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The Fall of Xena

The Fall of Xena


Xena is a world like no other, magic and technology are combined in such a way everyday is an adventure, if you know the right people. What will you become? Rich, Poor, Rouge, Priest, Magi or Techno? You decide

552 readers have visited The Fall of Xena since TheWorldIsWrong created it.


The world of Xena has been peaceful for many years...but now tension is building, growing as the Courts rules become harsher and harsher.

Ruled by a naive King and selfish Queen the kingdom of Xena is on the brink of collapse, the Poor of the country are rioting, angered by the unfair treatment they receive, and the Rich react in turn. The tension grows daily, with conspiracies against the King and Queen rocketing around, fear grips the fragile country. Of course this isn't the only tension growing, in fact it is merely adding to the stress between the two largest groups in Xena, the two groups that affect both rich and poor, both priest and rouge, these two groups? The Magi and the Techno...

Other groups include, the Mutants and the Elementals, more rare on Xena, but still around...

The upcoming Civil War is not Xena's only trouble, for years they have been troubled by the Livid, a native on Xena, that kills anything different from it, anything new, people know to stay away...

What are you, who are you? Xena is not just a world for humans, you can be an elf, a demon or one of Xena's native inhabitants...

Humans:- Species
Mundane – Human with no magical/technological powers or mutations. Fairly average.

Magi – Those with magical abilities. Pull power from the Mother. Average intelligence

Techno - Those with a technological gift/power. Usually very good with either technology/science. Usually very smart

Techno-mage – Those with both technological and magical powers. (v.v.Rare) Have special training by a Master (High ranking Techno-mage)

Mage – Genius magic user, pulls from own magic not from the Mother

Mutant – Someone with a genetic mutation in the blood. Can range from psychic to physical powers

Elemental – Some one who can control one or more elements


Acashia (Natives)

Livid (Sentinent humanoid killers of the planet)


Kitten – Those with feline features, have good instincts and usually have above average intelligence.

Serpent – Have reptilian like features. Can see body heat if wish. Can dislocate jaw, venomous (usually) Very sneaky

Lupine – Those with canine features. Usually live in packs. Very loyal. Very strong. Have Subs and Doms.

Aqua - Have aquatic features, usually live in water. Can come on land for short amounts of time. Herbivores. Water elemental's

Flights – Those with bird features. Can fly and are very intelligent with good sense's. Air elemental's

Mytho – Have magical like features such as fairy wings or elf ears. Very powerful magically and very smart.


Wraith – Lowest levels. Strong but very little intelligence. Blood lust strong

Lording – Average intelligence and v. strong. Command Wraith's. Blood lust strong but controllable.

Demonic – V. smart. V. Strong. Command over Lording/Wraith. V. rare only about 20 in Xena. Blood lust very strong but controlled. very evil. Like torture, their numbers are growing

Along with these natives other species including demons, elves, faery and even a few angels walk Xena's land, which one are you? Are you poor or rich? Rouge or Priest? Good or Bad? Well you can decide...

Character Applications

Status: (Rich, Poor, Rouge or Priest?)
Species: (Human, Acashia, Livid ect.)
Type: (Human:- Mage; Acashia-Kitten ect.)
Personality: (At least a paragraph, the more the better)
Looks: (Pictures allowed, but at least 3 sentences as well)
Skills: (What are they good at?)
Likes: (At least a paragraph with good description)
Dislikes: (Sam as above)

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