Aurora Morvant

"How are you going to help me? How?"

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Aurora Morvant
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"I couldn't give up my initials.. they were the one thing I had left."


|Real Age|

January 10th

|Sexual Preference|

Fallen Angel


|Brief Physical Description|

Because of her former life of training and combat, her form in slim, but because of her life on the earth since she's fallen, she's adopted a curvier frame while managing to stay slim. Standing at the full height of 5"2, Aurora has full, wavy dark brown hair that often falls across her oval shaped face. Her almond shaped eyes almost match her coffee brown hair, always staring off, deep in her thoughts. To complete her face sits a nose 'chiseled by the Gods' as her father always mentioned, with high cheekbones and a squared jaw with full lips that sat just above it. With her complexion, she compliments it with dark clothes and makeup to give her skin a bronze glow along with drawing attention to her eyes. Most of the time, Aurora is seen in her signature black tank top and dark blue skinny jeans, completed with her black leather jacket and boots, but when she feels for it, her outfits never disappoint.


Due to the severity of her crimes, had been punished days upon her lovers execution. She had been whipped all over, her wings clipped repeatedly as they healed and grew back over nasty scabs, her skin grimy and sticky to the touch from her own blood and dirt. It was how she was presented to Helic the day of his execution, a shame that shows just outwardly as her scars when she lets her mind dwell on it. The scars today are now a light pink, most of them barely noticeable besides the deep rosy scar above her heart with a mirrored scar through her back where her fathers sword dwelled before they sent her off. Besides the scars that have been healed, she also sports a bar-code tattoo on the side of her neck.

With her experience, she is wise despite her age. She was a well respected and much looked up to female warrior who held traits that many other warriors did not; kindness and mercy. She developed a more playful side after falling, hard headed but head strong, and didn't take anything from anyone and would be the first to open her mouth to say so. But despite her happy outward appearance, her heart is harden to those around her beside Lucifer, the man who she considers her Father. She barely smiles despite her occasional nights out with her best friend, an angel in disguise. No pun intended. She's always on guard despite having a little fun in the human world. She's back to her warrior days but this time, she showing a little less mercy than she used to.

Being Outside
Acting/Reacting without thought

Quiet Places
Sour Things
The Angels
Being by herself for long periods of time
Being Alone

The Element of Water

Tires Easily
Difficulty controlling huge bodies of water

To be linked with a Human.
Of falling in love again.
Having to face her brothers and father in battle.

She doesn't carry much around with her, relying her her element of Water when having to face battle or any situation, she still holds on to the very sword she fought with during her years of being a soldier. Since falling, she has grown attached to a scythe she had summoned once awakening her element.

Aurora believed she was destined to fall. "It would only make sense.." She would often murmur to herself on those nights alone, pondering and reminiscing.

She was called Aleir Marziel when she resided in heaven, and from the moment she was born and declared a girl, her fate was decided. As the only female to be born, and not married, into a family dominated by males, her life was already special. If you asked Aurora to this day, she could tell you about every training session, every spar, every wrestling match she had with her older brothers growing up. All of them soldiers in training, just like the generation before them, and the generation before that. Marziel's were legends in the history books, they were the stories you heard about as a child.. the ones where a hero would enter the battle and lead their armies to victory. It wasn't that extravagant, but just as amazing nonetheless. Stories were passed down from every wise war veteran to the average citizens in heaven, of how a Marziel saved their lives, died for them, stood up for them, befriended them... Most of her village seemed to be in debt to them, and because of her being a female, lead most to believe she would tarnish the reputation of the Marziel. She entered the academy along with her brothers, of course facing discrimination like the few females who have entered and graduated from the academy, but like those before her, she worked hard. She fought, she studied; she proved to her village that the Marziel blood ran thickly through her veins despite her being a female and didn't disappoint. And, like her brothers, she graduated among the top of her class as expected. She had seen plenty of wars throughout her days, but one particular day would rot in her mind as long as she lived.

"The moment where I fell.."

The Fallen had flooded into her village one evening, an Invasion she recalled most villagers crying that day.. In citizen wear, she grabbed her weapons and flew into the streets along with her brothers and fought. They were quickly separated, having been drawn to the skies with her ivory wings spread proudly as a mixture of black and white flurries fought below her. Turning, she would face her next opponent, her wings ready to push her to action before floating there frozen at the sight, or rather the man, before her. Right there in battle she had fallen under fates cruel spell of love.

"His name was Helic." She'd whisper softly, her eyes glowing with life and love before once again losing that light, becoming duller than they had been before. "And he was my Sin. "

The two were eventually caught after years of their love affair, an Angel in contact with a Fallen in any way was punishable by death. Helic was beheaded before every Angel in heaven, including Aurora with a front row seat. Of course, Aurora was imprisoned and punished before being banished; quite literally being shot down from heaven by the hands of God and all those who had once looked up to her. They weren't called the Fallen for no reason. Lucifer caught her in his hold, helped her recover from her fatal wounds and guided her. Her white wings grayed before turning black, and from then on, she has followed her new Father, Lucifer.

So begins...

Aurora Morvant's Story

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Noelle Wynter Frost

"I still can't believe you got me to do this with you Annie" Noelle stated, slight panic in her soft voice as the group descended to the cave. A cave Noelle had sworn never to go to because of the crazy yet frightening stories about it. Yet here she was, only mere feet away from the mouth, climbing up a slippery, unused path up the side of a mountain at one in the morning. And who somehow got her up here? The one and only Annie, Noelle's sister from another mister and class A persuader. Of course Noelle wasn't the only one Annie had gotten hold of, nope, all her other best friends were here as well. For some reason it was hard to say 'no' to Miss.Anita Zacharia. A shriek slipped past Noelle's pink lips as her foot slipped on a patch of ice and her arms shot out instantly latching onto her friend Grayson. She clung to his arm until they finally made it to the cave. Noelle reluctantly peeled herself away from Grayson, feeling as though her anchor had been taken away from her and she was once again adrift in a slippery sea, where her Queen of the Klutz reputation made itself known.

"I swear to God Annie if I fall and die I'm coming back to haunt you" Noelle growled as she followed the group into the dark cave, happy to be out of the blistering icy winds that not even her jeans, winter boots and jacket couldn't block out. Once inside the cave Noelle made sure to stick to Annie's side. She reached into her coat pocket and took out her sleek touch screen phone, reluctantly having to remove the soft white gloves that made one part of her body warm. She put it on the flash light app and seconds later bright, LED lights flooded the pitch black cave. What Noelle saw shocked her, for instead of a blood thirsty beast lurking in the shadows there were hundreds of glistening, sleek, giant black feathers.

"Wow" Noelle simply said, for she was in a state of wonder. What was so big that it had such giant feathers? The thought seemed to shake her out of her bewildered state and she became instantly guarded, her left hand hovering off her belt which was attached to a long bowie knife that Noelle didn't go anywhere without. Never know when it will be needed. Her eyes scanned the area yet no matter how many shadowy corners seemed to move when she shone the light on it, the inky darkness would recede and blazing light would show her nothing was really there. It was all her imagination. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling they were being watched. It felt like they had been there for hours even if it was only a couple minutes and Noelle slowly let her guard down enough to wander on her own, going deeper into the cave. No one knew how far it went but when Noelle came to the end shortly she breathed a sigh of relief. Its not as big as I thought it was. Turning around Noelle was about to head back to the group until her eyes landed on a feather. It seemed different then the other's. It was darker then the others somehow like a shadow, it was also more worn then the rest yet still had that inky sheen to it and it was profoundly bigger the all the others. It instantly caught Noelle's eye and before she could even think about it her hand reached out and gently grabbed the feather. It was surprisingly soft as she ran her fingers over it and a desire to keep it flooded over Noelle until she gently placed it in her satchel. Taking in a deep calming breath she made her way back over to her group.

"Hey guys I really think we should go, I've got to be at work early tomorrow" Noelle said. Everyone seemed to agree as they made their way out of the cave, but not before taking a picture in front of it so Noelle could put it in her scrapbook she had made for their adventures. It was surprisingly full.


Noelle watched as each of her friends entered their apartments. It was kinda funny that they all lived in the same apartment building, even though they had been friends since childhood they ever planned on living so close to one another. Smiling Noelle took her keys out of her pocket and opened the rickety, off white door leading into her small but cute apartment. Closing and locking the door behind her Noelle hung her satchel on the coat hook by the door and took out the feather, running her hands over it again before placing it on the kitchen table and walking into the small ivory and blue colored bathroom. Stripping out of her clothes Noelle blasted the hot water, desperate to get rid of the ever present chill that hasn't left her since visiting the cave. She hopped into the steady stream and bathed her skin in a vanilla bean fragrance. Once the water had become cold Noelle quickly turned off the water and got out, wrapping herself in a soft, large navy towel before stepping out of the bathroom, steam rolled out the doorway, swirling with the cool air of the kitchen and living room area. Noelle scurried across the room, the wood floors feeling more like ice against her warm skin and she quickly made it to her carpeted bedroom. Flicking on the light the green and silver room was lite instantly and Noelle went to her dresser and pulled out a fluffy pair of black pj pants and a white long sleeved shirt before turning off the light and climbed into her bed, cuddling into the warmth as she drifted off to sleep.


The blasting sound of her alarm woke Noelle from her sleep. She groaned as her strange dreams about a handsome dark haired man with black wings faded from her even as she tried to hold onto them. Once they had fully disappeared Noelle opened her eyes and turned off her alarm before reluctantly crawling out of bed. She slipped off her pj's and replaced them with worn blue jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, worn out brown cowboy boots and a black cardigan. It was almost seven in the morning and Noelle had to be at work at seven forty-five, so she decided on making chocolate chip pancakes. Grabbing all her ingredients Noelle mixed it all up and fried it in the pan. She made some whipping cream and cut up various fruits before eating. By the time she was done and all the dishes were washed it was seven thirty. Grabbing her satchel, keys, phone and wallet, Noelle left her work only being minutes away. But over all this time Noelle had forgotten about the feather she had left on the table last night and the fact that instead of it being on the table in the morning it was gone and a black feather tattoo had appeared on her wrist. But Noelle didn't notice any of that until she was at work when she decided to text her friends. Chocolate chip pancakes are on counter help yourselves Annie has the spare key. Once the text was sent out is when Noelle noticed the tattoo but she didn't have time to ponder as her boss called.

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Grant Stevens

"Shit" Grant's mumbled cursed as another blistering chill hit him seemed to echo off the slick mountain front and get blown away by the fierce icy winds as him and his misfit group of friends made their way up to the mouth of the cave. A cave that people have said holds a blood thirsty creature of shadows. The thought excited yet terrified Grant, of course he wouldn't let anyone see that fear but it was still there, quaking in its boots at the back of his mind. He felt a flash of panic when he heard Noelle's scream, shooting around only to see her fearfully clinging to Grayson like a koala to a tree. Grant sighed in relief and turned back around to see Anita, leading the pack as always.

"Hey An......" words escaped Grant as they finally reached the mouth of the cave, a frisk of fear jolting down his spine but he pushed it back trying to ignore it. A small chuckle left his lips as Noelle latched herself onto her new prey aka Anita. He smiled at Grayson then entered the cave along with everyone else. He instantly reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, switching it on flashlight app and letting the soft LED light flood the area around him. The cave was smaller then he thought it was and he slowly started to drift away from the group. He didn't know how long he just stood there looking at all the black feathers that littered the area. It was when Noelle stated they should leave that Grant's eyes landed on a certain feather. He didn't know why it was that one feather, it looked actually like all the others, yet he couldn't stop himself from grabbing it and shoving it into the pocket on the inside of his jacket. He then followed the group out of the cave, his fear receding the further they got away from it.


Grant sighed in relief when they finally made it home, rushing into his apartment and locking the door behind him. He didn't know why he was so anxious to get home. Once the old lock was firmly in place Grant left his body physical relax as he pushed himself off the door from his leaning position and walked towards the small kitchen area. He took the feather out of his pocket and placed it on the black marble counter top of the island and examined it. The feather was sleek, shiny, pitch black and the size of half his arm. Running his finger's along it he felt it was coarse yet still soft. Sighing he shook his head, grabbed the feather and walked to his bedroom, placing the feather on his bedside table beside his lamp and alarm clock. Grant quickly undressed and through on a pair of old sweat's and a navy t-shirt before climbing into bed. He turned off his bedside lamp and began to fall asleep, all the while watching the moonlight reflect off the sleek surround of the black feather.


Grant groaned in his sleep as he heard the tell tale sounds of his phone buzzing with a text message. Flipping over in bed he grabbed his phone from underneath his pillow and glanced at the text.

~Chocolate chip pancakes are on counter help yourselves Annie has the spare key.~

Grant's stomach instantly growled at the offer of food and he shot in bed. He was about to get dressed when his eyes landed on his bedside table and he noticed that the feather was.....gone? He looked around the room but didn't spot its glistening inky color anywhere.That is until he looked down and caught sight of his arm and the black feather tattoo with a name in a different language underneath it. What the fuck!

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Noelle Wynter Frost

Noelle reluctantly agreed with the man that they had to leave. Don't get her wrong she shivered in fear when the woman bluntly stated to Lucifer to not kill Noelle. And something told Noelle he wasn't one fore taking order's. As the siren's got closer Noelle grabbed her bag and stuffed the gun in it, happy that for one there town's police department was from the dinosaur ages and two the only source of security the book store had was locks on the doors. Noelle shot a glare at Lucifer, which was rare for her cause no one ever really got on Noelle's bad side. If she had to put it in number's the amount of times she's glared at people would probably be the same amount as this man has smiled. Its just a guess though.

"We can go out the back door" she stated simply unsure if he would follow or not. Without a look his way Noelle scurried to the back of the small building and went out the back door, instantly entering an alley. She could see her apartment and without hesitation ran home, rushing up the stairs and unlocking her apartment. She immediately started looking for the source of all this crazy shit and let out a frustrated growl when she couldn't find the feather. Where the hell is it!?

Even while asking herself this she knew as she looked down at her wrist she wasn't going to find it cause she already had it. Sighing she took out her phone and texted her group of friends.

~Come to my place immediately! Its urgent~


Grant Stevens

"LET GO!" Grant growled at the woman. He needed to get back to Noelle in case she got hurt. The woman was surprisingly strong and he feel pleasurable shiver's rocketing from where she touched him, but being as stubborn as he is Grant ignored it.

"I have no idea what the fuck you mean about getting us contected! All I know is if Noelle gets hurt cause of your buddy I'll make you pay" Grant snarled as he finally wrecked his arm out of the woman's hold. The buzzing of his phone alerted him of a text and he fished it out of his pocket and saw it was from Noelle.

"Come on" Grant snapped as he took hold of the woman's hand and started dragging her behind him. Like hell he was just going to leave her there without answers. A thought in the back of his mind kept telling him that this woman was letting him pull her but he ignored it as they got to the apartment building and up to Noelle's apartment. Once they arrived he knocked and Noelle instantly answered the door.

"Hey" he said calmly giving her a small smile, trying to reassure her. He had only seen Noelle look so scared and anxious once in his life and that was when her parent's were murdered right in front of her. Those were some bad time's none of them wanted to live through again.

"Come in" she replied coldly and Grant pulled the woman in with him. Grant instantly noticed the tall man wasn't with Noelle and briefly wondered where he was as Grant let go of the woman and took a seat on the couch.