afterward.

| Obsequious Zenith Crystallyss List
  • [1] Telepathy & Simple Kinetics; Upgraded. See Kinesis.
  • [2] Barrier; Shielding attacks ranging from melee to magic, taking the brunt of minor attacks or lessening major, to minor.
  • [3] Phonokinetics & Body Upgrades; See Kinesis; Body Enhancements: Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflex
  • [4] Electromagnetics; Controlling Electromagnetic fields of the planet; See Kinesis.
  • [5] Kinesis; Mastery over all elements and planes, via thought.
  • [6] PyschoMatrix; See Below. [6]

| Shielding: The symbiotic crystallyss shards that were taken from Shouten, and now protect Roku with an powerful barrier that is generated through their own psionic prowess. As a singular entity, one crystallyss controls its own power, however when connected to the rest of them, they form a barrier, independent of Roku's own energy supply that can withstand two mana cannon fires before deactivating. However with more minute experiences or mundane attacks, the shielding has the ability to remain up indefinitely. [Munition fire. Ranged spells. Heavy melee attacks. One prep, one defense; one prep-to-down. During this time, no inbound or outbound attacks can be made. Specifically for recoup.]

[OZ] Race Perks { Absorbed Shouten's Power and along with it came genetic abilities that were laced within the soul itself. }
    No need for sleep, however fatigue will come from over exhaustion of abilities.
  • Zenith can start a battle with ten percent of their overall inertia capacity. Defense or Tactics only.
  • Each ability has it's own crystallyss shard, which represents that month's power. They act as one unit, but can move defensively, should a dastardly or weak attack occur against the host: Self Preservation.


Attire --

| Shoulders: A thick, black, yak fur cloak hangs from his shoulders to brush against the ground at his feet. It's waterproof, as told, but other properties are unknown to Roku at this time. Clavicle to clavicle is an iron chain that keeps the cloak in place on his shoulders.

| Torso: The interlocking alloy is of an unknown substance, however it seems to fold and maneuver with the slightest of motions that the wearer makes. The material is harder than a normal steel and will deflect blades and minor magic attacks with the simplest ease. Each interlocking piece is roughly two centimeters from the next and can create pincer-like actions, should the wearer manipulate his frame to do so, which can halt oncoming blades, pinch fingers, and grip incoming kicked shoes, as the wearer bends to the blow.
This material is an ivory-gray hue that matches his hair and ends in a fibrous woven-metal rear skirt that hides most of the motions of his legs, as well as protecting them from back attacks and side stabs. It will stop blades from cutting through it, and even cause pain to the blade's soul, however it doesn't cease the stinging pain that will result of a slicing-hitting motion.

| Arms: On either forearm are gauntlets of the same alloy as the chest piece and these are dyed a rich orange and accented in black. On the top surface of the gauntlets are two inch wide rifts, that lift facing the wrist-direction upwards, to make it look like wide claws that lift. These are positioned at the reverse to catch oncoming blades, as is his stomach piece does -- made hard enough to snap blades in twain with little physical effort.

The gauntlets are securely fastened to his forearm at the wrist, the middle of the forearm, and then again near the elbow joint and seem never to leave the figure's arms.

| Hands: The gauntlets on his forearms come down perfectly to fit inside the flare of two massive gloves that make Roku's hands look nearly six times larger than they should be. These golden dragon hide gloves are the works of master magicians and a single man, the King of Aramus, long-since deceased. On the forehand of the gloves is a half-circle of crystallyss; they were originally apart of the Rezonian legend that tells of their ancestral knowledge being contained within two half-spheres.

The Glove of Aramus - During his travels, Edwin Vastile had met King Aramus and earned the glove from him in a bet. Only one however, for both of them together are considered a Legendary set, and Aramus himself had never worn both of them at once. The glove is a golden-leather, hemmed with the hair of Unicorns and armed with a massive, glittering, fiery-orange orb that controls immense power.

It is said that the glove alone has the strength of an entire army, having brought countless victories to King Aramus and his army. Legend even foretells that Aramus himself went to take on the beast, Minotaur alone and succeeded with glove's power. This however is all rumor and speculation, as it has never been proven.

Having been killed by Headmaster Samal, of the Gaian Academy -- Edwin lost the ability to protect the glove and he was then consumed by Roku. Having also killed the self-proclaimed King Aramus, both of the gloves are now in Roku's possession. The power ... is unimaginable.

In addition to the Gloves of Aramus, he has also acquired the Koi ring, of the Akatsuki. Now, the wearer of the voidal, slate blue ring.

| Hips: Where the armor comes down his stomach and where the skirt meets perfectly, there's a sash and a half-shirt that is skin tight and strapped to the man to avoid chaffing. The sash contains various items and slips for storage that allows him to conceal some various equipment and affects, charms and the like that he may be carrying.

| Legs: Simple black pants that offer a lot of slack and movement, while not overheating the wearer.

| Feet: Sometimes barefoot, for nimbleness and dexterity. Other times, simple dojo mocks will be worn - for comfort and soundlessness.

Gear --

| Blade: Kusanagi

Alias: Heaven's Bane
Length: 48" (varies)
Hilt: 12"
Blade: 36" (varies)
Previous Owner: Kaioru

Bound to the wielder, Roku -- the Bane can cleave through most objects that aren't precisely refined and has the ability to extend to any required length of the master, via mental transmission, up to ten feet, however becomes flimsy and incredibly hard to wield at longer lengths, due to flexing.

Should the blade be broken, the ability Taiyoken activated, spreading a brilliant light across the battlefield, giving the blade pieces time to turn into snakes and reconnect with their master, and rebuild the blade itself. [1 post]

Rumors --

A bounty has been placed on Roku, for this crimes against humanity for leveling the Castle Vielset and it's king, as well as the destruction of Palgard and her ruler, Lady Godwyn.

A Blind Race - Dougton, Terrenus

Rumors of a race that was thought to be extinct wandering the area -- two men, thought to have been found from this race, that has extreme mental capacities, but are also blind as a primary attribute, with wildly milky, swirling eyes.
A Story: Unfolded - Over thirty years ago, Lady Godwyn had commissioned King Aramus of Vielset to extinguish a race in the forests to the east, because they were unwilling to submit to rule, as well as thought to have some sort of weapon that could put the two kingdoms into jeopardy, should they have used this "power" as a weapon. -- Pushed forward by Aramus, the king went into the forest and cut down anyone who stood in the way, killing nearly the entire tribe and gathering up the two stones of the Rezonians: two orange half-spheres that were perfect in construction and used to protect not only the forest itself, but the world...

Once King of Palgard - As rumor has it, he reigned the city for nearly a half a year, if not more before being confronted by a vampire with a mysterious chip on his shoulder and no past history within Terrenus, herself. The depths of this anger seemed to affect the ghoul in a way, that he came after the city and failed to not only take Roku's life, but the city as well and was expelled from the land. After this and his meeting with Edward of Ignatz, Roku felt that sticking around the city would endanger his daughter, Missy, and so they fled, leaving the city in the same ruin as when he finished with it, a year or more ago.

Miscellaneous --

Story Player Kills: 2 (~3)
[Ayenee/Valucre] Shouten - Obsequious Zenith
[Valucre] Kaioru - Akatsuki
[Valucre] Edwin Vastile - Soul absorbed; killed by Samal.

Story Primary NPC Kills: 2
King Aramus of Vielset
Lady Godwyn of Palgard

Story NPC Kills: Unknown. Thousands.
Player Spars: 1
[Valucre] Morbid_Fixation - Roku's Victory

[Valucre] ACT Tournament: 1
Solange - ACT Round 1 - Roku's Victory


| Profile Status: Present day, Roku.
| OOC Player: J33f (Jeff)
| Realm Affiliation: Exodyus

So begins...

Roku's Story